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Accessories More for your phone,Bluetooth Headset,Go wireless with a powerful headset. GPS Enabler HGE 100,Get more from your phone,add GPS technology Know where. you are where you re going and how,to get there,Bluetooth Car Speakerphone. High performance car handsfree with,text to speech for convenient calls on. These accessories can be purchased separately but may not be available in every. market To view the full range go to www sonyericsson com accessories. This is the Internet version of the user s guide Print only for private use. Getting started 6 Notes 21,Welcome 6 Torch 22,Instruction symbols 6 Entering text 22.
Additional help 6,Calling 29,Networks 29,Overview 8. Making a call 29,Before using your phone 10,Receiving a call 30. First time start up 12,Handling two or more calls 30. Getting to know the Video calls 31,phone 14 Call log 32. Turning the phone on Handsfree 32,and off 14 More features 32.
The screen 14 Using contacts 33,Navigation 15 Creating contacts 33. Finding the applications 15 Editing contacts 34,Using the applications 16 Managing contacts 34. Task manager 16,Messaging 36,Connecting accessories 17. Before you use Messaging 36,Updating software 17,Shortcut to Messaging 36. Main menu overview 18,Messages 36,Status bar 19,Folders 36.
Importing contact entries 20,Memory card 20,Contents 1. This is the Internet version of the user s guide Print only for private use. Email 39 Connectivity 55,More about Messaging 40 PC Suite 55. USB connection 55,Internet 43,Synchronization 56,Internet browser 43. Bluetooth connection 57,RSS feeds 44,Connections manager 57. Wap push 57,Media 45 Certificate manager and,Transferring media files 45 Java certificates 58.
Updating media libraries 45 More features 59,Photos and pictures 45. Managing files and,Music and audio tracks 47,applications 59. Master reset 60,Camera 49 Power save 60,Taking pictures and Screen saver 61. video clips 49 Important information 62,Changing the camera. FCC Statement 70,settings 50,Declaration of Conformity.
for G700 71,Entertainment 52,PlayNow 52,FM radio 52. TrackID 54,2 Contents, This is the Internet version of the user s guide Print only for private use. Sony Ericsson G700 third party content Under no circumstances will. UMTS 2100 GSM 900 1800 1900 Sony Ericsson be liable in any way for your. improper use of additional content or other third, This User guide is published by Sony Ericsson party content. Mobile Communications AB or its local affiliated, company without any warranty Improvements and The Liquid Identity logo PlayNow TrackID and. changes to this User guide necessitated by MusicDJ are trademarks or registered trademarks. typographical errors inaccuracies of current of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB. information or improvements to programs and or Sony Memory Stick Micro and M2 are trademarks. equipment may be made by Sony Ericsson Mobile or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation. Communications AB or its local affiliated company Ericsson is a trademark or registered trademark of. at any time and without notice Such changes will Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson. however be incorporated into new editions of this TrackID is powered by Gracenote Mobile. User guide MusicID Gracenote and Gracenote Mobile, All rights reserved MusicID are trademarks or registered trademarks.
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB of Gracenote Inc. 2008 Bluetooth is a trademark or a registered trademark. Publication number 1209 0959 1 of Bluetooth SIG Inc and any use of such mark by. Please note Sony Ericsson is under license, Some of the services in this User guide are not Real is a trademark or a registered trademark of. supported by all networks This also applies to the RealNetworks Inc Copyright 1995 2008. GSM International Emergency Number 112 RealNetworks Inc All rights reserved. Please contact your network operator or service Adobe and Acrobat are trademarks or registered. provider if you are in doubt whether you can use a trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the. particular service United States and or other countries regions. Please read the Guidelines for safe and efficient Microsoft Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word. use and the Limited warranty chapters before you Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Outlook and. use your mobile phone Windows are either registered trademarks or. trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United,Your mobile phone has the capability to download. States and or other countries regions,store and forward additional content for example. ringtones The use of such content may be Java and all Java based trademarks and logos are. restricted or prohibited by rights of third parties trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun. including but not limited to restriction under Microsystems Inc in the U S and other countries. applicable copyright laws You and not Sony regions. Ericsson are entirely responsible for additional End user license agreement for Sun Java. content that you download to or forward from your J2ME. mobile phone Prior to your use of any additional,content please verify that your intended use is. properly licensed or is otherwise authorized Sony, Ericsson does not guarantee the accuracy integrity.
or quality of any additional content or any other,Contents 3. This is the Internet version of the user s guide Print only for private use. Restrictions This product is protected by certain intellectual. 1 Software is confidential copyrighted information of property rights of Microsoft Use or distribution of. Sun and title to all copies is retained by Sun and or such technology outside of this product is. its licensors Customer shall not modify prohibited without a license from Microsoft. decompile disassemble decrypt extract or Content owners use Windows Media digital rights. otherwise reverse engineer Software Software may management technology WMDRM to protect their. not be leased assigned or sublicensed in whole intellectual property including copyrights This. or in part device uses WMDRM software to access WMDRM. 2 Export Regulations This product including any protected content If the WMDRM software fails to. software or technical data contained in or protect the content content owners may ask. accompanying the product may be subject to U S Microsoft to revoke the software s ability to use. export control laws including the U S Export WMDRM to play or copy protected content. Administration Act and its associated regulations Revocation does not affect unprotected content. and the U S sanctions programs administered by When you download licenses for protected. the U S Treasury Department s Office of Foreign content you agree that Microsoft may include a. Assets Control and may be additionally subject to, export or import regulations in other countries revocation list with the licenses Content owners. regions The user and any possessor of the product may require you to upgrade WMDRM to access. agrees to comply strictly with all such regulations their content If you decline an upgrade you will not. and acknowledges that it is their responsibility to be able to access content that requires the. obtain any required licenses to export re export or upgrade. import this product Without limitation this product This product is licensed under the MPEG 4 visual. including any software contained therein may not and AVC patent portfolio licenses for the personal. be downloaded or otherwise exported or re and non commercial use of a consumer for i. exported i into or to a national or resident of or encoding video in compliance with the MPEG 4. an entity in Cuba Iraq Iran North Korea Sudan visual standard MPEG 4 video or the AVC. Syria as such listing may be revised from time to,standard AVC video and or ii decoding MPEG. time or any country region to which the U S has, embargoed goods or ii to any person or entity on 4 or AVC video that was encoded by a consumer. the U S Treasury Department s list of Specially engaged in a personal and non commercial activity. Designated Nationals or iii any person or entity on and or was obtained from a video provider licensed. any other export prohibition list that may be by MPEG LA to provide MPEG 4 and or AVC video. maintained from time to time by the United States No license is granted or shall be implied for any. Government including but not limited to the U S other use Additional information including that. Commerce Department s Denied Persons List or relating to promotional internal and commercial. Entity List or the U S State Department s uses and licensing may be obtained from MPEG. Nonproliferation Sanctions List LA L L C See http www mpegla com MPEG. 3 Restricted Rights Use duplication or disclosure by Layer 3 audio decoding technology licensed from. the United States government is subject to the Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson. restrictions as set forth in the Rights in Technical. Data and Computer Software Clauses in DFARS,252 227 7013 c 1 ii and FAR 52 227 19 c 2 as.
applicable,4 Contents, This is the Internet version of the user s guide Print only for private use. Other product and company names mentioned,herein may be the trademarks of their respective. Any rights not expressly granted herein are,Note Sony Ericsson advises users to backup their. personal data information, All illustrations are for guidance only and may not. accurately depict the actual phone,Contents 5, This is the Internet version of the user s guide Print only for private use.
Getting started Web guide an up to date user,guide with step by step. instructions and additional,Welcome information on features. Welcome as a G700 user available in your phone You. This User guide will help you get can access the Web guide at. started using your new phone To www sonyericsson com. get most out of your phone support, please read this chapter first To access the Web guide from. your phone, Instruction symbols 1 From Standby select Main menu. The following symbols appear in Internet,the User guide 2 Select More View Bookmarks.
Care instructions,Tip Use a moist cloth when you,clean the screen. A service or function is Only use the stylus provided or. network or subscription your fingertips when selecting. dependent Contact your items on the screen, network operator for details For detailed care instructions see. Recommendations for care and,Additional help safe use of our products on page. The complete user documentation,for your phone consists of. User guide an overview of,your phone,Help in the phone in most.
applications Help is available in,the More menu,6 Getting started. This is the Internet version of the user s guide Print only for private use. 6 User guide,1 Phone G700 7 CD with PC suite and Media. manager software,2 Charger CST 70,If your package does not include all. 4 USB cable DCU 65 the listed items please contact your. 5 Battery BST 33,Getting started 7, This is the Internet version of the user s guide Print only for private use. 1 Video telephony camera,2 Earspeaker 1 14,4 Menu selection key 13.
5 Note key for Note 3,application 12,6 Back key,7 5 way navigation key. 8 Silent key 6,9 C key Clear 11,10 Camera key 10,11 Messaging key. 12 Volume down key,13 Volume up key,14 On off button. 8 Getting started, This is the Internet version of the user s guide Print only for private use. 15 Camera light and Torch,16 3 2 megapixel camera,17 Battery cover.
18 Loudspeaker,19 Microphone,20 Strap holder,21 Indicator light 17. 22 Connector for charger and,accessories 21,23 Memory card slot 18 20. 24 Lock key,25 Stylus 19,Getting started 9, This is the Internet version of the user s guide Print only for private use. Before using your phone 2 Remove the battery,You receive a SIM Subscriber. Identity Module card when you,register with a network operator.
The SIM card keeps track of your,phone number the services. included in your subscription and,contacts A PIN code is supplied. with the SIM card and must be,entered if requested when you. turn your phone on for the first,time 3 Insert the SIM card into the SIM. card holder Make sure you insert,To insert the SIM card it as shown in the image.
To insert the battery,1 Detach the charger if connected. 2 Open the battery cover by,pressing and pulling the lower. part of the cover at the bottom of,1 Open the battery cover by. pressing and pulling the lower,part of the cover at the bottom of. 10 Getting started, This is the Internet version of the user s guide Print only for private use.
To charge the battery, 3 Insert the battery 1 Connect the charger to the mains. The battery needs to be charged if 2 Connect the charger to the phone. the indicator light flashes red or To disconnect the charger. the low battery message appears,on the screen To fully charge the. battery could take up to 2 5 hours,Remove the charger by tilting the. plug upwards,Getting started 11, This is the Internet version of the user s guide Print only for private use. First time start up IMEI number,IMEI International Mobile.
Before you can use your phone you Equipment Identifier is a 15 digit. started using your new phone To get most out of your phone please read this chapter first Instruction symbols The following symbols appear in the User guide Additional help The complete user documentation for your phone consists of User guide an overview of your phone Help in the phone in most applications Help is available in

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