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and 19 rostral to the coronal plane through the external. Editor s auditory meati The ear bars were constructed of 14 mm. Column square stainless steel rod tapered and angled so as to. Spring is upon us here in lodge tightly in the bony ear canal The location of the. Athens Ohio It has anterior posterior AP bars of the original unit were. been about the most repositioned so as to run in a true anterior posterior. beautiful spring I can direction with respect to the skull In addition the height. remember in our 16 of the AP bar was reduced to 18 8 mm above the base. years here We have a of the apparatus The head is oriented by means of ear. large magnolia tree in bars and adjustable mouth bar such that the forehead of. our back yard This year the pig rises anterior to posterior 30 to the horizontal. for the first time since we have lived here it bloomed. plane Figure 1 A circle of skin and underlying, fully Usually the frost gets the blooms just as they are. periosteum 35 mm in diameter centered 41 mm,about to come out It was truly beautiful. This is also the last spring we will spend in Ath anterior to the ear bar tips of the stereotaxic unit and 3. ens In July we will be moving to Kansas City to mm lateral to midline is excised from the frontal parietal. join the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the bone with a trephin and periosteal elevator A 2 mm. University of Health Sciences I have accepted a diameter hole is drilled through the skull at the center of. position there as Professor of Osteopathic Princi this circle 90 to the surface of the skull and an 18. ples and Practice where I will continue teaching gauge 29 5 mm long stainless steel guide tube is. in the osteopathic curriculum and with our re inserted The guide tube is anchored to the skull with. search The UHS COM is a free standing osteo stainless steel screws and acrylic cement A 22 gauge. pathic school which was founded in the early injection cannula 80 mm long is attached to a vertically. days of the osteopathic profession shortly after held 30 mm long silicone tube filled with 9 saline. the turn of the century and which continues to The cannula is slowly lowered stereotaxically through. have a very strong commitment to training pri the guide tube until an influx of fluid is observed. mary care physicians My wife and I are looking indicating entrance into ventricular space Each. forward to the new challenges and surroundings individual cannula is then cut to the appropriate length. of a larger city and different school We appre based on the distance from the surface of the skull to a. ciate all the support and encouragement we have,lateral ventricle This averaged 53 2 mm for pigs. received from Carrier readers over the years and,n 11 weighing 99 6 kg. look forward to continuing the relationship at our. new location Placement of the cannula in a lateral ventricle. I have included our new address in this column confirmed in each pig by roentgenogram Figure 2. below and invite any of you who have suggestions for Toshiba X ray Unit Model KCD 10MO7A Tustin CA. articles or who would like to contribute an article to the after intraventricular injection of 1 ml radiopaque. Carrier to get in touch with me as soon as possible medium metrizamide 400 mg iodine ml 9 saline. We will be at the new address after July 15 Until that Sigma Chemical Co St Louis MO The injection. time we can still be reached at the Athens OH cannula is replaced with a 22 gauge 29 5 mm long. address I look forward to hearing from you trocar The guide tubes injection cannulas and trocars. described above were designed by members of the,Michael M Patterson Ph D Animal Physiology Unit.
Science Editor, Postoperative prophylactic treatment of penicillin G. College of Osteopathic Medicine, The University of Health Sciences and oxytetracycline is utilized The week prior to the. 2105 Independence Blvd experiment animals are habituated to Panepinto slings. Kansas City MO 64124 2395 7 modified to fit large animals slings limit movement. 816 283 2308 Figure 3 On the day of experimental treatment pigs. FAX 816 283 2303 are placed in slings trocars are replaced with. intraventricular injection cannulas and treatments. administered,Continued on page 4 col 1, Figure 1 Stereotaxic head holder for mature domestic pig originally fabricated by Kopf Inc with adaptations. patterned after those described by Poceta et al 6 The head is oriented by means of ear bars and adjustable. mouth bars such that the forehead of the pig rises anterior to posterior 30 to the horizontal plane. Figure 2 Lateral cranial roetgenogram of a mature gilt implanted with an intraventricular cannula Ventricles. were highlighted by introducing metrizamide These ventricular landmarks are used to maximize the accuracy of. placing ventricular cannulae A is the olfactory stem of a lateral ventricle B is the rostral horn of a lateral ventricle. C is the body of a lateral ventricle D is the interventricular foramen foramen of Monro E is the infundibular. region of the third ventricle F is the cerebral aqueduct aqueduct of Sylvius is the tip of the guide tube with. extruded cannual,Continued on page 4 col 1, CONCLUDING REMARKS preovulatoryLH release In Frontiers in Neuroen. The techniques described provide a reliable and docrinology Vol 9 Ganong W F and Martini L. effective method for accessing the CNS of the eds Raven Press New York p 63 87. domestic pig However a number of problems that are. unique to the pig were encountered during 6 Poceta J Steven Hamlin M N Haack D W and. development of the procedure First the size of the Bohr D F 1981 Stereotaxic placement of. pig s head necessitated remodeling of the stereotaxic cannulae in cerebral ventricles of the pig Anat Rec. unit Non rupture ear bars were required to insure 200 349 356. complete rigidity of the head Secondly an anchoring. 7 Panepinto L M 1986 Laboratory methodology,system i e stainless steel screws and acrylic.
and management in biomedical research In Swine,cement that will prevent the pig from dislodging. in Biomedical Research Tumbleson M E ed, chronically implanted cannulae is required Lastly a. Plenum Press New York p 97 109, fast efficient and non stressful method of restraining. the pig is required in order to administer treatment via. 8 Barb C R Kineman R D Kesner J S, the ventricular cannulae It was determined by trial Rampacek G B and Kraeling R R 1989. and error that a modified Panepinto sling was the most Luteinizing hormone secretion following. efficient and least stressful of several methods intracerebroven tricular administration of morphine. attempted in the prepuberal gilt Life Sci 45 691 696. The intra ventricular cannulas have retained, patency and the recipient pigs have remained in good 9 Estienne M J Kesner J S Barb C R.
health for as long as five months to date This Kraeling R R Rampacek G B and Estienne. procedure has proven reliable for animals ranging C E 1989 Gonadotropin and prolactin secretion. from 60 to 120 kg in body weight In addition this following intraventricular administration of. technique has been employed by our laboratory to morphine in gilts P S E B M 193 92 91. investigate the role of endogenous opioids in, modulating pituitary hormone secretion in the pig 10 Barb C R Kraeling R R and Rampacek G B. 8 9 10 The use of this technique has facilitated 1992 Opioid modulation of FSH growth hormone. studies designed to elucidate neuroendocrine and prolactin secretion in the prepuberal gilt J. mechanisms controlling anterior pituitary gland Endocrinol 733 13 19. function such as the recent development of push pull. perfusion of the pituitary gland 11 11 Leshin L S Kraeling R R Barb C R and. Rampacek G B 1992 Associated luteinizing, REFERENCES hormone releasing hormone and luteinizing. 1 Sawyer C H 1988 Anterior pituitary neural hormone secretion in oovariectomized gilts Dom. control concepts In Endocrinology People and Anbim Endo 9 1 77 88. Ideas McCann S W ed Waverly Press Inc,Baltimore P 23 39. 2 Bargmann W and Scharrer E 1951 The site, of origin of hormones of the posterior pituitary Am. Sci 39 255 259,3 Harris G W 1955 Neural control of the pituitary.
gland London Arnold,4 Barraclough C A Wise P M and Selmanoff. M K 1984 A role for hypothalamic catechola,mines in the regulation of gonadotropin secretion. Recent Prog Horm Res 40 487 529,5 Kalra S P 1986 Neural circuitry involved in the. control of LHRH secretion A model for,4 Continued on page 5. Figure 3 Panepinto Sling 7 modified to fit the large domestic pig The sling is equipped with an electric hoist. NOW AVAILABLE, The C version of the Model 750 Needle Pipette Puller is now available This new version.
incorporates new enhanced stability of the heater control. For those of you with an older model 750 a retrofit kit is available This kit will bring your puller up to. date with the pullers being produced today, Please contact the David Kopf Instruments Sales Department for specifics. These landmark discoveries marked the birth of modern neuroendocrinology In recent years identifying specific component s of the central nervous system CNS which modulate pituitary hormone secretion has been the subject of intensive investigation 4 Most studies to date have been conducted utilizing rodents as an experimental model 5 There have been limited attempt s to access the

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