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The topics are,Philosophy,Five Element Theory,Cycles 12 and 60 year. The Twelve Animals,Life Cycles,Relationships,Personality Analysis. Purple Star,Horoscopes, The narratives as can be seen from the above list will focus on how Chinese. Astrology is used to provide insights as opposed to technical discussions There. will be those too but they will serve to illustrate and explain methodology and be. presented as jargon free as possible This course is therefore not designed to. make a Chinese Astrologer out of you but rather to help you better use Chinese. Astrology to satisfy your needs, The history of Chinese fortune telling goes back at least as far as the written. records of China itself When you receive a Chinese Astrology reading you are. thus benefiting from a tradition that is thousands of years old. In fact scholars have determined that the Chinese studied the stars at least four. thousand years ago This is known from writings of the Shang Dynasty. approximately the 16th to 11th century BC Early methods of Chinese fortune. telling are not however Astrology as we know it Bones and turtle shells for. example revealed a person s fate not the stars The historical materials. nevertheless do reveal that the idea of lucky stars existed even at that early date. and may suggest a role for constellations, Chinese folklore provides evidence for very early naming of constellations The.
best example is the story of the Ox boy and the Weaving Maiden The characters. of this ancient tale lend their names to the ninth and tenth of the 28. constellations used by Chinese Astrologers to this day. Notable among these works are the five ching The Book of Changes or I Ching. Book of Documents Book of Poetry Book of Rites and the Spring and Autumn. Annals and the four shu sometimes known as the Analects of Confucius. The Beginning, Chinese Astrology began to come of age by about the second century BC It was at. that time the court Astrologer Sima Qian wrote an important work called Records. of the Grand Historian His history included detailed information on various. methods of fortune telling and related astronomy topics to include a catalog of. star names, By the way it is important to say something about Sima Qian s position In ancient. times Astrologers in China primarily served the emperor and his court In modern. times it is taken for granted that anyone can obtain a Chinese astrology reading. For well over a thousand years this was not the case in China. It is also interesting to note that the 12 animal signs the most well known feature. of Chinese Astrology in the West first appear in the literature hundreds of years. after Sima Qian s History In fact many works on Astrology were written in these. centuries and continuing up to and through the T ang Dynasty period 618 907. AD Perhaps the most famous is the Dunhuang manuscript discovered by Aurel. Stein It depicts what is accepted as the oldest existing Chinese star chart. The Maturation Period, Chinese Astrology as practiced today was basically established by the end of the. Ming Dynasty 1368 1644 AD An important development was the growing. popularity and use of it by the common people It was no longer the special. province of the court, Astrologers continued to talk of the 12 year cycle in terms of the 12 earthly. branches but the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals had become increasingly popularized. among the uneducated masses in China Yet even today many professional. Chinese Astrologers will not use the animal terms, In the West however most of what claims to be Chinese Astrology uses the.
animal terms to perform some kind of personality analysis In fact this is a very. new development Chinese and other Asians to this day appeal to Astrology to. reveal their fate not their personality There is one exception. Since at least the Ming Dynasty Chinese grandmothers have been using astrology. to help fulfill their matchmaking duties Readings addressed relationship. compatibility as well as the luck and fate of a potential spouse Certain animal. Zodiac signs such as Dragon for a potential male spouse and Horse for a female. are highly sought after or in the case of the latter avoided. Overall interest in personality analysis is increasing but it is not likely to become. more important than fate analysis among Asians A more likely scenario is for fate. analysis to become more popular with non Asians as they discover the predictive. capabilities of Chinese Astrology,Modern Times, Chinese Astrology has been around for thousands of years It should then not be. surprising to learn that there are now different systems Some differences are. minor while others significantly affect the outcome of a reading There are purists. who insist theirs is the system and will cite an ancient text The fact is Chinese. astrology has been evolving for millennia and there probably is no one correct. way to practice the art, Likewise it is understandable that Chinese differs from Western astrology raising. the same issue Scholars generally agree the systems developed independently. and differ significantly in their underlying philosophy as well as approach. Although the two systems have some similarities it is hard not to be impressed by. how different their readings are All these differences raise an important. Given the differences between Western and Chinese astrology as well as those of. the various schools of Chinese what are people to believe Is Chinese superior to. Western or vice versa Which Chinese approach is accurate or at least the best It. would be nice if there were a definitive answer to these questions Unfortunately. there is not,Philosophy, Perhaps the best way to resolve the problem of dealing with differences is to. adopt an engineering versus a science approach It may be more instructive to. consider what works rather than trying to prove what is right and pure This is. easy to say but hard to operationalize, How is a person to know whether a system works There is no sure fire way but. there are common sense things that can be done Try a variety of products and. see which seems to most accurately and comprehensively help you understand. your situation It may be the competence of the astrologer is more important. than the particular system employed so consider the reputation and character of. the person from whom you are to obtain a reading Compare your results with. those of your friends Review public feedback Finally study and do some. research yourself so you can understand the assumptions and capabilities of. various systems,Chinese vs Western Astrology, There is however still the question of Chinese versus Western astrology It is.
most probable the relationship between the two is complementary rather than. conflicting It is not an either or type situation Rather the two produce insights. which enhance each other by providing different perspectives These arise out of. the assumptions and world view of their underlying cultures. There may nevertheless be a case where the Chinese or the Western reading. appears to definitely be better Use that one but do not discard the other It may. be an inferior product or its message may not be understood at the time. Perhaps going back to it at a later date will yield insights not recognized earlier. In the end each person has to decide what works for them Self knowledge and a. willingness to learn about astrology can help lead to choosing the right astrologer. and products to trust Using Chinese astrology to make the most out of life is a. demanding process but one worth the effort to understand and use. Astrology is a field intimately connected with astronomy in general and stars in. particular A discussion of them is thus a fitting way to begin to detail the. differences between Chinese and Western astrology And it is one of the big. ones as people of the these two great cultures see a very different sky when. they look to the heavens, Their constellations have little in common In fact Pleiades is the only Western. constellation used in Chinese astrology The West uses 12 constellations for their. sun signs while Chinese 28 for their lunar mansions and four more to provide a. greater division of the night sky None of the Chinese constellations except. Pleiades are to be found in Western charts, More important than the difference in numbers is that the former are associated. with the passage of the sun while the latter the moon The resulting Western. signs are effectively month signs while the Chinese are daily ones This is because. the 12 Western signs each rule for a month while the Chinese ones a day. There is however one star critical to Chinese astrology that is also very familiar. to people in the West it is Polaris of the North Star It is the starting point for Zi. Wei Dou Shou or Purple Star astrology It signifies the emperor and is a prime. determinant of Ming or fate No single star plays such a prominent role in. Western astrology, The Big Dipper although not one of the 28 Chinese Astrology constellations is. significant in Chinese but not Western Astrology Its stars provide seven of the. nine used in Flying Star Feng Shui They can be beneficial or harmful depending on. their location in the sky and appearance in a Feng Shui diagram called a Bagua. Chinese and Western astrology differ in form and substance when it comes to. their use of elements The former uses five and the latter four And the roles they. play vary considerably, Five is a preferred number in Chinese thought so it is not surprising to find five. elements in that system They are Wood Fire Earth Metal and Water This. grouping and the Five Element doctrine itself first appear in the literature about. 2 300 years ago Their origin is not known but it may have something to do with. the Five Cardinal Points North South East West and Center another central. concept They are also associated with the five seasons an Earth season added. between summer and fall to make five, But Western Astrology uses only four elements Fire Earth Water and Air.
These are the four classic elements in ancient Greek philosophy dating back to. about 2 500 years ago Unlike the Chinese link with astronomy and geography. these have to do with chemistry as the Greeks were interested in determining. the most basic substances and decided on these four. The real difference however lies in the greater importance of elements to. Chinese astrology This is not to minimize the fact that the four elements provide. a rich source of imagery for astrological interpretation If you ask a Western. person for their sign they will answer Aquarius or Taurus for example A Chinese. might say Wood Tiger or Fire Dragon, This is because in Chinese Astrology each sign is designated by two Chinese. characters one for the earthly branch zodiac animal and one for the heavenly. stem element The difference between the two systems is that the Western has. only a fixed element while the Chinese has both fixed and variable elements The. Tiger s fixed Chinese Zodiac sign for example is Wood A Tiger sign person. however is also designated by the element of the year of birth The year 1962. was a Water and a Tiger year making a person born in that year a Water Tiger. with very different characteristics from the other four kinds of Tigers. Of even more significance is the role of elements in the Four Pillars year month. day and hour of birth of Chinese Astrology Each pillar consists of an element. and an animal The elements thus have an equal say in chart construction And a. BaZi or Four Pillars reading uses many combinations of elements to determine. luck at various times as well as to make other conclusions In fact the balance of. elements in a Chinese Four Pillars chart has traditionally been considered more. important than the qualities of the signs themselves They are also crucial in the. placement stars in the various palaces houses of a Zi Wei Dou Shu Purple Star. At first glance it seems both systems use 12 signs Chinese Astrology signs. however unlike Western ones have two parts an animal or traditionally an. Earthly Branch and element Heavenly Stem Five elements combined with 12. animals gives sixty signs In fact the traditional Chinese cycle of years is sixty The. Western astrology cycle by way of contrast is 12 months long. This is because Chinese signs are associated with years and Western with months. Chinese Astrology does however also have monthly signs as month is one of the. Four Pillars year month day and hour used to construct a chart This fact has. led to the practice of equating Chinese and Western signs as follows Tiger. Aquarius Rabbit Pisces Dragon Aries Snake Taurus Horse Gemini Cancer. Monkey Leo Rooster Virgo Dog Libra and Pig Scorpio. Unfortunately doing so leads to confusion and error especially since most. Chinese Astrologers use the lunar calendar The dates of the month of the Tiger. change from year to year beginning as early as January 21st and as late as. February 19th but Aquarius is always January 20th to February 18th It is rare and. pure coincidence when the dates are the same, More importantly the Chinese Western sign pairs range from being very similar. to remarkably different The Pig Scorpio pair is probably the best example of the. latter A description of the Scorpio personality is similar to that of the Chinese. to people in the West it is Polaris of the North Star It is the starting point for Zi Wei Dou Shou or Purple Star astrology It signifies the emperor and is a prime determinant of Ming or fate No single star plays such a prominent role in Western astrology The Big Dipper although not one of the 28 Chinese Astrology constellations is

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