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The Maritime Online Platform, One Maritime is an innovative online platform built by One Maritime provides ship owners ship managers. the maritime industry for the maritime industry ship suppliers manufacturers and agents with brand. new ways to collaborate with their customers and sup. Our worldwide system blends best of breed Microsoft pliers find product related information quickly from a. software technologies maritime industry intelligence variety of catalogues maritime information sources. and functionality with up to date industry information and track information relevant to their core business. This allows us to offer a platform to companies and or activities such as tracking vessels the use of advanced. ganizations in the maritime industry around the world system integration for processing and tracking e com. that provides them with useful and easy to use features merce orders and other detailed transactions. streamlining daily business activities on the internet. One Maritime gives users access to the mix of data. We think of data sources and the use of data in a much from multiple data sources at the same time. different way than ever before, It changes the way that catalogues for example will be. One Maritime uses and mixes multiple information used in the future One Maritime will allow users to search. sources and the latest technology by taking multiple across information sources multiple catalogues faster. information searches worldwide communication col than you can find and open a printed catalogue. laboration and order processes of ship supply to the. next level One Maritime ensures that up to date information is. available at your fingertips while giving subscribers. access to downloadable data and the ability to update. data in their back office systems in a much simpler way. All in all by using the power of an intelligent web based. platform that is designed specifically for the maritime. industry companies can expect to see increases in, efficiency considerable time savings and cost savings. Order and Service Management modules, Our order and service management modules are designed KPIs are built within the system allowing companies to. for both sides of the maritime buying spectrum ship assess and measure the efficiency of activities. owners ship managers and ship suppliers manufac, turers The modules facilitate management tasks related Cloud computing.
to service equipment and service items and managing One Maritime offers services in the cloud and ShipCentric. more detailed orders ERP online which we combine with Microsoft Online. Services such as Exchange Online SharePoint Online. The Service Equipment and Service Item Management and Lync Online video conferences etc and other online. suite offers services, Service equipment and service item tracking capabilities Advertising and Company profiles. Overviews Advertising solutions within the platform provide in. Access to lists of equipment due for survey creased contact in the global maritime industry and. Access to service history your target market allowing you to foster and maintain. Uploads of service reports per vessel and per customer current and new partnerships. Also provided with One Maritime are online contract Advertising on One Maritime gives you flexibility and. management and owners goods management with empowers you to reach your customers in the industry. transfer and returns management functionality and get in front of new prospects faster than your com. petitors in a cost effective manner Our easy to use tech. Online workspace nology provides you with the ability to track your progress. One Maritime provides an online workspace for ship and create valuable exposure for your business. owners ship managers ship suppliers manufacturers, ports and agencies to collaborate prior to and during An updateable One Maritime profile lists your contact. docking particulars which ultimately serves as a central location. for companies and organizations in the industry to find. This serves as a maritime specific project management and communicate with you. workspace that can be used to manage tasks related to. work orders and projects in an effective way,Reporting and KPIs. One Maritime offers functionality to upload industry. KPIs Key Performance Indicators, Ship suppliers can access overviews of ships in their. ports with ETAs and ETDs,Maritime search engine, The search engine in One Maritime allows companies The wide array of main industry catalogues together.
to conduct targeted queries on with company and vessel specific catalogues provides. users with access to one of the most comprehensive. Products in main industry catalogues including the maritime search engines covering provisions bonded. ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue stores deck and engine cargo access equipment spare. Products in the One Maritime Provisions and Bonded parts medicine and more. Stores Catalogue, Products in specific catalogues from manufacturers One Maritime s search is intuitive and allows companies. and suppliers to run searches on multiple data points. Owner and vessel specific catalogues, Ship owners Ship owners and managers and their approved vendors. Ship managers and main equipment manufacturers can upload and up. Ship suppliers date their main catalogues and also post vessel specific. Vessels catalogues,Vessel positions, To join One Maritime or to learn more about how you can. benefit from the services offered by One Maritime please. contact info onemaritime com,Vessel Management and search functionality. Our Vessel management module offers a comprehen The core benefit offered here is that we provide an open. sive way to access details of vessels searches by vessel way for owners and managers to submit RFQs and pro. name and vessel specific information AIS related infor cess responses without limiting them to one way of. mation and details pertaining to ports and agencies processing e commerce transactions This allows them. to interact directly from the online catalogues or from. Ship owners and managers can run detailed overviews external systems using web service connectivity. of their vessel fleet, Suppliers and manufacturers gain access to new poten.
Some of the services that suppliers can gain access to tial orders which can be processed directly through One. are ETAs and ETDs of vessels arriving at their ports and Maritime. receive notification on changes or arrivals to specific. waypoints Our e commerce suite supports the entire order process. including RFQs orders order confirmations and elec. Maritime e commerce portal tronic invoicing It has also been enhanced by delivering. One Maritime also provides e commerce connectivity functionality to support supplier to supplier RFQs and. allowing companies to process transactions by selecting ordering processes. a specific maritime e commerce system or sending the. documents electronically in a direct fashion,Go to www onemaritime com to experience how you. can search qualify and communicate with your existing. partners and find new ones,Global Maritime Online Solutions ApS. Automatikvej 1 3rd floor DK 2860 Soeborg Denmark,Phone 45 4590 7334 info onemaritime com. ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue Products in the One Maritime Provisions and Bonded Stores Catalogue Products in specific catalogues from manufacturers and suppliers Owner and vessel specific catalogues Ship owners Ship managers Ship suppliers Vessels Vessel positions Ports Agencies The wide array of main industry catalogues together with company and vessel

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