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ALPHA IOTA STATE OFFICERS,2015 2017 President s Message. Dr Dorothy Sample Mu,3335 Westwood Parkway Alpha Iota State. Flint MI 48503, dkgdorothysample gmail com 2015 2017 Biennium Theme. FIRST VICE PRESIDENT We Are The Future,Nancy Everett Alpha Xi. 2518 E Scott Road, Ossineke MI 49766 9747 President s message continued from page 1.
nancyeverettdkg gmail com chairmanship or other office It is so important to reach out and stay in. SECOND VICE PRESIDENT communication with new members. Dr Ranae Beyerlein Alpha Mu Encourage young DKGers DKG International has encouraged young. 19930 Frazho St professionals to get involved in the leadership of DKG at all levels This. St Clair Shores MI 48081 effort is called DKGnext I would like to encourage Michigan DKGnext I. docbeeb ameritech net am looking for 10 young DKG members who are interested in leadership. If you are a Michigan DKG member and are interested please contact me. RECORDING SECRETARY at dkgmichiganprez1 gmail com and I will communicate with you. Lynne Elsesser Gamma Alpha Chapters please identify young leaders and encourage them to contact. 20440 Lexington Blvd Alpha Iota State DKG, Northville MI 48167 Encourage attendance and participation in our State Convention Our. elsessllyn gmail com annual State Convention meets at the Radisson in Kalamazoo April 15 17. CORRESPONDING SECRETARY, 2016 Outstanding workshops are being planned incoming presidents will. Bernice Haglund Beta Beta, be welcomed during the Presidents Dinner and outstanding speakers have. 1840 Noon St been engaged, Jackson MI 49201 In addition to hearing from the Michigan Teacher of the Year our 2014. bernicehaglund gmail com 2016 International DKG First Vice President Cathy P Daugherty will be. one of our keynote speakers,PARLIAMENTARIAN, Something special will be planned for new members who attend the state.
Gloria Richards Nu, convention Please inspire new members to come and be part of the warm. 3771 Anderson Rd,fellowship,Albion MI 49224,gloriarichards4 gmail com Dr Dorothy Sample. Alpha Iota State President 2015 2017,IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT. Liz VanWestenburg Gamma Gamma, 2692 W Log Lake Road NE Do Not Miss These Special Articles Inside. Kalkaska MI 49646,lizvanwestdkg yahoo com Rick Joseph.
Alpha Iota State s, EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Lifetime Service Michigan s 2015 2016. Sarah Sally Garrison Lambda Award Teacher of the Year. 1227 Lenox Rd See Page 6 Will be Keynote,Bloomfield Hills MI 48304. Speaker on Saturday,wsarahsally aol com,See Page 16. Loretta Miles Beta Omicron,7099 Reflection Dr NE Kalamazoo Convention. Comstock Park MI 49321 9639,2014 2016 Registration Materials.
jlmiles1 att net,INTERNATIONAL,Information Schedule. WOLVERINE EDITOR 1st Vice President,J Jay Pechta Gamma Cathy P Daugherty Sessions. 3520 N Hillsdale Rd ATTENDING MICHIGAN See Pages 14 22. Hillsdale MI 49242 9152 CONVENTION,jpechta dkg comcast net See Page 16. Page 2 Winter Spring 2016 The Wolverine,Membership. The Ripple Effect A Special Welcome, Remember the last time you were at the lake and it was t to Alpha Iota State Initiates.
calm Perhaps you picked up a flat stone and attempted to. skip it When it did what you hoped for the stone jumped Epsilon Alpha Phi. from spot to spot sending out ripples in the water Perhaps. Juilee Rae Shelton Marie L Harkenrider, like my stone it just went plop and yet the ripples circled. out away from where the stone dropped Kappa Judith J Pasca. There are different ways we can make ripples They are Linda Wasil Alpha Omega. movements that go in a specific direction and usually make Mu DeEtta Renee Crane. us smile There is a similarity here to DKG membership Johnetta Ricks Deborah Sue Fish. Wherever you drop your words of excitement your words Johnnie Ricks Laurie Pickett McAbee. of scholarships available your words of journals of Andrea F DeJesus Jennifer Margaret Wenzel. published works by educational leaders or even words Rho Beta Kappa. about legislation updates someone is interested and wants Victoria M Deadwyler. Nancy Miller, to learn more about this great Society Bernadette J Fox. Raffeal Delynn Hitchcock, One year ago a sister moved to Michigan and found there Sharon L Krejci Zonna L Heck. were no DKG chapters in her area She decided to go out Carolyn E Walton Beta XI. and share the word The ripple effect of her determination Alpha Epsilon Susan Ouellette. and desire to form a chapter in the area came to fruition on Beta Chi. Sharon Cressman, April 23 2015 when Beta Gamma was chartered Helga Henn. Kathy Barkley, What s holding you back from sharing your excitement of Barbara F Black Kathleen M Said.
being a member of DKG If you can drop the name of your Mari Campbell Beta Omega. great Society you ll be pleased to see the ripple of Laura R Miller. questions that come your way Be sure you drop that Merry Baxter. Kamela B Peterson Janine S Jonker, pebble in front of young people active teachers in all. Alpha Zeta Kaye L Frang, teaching fields and retired educators All of them have. something they want to share Donnilee Hernandez Gamma Gamma. Mary Jo Smith Sheena A Clark,When will you drop your first pebble Alpha Theta. Kathy Muench Alpha State Membership Expansion Chair Mickey A Edell. kemuench1715 comcast net,Holly Kunick,Dawn K Lewkowicz Reinstated. Anniversary Pins available for sale Cost 8 00 each shipping extra To order pins contact J Jay Pechta information page 2. 35 Years Emerald, Antique Silver Antique Copper Antique Gold Bright Copper Bright Silver.
40 year Ruby Red,45 Years Blue Sapphire,50 Year Diamond. Bright Gold Bright Gold Bright Gold Bright Gold Bright Gold. Honor Members with Pins Key Woman Educator Pin, Chapter Woman of Distinction RED Letters are Pin shows gold laurel leaves with. on a gold background The dark areas are raised a diamond setting An open red. gold The DKG letters are in red on gold rose with green leaves outlining. a black background is in the center, Available at state meetings or via mail with Gold letters read Key Women. 4 00 shipping and handling charge Educators,Winter Spring 2016 The Wolverine Page 3. Membership,White Roses in Memoriam, Dr Helene Zimmerman Tau Chapter Marie E Grassa Phi Chapter.
In addition to being president for many years of Tau Chapter Initiated into Phi Chapter in 1963 Marie Grassa was. in the Mt Pleasant Michigan area Dr known for her extensive service to. Helene Zimmerman was a past president Delta Kappa Gamma at the chapter. of Michigan Alpha Iota 1987 1989 and and the state level In Phi Chapter. served on the Technology Committee for she was a member and chairman of. Delta Kappa Gamma International Dr several committees She served as. Zimmerman who first joined Delta Kappa Chapter President twice in both. Gamma in 1961 remained active 1968 70 and 1978 80 During her. throughout her retirement Zimmerman Chapter presidency she assisted in. was born in 1933 in Rochester NY the organization and installation of. Graduating at age 16 from Macedon High Beta Omega Chapter in the. School Dr Zimmerman attended the Petoskey area, State University of New York at Albany and earned her While serving as the Personal Growth and Services. Master s Degree at SUNY In 1969 in order to prepare for Committee chairman at the state level Marie helped to. her dissertation she traveled the Common Market countries establish the Woman of Distinction Award She also. visiting schools in Europe to earn her Doctorate at the served as chairman of the Regional and Convention. University of North Dakota Dr Zimmerman s teaching Hostesses Committee for Alpha Iota Elected Second. career included teaching high school business courses in Vice president from 1977 79 Marie went on to serve. Williamson NY where she also served as department chair as State President from 1981 83 In 2015 Phi chapter. for 15 years After earning her PhD Dr Zimmerman named their Teacher to teacher Grant the Marie. accepted a position at the University of Kentucky at Grassa Teacher to Teacher Grant to honor her. Lexington In 1970 while serving in the Business Education contributions to teachers education and DKG. Department at Central Michigan University Dr Zimmerman After earning her bachelors degree Marie began her. earned the rank of professor teaching career in a one room school house in Ottawa. She was responsible for establishing the major in Records County She eventually moved to Traverse City where. Management at CMU She was also active in Business she substitute taught prior to raising her daughters. Education circles working closely with the Michigan State Upon returning to the classroom she continued her 30. Department of Education Helene was president of the year career and retired from teaching in 1981. Throughout her career she valued and promoted public. Michigan Business Education Association and exceptionally education Serving as a supervising teacher for CMU. active in the International Society for Business Education of she was lauded as a mentor and for her example of. which she served on their International Board and was love and caring for her students After retirement she. International President continued to support educators as member of MEA R. October 26 1933 October 11 2015 April 18 1918 November 30 2015. Chapter Presidents and Membership Chairs, They lived and brought It is very important that the chapters send Form 6. immediately following the death of a chapter member No. a bit of beauty love and information can be shared in The Wolverine until this form. faith is received,There are many members whose deaths are. observed in chapter newsletters but the, Now their lives will editor cannot list them in The Wolverine. until Form 6 is sent by the chapter to,ever be reflected in our Delores Di Giacomo Mu.
hearts 5024 Territorial Rd,Grand Blanc MI 48439,dejack yahoo com. Page 4 Winter Spring 2016 The Wolverine,Membership. White Roses in Memoriam, Jean Storer Curtiss Alpha Chapter Bequest of Delta Kappa Gamma Pins. When Jean Storer Curtiss was inducted into Alpha Chapter in. In the event of my death I respectfully request that my family. 1976 she was already a teacher in the Detroit Public Schools. donate my Delta Kappa Gamma Pins to, where she eventually taught at Jerry L White Center for 32. years She began her teaching career in 1949 Curtiss taught Chapter or to the Michigan Alpha Iota State Organization. math for twelve years Signed,She served on several Alpha committees including.
Membership Scholarship World Fellowship and was the. Program Chair for Alpha Chapter Please cut this out or make a copy and place with your pins so. Curtiss was educated at Albion College where she earned her that your heirs will know what to do with them. Bachelor s Degree She earned her Education Specialist and Honor a future member with your legacy. Master s Degrees from Wayne State University, September 9 1927 June 12 2015 Marie Sleno Alpha Eta. Marie Sleno was initiated into Alpha Eta Chapter of. Delta Kappa Gamma in 1957 Throughout her many, Thelma Jean Ullrich Omega Chapter years as a member she held several offices for her. Thelma Ullrich joined Omega chapter in 1966 Thelma chapter Known as a hostess Marie also held offices. served as president of the chapter from 1970 1972 and was in the Michigan Education Association and several. named as Chapter Woman of Distinction in 1981 In other service organizations A seasoned traveler she. February of 2015 just one month before her death Thelma visited 45 states and in addition to her dedication to. was named a Local Treasure by the City of Mount Clemens service had traveled abroad to Ireland following her. because of her outstanding career and her active retirement retirement. including service to the Art Center Board Crocker House Born in 1923 she had attended St Michael High. Museum Board The Mount Clemens Historical Commission School in Maple Grove where she graduated as. Mount Clemens Educational Foundation Mount Clemens Salutatorian She began her college education by. YMCA where she actively took part in aerobics classes and earning her teaching certificate from Aquinas. Worship and Fine Arts Committees at the First Presbyterian College Sleno became a teacher at Washburn Rural. Church of Mount Clemens Schools and continued to work there from 1942 until. Born and raised in Mount Clemens Ullrich graduated from 1952 Marie s career then moved to Owosso and in. Mt Clemens High School She defied stereotypes and went 1981 after teaching for 39 years she retired from. on to earn her Bachelor s Degree in Education in 1945 from teaching the homebound and hospitalized program of. the University of Michigan as well as her Master s Degree in the Owosso Public Schools She had trained at. Education from Wayne State University in 1953 Central Michigan University Eastern Michigan. University and the University of Michigan where she. Her teaching career began with two years in an elementary earned her Master s Degree in 1957. school in California followed by a four year job teaching August 29 1923 August 2 2015. kindergarten in Hawaii When she moved back to Michigan. she began teaching in Mount Clemens Community Schools. for four years before leaving to teach in Venezuela a job she Elteaser Glover Alpha Chapter. took because she wanted to see more of the world Elteaser joined Alpha Chapter in 199. Page 2 Winter Spring 2016 The Wolverine President s message continued from page 1 communication with new members Encourage young DKGers DKG International has encouraged young professionals to get involved in the leadership of DKG at all levels This effort is called DKGnext I would like to encourage Michigan DKGnext I

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