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The Bard s Tale II,Greetings Hero 52,Object and Overview 53. Character Types 58,The Bard s Tale II,The Bard s Tale II. Combat System 71,Magic System 73,Conjurer Spells 78. Magician Spells 80,Sorcerer Spells 82,Wizard Spells 84. The Bard s Tale II The Bard s Tale II,GREETINGS HERO OBJECTIVE AND OVERVIEW.
M y name is Saradon a wizard of some fame and little fortune Though T his section contains a description of your objective while playing The. Destiny Knight and an overview of the game for players who want to get. you know me not and we have never met I feel that I have known you all. my life For the story of your deeds your entanglement with Mangar and his started quickly The rest of the manual contains reference information on. evil horde in Skara Brae flows from the lips of every Bard throughout the various game aspects such as buildings and developing characters finding and. Realm For this reason your courage and experience I have contacted you mapping the many different locations within the game and using the combat. above all others For now we face an evil much greater than Mangar s An evil and magic systems. that threatens not the safety and tranquillity of but one city nay an evil that. threatens the existence of the entire Realm and all the cities and citizens Objective. within As The Destiny Knight you must assemble a band of adventurers track. Recall now the lessons of your childhood The story of Turin the down the seven pieces of the Destiny Wand and defeat the evil Archmage. The Bard s Tale II,The Bard s Tale II, archmage who forged the Destiny Wand in the molten depths of the holy Lagoth Zanta Once you have defeated the evil Archmage and have managed. mountain Krontor The Destiny Wand the uniting force which has rallied to collect all seven fragments of the Destiny Wand you must reforge the. armies to the aid of the Realm and has maintained peace and prosperity for scepter into a unified whole thus reunifying the Realm and winning. the last 700 years But look around you now where has the power of the the game. Destiny Wand gone Lawless mercenaries from the neighboring kingdom of. Lestradae have invaded the Realm and now run rampant through the streets Beginning and Experienced Players. Even in Tangramayne our capital It is they who have taken the Destiny If this is your first time in the Realm of the Bard you should read the. Wand with the guidance of an evil Archmage known as Lagoth Zanta whole manual carefully then keep it handy for reference during game play If. Although Lagoth has thwarted each of my attempts to gain knowledge of you re a Bard s Tale veteran the Command Summary Card probably contains. his powers and location I have been able to discover that the Destiny Wand all the information you ll need to get started but keep the manual nearby for. lies broken in seven pieces at seven different locations Lagoth has placed reference Because although The Destiny Knight software operates almost. each fragment of the scepter within a Snare of Death a puzzle room that will identically to the Bard s Tale the game itself is more complex. require all the wisdom and cunning at your disposal in order for you to survive. Beginners The adventurer starts at the Adventurer s Guild in the Realm s. Do you believe in legends Legend states that Unimaginable power is capital city Tangramayne see illustration below If you are using first level. bestowed upon the one who reforges the Destiny Wand Regardless of characters as new players probably will proceed immediately to the starter. whether or not you hold faith in the stuff of legend you must defeat dungeon The starter dungeon gives your characters some initial experience. Lagoth Zanta regain the seven fragments and reforge the Destiny Wand it points and helps them prepare for the more perilous adventurers that lie. is the only way to save the Realm outside Tangramayne s walls It s very important for beginning players to get to. Now I must hurry for in my attempts to glean knowledge of Lagoth he the starter dungeon as quickly as possible because characters lower thanlevel. must has discovered my prying magic and even how his mercenaries 14 aren t likely to survive for very long anywhere else in the game. approach I care not for my own safety but I pray that my magic is still strong. Veterans If you re an experienced player with a band of strong adventurers. enough to deliver this letter and the accompanying booklet into your hands. higher than level 14 transferred from Bard s Tale Wizardry or Ultima III you. The booklet contains powerful quest knowledge which I have gathered using. can set out in search of the Destiny Wand immediately The first step for any. magic and other more physical methods Use it to help you during your. player however is to start the game using the instructions on the Command. quest My only regret is that I cannot personally be there to counsel you during. Summary Card Once you have entered the game and have left Tangramayne. your quest May fate smile upon you and upon me, locate the Sage in the wilderness and ask him about the Tombs See The. Saradon Sage below for more information,The Bard s Tale II The Bard s Tale II. Map of Tangramayne The Map, The map that s included with The Destiny Knight will help you become. I D Starter Dungeon, T familiar with the Realm and the important locations within but you re on your.
own inside forests buildings and dungeons It s a good idea to keep plenty of. B graph paper handy while playing so you can create maps of the places you. E Energy Emporium, E explore This is especially important in the puzzle rooms because you may. G Adventurer s Guild, G I D have to return to these over and over making a little more progress each time. C I Inn or Tavern, S before you make it all the way through Keeping a detailed map of your. R Review Board, wanderings makes this process easier Here s a clue the mazes are set up on a. R C 22 by 22 grid North is to the top of the screen east is to the right and so. on Some of the more important locations are, I Cities there are six cities in the Realm Tangramayne Ephesus.
The Bard s Tale II,The Bard s Tale II, Command Summary Card Philippi Colosse Corinth and Thessalonica. Follow the instructions on the Command Summary Card to start The Castles there are a number of castles you ll need to visit including. Destiny Knight on your computer and to learn the keystroke commands for Fanskar s Castle Dargoth s Tower and Oscon s Fortress. your machine The Command Summary Card also contains instructions for Forests The forests of the Realm hide a variety of interesting. using the disk utilities and for transferring characters from Bard s Tale Ultima buildings huts and strongholds as well as a host of. III and Wizardry see Pre Built Parties below evildoers Crypts can also be found in the wilderness The. Adventurer s Guild Gray Crypt dungeon is one in particular that you won t. This is where you start each time you begin a new game i e the first want to miss. time you play or after all the characters in your party have expired The Temples for healing wounded party members. Adventurer s Guild is the only place in town where you can create characters. Taverns for food drink and more importantly information. form a party and save characters to disk,Pre Built Parties Roscoe s for more spell energy. When you enter the Adventurer s Guild the first time you ll find an Casinos for gambling types Be careful the dealers have been. assembled band of Adventurers already waiting and ready to go This is the reported to cheat. ATEAM They re all first level characters and are equipped with only the bare Bedder s for storing your gold for indefinite periods Bedder. essentials in the way of armor and weapons but they re quite adequate for Bank doesn t pay interest but his banks are never robbed or. getting your feet wet in the starter dungeon Use the instructions on the go bankrupt You can make withdrawals at any branch. Command Summary Card to help you get the ATEAM moving and see the. Character Types section for more information about characters and party The Review for increasing the level of your characters and. selection Board learning new magic This one s not on the map you. must find it on your own, In addition to using the ATEAM advanced players can also transfer. parties that have already been assembled in Bard s Tale Ultima III or Wizardry For more about mapping and locations in the Realm see the Places. Many of the party s attributes such as experience points weapons and so on section below. are transferred to The Destiny Knight See the Command Summary Card for. step by step instructions for transferring characters on your computer system. The Bard s Tale II The Bard s Tale II, Combat Archmage These magic users have learned at least three levels for each. of the previous four magic user classes The Archmage is one of the most. Only the first four characters and monsters within melee. powerful and important characters in The Destiny Knight because an. range can engage in hand to hand combat The Destiny Knight uses the. Archmage can do almost anything Remember Lagoth Zanta is an. same combat modes as Bard s Tale such as Party Attack Bard Song and. Archmage fight fire with fire, Hide in Shadows but distance now has an effect on combat Enemies appear.
within The Conjurer and Magician levels are interchangeable you start at either. a range of 10 to 90 feet from your party Enemies 10 feet away are in melee one Sorcerer and Wizard classes aren t available to first level adventurers To. range and can attack or be attacked with hand held weapons Melee range achieve these classes a magic user must have achieved third level magic spells. always begins at 10 unless you have any type of elongated weapon in the previous magic user class This means that a Magician who can use third. level Magician spells is eligible to become a Sorcerer A Sorcerer who is using. Weapons that are thrown or shot such as axes spears and arrows are third level Sorcerer Spells is eligible to become a Wizard But remember if you. known as missile weapons and have a range in which they are effective These skip a magic user class e g starting at Sorcerer instead of Magician you. weapons are usually nonrecoverable they can be used only once There are cannot go back and master the lower level And if you are striving for. The Bard s Tale II,The Bard s Tale II, of course exceptions to this rule Some magical missile weapons such as Zen Archmagedom remember that a character can become an Archmage only by. arrow can be reused and at least one non magical missile weapon the mastering at least three spell levels for each of the magic user classes and a. boomerang can be reused because it returns to the one who threw it To true Archmage has mastered all seven spell levels foreach class Lagoth. throw or shoot a weapon select the Use function during combat And Zanta did. naturally to use arrows you must have a bow See the Combat System. section for descriptions of more weapons and ranges The Bard. Spells including Dragon Breath also have effectiveness ranges Shorter The bard s music is his magic With the proper instrument he can play. ranges will usually have normal effectiveness while longer ranges will have while exploring or fighting with different effects The Bard has seven tunes to. decreased effectiveness e g if a spell range is listed at 30 and you use it at choose from and can play as many songs as experience levels But the Bard. 60 the spell will not be as effective at the longer range See the Magic can play only one tune at a time Because the Bard makes a special kind of. System section for descriptions of all spells and ranges magic he or she can often help when normal magic is ineffective For. instance if all your light spells are out and you re in complete darkness. Magic because your party is in an anti magic zone try Bard song number seven. There are five levels of magic user which are described below The Watchwood Melody. Conjurers Can create objects such as fireballs or magic compasses out of. thin air as well as heal wounded party members, The Sage lives alone in the wilderness and is a treasure trove of useful. Magicians Can bestow magical effects on common items They can make. information You should return to see the Sage after completing every. metal glow or make the air around an adventurer as strong as a suit of. dungeon for he provides the clues that will guide you in each step of finding. the fragments of the Destiny Wand and defeating Lagoth Zanta But you ll find. Sorcerers Can create illusions such as additional party members Or they. that the Sage s knowledge isn t given freely In fact it s not even cheap To. can heighten the party s awareness by giving the party members such. begin your first adventure ask the Sage about The Tombs. abilities as better night vision, Wizards Can summon and control supernatural forces such as Special Members. summoning elementals or reanimating the dead In addition to the regular characters you create and add to your party. there are also characters who you will meet conjure or summon and who. The Bard s Tale II The Bard s Tale II, will join your party during the game Some of these characters are beneficial to Human The people of this race are known for their inventiveness. your party they will help during combat or while solving a puzzle others are hardiness aggressiveness and downright stubbornness in the face of. hostile to your party they will join your party in order to start intra party adversity A perfect set of traits for survival in the Realm of the Bard. The Bard s Tale II 51 The Bard s T The r est of the manual contains r efer ence infor mation on various game aspects such as buildings and developing characters finding and mapping the many dif fer ent locations within the game and using the combat and magic systems Objective As The Destiny Knight you must assemble a band of adventur ers track down the seven pieces of the

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