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7, 8, The average newborn triples his weight,by A 6 months . B 9 months ,C 1 year ,D 2 years , Children reach half their adult height by the age . years A 2,B 3,C 4,D 6, Clara s weight is in the 30th percentile This means that percent of. all babies, her age weigh less than she does and percent of all babies her age weigh. more,than she does , 30 70, 20 80, 70 30, 80 20, 7 Jordan s weight is in the 50th percentile This means that .
A he weighs 50 percent more than other children his age . he weighs 50 percent less than other children his age . the average weight for his age is 50 percent more than his weight . 50 percent of children his age weigh less than he does . A is a ranking between 0 and 100 that compares children of the same age. in, order to determine whether a particular baby is growing well . normal score, standard deviation, percentile, norm. Alma brought her six month old son to the doctor for a well baby visit . The doctor, says that her son s weight is in the 20th percentile What does this definitely mean . He is large for his age , He is not growing properly . He is malnourished , He is small compared to other 6 month olds .
Parents are told that their newborn is in the 90th percentile for height This. means that their child is ,A above average in height . B below average in height , average in height , 90 percent of the desired height for his weight . The human body is equipped to protect the brain when malnutrition. temporarily, affects body growth This protective feature is known as . the blood brain barrier , brain override , head sparing . caudal protection , 12 A newborn s brain weight is an adult s brain weight .
greater than, the same as, 50 percent of, 25 percent of. Brain cells are called ,A frontal cells ,B axons C . dendrites ,D neurons , A basic nerve cell in the central nervous system is called. a n A frontal cell ,B axon C ,dendrite , D neuron . At birth the human brain,has A billions of neurons .
B trillions of neurons ,C 25 percent of its adult neurons . D 50 percent of its adult neurons , The areas at the very front of the cortex . A are responsible for visual functions ,B help humans to understand spoken. words C assist with self control ,D are well developed in newborns . The outer layers of the brain are referred to as . A the cortex ,B axons C ,dendrites ,D synapses , The last part of the brain to mature is the .
axons , dendrites , synapses , prefrontal cortex . 19 Which statement describes the brain s cortex , It is found in the center of the brain and is responsible for primitive emotions. and,reflexes , It makes up a small percentage of the outer brain and is responsible. for movement , It makes up the outer layers of the brain and is responsible for thinking feeling . and sensing , It is the gray matter of the brain where the intersections of dendrites and.
axons form , 20 The area in the brain that plans anticipates and controls impulses is the . cortex , prefrontal, parietal, temporal, 21 Neurons in the brain meet at intersections called . synapses , cortexes , axons , dendrites ,22 Synapses are . A intersections where the axons of one neuron meet the dendrites of another. neuron , where neurons make direct contact with one another . chemical structures that allow dendrites to send their messages to axons . the area where neurons determine whether a stimulus exceeds the absolute. threshold or not ,23 The function of neurotransmitters is to .
bind the neurons of the central nervous system together . form the synapse between neurons , carry information from one neuron to another . Dendrite growth is the main reason that brain weight from birth to the. age,of two , decreases, doubles, triples, quadruples. Brain weight triples in size during first two years of life primarily because of. the,growth of ,A axons , dendrites , neurons , synapses . The brain develops extremely quickly in the first few years but not all of this. growth is permanent Due to its rapidity and temporary nature this rapid brain. growth is called ,A dendrite proliferation ,B pruning . C cortex multiplication ,D transient exuberance , Transient exuberance is the .
rapid growth of dendrites during the first few years of life . high energy that toddlers experience following a nap . friendliness that infants display prior to the onset of stranger wariness . rapid growth of axons during the first few years of life . The process through which unused and misconnected dendrites atrophy and die. is called ,A pruning ,B degeneration ,C transitional exuberance . D myelination , Pruning is the process by which , A brain centers are rewired following localized brain damage . the left hemisphere specializes for language processing . the frontal lobe disengages from the prefrontal cortex . unused connections between neurons are eliminated . From birth until age two dendrites in the cortex increase . A twofold ,B threefold ,C fivefold ,D tenfold , According to research increased brainpower is most likely due to . A transient exuberance ,B synaptic regeneration ,C axonal pruning . D synaptic pruning , A life threatening condition that occurs when infants are shaken back and forth.
sharply and quickly is called ,A self righting ,B head sparing . C shaken baby syndrome ,D transient exuberance , An abusive caregiver shakes an infant to get her to stop crying The infant stops. crying Why , The infant is so startled by the shaking that she can t cry . Blood vessels in her brain rupture and neural connections break . Experience has taught her to stop crying , The infant s airway is damaged . Dominique was an infant with very few toys but she concocted things to play. with out of what was available in her home in order to develop her brain This is. an example of ,A transient exuberance ,B cognitive independence .
C self righting ,D selective attention , An infant s inborn drive to remedy deficits is called . self efficacy , experience expectant brain functions . experience dependent brain functions , self righting . Trent is an infant who lacks the toys and videos that promote brain development . He spends much of his day in a playpen with kitchen items for toys listening to his. grandmother sing while his mother works outside the home In this. situation Trent s brain development will most likely . A proceed normally due to the self righting tendency . flourish due to the self excelling tendency , be somewhat impaired due to his limited environment . be extremely impaired due to his limited environment . The part of the brain that seems to be devoted to perceiving faces is the . A prefrontal cortex ,B fusiform face area ,C countenance perception.
area D neurofacial transmitter , Children as young as old exhibit signs of the own race effect . A 3 months,B 9 months,C 1 year D ,3 years, Research found that three year olds were better at recognizing. differences,in newborn faces , with older siblings. with younger siblings, who spent time looking at different monkey faces. with broad multiethnic experience, Approximately how many hours per day does the average newborn spend.
asleep ,A 13 to 14, 15 to 17, 18 to 19, 20 to 21, The dozing half awake state often seen in newborns is called . A REM sleep ,B paradoxical sleep ,C transitional sleep . D postnatal sleep , Slow wave sleep , increases significantly at about three or four months of age . is also known as REM sleep , is also known as paradoxical sleep . rarely occurs until two years of age , 43 The signs of REM sleep include flickering of the infant s .
open eyes and rapid brain waves , closed eyes and rapid brain waves . open eyes and slow steady brain waves , closed eyes and slow steady brain waves . Co sleeping may be harmful to the baby if the mother . A is in a fetal position around the baby ,B is a light sleeper . is drugged or drunk , awakens frequently , Twelve month old Emily has slept in her parents bed since she was born This. custom is called , co bedding , shared sleep , sleep accommodation .
co sleeping , In addition to cultural influences what is a compelling reason that causes. parents to choose to co sleep with their infant ,A Co sleeping makes nighttime feedings easier . B Co sleeping allows the infant to sleep more deeply for longer. periods C Co sleeping helps the baby s digestion , The process that first detects an external stimulus is . A perception ,B sensation ,C interpretation ,D cognition . Whenever the eyes ears tongue skin or mouth detect a stimulus a n . has,occurred ,A perception, interpretation, sensation.
response, Umar is a newborn is lying awake in his crib Someone across the room speaks . What is his likely reaction , Umar won t react at all because his sense of hearing is not well developed . If the voice is that of Umar s mother he will turn in the direction of the voice . otherwise he will ignore the voice , Umar will turn his head in the direction of the voice no matter whose voice it is . Umar will show a startle response and probably cry . You see a beautiful yellow flower while walking through a meadow Your eyes. seeing the flower is a matter of Your brain determining that the flower is. yellow is a matter of Imagining how the flower will look in a vase would. demonstrate ,A perception knowing cognition,B sensation perception knowing. C perception sensation knowing,D sensation perception cognition.
The mental processing of sensory information is called . perception , sensation , input , cognition , Thinking about something that has been perceived is . A sensation ,B cognition ,C intuition ,D knowing , At what point in development is the sense of hearing already quite acute . A at birth,B by 3 months of age,C by 14 weeks of age. D by 6 months of age, In terms of visual acuity newborns . possess 20 20 vision , are legally blind , have binocular vision .
exhibit organized visual scanning , 55 The sense that is the least developed at birth is an infant s . hearing , taste , vision , smell ,56 The neonate s vision . invitation to the life span 2nd edition by berger Test Bank for Invitation to the Life Span 2nd Edition by Berger Chapter 03 Multiple Choice Questions The average North American newborn measures inches in length A 14 B 16 C 20 D 24 A typical child at 24 months weighs about pounds 19 28 41 52 The average North American newborn weighs pounds at birth A 5 B 6 7 8 The

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