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THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET EDUCATION,04 Synopsis,09 Choreographer s Note. 10 Cast of Characters,11 The Creatives,13 The Design. 14 The Music,16 Overall Vision,17 Curricular activities. TEACHER RESOURCE KIT SWAN LAKE 2,THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET EDUCATION. The Australian Ballet s current version,Choreography Stephen Baynes.
Original choreography Marius Petipa,Music Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Designed by Hugh Colman,Lighting designed by Rachel Burke. Projections designed and directed by Domenico Bartolo 21 19. TEACHER RESOURCE KIT SWAN LAKE 3,THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET EDUCATION. PRELUDE NIGHT A PALACE TERRACE BY A LAKE, As his coming of age approaches Prince Siegfried feels the. heavy responsibilities of his rank He grieves too remembering. the funeral of his royal father that so overwhelmed him as a. TEACHER RESOURCE KIT SWAN LAKE 4,THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET EDUCATION.
ACT I NEXT DAY THE PALACE GARDENS, In the busy preparations for the Prince s birthday his young. friends fellow officers and ladies of the court try to distract him. from his sadness His widowed mother the Queen arrives with. the Chancellor who has effectively ruled the kingdom since the. King s death Four foreign princesses are presented by their. ambassadors as potential fianc es for the Prince but he is more. interested in drinking toasts and dancing As evening falls he. feels the familiar lure of the lake where he can be alone. TEACHER RESOURCE KIT SWAN LAKE 5,THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET EDUCATION. ACT II THAT NIGHT THE LAKE, Siegfried is transfixed by the appearance of a swan which. changes before his eyes into the Princess Odette She and. her maidens are prisoners of the sorcerer von Rothbart. and condemned to be swans for all but a few hours of each. night Only a vow of true love and fidelity can break the spell. Entranced Siegfried gradually woos Odette and promises her. his love Odette gives him her heart although she fears the. power of the malevolent magician,TEACHER RESOURCE KIT SWAN LAKE 6. THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET EDUCATION,ACT III THE NEXT NIGHT THE PALACE BALLROOM.
A great ball is in progress and this evening a distracted Prince. is expected to choose a future Princess to reign with him. None are aware of his secret love for Odette The festivities are. interrupted by the arrival of von Rothbart and his assistants. as well as his daughter Odile Strangely resembling Odette the. seductive beauty captivates Siegfried who allows himself to fall. under her spell and to break his vow to Odette As von Rothbart. triumphs Siegfried runs from the palace in despair. TEACHER RESOURCE KIT SWAN LAKE 7,THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET EDUCATION. ACT IV THAT NIGHT THE LAKE, The swan maidens now spellbound forever gather to protect. Odette Miserable the Prince begs her forgiveness which she. gives knowing that they must part In desperation he drowns. himself but as von Rothbart gathers his body from the lake the. soul of Odette is released Although she will remain a swan she. is free of von Rothbart forever,TEACHER RESOURCE KIT SWAN LAKE 8. THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET EDUCATION,Choreographer s Note. Creating a new version of this most iconic of classical ballets I would like to thank Hugh for the shared experience of bringing. was a huge and exciting challenge David McAllister wanted this work to the stage and to congratulate him on his exquisite. a traditional production to stand alongside Graeme Murphy s designs I would also like to thank Rachel Burke and Domenico. magnificent reinvention of this ballet from a decade ago There Bartolo who have collaborated with us over many months and. was therefore no question that the choreography for Act II whose contributions are an integral part of the production. should be the traditional version but apart from this act and. Finally I want to thank the beautiful dancers of The Australian. the Black Swan Pas de deux all the choreography for the other. Ballet I hope the ballet is as rewarding for them to dance as. three acts is my own In Act II I have adhered mostly to the Kirov. they have made it to create, version although I have made several alterations including the.
choreography for the Lead Swans which is essentially my own. I have also virtually re choreographed Odette s first encounter. STEPHEN BAYNES, with Prince Siegfried For Acts I and III I wanted very much to. do away with any sense of divertissement so I strived to make. the various numbers character driven so they have a sense of. purpose within the narrative, Hugh Colman and I collaborated on every aspect of this. production over many months and more than anything else we. have been guided by Tchaikovsky s immortal score Like so much. of his music it is steeped in a deeply Romantic aesthetic and. it is this fundamental aspect that has driven our vision of the. ballet We both feel that the tragedy at the heart of this tale is. as much about Siegfried as Odette so in order to understand. him more I have tried to give the characters closest to him. greater depth Both he and Odette are essentially people. trapped in situations against their will Siegfried s pre ordained. destiny of royal and military duty is totally at odds with his. sensitive soul and at an important turning point in his life he. seeks peace and solace by the beautiful lake near the palace. a place which has had great significance for him, When Odette is revealed to him he finds in her the embodiment. of the truth and beauty he has yearned for and he falls instantly. in love with her But he has to confront the evil which enslaves. her and von Rothbart has the power to awaken a darker side in. him Faced with this Siegfried succumbs to his human fallibility. and Odette is lost to him,TEACHER RESOURCE KIT SWAN LAKE 9. THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET EDUCATION,CAST OF CHARACTERS.
Prince Siegfried heir to the throne Cygnets,The Queen Odile daughter to von Rothbart. The child Siegfried von Rothbart s entourage Spanish dancers Russian. A babushka Siegfried s childhood nurse Princess Cossacks. Her husband Officers and ladies of the court Ambassadors Swan. Ladies in waiting to the Queen maidens Guards Serving women. The Lord Chancellor, Baron von Rothbart an evil magician who presides over. the lake by the palace, Benno an officer and close friend to Prince Siegfried. The Duchess,The Countess, Foreign princesses prospective brides for Prince Siegfried. Princess Odette a captive of von Rothbart,Lead Swans.
TEACHER RESOURCE KIT SWAN LAKE 10,THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET EDUCATION. The Creatives, STEPHEN BAYNES He began composing enthusiastically and wrote the first two. Choreographer acts in three weeks The orchestral score was finished on 22. April although the ballet was not premiered until the February. Stephen Baynes joined The Australian Ballet as a dancer in 1976. March of the following year 1877 But the premiere was not a. He left to join the Stuttgart Ballet in 1981 and returned to the. success the music was above the heads of the Moscow ballet. company in 1985 His extraordinary talent as a choreographer. audiences of the time The original choreographer Joseph. was first unveiled in 1986 with Strauss Songs a work created for. Reisinger cut some numbers and replaced them with pieces. a company choreographic workshop In 1988 Stephen won The. from other ballets by more rum ti tum composers, Australian Ballet s 25th anniversary choreographic competition. with Ballade After 1883 the ballet was not given in full in the composer s. lifetime although at the end of a concert conducted by him in. In 1995 Stephen was appointed The Australian Ballet s resident. Prague in 1888 by which time he had been transformed from. choreographer Since then he has created 20 works for the. a little known underpaid junior professor to a world famous. company In 2005 Unspoken Dialogues received the Helpmann. musician a special performance of Act II was presented for him. Award for Best Choreography and both Molto Vivace and. Constant Variants received the Betty Pounder Award for Best Tchaikovsky died in 1893 aged 53 and to honour his memory. Choreography at the Green Room Awards Petipa in collaboration with the composer conductor. Riccardo Drigo set about reshaping the forgotten Swan Lake. Stephen has had works commissioned by New York City. This version the basis of every version since had its first. Ballet Pacific Northwest Ballet Sydney Dance Company. performance at the Mariinsky Theatre in January 1895. the Queensland Ballet West Australian Ballet and the. Hong Kong Ballet,HUGH COLMAN,PIOTR ILLYICH TCHAIKOVSKY. Composer Hugh Colman is an honours graduate of Melbourne University. and trained as a designer with the Melbourne Theatre Company. One of the outstanding composers of the late 19th century and. He has been a resident designer for that company as well as for. the best known of all Russian composers Tchaikovsky had a. the State Theatre Company of South Australia The major part of. genius for creating melodies a mastery of musical structure and. his career since 1970 has been working as a freelance designer. a highly developed sense of musical drama that enabled him to. reach directly into the hearts of his listeners With close to a50 production credits he has worked for most. of the major theatre dance and opera companies in Australia. Tchaikovsky was born in Kamsko Votinsk in the Ural Mountains. These include The Australian Ballet Opera Australia Victoria. of European Russia in 1840 but when he was ten his family. State Opera and State Opera of South Australia Melbourne. moved to St Petersburg where he went through traditional. Theatre Company Sydney Theatre Company State Theatre. schooling studying law At 19 he became a clerk in the Ministry. Company of South Australia and various commercial enterprises. of Justice, In 2006 Colman won the John Truscott Award for Excellence.
At this point in his life Tchaikovsky realised that he wanted to be. in Design Previous Green Room Awards were for The Australian. a musician For a while he studied music theory and composition. Ballet s productions of The Sleeping Beauty 1984 and. at a music school founded by Anton Rubinstein although still. Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, continuing with his job Then to the surprise of everyone he. resigned to concentrate on music In 1865 he graduated from. the music school and won a position as teacher at the Moscow. Conservatory though his aims remained more compositional. than pedagogical, Though Tchaikovsky wrote only three ballets almost all his. music is imbued with theatricality and the qualities of dance. especially in its rhythmic energy vivid melody and emotional. clarity His symphonies concertos tone poems orchestral suites. chamber music and even songs have all made fine ballet scores. In 1875 the Bolshoi Theatre Moscow commissioned Tchaikovsky. to compose the music to Swan Lake This was Tchaikovsky s. first professional ballet score though there is no doubt that. he suggested the story as he had some six years earlier. composed and played on the piano the score for a one act. ballet pantomime The Lake of Swans especially for his sister s. children and their friends,TEACHER RESOURCE KIT SWAN LAKE 11. THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET EDUCATION,The Creatives,RACHEL BURKE DOMENICO BARTOLO. Lighting Designer Projection Designer and Director. Lighting Designer Rachel has worked as a freelance lighting Domenico Bartolo is an international designer director and the. designer for Australia s leading arts companies including co founder of 21 19 a design and communications agency based. The Australian Ballet Malthouse Theatre Melbourne Theatre in Melbourne. Company Sydney Theatre Company Company B Belvoir Street. In his 16 years as a designer director Dom has dedicated. and Playbox for over two decades, himself to the art of moving image His work is highly rewarded.
She is the recipient of six Green Room Awards for Outstanding and respected He consistently wins major awards every year. Lighting Design and was nominated for a Helpmann Award including the coveted Best of Show at the BDA Promax Awards. and a Sydney Theatre Award in 2005 for Malthouse Theatre s for his opening title sequence for the SBS drama series Going. Black Medea Home His branding work for the international airline Qantas. was awarded the highest honour the Pinnacle Award at the. Previous lighting designs for The Australian Ballet include. Australian Graphic Design Association Awards, Dark Lullaby intersext El Tango Imaginary Masque Unspoken. Dialogues Molto Vivace Ballet Imperial Scuola di ballo and More recently his short films have found audiences in. Stephen Baynes Swan Lake European contemporary art galleries his short film The Reality. Project was selected to feature at the 10th anniversary of the. Rachel was Senior Associate at Electrolight Pty Ltd from. prestigious onedotzero Moving Image Festival at the Institute. 2007 2012 and her exterior architectural lighting design for the. of Contemporary Art London His animated film In Motion was. Arts Centre Hamer Hall Victoria won the IES National and State. shown at the British Film Institute in London, Award of Excellence 2005 Major projects with Electrolight. include the fa ade lighting for AAMI Park Lonsdale Street Endeavouring to explore visual communication Domenico is. Dandenong Revitalisation RCD the Legislative Council Chamber dedicated to promoting creativity within the Australian design. TEACHER RESOURCE KIT SWAN LAKE 2 Contents 04 Synopsis 09 Choreographer s Note 10 Cast of Characters and von Rothbart has the power to awaken a darker side in him Faced with this Siegfried succumbs to his human fallibility and Odette is lost to him I would like to thank Hugh for the shared experience of bringing this work to the stage and to congratulate him on his exquisite

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