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PART II CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND METHODS,SECTION 50. 50 1 TRAFFIC CONTROL PLANS,50 1 1 General, Where the Contractor s work requires either partial or complete closure of any public street. road highway alley or sidewalk the Contractor shall submit a Traffic Control Plan to the. Engineering Division for approval at least 48 hours in advance of the actual closure If the. Engineering Division approves the complete closure of an arterial or collector street the. Traffic Control Plan shall be submitted 14 days in advance of the actual closure so that there. will be sufficient time for public notification The Contractor shall notify the City Police. Dispatcher and Arvada Fire Protection District at the time the closure is done and again when. the street is reopened These Specifications shall apply to all new construction within the City. Where the control and maintenance of traffic has not been performed as specified in the. Special Conditions and or the Contractor does not conform to the Engineering Code of. Standard and Specifications for the Design and Construction of Public Improvements. established by the City of Arvada the Project Engineer shall act to provide for the control and. maintenance of traffic as directed by the City Engineer or designee All costs incurred by the. City shall be borne by the Contractor, The Traffic Control Plan will be prepared by the Contractor for review by the Engineering. Division No work shall commence without an accepted TCP Any changes to the TCP must. be approved by the City Engineer or designee prior to implementation The TCP will be. reviewed with the Contractor or job superintendent The Traffic Control Plan shall include. A Identification of construction zone work area,B Scheduling start completion date. C Signs the size and type to be used and their location relative to the work area. D The method and materials to be used for delineation and channelization of traffic. E Placement and maintenance of traffic control devices. F Removal and or application of pavement markings,G Location of flagging persons where required.
H Detour routes where the use of detours is approved by the Engineering Division. I All elements of the TCP will be dimensioned and these dimensions will be followed. as closely as possible in setting up the work zone and the associated signing. City of Arvada 50 1 10 15, Once the TCP is reviewed and accepted by Engineering the Contractor is solely responsible. for the installation maintenance and inspection of the construction zone All traffic control. signs that are not applicable to the given circumstance shall be removed covered or turned. around so that they do not face traffic and pose a hazard The Contractor shall correct any. deficiencies noted by the City immediately If the Contractor does not comply within forty. eight 48 hours notice is not available or cannot be found the City may make such. corrections and the Contractor shall pay the actual cost plus a penalty of fifty 50 percent. of the amount thereof The Contractor must remove all traffic control within forty eight 48. hours after job completion Any traffic control not removed by the Contractor shall be. removed by the City with such work being billed to the Contractor at overtime rates The. Contractor shall pay all charges within thirty 30 days of the statement date The charges. shall be held out of the amount due the Contractor on City projects. The work area shall be understood to include all open trenches other excavations material. piles equipment obstructions detours and other temporary roadways and other similar. hazards within or related to the project,50 1 2 Traffic Control Devices. On or adjacent to all streets roads highways and other public thoroughfares which require. closure either partial or complete under the authority of a proper permit the work area and. the traveling public either vehicular or pedestrian shall be protected by means of approved. traffic control devices as provided in the City of Arvada Engineering Code of Standard and. Specifications for the Design and Construction of Public Improvements When. specifications standards and guidelines for the application installation and maintenance of. traffic control devices are not provided for in the City of Arvada Engineering Code of Standard. and Specifications for the Design and Construction of Public Improvements all traffic control. devices used shall be in accordance with the most recent Manual on Uniform Traffic Control. Devices for Streets and Highways MUTCD Work Zone Traffic Control A copy of this. manual is available for inspection at the City of Arvada s Engineering Division Engineering. also has a set of typical construction zone drawings that can be used as a guideline for street. 50 1 3 Roadway Closures and Partial Closures, A Barricades shall be painted kept clean weighted and the face material shall be. retro reflective, B All signs warning regulatory etc shall be kept clean and shall be replaced when. the face is damaged These sign faces shall be retro reflective All signs shall be. removed or turned away from the roadway immediately after they are no longer. applicable especially when left at the job site over night. C Traffic cones are for daytime use only Barricading devices with lights shall be used. for all work that is left overnight, D When lights are used steady burn lights shall be used for delineation and.
channelization Flashing lights shall be used to denote a specific hazard. E Under certain conditions the use of pavement markings shall be required in addition. to the devices used for delineation This shall be shown on the TCP and. Engineering will determine the extent of the striping When temporary markings are. City of Arvada 50 2 10 15, used the existing markings shall be removed not painted black Temporary. markings shall be installed by the Contractor These temporary markings shall be. removed when the construction is completed The permanent markings shall be. reinstalled by the Contractor, F Pedestrians shall not be diverted onto the roadway. G Open trenches will not be allowed after work hours without prior approval of the City. Engineer or designee, H Work hours on arterials and collector streets are from 8 30 AM to 3 30 PM Monday. through Saturday unless other hours are authorized by Engineering Work hours on. local streets are from 7 00 a m to 9 00 p m Monday through Saturday Contractor. must submit written request addressed to the City Manager for approval of work. hours beyond the above limits Contractor shall also be responsible for all overtime. inspection fees for work completed outside these work hours or as stated in the. Special Conditions of City Projects, I Spillage and mud trackage from trucks and equipment shall be cleaned up. immediately, J When the normal operation of a traffic signal must be interrupted uniformed officers.
shall be used to direct traffic Any expense incurred during this operation shall be. borne by the Contractor, K Construction within the right of way will not begin until all traffic control devices are in. L Contractors will notify the Police Department Fire Department and Engineering prior. to commencing construction, M Contractors will notify all Utilities Utility Notification Center of Colorado City of. Arvada Utilities etc 48 hours in advance of the start of construction. N The Contractor will keep a signed copy of the TCP at the work area during work. hours This will be available for inspection by City or State personnel. O Crosspan repair may require additional traffic control devices at the discretion of the. Engineering Division,1 State Highways, Any work performed on a State Highway must have the approval of the. Colorado Department of Transportation Barricading requirements are to be. received from the Colorado Department of Transportation Any detours from. a State Highway onto a City of Arvada street must have approval from. Engineering prior to the detour being implemented,2 Major Streets. a As a general rule parkway streets arterial streets and collector. streets will not be completely closed nor will traffic be detoured. City of Arvada 50 3 10 15, b On multi lane streets 2 or more through lanes in each direction.
two way traffic must be maintained at all times One lane may be. closed in each direction with proper signing and barricading. c Left turn lanes or bicycle lanes may be used as a through lane. providing pedestrians have adequate protection from traffic. d On single lane streets one through lane in each direction one. lane may be closed provided that adequate signs barricades and. a minimum of two flaggers are used,3 Local Streets. a One half of a local street may be closed if adequate barricading is. present and a minimum of one 1 flagger is used to direct traffic. b Total street closures will be allowed if an alternate access is. available to all property owners and is approved by Engineering. 4 Advance Signs, a On major and or collector streets the advance warning signs shall. be placed at the following minimum distances in advance of the. construction area,i Road Construction Ahead 1 000 feet. ii Right Left Lane Closed Ahead 750 feet,iii Merge Right Left or Flagger Ahead 500 feet. b On local streets the advance warning signs shall be placed at the. following minimum distances in advance of the construction area. i Road Construction Road Closed Ahead 500 feet,ii Flagger Ahead if needed 250 feet.
c In some cases the City Engineer or designee may determine that a. reduction in vehicle speeds is advisable or necessary This shall be. accomplished using advisory speed plaques and speed limit signs. which conform to the standards of the MUTCD, d In some cases the City Engineer or designee may require special. advance notice signs,5 Flagpersons, Anytime a flagger is required to direct the flow of traffic that flagger must be. visible to traffic Orange clothing vest shirt or jacket must be worn by the. flagger For nighttime operations this clothing must be reflectorized The. flagger must follow the flagging procedures stated in the MUTCD. City of Arvada 50 4 10 15,50 1 4 Typical Construction Zone Drawings. Each work zone is different The typical drawings shown in this section represent the. minimum requirements for the most common situations However these drawings are not. intended as a substitute for specific Traffic Control Plans Additional protection must also be. provided when special conditions or hazards exist,50 2 TRAFFIC CONTROL MATERIALS. 50 2 1 Signal Heads, A All signal units shall be modular section type and shall be adjustable with respect to.
positioning and lense replacement Heads shall be polycarbonate or approved. equivalent black in color and shall meet the requirements of the latest version of the. ITE standard Vehicle Traffic Control Signal Heads Unless otherwise indicated on. the plans all signal and pedestrian displays shall be Institute of City Engineer or. designees ITE approved Light Emitting Diodes LED type and shall conform to the. appropriate sections below, B Visors shall be detachable tunnel type open at the bottom be black in color on the. outside and flat black on the inside, C Lenses shall be in accordance with ITE Specifications. D Sockets shall be fixed focus, E Doors on the signal heads for the installation of lamps or other maintenance shall not. require use of any tool whatsoever to be opened Doors and lenses shall be equipped. with neoprene weatherproof gaskets to insure against infiltration of moisture road film. and dust Each three color signal unit shall have the socket leads from all signal. sections connected to a terminal board stamped with identifiable terminals There. shall be a terminal for color indication plus a common terminal where one lead from. each socket shall terminate The terminal board shall be mounted in the middle. section and be properly insulated All openings top and bottom shall be for one half. inch 1 2 pipe or pipe mounting brackets Gaskets shall be supplied for top and. bottom openings, F Traffic signal heads shall be attached using standard ASTRO BRAC assembly or. approved equivalent Side of pole signal heads shall be installed with banding blocks. and 90 degree elbows with nipple length determined by the size of the head so as not. to interfere with closing doors, G All pedestrian indications shall be countdown indication and LED All heads shall be.
50 2 2 Back Plates, A Where shown on the plans black back plates shall be furnished and installed on. signal faces No background light shall show between the back plates and the signal. face or between sections All back plates are to be of aluminum construction and shall. be the louvered type Back plates shall provide a five inch 5 border for all twelve. inch 12 signal heads,City of Arvada 50 5 10 15, B Traffic signal heads requiring back plates shall be drilled for three sixteenths inch. diameter by one half inch 3 16 x 1 2 pan head bolt with nut and lock washer If the. manufacturer fails to supply as described it will then be the contractor s responsibility. to do so When installing back plates on the traffic signal head the contractor will. furnish three sixteenths inch 3 16 fender washers between bolt head and back plate. C The manufacturer will fabricate all back plates with a three sixteenths inch 3 16. washer on both sides of each rivet which is used to hold each section of the. TABLE OF CONTENTS PART II CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND METHODS Section 50 TRAFFIC SECTION TITLE PAGE 50 1 TRAFFIC CONTROL PLANS 50 1 50 1 1 General 50 1 50 1 2 Traffic Control Devices 50 2 50 1 3 Roadway Closures and Partial Closures 50 2 50 1 4 Typical Construction Zone Drawings 50 5

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