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C Choose the correct item, 1 The volcano chaser Hawaii three 9 There were people injured during the. times so far car crash,A has visited B visited A plenty B much C several. C was visiting,10 Have you the plane tickets yet, 2 Gemma the news every evening at 6 A buy B bought C buying. 11 The tribesmen the village before the,A is watching B watches. volcano erupted,C has watched,A had been fleeing,3 Peter nor William has experienced a B had fled.
natural disaster C were fleeing,A Neither B Either C Both. 12 There wasn t chance of finding, 4 Martin to Peru tomorrow survivors in the plane crash. A flies B flew C is flying A many B much C some, 5 The miners are tired They in the 13 It for two days before the town. mine for six hours now became flooded,A had worked A was raining. B had been working B had been raining,C have been working C has rained.
6 There is hope of finding his 14 Andy when the explosion woke him. belongings in the rubble up,A little B hardly C few A slept B was sleeping. C had slept,7 What time the plane usually land,A did B does C do 15 The earthquake caused damage. A a couple of,8 Lightning during the storm last night. B a large number of,C a great deal of,B had struck. C has struck,Express Publishing PHOTOCOPIABLE 2, D Read the text For questions 1 15 choose from the events A D.
Which event, was mistaken for a natural disaster 1 had a very fortunate ending 9. took place late at night 2 damaged the environment 10. did not harm anybody 3 forced people to leave their homes 11. is still causing damage 4 was caused by careless behaviour 12. has become a public spectacle 5 happened a long time ago 13. lasted almost a full day 6 has been the worst of its kind 14. injured numerous people 7 was resolved with the help of volunteers 15. was not an accident 8,Accidental Damage, Joshua Stanley has had a lucky escape after he A fire that burned for 22 hours after a factory. fell down a mineshaft injuring his skull The exploded has finally been extinguished The. teenager who had been exploring the mine with explosion occurred at 6pm when the factory was. a friend lost his grip and plummeted to the closed At first I thought it was an earthquake. bottom of the shaft in the early hours of the recalls Lucy Brown an eye witness who lives in. morning Emergency services were called to the,the area From her window she could see. scene and were assisted by more than 50 people,clouds of dark smoke and fireballs shooting into. from a nearby campsite By using various ropes, and baskets the teenager was hoisted to the the sky Shortly after the blast local residents.
opening of the mine The rescue operation took a were evacuated to a nearby college However. total of six hours after which Joshua was rushed the area has now been deemed safe for them to. to hospital where he received treatment for his return to their homes Officials have confirmed. head injury He admitted that entering the shaft that there were no casualties as a result of the. after dark had been irresponsible and thanked explosion Although there were no serious. all the people involved for their efforts Without injuries two factory guards were sent to the. them I d still be stuck down there he said hospital for smoke inhalation. At the side of a railway line in North Carolina a Yesterday afternoon an oil rig exploded in the. bus lies mangled crushed beneath the weight of Gulf of Mexico leaving 16 workers in intensive. a freight train Half of the bus is missing its roof care The explosion triggered an oil spill which. warped and twisted While this may look like the continues to flow into the ocean at a rate of. scene of a terrible accident it is actually the set 53 000 barrels per day The Grande Isle in. of a spectacular film stunt The remnants of the,Louisiana once a beautiful sandy coastline is. crash were left as a tourist attraction and have,now covered in a layer of black oil Countless. been untouched for the past 18 years Most film, makers usually opt for scaled down models to marine animals have been washed up along the. film train wrecks but this director believed that shore trapped in the thick slime Volunteers. the use of models would be cheating Instead have rescued hundreds of animals so far but. he insisted upon producing a real train crash there is concern that thousands of species will. and was even given a budget of 1 million to do be affected by the most disastrous oil spill in. so The result of his ambition is one of the most history A full investigation into the exact cause. iconic train wrecks in film history He even won of the explosion is currently underway. an award for best action scene of the year,Express Publishing PHOTOCOPIABLE 3 Points. Everyday English,E Choose the correct response, 1 A What are you watching this for 4 A Big Brother is on Channel 4.
B a Documentaries are boring B a I like the sound of that. b I happen to find it interesting b Actually I m enjoying it. 2 A What s on later 5 A As long as we can change the. B a Why don t you look in the TV guide channel at 7 pm. b I want to watch the news B a That s fine with me. b We can watch that,3 A After this there s a game show on. B a It s nearly finished,b Isn t there anything else on Points. F You will hear an interview with Marcus Shaver who survived being. stranded on a mountain For questions 1 10 complete the sentences. Marcus was stranded for 1 on the mountain,The ski patrol closed the ski resort due to a 2. Marcus compares entering the fog to suddenly being in another 3. When Marcus was lost he had only a snowboard and a n 4 with him. At night Marcus made a 5 in the snow, Marcus saw his snowboard as a 6 while lost on the mountain. The key to Marcus staying alive was 7 during the day. On the third night Marcus was afraid he was going to lose his 8. The helicopter found Marcus on the 9 of the mountain. On the final day on the mountain Marcus struggled to keep 10. Express Publishing PHOTOCOPIABLE 4, G A magazine has asked its readers to send in stories about unfortunate.
events Write a story about an accident that happened 200 250 words. a description of the scene characters when where weather. the events in the order they happened climax event. what happened in the end feelings,Express Publishing PHOTOCOPIABLE 5. CLASS MARK,Time 80 minutes,Vocabulary,A Complete the sentences with the correct word. tempting revenge aisle addressed scratched loyalty dietary appliances. values designer, 1 Peter collects points on his card when he shops at the supermarket. 2 The bakery has a display of cakes,3 The Queen should be as Your Majesty. 4 Sally is very fashionable and often buys clothes. 5 Jane s children have developed good family, 6 Andrew walked up and down the looking for tinned peas.
7 Lisa s new kitchen has been fitted with modern electrical. 8 After his friend played a trick on him Gavin decided to take. 9 The lens of the camera got when Fiona dropped it. 10 Harry is allergic to nuts and has special requirements. B Circle the correct item, 1 Gina worked very hard in order to get ahead across in her career. 2 Spray on clothing is made up of minute fibres fabrics that stick to the skin. 3 These days users can access demand the Internet from their mobile phones. 4 Students have been reduced banned from wearing jeans at school. 5 The advancing rising price of food affects poor people the most. Express Publishing PHOTOCOPIABLE 1,C Choose the correct item. 1 When the sale do you want to go 8 The known brands are not always. shopping worth buying,A will start A most B best C biggest. 9 I go to the mall as long as you come,C is going to start. 2 By the end of the week Harry all his A am going to B will C won t. pocket money,10 Julie regrets so much money on,A will have spent.
B will spend,A spending B spend C to spend,C will be spending. 11 Paul must be careful not to spend,3 The clothes sold at the market are often. money than he earns,than those in the shops,A more B most C much. B more cheap 12 I can t meet you at 5 o clock I work. C cheaper by then,A won t have finished,4 They stopped to eat lunch. B won t finish,A to shop B shop C shopping,C won t have been finished.
5 I m sorry I promise I do it again,13 Pamela went to buy flour She a cake. A will bake,B am not going to,B is going to bake,C won t have. C is baking,6 Darren forgot pasta when he was at,14 Andy spent half an hour for rice in. the supermarket,the supermarket,A buying B to buy C buy. A searching B to search C search,7 By the time Jane arrives we for six.
15 This carton isn t as that one,A as big B more big C bigger. A have been shopping,B will have shopped,C will have been shopping. Express Publishing PHOTOCOPIABLE 2, D Read the text Seven sentences have been removed from the article Choose. from the sentences A H the one which fits each gap 1 7 There is one. extra sentence,I Just Have To Buy It, Just like any other teenage girl Stephanie Briggs loves to shop Her shopping trips however turned into. uncontrollable spending frenzies leaving her thousands of pounds in debt Today she is working hard to. overcome her addiction to shopping, Stephanie Biggs shopping trips always started out with a simple goal For example she once needed socks so.
off she went to the shops 1 They were only 14 each so why not get one in each colour she thought. At this point her breathing had changed and she felt very excited Before Stephanie knew it she was at the. cashier with not only the socks and the T shirts but a bathrobe three sets of pyjamas and two pairs of slippers. The bill came to 80 She pulled out her credit card without hesitation 2 All 19 year old Stephanie could. think about was rushing home to try everything on, Such splurges have characterised Stephanie s life for the past year and a half She is now 10 000 in debt. 3 In fact besides some clothes shoes and make up Stephanie has little to show for all the money she has. spent When Stephanie was younger she spent all of her pocket money right away Her parents complained that. she spent too much and were tired of her asking for money all the time The serious spending began when. Stephanie received two credit cards shortly after her eighteenth birthday with no proof of income 4 She felt. it was her business and she could handle her spending herself One of the cards had a limit of 4 000 which she. paid the minimum payment each month and within six months her request for a higher limit was approved. When Stephanie entered university she felt a lot of anxiety and stress over her studies and new social situations. causing her addiction to shopping to become a serious problem I was buying something everyday and the days. I didn t go out I would buy things online she recalls For Stephanie shopping was a pleasurable escape from all. her problems 5 Such a quick pleasure is what motivates most shopping addicts to spend This pleasure is. the driving force behind shopping addiction which is reaching alarming levels In the UK experts believe that 10. percent of the population and possibly 20 percent of women are compulsive shoppers This shopping addiction. leads not only to financial problems but often to family break ups depression and even homelessness 6. A recent study showed that half of 14 to 18 years olds in many European countries exhibit symptoms of shopping. addiction with 8 per cent showing signs of severe addiction. Studies have also shown that most addictions tend to worsen over time without help or treatment 7 She. now has a part time job to pay off her credit cards and attends regular counselling sessions with her parents to. help her deal with her addiction and develop healthier coping methods for her stress Although Stephanie has her. spending under control now she resists going shopping unless it s with her mum because as she knows all too. well a quick peek at the shops can easily lead to disaster. A She kept them a secret from her parents, B It made me feel so good that I just couldn t stop myself she explains. C As in the case of Stephanie who fell more and more into debt. D Despite having no money or income she wasn t worried about how she would pay for the items. E One age group in particular showing a worrisome level of addiction is teenage girls. F And no she did not buy a car or pay for college with that money. G Unfortunately she was unable to control her addiction. H But once there she discovered a rail of pretty T shirts that she simply had to have. Express Publishing PHOTOCOPIABLE 3,Everyday English. E Choose the correct response, 1 A They are reduced in price aren t they 4 A Do you need any help. B a Yes I ll take them B a I m looking for a jacket. b Yes but we don t have many left b What size are you. 2 A Can I try them on please 5 A Are they any good. B a The fitting rooms are over there B a Just sign here. b Your receipt is in the bag b They fit well,3 A Can I pay by credit card.
B a Here you are Points,b Sure no problem, F You will hear eight people talking in eight different situations For questions. 1 8 choose the best answer A B or C, 1 You hear a young girl talking to her friend 5 You hear a woman talking to a shop. Why does she want to return the dress assistant Why has she gone to the shop. Vocabulary A Complete the sentences with the correct word tempting revenge aisle addressed scratched loyalty dietary appliances

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