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Ruby on Rails es un entorno de desarrollo web de código abierto que está optimizado para satisfacción de los programadores y de la productividad que permite escribir un buen código favoreciendo la convención antes que la configuración. Ruby es un lenguaje de programación interpretado, con raíces en Python, Smalltalk, Perl, Java, e incluso Eiffel, de modo que se trata de un lenguaje de ...

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Data Munging with Perl - Lagout

Perl is particularly good at these kinds of tasks. It helps programmers write data conversion programs quickly. In fact, the same characteristics that make Perl ideal for CGI programming also make it ideal for data munging. (CGI programs are really data munging programs in flashy disguise.) In keeping with the Perl community slogan, “There ...

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Databases and PERL - UGent

Perl and DBs • Data processing –Parsing –Formatting –Filtering –… • Applications –Integration –Web. Simplified Typical Case • I have a flat file with some data obtained in an experiment, data collected from some other DBs • I need to parse/filter the relevant data • OPT: Analysis, new data, … • Make it publicly available thru the WWW • OPT: Analysis ...

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Failure Comes in Flavors Part I: Antipatterns

Failure Comes in Flavors Part I: Antipatterns Michael Nygard [email protected] My Rap Sheet 1989 - 2008: Application Developer Time served: 19 years 1995: Web Development Time served: 13 years 2003: IT Operations Time served: 5 Years C C++ Object Pascal Objective-C Perl Java Smalltalk Ruby. High-Consequence Environments Users in the thousands and tens of thousands 24 ...

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Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason -

Perl strings, how to manage multiple component root directories, and (finally!) how to use all of Mason’s object-oriented features. Subcomponents Although we often imagine a one-to-one correspondence between text files and Mason components, it is actually possible to define multiple components in a single text file.

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??????????LightSquid ?? Linux Server by Mr

LightSquid - lite and fast log analizer for squid proxy @ ?÷ ? @ # 7 H - ! 7 - C ? 2 # ????log 2 # @ ÷ 2website ??? User 5 H C ÷ 2 ? ?÷ 2 ? Proxy Server (S quid ) ????????? # 1 ˆ 5 H A ? 0 ? M 2 %÷ 2 " F 1 ˆ 1 ’SARG ??? Server OS Linux ? 1 I ? 0 ÷ - M 2 2 # 4 1 I 1 ’ 1. Perl 2. http server (Ap ache, lighthttpd, etc) 3. Squid 4. Cron ...

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Fabien Coelho PL/pgSQL - Mines ParisTech

inspiré du PL/SQL d'Oracle langage fonctions, déclarations, conditions, boucles, exceptions adapté au relationnel : retour d'un tuple, d'une relation... scalaires ou tableaux polymorphes aussi SQL, PL/(C Tcl Perl Python Ruby PHP R Java sh PSM...) trusted vs untrusted : protégé ou peut planter un serveur 2 Fabien Coelho PL/pgSQL Utilisations des langages côté serveur Développement d ...

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cPanel -

cPanel 2 About the Tutorial cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control panel. It provides graphical user interface and is packed with lots of features that automates the process of hosting a website. It is a premium software, which is developed by a private company, cPanel Inc. cPanel has been written in Perl and was first released in March 21, 1996. It can only be installed in Linux servers ...

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Cisco IOS XR Perl Scripting Toolkit

Cisco-IOS_XR-Perl-Scripting-Toolkit-<version>.tar.gz. To install the Cisco IOS XR Perl Scripting Toolkit, perform these steps: Step 1 Extract the contents from the directory in which the file resides by entering this command: tar -f Cisco-IOS_XR-Perl-Scripting-Toolkit-<version>.tar.gz -xzC <destination> Table 16-2 defines the parameters. Step 2 Use the cd command to change to the

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Automating Network and Service Con?guration Using NETCONF ...

for the traditional Perl and Expect scripting. Currently our solution can integrate without any plumbing. It is important to address the con?guration manage-ment problem using a transactional approach. The trans-action should cover the whole chain including the indi-vidual devices. Finally, in order to manipulate con?g- uration data for a large network and many service in-stances we need ...

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Internet Publishing with SASlBase using Perl in a UNIX ...

Internet Publishing with SASlBase using Perl in a UNIX Environment Wade H. Van Buskirk, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, Gladstone, Oregon INTRODUCTION The method developed here for publishing data from SAS using a web server is known as the Computer Gateway Interface or CGI scripting method. CGI scripts normally operate in a batch nature in reaction to a web form submitted from a ...

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Developpement Web Introduction gen erale

Les debuts du web dynamique L introduction des CGI Common Gateway Interface puis par la suite la gen eralisation des scriptsexecutables sur le serveur dans differents langages Perl PHP Python Ruby ont permis de faire varier le contenu des pages 20 58 Developpement Web Introductiong en erale Historique et evolution du Web Web dynamique et scripts Les debuts du web

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Webserver Apache

Installiamo ora alcune utility per apache come php perl yum install php php devel php gd php imap php ldap php mysql php odbc php pear php xml php xmlrpc php pecl apc php mbstring php mcrypt php mssql php snmp php soap php tidy curl curl devel perl libwww perl ImageMagick libxml2 libxml2 devel mod fcgid php cli httpd devel

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What does PHP stand for Massey University

PHP is an interpreted language i e an interpreter runs the code directly without compiling Interpreted languages include PHP Perl Python Compiled languages include C C Java PHP code is executed on the server and the plain HTML result is sent to the browser

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Lecture 19 Proxy Server Based Firewalls Lecture Notes on

Lecture 19 Proxy Server Based Firewalls Lecture Notes on Computer and Network Security by Avi Kak kak purdue edu May 11 2020 6 34pm c 2020 Avinash Kak Purdue University Goals The SOCKS protocol for anonymizing proxy servers Socksifying application clients The Dante SOCKS server Perl and Python scripts for accessing an internet server through a SOCKS proxy Squid for

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An introduction to Unix and the shell

Unix like operating systems are everywhere and you can control them through the shell The shell allows you to automate workflows and eliminate repetetive tasks The shell is the natural route to other power tools like C perl R amp Java The shell is your gateway to the world s supercomputers

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unix and perl University of California Davis

Unix and Perl to the Rescue This primer will remain freely available though we of course hope that if you find the primer useful you will consider taking a look at our book In the book we greatly expand on every subject that is in the primer as well as covering many more topics Some of these extra topics include more coverage of Unix and Perl but we also devote sections to areas such as

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Introduction MySQL Prosygma

int grer MySQL dans une application commerciale vous devez vous procurer une licence aupr s de MySQL AB Ce qui rend MySQL tr s int ressant pour les Webmasters est le nombre d API application program interface dont il dispose Vous pouvez en effet l int grer dans des applications crites en C C Eiffel Java Perl PHP Python Ruby et Tcl D couverte du langage SQL Que vous

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Db2 1 1 1 f o r Lin ux U N IX a n d W in d o ws IBM

ii Db2 1 1 1 for Linux UNIX and W indows Developing Perl PHP Python Running Perl sample pr ograms 1 1 Executing r outines fr om Perl applications 12 Chapter 3 Developing PHP applications 13 PHP application development for IBM Database servers 13 PHP downloads and r elated r esour ces 13 Setting up the PHP envir onment for IBM Data Servers pr

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