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These Teachers Notes have been specially written by Pie Corbett. to assist teachers and librarians in the promotion and teaching of. Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris in schools and to help foster a love. of good books literature and reading in children, Jackie Morris writes and paints in a cottage by the sea in Pembrokeshire. Wales She has written and illustrated 18 books for Frances Lincoln Children s. Books For more on her life and work visit www jackiemorris co uk. Pie Corbett works with schools around the world developing imaginative. teaching programmes He was made an Honorary Doctor of Letters for services. to poetry storytelling and creative teaching by the University of Winchester His. poetry collection Evidence of Dragons Macmillan Children s Books also features. poems about dragons Find out more about his work in schools using talk for. writing by logging on to www talk4writing co uk, ISBN 978 84507 928 4 ISBN 978 1 84507 534 7 ISBN 978 1 84507 987 1 ISBN 978 1 84780 450 1. ISBN 978 1 84507 600 9 ISBN 978 1 84780 135 7 ISBN 978 1 84507 968 0 ISBN 978 1 84507 276 6. ISBN 978 1 84780 371 9 ISBN 978 1 84780 294 1 ISBN 978 1 84507 109 7 ISBN 978 1 84507 364 0. Tell me a dragon is a beautifully illustrated invitation to. imagine create your own world to find your own dragon. and to tell its story or sing its song Share this book with. the children getting them in close so that they can see. the illustrations Spend time enjoying the double spreads. letting the children pause encouraging responses and. comments as they arise,Initial reading tasting the book. Try beginning by discussing the title why might it be called Tell me a dragon. What else might it have been called Talk about each dragon and how its. appearance relates to its type or name what do the children think I would. ask the children to choose and describe their favourite dragon What about their. chosen dragon appeals Ask them to give their favourite a name and then to talk in. pairs what does their dragon look like where does it live and how does it behave. Compare the pebbles at the front with the final spread which shows the dragons. hatching out Which one is theirs,Creating a dragon world. In class I d begin by designing a huge dragon world Look carefully. at how Jackie draws background landscapes rolling hills and cities. complete with turrets towers and castles This could be drawn onto. lining paper Wilkinsons sell stout rolls for 2 so that you can. create a dragon world that is several metres long This is the. background for exploring the book and creating new dragons. Dragons from the book and their landscapes could be mapped. onto the collage but new dragons should also be added. As a class create a collage of dragon eggs Collect pebbles and. draw dragons on each pebble or name the dragon and write. the name on the pebble Varnish to give the pebbles a shine. and to protect them Display the pebbles in a dragon s nest. which the children could build Now move on to using Jackie s. images to help design draw and paint their own dragon. Model this first Whilst this work is being carried out dragon. masks might be made as well as beautiful drawings and. paintings of dragons,Other dragon books, There are various other books that feature dragons.
which would make good class novels to read aloud, ranging from The Hobbit to Chris de Lacey s Icefire. series icefire co uk Nick Toczek has a fabulous poetry. book Dragons Macmillan Children s Books which, includes some great performance pieces such as The. Dragon Who Ate Our School,Go on a Dragon Hunt, If the weather is suitable take the children out on a dragon hunt You could prepare. for this by actually hiding clues such as a dragon s shell or scales Several years ago. I accompanied children from Stone with Woodford Primary School on such an. outing First we visited Chepstow castle and then went on to the sculpture trail in. the Forest of Dean The first sculpture is an enormous giant s chair This made an. ideal place for a dragon story Finally we made our way to Clearwell caves. The children took their writing journals with them as they looked for clues and. soaked up the atmosphere These experiences were intended as a precursor to. writing their dragon stories after all how can you write a story with a heroine. entering a dragon s cave if you have never been into a cave First hand experiences. help to build the imagination with possibilities,Dragon Sighted. A dramatic way to begin a sequence of dragon work would be by announcing that a. dragon has been sighted in the area You could mock up a local newspaper headline. or record a news bulletin There are 3 useful clips on YOUTUBE which show. dragons being spotted in America that make a dramatic start Dragons sighted in. skies over Louisville, The children can be in role as Dragonologists What signs might be seen locally if a.
dragon had moved into the neighbourhood List ideas e g burnt bushes missing cats. and dogs scratch marks on trees dragon dung,Create your dragon world. An imaginative approach would be to create a fantasy DRAGON WORLD As. suggested start by drawing the map of the world it can have a distant mountain. dwarf mines waterfalls magical pools lonely towers this will be used by the. children to develop their dragon landscape and make it seem real Next they create. their own dragon passports designing their own pet dragon. Dragon Passport,Name Xellios,Age 600 years,Address Forest End. Mount Scalia,Distinguishing marks,Green scales blue tail and. yellow spots,Food Vegetarian eats all,vegetables and fruit. Abilities Flies breathes,fire and can read minds, Supposing the dragon goes missing The children might then design a wanted.
poster to try and find their young dragon This will need to explain what their pet. looks like where it might be found what to do if you see it and whom to contact. Missing one DRAGON, Missing girl dragon Irana has green scales and a long red. tail She is smaller than a Shetland pony and cannot be missed because. she has yellow spots on her back Irana s claws are silvery but she. keeps them sheathed at all times, Irana is a gentle young dragon and will only breathe fire. if cornered She eats plants and loves fruits and,vegetables You may only see her at dawn and after. sunset because she is shy, Beware of approaching her from behind as this might. scare her If you spot her do not get too close until you have gained. her trust Contact Wizard Holly if you find her,Reward 50 golden gemstones.
Holly year 4,What sort of dragon is it, Still in role as dragonologists explain that you have been approached by the editors. of Dragons of the British Isles To write an entry look at a sample. The Newcastle Forest Dragon, The Newcastle Forest Dragon interested in playing chess and. is a rare form of dragon which several Forest dragons have. is only seen near vegetation become world champions. and at dusk These shy and gentle creatures,are vegetarians and whilst their. Forest dragons are easy to breath is warm they do not. identify as they are the smallest breathe fire Forest dragons. dragon in the British Isles They present no danger to humans. are the size of a cat and are and indeed some have been. covered in shiny scales The tamed as household pets. adult Forest dragon is a dark, green colour which enables it to Dragonologists have been. hide in trees and tall grass concerned for many years that. However juveniles are born Forest dragons might be mis. with a yellowish tinge taken for other species and. therefore become hunted,Forest dragons are found Where nests have been.
across the city of Newcastle discovered their location is. especially in parks and gardens kept secret,where they feel safest They nest. in fir trees and because they only To preserve these mysterious and. fly at night are very rarely seen beautiful creatures all. dragon lovers should make sure, Whilst most dragons are that vegetable peelings as well. renowned for hoarding treasure as hay should be left out during. the Forest dragon shows no snowy weather It would be. interest in gold silver or any disastrous if another species of. valuable stones They are only dragon became extinct. Once the children are,familiar with the example then. lead them into using this as a basis,for creating different entries Use shared. writing to work on a class entry about a different. type of dragon, Look at the different dragons in the book Tell Me a Dragon and start by getting.
each child to invent a name for their dragon e g a stone dragon a cloud dragon. a snow dragon a tree dragon the lesser backed blue dragon the miniature rain. dragon etc It helps the children if they begin by making a passport for their. chosen type of dragon as seen on the previous page its name weight. food habitat etc The passport should have a labelled drawing of the dragon. identifying key aspects such as wings scales claws tail Dragons should also be. painted using water colours studying the approach that Jackie uses Draw similar. outlines innovating on her patterns, Before writing the children need to have thought about the key aspects what is. their type of dragon called what do they look like where are they generally found. what do they eat key aspects of their lifestyle and so forth. Their reports can be made into a class Guide to dragons of the British Isles. organised alphabetically Entries might be enhanced by boxes with key facts. glossaries and diagrams An ideal model for this work would be to look at the. popular book Dragonology Templar Publishing who also publish Working. with Dragons as well as Tracking and Training Dragons Check out their website. for video clips www dragonology com The children could also try explaining how a. dragon s fire breathing mechanism works,How to trap the dragon. Of course if the dragons become too mischievous then the class may have to. consider designing dragon traps Let the children work in pairs to prepare ideas. Make a class list of key suggestions they usually fall into common patterns such. as netting the dragon using poison or building a trap Everyone might be in role as. local people attending a meeting Suggestions and questions could be taken from. the floor and a vote for the best method taken Ideas could then. be written up as a set of instructions how to trap the Lesser spotted. Bristol Thunderer,So what is the dragon s story, Let the children create their own illustrated story about their chosen dragon. They will need to think about where the dragon is and who finds it. What happens next What is the main problem, I always find it works best if children can draw their story first as a story map. Then they use this to retell their story several times so that the tale begins to. grow Then they move into writing Here are some possibilities for a dozen. dragon story ideas, the dragon is trapped tell the story of how you find it and help it escape.
the dragon is attacking the town how can it be defeated. you are on a journey and get lost a mist dragon helps you find your way. overcoming many obstacles, you have a dream with a dragon in it you wake up and the dragon is real but. it is scary, dragons are very rare and you find one how do you protect it from collectors. you find a dragon s egg but someone else is looking for it and means to destroy it. you are a dragon rider and together you have to travel to find a magic potion to. cure the king, you find a lonely dragon and make friends with it but it gets caught in a trap. by hunters and you have to release it, write the legend of the dragon that fought St George the truth. you find a baby dragon and tame it but it escapes and you have to find it. you are warned by the dragon master not to go looking for the Red Arrow. Dragon but you do you find it and discover why you were told not to seek it out. you find a magical portal into a dragon world you save a dragon from being. cruelly treated and befriend it eventually you bring it back to this world but. have to keep it a secret,Dragon descriptions and poems.
Use the pictures in the book for short burst descriptive writing To do this you will. need to use powerful descriptive language drawing on imagery to create a vivid. picture for the reader A simple way to tackle the description would be to write a. descriptive line for different parts of the dragon e g eyes tail teeth jaws talons. A simple starting point is to draw a dragon and annotate it with words and images. to describe different parts of the dragon Now make a simple list of parts of the. dragon s body head eyes scales claws tail etc Use this as the basis for a simple. poem in which you take each part of the dragon and create a simile e g. Eragon s head,Is bigger than a bus,His eyes shine,Like scarlet headlamps. His scales,Are tougher than diamonds,Her claws curve. Like crescent moons,Her jagged tail can knock,Blocks of flats over. with one swipe, I used this simple idea in Honiton Primary School with a year 5 class We came up. with this poem using shared writing,Its scarlet eyes Scalpel spines slope.
Scan the Zigzagging wildly,Pitch undergrowth Like a staircase of. Like crystal flames Shark fins,Flickering curved like. A curious cave Crouching,Possessed by mysteries At the monstrous mouth. These Teachers Notes have been specially written by Pie Corbett to assist teachers and librarians in the promotion and teaching of Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris in schools and to help foster a love of good books literature and reading in children Jackie Morris writes and paints in a cottage by the sea in Pembrokeshire Wales She has written and illustrated 18 books for Frances

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