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09 BALANANDA BOMMALA SHAKESPEARE ABDUTA KATHALU PART I. Willam Shakespeare,Vijayawada Navratna Book House,2007 79p Rs 25. An anthology of stories by William Shakespeare, 10 BALANANDA BOMMALA SHAKESPEARE ABDUTA KATHALU PART II. Willam Shakespeare,Vijayawada Navratna Book House,2007 80p Rs 25. An anthology of stories for children by William Shakespeare. 11 BALANANDA BOMMALA SHAKESPEARE ABDUTA KATHALU PART III. Willam Shakespeare,Vijayawada Navratna Book House,2005 79p Rs 25. An anthology of stories for children by William Shakespeare. 12 BOMMALA MAATA,AsharaniVohra,Delhi Satashitya Prakashan.
1990 31p Rs 10, A collection of 14 short rhythmic poems with full illustration for. youngster to write and learn,13 BHASKARA SHATAKAM,Marana Venkaiah. Vijayawada Victory Publisher,2006 74p Rs 12, These are poems written by an ardent devotee of Sun Maravi. Venkaiah based on moral The poems are also adopted for elementry. and higher secondary educational school material for children in thes. Telugu schools,Munjuluri Krishna Kumari,Vijayawada Alakananda Prachuranalu. 2006 15P Rs 30,8176555525, An introductory book on plenet earth with photograbhs with some.
text for young children,15 CARTOONS,Guttala Sriniva. Vijayawada Navratna Book center,2000 120p Rs 30, This is excellent telugu comedy cartoon book the best medicine for a. good day with positive side effects,16 CHADAVAALANDI CHADAVAALI. Chandrapal Singh Yadav Mayank,Delhi Satsahitya Prakashan. 1990 20p Rs 10, It is a combination of 15 poems for different ways of learning It will.
help the students to easily understand their day today work. 17 CHANDRUDU,Melvin and Gilda Berger,Vijayawada Alakananda Prachuranalu. 2006 17p Rs 30,8176555517, It contains quality of pictures with brief description about moon It is. useful for childrens,18 CHANDAMAAMA RAAVEE,Baala Geyalu. Sircilla Maarasam publications,2010 60p Rs 50,Thematic songs for children. 19 CHITTI BOMMALATA,Madhavi Latha,Hyderabad Ekalavya Pustakavahini.
2000 32p Rs 8,81 7652 093 4, The book tells about the use of puppets and the techniques of. preparing thepuppets to impart elementry education to the. children The aim is to inspire teachers,20 GYANA PRADAMAINA KATHALU. Kusum Gupta,Delhi Satashitya Prakashan,1990 39p Rs 15. 14 Short stories based on morality and intelligence. 21 HIMALAYA SIKARALU,Gyan singh,New Delhi National Book Trust. 1987 64 p Rs 2 50, The book is a ray of hope to the mountaineers Good description of.
Mount Everest,22 HIRANYAKSHUDU HIRANYAKASYPUDU,Santha Rameswara Rao. Hyderabad Orient Longuman,1989 49p Rs 9,These stories are from the Bharatiya Puranas. 23 KALAM GARU EVARANTE OKA MANCHI MAANAVDU,R Ramanadhan. Chennai Surya Book Pvt Ltd,2003 224p Rs 125,8174784306. The book simply aims to explore Dr Kalam s personality and It can. be considered a fresh perspective on the life and work of the. fascinating personalities of post independence India. 24 KATHAGEYA SUDHANIDHI,Nanduri Ramamohana Rao,Hyderabad Nanduri Publications.
2006 109p Rs 60, These are moral stories based on Asop sfabels popular in west. 25 KRISHNA SHETAKAM,Nrisimha Kavi,Vijayawada Victory Publisher. 2006 50p Rs 10, These are the collction of moral values and written with devotion of. Lord Krishna in Sanskrit which having influence of telugu literature. 26 MAARGADARSHAKULU,A P J Abdul Kalam with Arun Tiwari. Hyderabad Vishalandra Pub House,2006 128p Rs 80, Dialogues on the purpose of life offers answer to many.
questions Structured as dialogues between Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. and Pref Arun K Tiwari,27 MULLAPUDI VENKATA RAMANA SAAHITHEE SARVASWAM 3. Mullapudi Venkataramana,Hyderabad Vishalandhra Pub House. 2007 105p Rs 80, Budgu is a fictional character He is a precocious and bratty child. 28 NALUGURU CHEVITI VAALLU,New Delhi Children s Book Trust. 1991 24p Rs 20,8170116112, When four deaf men get into an argument no one is the winner A.
tale of confusion and amusement,29 NARASIMHA SHATAKAM. Rajamandri Rohini Publications,2003 90p Rs 12, Satakas are unique to Telgu and Sanskrit literature Seshappa kavi. presented value education and Bhakti literature through satakas. 30 NENU AAKAASAANNI,Shyama Sundara Sharma,Delhi Prabhat Prakashan. 1990 28p Rs 10, This is a brief introductory book about planets rockets astronauts. space etc with photographs,31 NENU COMPUTERNI,Shyama Sundara Shrma.
Delhi Prabhat Prakashan,1990 24p Rs 10, This is a brief introductory book about computers planets rockets. astronauts space etc with photographs,32 NENU PARYAVARANANNI. Turshan Pal Pathak,Delhi Prabhat Prakashan,1990 24p Rs 10. The book is targeted for the young children to inspire them to save. the environment Different ways to protect the environment has. been suggested with the attractive illustrations,33 NENU VIMAANANNI. Shyama Sundara Sharma,Delhi Prabhat Prakashan,1990 28p Rs 10.
This an introductory book for children about aeroplanes a great. 34 PILAKA BRAHMANUDU,Meena Khond,Hyderabad Prathibha Publication. 2005 43p Rs 25, It contains 12 short stories originally stories translated from. marathi Each story is having nice illustration,35 PILLALA PAATALA KATHAL. Hyderabad Vishalandra Pub House,2003 59p Rs 20, These are short stories on differenthemes and provide both an. enlightenment with an entertainment too,36 PILLALA BOMMALA PANCHATANTRAM.
Vijayawada Swathi Book House,2006 40p Rs 40, Assorted stories from the panchatantra re told for the young. 37 PRASIDDHA TELUGU PADYAALU,Hyderabad Prathibha Publication. 2006 91p Rs 30, Collected poems from different eminent authors and sacred books. such as Bharatam Bhagwatam and Dasharati jatakam vemana. sethakam etc,38 SAHASI SHYAMU,Kusum Gupta,Delhi Satsahitya Prakashan. 1990 36p Rs 15, This story is based on the story of Shyamu who solves the village.
problmes and help others with his courage and confidence. 39 SAMPOORNA BAALALA BOMMALA PANCHATANTRAN,Padala Ramarao. Hyderabad Pratiba Publication,2005 153p Rs 80, Panchatantra is a mine of knowledge This is like a fragrant flower. parijata amongstchildren literature The characters conveyd not. just words but have also the knowledge of state craft. 40 SAMPURNA TELGU SAMETHALU,Vijayawada J P Publications. 2007 488p Rs 160, It contains many Idioms in Telugu The meaning has been explained. in few words which improve the command on the language. 41 SOURA VYAVASTHA,Melvin and Gilda Berger,Vijayawada Alakananda Prachuranalu.
2006 16p Rs 30,8176555495, A introductory pictorial book about solar family and its plenets for. young children with some text,42 SRI KALAHASTEESWARA SHATAKAM. Vijayawada Victory Publisher,2006 88p Rs 12, Dhujati s works are to the praise of the God Siva he has taken. themes from puranas and added local stories and myths in his work. 43 SUDHA MURTY MECHHINA TELLA KAKI,Sudha Murty,Vijayawada Alakananda Prachuranalu. 2007 162p Rs 125,818294029X, These are 41 short stories mostly based on real life and experiences.
44 SURYUDU,Melvin and Gilda Berger,Vijayawada Alakananda Prachuranalu. 2006 16p Rs 30,8176555509, An introductory book with photographs of sun with some text for. very young children,45 TAATA TAPANA MANAVADI MADHANA. Maxim Gorky,Hyderabad Vishalandra Pub House,2001 49p Rs 35. This is a Telugu translation of four short stories by the famous. Russian author Maxim Gorky,46 TAPPETA GULLU,Palhi Tirupati Rao.
Hyderabad Jana Vignana Vedika Prachuranalu,2005 107p Rs 40. Tappeta Gullu the folk art of North costal Andhra Pradesh the book. describes the devotional fervour in songs and describes dance. 47 TELANGANA JANAPADULA VANTALU AAROGYAMSHALU,P Sasawati. Hyderabad P Sasawati,2006 217p Rs 80, Culture food and health of the people of Talangana. 48 5 TELUGU MAHA NAATAKAALU,Vijayawada Victory Publication. 2006 118p Rs 50,The 5 telugu plays named Kayasulkam Gayopakyanam.
Varavikrayam Satyaharichendreyam and Maa Bhomi,49 TELUGUVARI AMPOORNA PEDDA BALASHIKSHA. Gajula Satyanarayana,Guntur Gajula Satyanarayana,2007 1021p Rs 116. An encyclopedia in teulgu languagehaving information on various. subjects such as art literature culture morals games mythology. and science,50 TINDIPOTU DOODA ROJI,Momako Eoshi,New Delhi National Book Trust. 1992 34p Rs 12,8123700520,51 TOM SAWYER,Vijayawada Abhinandana Publisher. 2006 190p Rs 65, Novel about a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River The.
story is set in the town of st Pelisburg,52 VEGITARIAN VANTAAKALU. Yalamarti Anuradha,Vijayawada Surya Book House,2007 548p Rs 150. A discriptive book on Telugu cooking style,53 VEMANA SHATAKAM. Vijayawada Victory Publisher,2007 59p Rs 12, Vemana composed numerous poems in vernacular of Telugu His. poems are cosists of four lines Every poem ends with his signature. Viswadhabhi Rama Vinura Verna The poems are in simple language. and native idioms He discussed the subject of morality and wisdom. 54 VIDYARTHI KALPAVALLI,Rajamandri Rohini Publications.
2005 410p Rs 125, Telugu toTelugu dictionary of synonyms and etymologly written by. Telugu teachers,55 VISHVASA PATRAMAINA MUNGEESA,New Delhi Children s Book Trust. 2007 16p Rs 18,81 7011 613 9,56 WONDERS IN SCIENCE. B Sri Kauth,Guntur R S Publishers,2000 92p Rs 30, Some ideas about science and the importance of popularising. Telugu Books 01 ABDUL KALAM ATMAKATHA AGNIPATHAM A P J Abdul Kalam with Arun Tiwari Vijayawada Alakananda Prachuranalu 2005 140P

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