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General information,Symbols used, The following symbol is used in this document to facilitate better comprehension or to draw attention. to very important information, Contains important safety information and information that needs to be observed strictly in order to. guarantee the smooth operation of the system,Information status and national market versions. BMW Group vehicles meet the requirements of the highest safety and quality standards Changes. in requirements for environmental protection customer benefits and design render necessary. continuous development of systems and components Consequently there may be discrepancies. between the contents of this document and the vehicles available in the training course. This document basically relates to the European version of left hand drive vehicles Some operating. elements or components are arranged differently in right hand drive vehicles than shown in the. graphics in this document Further differences may arise as the result of the equipment specification in. specific markets or countries,Additional sources of information. Further information on the individual topics can be found in the following. Owner s Handbook,Integrated Service Technical Application.
Contact conceptinfo bmw de,2015 BMW AG Munich, Reprints of this publication or its parts require the written approval of BMW AG Munich. The information contained in this document forms an integral part of the technical training of the. BMW Group and is intended for the trainer and participants in the seminar Refer to the latest relevant. information systems of the BMW Group for any changes additions to the technical data. Andreas Karo,Tel 49 0 89 382 40620,E mail andreas karo bmw de. Information status April 2015,BV 72 Technical Training. B58 Engine,1 Introduction 1,1 1 Model overview 1,1 2 Modular design 1. 1 2 1 TwinPower Turbo 5,1 3 Technical data 6,1 3 1 Power and torque graph 6.
1 4 Engine identification 7,1 4 1 Engine designation 7. 1 4 2 Engine identification 9,2 Engine Mechanical 10. 2 1 Engine housing 10,2 1 1 Cylinder head cover 11. 2 1 2 Cylinder head 13,2 1 3 Crankcase 14,2 1 4 Oil sump 17. 2 2 Crankshaft drive 17,2 2 1 Crankshaft 17,2 2 2 Connecting rod 18.
2 2 3 Piston 21,2 2 4 Chain drive 22,2 3 Valve gear 24. 2 3 1 VANOS 24,2 3 2 Valvetronic 25,2 4 Belt drive 30. 3 Oil Supply 31,3 1 Oil circuit 31,3 2 Map control 31. 3 3 Oil pump 31,3 3 1 Normal operation 33,3 3 2 Emergency operation 33. 3 4 Oil filter module 35,3 4 1 Filter bypass valve 36.
3 4 2 Heat exchanger bypass valve 36,4 Cooling System 37. 4 1 Cooling circuit B58 engine 37,4 1 1 Special features 38. 4 2 Heat management module 38,4 2 1 Cooling circuits 42. B58 Engine,4 2 2 Operating strategy 43,4 3 Mechanical coolant pump 45. 5 Intake Air and Exhaust System 46,5 1 Intake air system 46.
5 1 1 Charge air cooling 46,5 2 Exhaust emission system 50. 5 2 1 Exhaust turbocharger 50,5 2 2 Charging pressure control 51. 5 2 3 Exhaust system 53,5 2 4 Exhaust emission standards 54. 6 Vacuum Supply 57,6 1 Vacuum pump 57,7 Fuel System 59. 7 1 Fuel preparation 59,7 1 1 Direct rail 60,7 1 2 Solenoid valve injector 62.
8 Engine Electrical System 67,8 1 Component temperature sensor 67. 8 2 Digital Motor Electronics 68,8 3 DME 8 6 system wiring diagram 69. B58 Engine,1 Introduction, This training manual describes the special characteristics of the B58 engine in the B58B30M0. variant It also describes and illustrates differences to the N55 engine in the N55B30M0 variant The. document also describes the common factors of the current B38 installed in the I12 and future B48. and B57 engines The US market will receive the B58B30M0 ULEV II and B56B30M0 SULEV variants. The most important development characteristics relate to BMW EfficientDynamics and its modular. kit strategy Using uniform processes means that development and manufacturing costs can be. lowered In production the complexity of the manufacturing process planning and implementation is. reduced In Service the warehousing is simplified as a result of the reduction of part variety and the. safe handling of products is increased,1 1 Model overview. The following table provides an overview of the BMW models in which the new engine will be used. from mid July 2015, Model Version Series Displacement Power in Torque in.
in cm kW Hp Nm lb ft,340i US version F30 F31 2998 240 320 450 330. F34 5200 6500 1380, 340i xDrive US version F30 F31 2998 240 320 450 330. F34 5200 6500 1380,1 2 Modular design, The B58 6 cylinder engine forms part of the new in line engine family The B58 engine features. elements including double VANOS TwinPower exhaust turbocharger technology indirect charge air. cooling that has been integrated into the intake system and a heat management module. The EfficientDynamics strategy of the N engine generation has resulted in a large number of different. technologies finding their way into the BMW engine world The strategy for the simplification of. inspection work is also pursued with the B engine generation. The new engine generation is mainly characterized by lower fuel consumption and fewer exhaust. emissions It complies with Euro 6 in ECE and ULEV II in the US A characteristic map controlled. oil pump an injection system with direct rail and electric arc wire injection cylinder bores are used. to achieve low fuel consumption All engines are also equipped with an automatic engine start stop. function and intelligent generator control as a further EfficientDynamics measure. Compared with the N engines the new B engine generation demonstrates a considerably higher. number of common and interchangeable parts with the Bx7 diesel engines and the Bx8 gasoline. B58 Engine,1 Introduction, BMW EfficientDynamics strategy of the Bx8 engine generation. Description Explanation, BMW EfficientDynamics BMW EfficientDynamics strategy.
More performance More performance,Less fuel consumption Less fuel consumption. Fewer CO2 emissions Less carbon dioxide emissions, BMW EfficientDynamics also stands for more power less consumption and less carbon dioxide. emissions in the new engine generation With the additional modular strategy other objectives such. as lower costs greater production flexibility as well as enhanced customer satisfaction are now also. being pursued,B58 Engine,1 Introduction,Modular strategy of Bx8 engine generation. Description Explanation,Modular Modular strategy, Enhanced customer satisfaction Enhanced customer satisfaction. Greater flexibility Greater flexibility,Less costs Less costs.
The modular strategy aims for different effects throughout the product development process and. product life cycle For instance using uniform processes means that development and manufacturing. costs can be lowered In production the complexity of the manufacturing process planning and. implementation is reduced In Service the warehousing is simplified as a result of the reduction of part. variety and the safe handling of products is increased. The following graphic provides an overview of the new common and adapted parts of the new engine. generation,B58 Engine,1 Introduction, Overview of common and synergy parts in the B58 engine. Index Explanation,A Common parts,B Adapted parts from other engines. C New parts,B38 3 cylinder gasoline engine,B48 4 cylinder gasoline engine. B57 6 cylinder diesel engine,B58 6 cylinder gasoline engine. 1 Coolant pump,2 Intake manifold,3 Direct rail,4 Oil pump.
5 Belt drive,6 Valvetronic,7 Oil sump,8 Oil filter housing. 9 Crankshaft,B58 Engine,1 Introduction,Index Explanation. 10 Chain drive,11 Heat management module,12 Crankcase. 13 Cylinder head, Common parts are parts which are used with the same function and housing structure in various. products In contrast adapted parts have the same operating principle but are adapted to the different. requirements,1 2 1 TwinPower Turbo, All Bx8 engines are equipped with the established TwinPower Turbo Technologies.
TwinPower Turbo Technology Bx8 engine, TwinPower Turbo is the BMW umbrella term that with regard to gasoline engines means that. the following technologies are used,Valvetronic,Direct injection. Turbocharging,B58 Engine,1 Introduction,1 3 Technical data. The B58 engine is the successor to the N55 engine The following table compares the technical data. for both engines,Unit N55B30M0 F30 335i B58B30M0 F30 340i. Number of cylinders 6 cylinders in line 6 cylinders in line. Displacement cm 2979 2998,Bore stroke mm 84 0 89 6 82 94 6.
Power output kW Hp 225 300 240 320,at engine speed rpm 5800 6400 5200 6500. Torque Nm lb ft 400 300 450 330,at engine speed rpm 1200 5000 1380. Compression ratio 10 2 1 11 1,Fuel consumption l 100 km 8 9. complying with EU,Fuel Octane range RON 91 100 91 100. CO2 pollutant emissions grams per 209,Digital Motor Electronics MEVD 17 2 DME 8 6.
Exhaust emission ULEV II ULEV II,legislation,Engine oil specification BMW Longlife 01. BMW Longlife 04, The data on consumption and CO2 pollutant emissions for this model was unavailable at the time this. document was created,1 3 1 Power and torque graph, The following performance diagram shows the power and torque curve at different engine speed. ranges In addition to an increased power and torque the new engine also complies with the ULEV II. exhaust emission standard,B58 Engine,1 Introduction. Performance diagram of the B58B30M0 engine,1 4 Engine identification.
1 4 1 Engine designation, The technical documentation uses the abbreviation of the engine identification B58B30M0 which. only enables engine type assignment The following table provides information about the significance. of the individual positions in the engine identification. B58 Engine,1 Introduction,Position Meaning Index Explanation. 1 Engine developer N B BMW Group engine,W Third party engine. 2 Engine type 3 3 cylinder in line engine,4 4 cylinder in line engine. 5 6 cylinder in line engine, 3 Change to the basic 7 Diesel direct fuel injection with turbocharging.
engine concept 8 Gas engine with Turbo Valvetronic direct. injection TVDI, 4 Working method or fuel A Gas engine transversal installation. and installation position B Gas engine longitudinal installation. C Diesel engine transversal installation,D Diesel engine longitudinal installation. K Gas engine transversal installation rear, 5 6 Displacement in 1 10 12 1 2 liter displacement. liter 15 1 5 liter displacement,16 1 6 liters displacement. 20 2 0 liters displacement,30 3 0 liters displacement.
7 Performance classes K Lowest,8 Revision relevant to 0 New development. approval 1 First revision,2 Second revision,B58 Engine. 1 Introduction,1 4 2 Engine identification,Engine identification for B58 engine. Index Explanation,1 Engine number,2 Engine designation. The engine identification is embossed on the crankcase in order to uniquely identify the engine. The engine identification engine number together with the engine type make it possible to uniquely. identify and assign the engine,B58 Engine,2 Engine Mechanical.
2 1 Engine housing,Engine housing of B58 engine,Index Explanation. 1 Cylinder head cover,2 Cylinder head,3 Cylinder head gasket. 4 Chain case cover,5 Crankcase,6 Oil sump,B58 Engine. 2 Engine Mechanical,2 1 1 Cylinder head cover,Cylinder head cover B58 engine. Index Explanation,1 Pressure sensor,2 Accommodates the camshaft sensor.
3 Connection for the integrated crankcase ventilation at full load. 4 High pressure line,5 Direct rail 2 x 3 units,6 High pressure pump. 7 Fixtures for VANOS actuators,8 Low pressure line. In comparison to the N55 engine the fixtures for the VANOS solenoid valve actuators of the B58 are. not in the cylinder head but in the cylinder head cover The mounting of the VANOS solenoid valve. actuators has also changed They are not bolted on but are attached to the cylinder head cover using. a bayonet fitting and retaining clips A new special tool has been developed for removal and installation. IntegratedServiceTechnicalApplication Contact conceptinfo bmw de 2015BMWAG Munich ReprintsofthispublicationoritspartsrequirethewrittenapprovalofBMWAG Munich Theinformationcontainedinthisdocumentformsanintegralpartofthetechnicaltrainingofthe BMWGroupandisintendedfor

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