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Lion Saroo Brierley, ABOUT THE AUTHOR We are all enjoying the excitement of making a film. and sharing our story around the world,Saroo Brierley was born in an Indian town called. Khandwa In 1986 aged only five he lost all contact Life is good. with his family when he was at a train station Questions. waiting for his brother who never returned,1 Can you think of a time when you followed your. After living on the streets of Calcutta for three weeks instincts. by himself he was placed into a local orphanage, from which an Australian family adopted Saroo He 2 Can you think of a time when you avoided. then grew up with his newly adopted parents in danger. Hobart Tasmania where he spent the next twenty Activities. five years,1 Imagine if you were lost and couldn t find your.
After years trying to track down his old town through family What would you do. the labyrinth of railways lines on Google Earth and. an image etched into his brain as a five year old he 2 Watch the film trailer for Lion. finally found his town Khandwa on the map and, travelled to India to try and find members of his http lionmovie com. family In early 2012 after twenty five years of Talk about the differences between telling a. separation he finally reunited with his mother story in film and in book form How are they. http saroobrierley com similar How are they different. AUTHOR S INSPIRATION WRITING STYLE, Saroo says This book unfolds chronologically told from Saroo s. own point of view in the first person as he tells the. Imagine being totally lost as a tiny child It amazes extraordinary story of his life. me now when I think about how I managed to, survive and then thrive When I was on the streets Questions. so hungry and alone I wondered what would happen 1 How would you describe the writing style of. to me Would I be okay I was by myself every day Lion. even though I was among thousands of people I,2 Consider the story s structure how and when. truly had to trust and rely on my instincts When I. information is revealed and the author s voice,was taken to Liluah Home it was almost a relief.
because I didn t have to face the fear of the How effectively do these elements contribute to. unknown When I was given the option of accepting the novel s storytelling. a new family I had real hope for my future I 3 How does the first person point of view affect. thought that maybe I would be loved and cared for what is revealed to the reader and how they. again The idea that complete strangers would want experience the story. to look after me as their own son was a concept I,4 How might the story be different if it had been. could hardly believe I am so glad I accepted the,written from another character s point of view. opportunity to become part of a family again and to. Choose an incident in the story and write it from,begin my new life. a different character s perspective,I wrote this book to show how powerful you can be. 5 How does the book s title relate to its content, if you put your mind to it and use every resource and.
What does it refer to,opportunity available I went from a child without. the benefit of education to a strong and healthy guy. who wrote a book WOW I hope that my story will,bring enlightenment to you on many levels. I am truly thankful to my first mother who gave me. the survival skills that saved my life on the streets of. Kolkata and also to my new parents for giving me a. new life in Tasmania,There s so much more at penguin com au teachers 2. TEACHERS RESOURCES,ACTIVITIES,Select text from different points in Lion and. 1 What situation does Saroo find himself in as the. discuss these in class,story of Lion begins How does it change.
throughout the book Write about how you would feel at this point in. the story if you had experienced everything that, 2 Describe the physical environment and Saroo had experienced up to that point. conditions of his home in Tasmania,Can you write down your thoughts and feelings. 3 Describe the physical environment and about Lion Explain what struck you the most. conditions of his home in India about Saroo How do you feel at the end of his. 4 Use examples drawn from Saroo s memories to story. build a picture of his previous life what were Think about the different experiences of children. his experiences of home parents and family life in different countries around the world How is. before he was separated from them life different for other children How is life the. 5 Describe the environment and conditions at the same How was life different for Saroo in India. orphanage in Calcutta Kolkata How was it the same, 6 Choose one of these emotions and find text in Look at a Google Earth map of your home and. the book that you think reflects it strongly Hate your school Can you recognise familiar buildings. Fear Grief Love Relief Joy and spaces Try looking for a place nearby. guided only by your knowledge of the buildings,7 Develop a list of Saroo s strengths as you find. parks and roads in the area,out more about him,Look up a Google Earth map of Saroo s.
8 How does he react when he is separated from,hometown Khandwa Can you recognise the. his Indian family and becomes lost How does,landmarks he mentions in the book. he react to the dangers he is confronted by, What positive attributes enable him to cope Watch this video Saroo has made with Google. emotionally and mentally,https www youtube com watch v UXEvZ8B04b. 9 Create a pitch for a film based on Saroo s story. Who would you cast to play the different,characters Look at the choice of cast in the film.
Why do you think they have chosen him to talk,that has been made Are they how you imagined. about his story What makes his an incredible,the characters as you were reading the story. true story of hope determination and,How are they different How are they well. technology,TEACHERS RESOURCES, FURTHER READING FROM PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE AUSTRALIA. The Power of One young A Fortunate Life young, Mao s Last Dancer young readers edition readers edition.
readers edition by Bryce Courtenay by Albert Facey. by Li Cunxin, Why this story Read it as Why this story Read it as. Why this story Read it as another example of resilience another example of resilience. another example of determination and the quest to and an extraordinary Australian. determination and following be true to yourself journey and life. your dream This is Bryce Courtenay s classic And that s the way it was I. One day not so very many years best selling story of the triumph would often go into the bush. ago a small peasant boy was of the human spirit specially and watch the birds and think in. chosen to study ballet at the adapted for young readers some ways they were like me. Beijing Dance Academy His Born in a South Africa divided by they had to fend for themselves. mother urged him to take this racism and hatred little six as soon as the mother bird. chance of a lifetime year old Peekay learns that thought that they were old. small can beat big Armed with enough,But Li was only eleven years old. and he was scared and lonely this knowledge he resolves to A true classic of Australian. pushed away from all that he take on the injustices of his literature this simply written. had ever known and loved He country and sets his heart on autobiography is an inspiration. hated the strict training routines becoming the welterweight A Fortunate Life is the story of a. and the strange place he had champion of the world life lived to the full the. been brought to All he wanted Peekay starts to take boxing extraordinary journey of an. to do was go home to his lessons makes new friends ordinary young man. mother father and six brothers collects cacti and plays the. to his own small village But piano Above all he learns to. soon Li realised that his mother think with his head and then. was right He had the chance to with his heart He discovers that. do something special with his nothing can defeat the. life and he never turned determination to be true to. back yourself that this is the power of,Lion Saroo Brierley. ORDER FORM,TITLE AUTHOR ISBN RRP QTY TOTAL,Lion A Long Way. 97801437847,Home young readers Saroo Brierley 5 16 99.
Mao s Last Dancer 97801433016,Li Cunxin 5 19 99,young readers edition 46. A Fortunate Life,97806700768,young readers Albert Facey 5 19 99. The Power of One,97806700775,young readers Bryce Courtenay 5 19 99. PLEASE NOTE THAT PRICES ARE RECOMMENDED RETAIL ONLY AND MAY HAVE CHANGED SINCE THE TIME OF PRINTING PRICES. ARE GST INCLUSIVE,NAME PLEASE SEND ORDER FORMS,TO YOUR LOCAL EDUCATION. SCHOOL SUPPLIER,ACCOUNT NO,PURCHASE ORDER NO,There s so much more at penguin com au teachers 5.
TEACHERS RESOURCES FURTHER READING FROM PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE AUSTRALIA with his heart He Mao s Last Dancer young readers edition by Li Cunxin Why this story Read it as another example of determination and following your dream One day not so very many years ago a small peasant boy was chosen to study ballet at the Beijing Dance

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