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NOTES FROM LADONNA,Hear Ye Hear Ye,Colony Recreation Planning at the. Colony Clubhouse,Saturday February 11 2017 9 30 am. I am calling all interested parties to,discuss Colony recreation activities for. 2017 Last year the Recreation Com, mittee held child focused events Breakfast with Santa. Easter Egg Hunt Halloween Party plus family movie, nights and the all Colony Fourth of July parade and pool.
party They were well attended but we had a hard time. recruiting volunteers to staff the events, Shall we broaden the scope or change the focus of our. activities to appeal to many of us who are singles or Colony Monument Signs. empty nesters Would you like to have an opportunity In response to community concern The Board of Direc. to discuss books see or critique movies play board tors has formed a committee to explore the possibility of. games or just get together to socialize and exchange replacing the monument signs at the two entrances to. information What about a garden club or a friendly the neighborhood The Mall at Walnut and Scottsdale at. neighbor club to help out when someone is sick or in the Culver. hospital What would the community support Would Over the years the wood in our current signs has worn. you like more informational events that require fewer away leaving them very rotten and the paint very faded. volunteers or focus on just a couple of all Colony events and worn It is time to address their condition We have. per year Support means helping to put on the event as three options for your consideration All signs will be the. well as attending it Let s discuss same dimensions of the current signs and costs will be. I will make the coffee If you cannot attend the meeting paid from the reserve fund We are not planning to raise. call or e mail me with your ideas your quarterly assessment to pay for this project. LaDonna Bornzin ldbornzin cox net 949 559 5949 Option 1 Rebuild the signs to appear as they current. ly do but with new solid material and fresh paint We. have a quote to rebuild the signs at Culver and Scottsdale. Breakfast with Santa and the double sided sign Walnut and The Mall for. The Colony Breakfast with Santa was fun for the whole 9 800 not including tax architectural drawings if need. family Crafts cookie decorating and a delicious pan ed or city fees. cake breakfast were provided by the Colony Mr and Option 2 Replace the current signs with updated ma. Mrs Claus made a much anticipated appearance Many terials With this option we will build a rectangular mon. thanks to LaDonna Bornzin Emmanuelle Bigot Eileen ument of tan and light brown rock with light colored met. Tsai Elaine Dedeaux John and Melissa Allmann and Va al letters spelling The Colony on the front To make the. lerie and Alan Schiano for volunteering to make the two signs for Culver and Scottsdale and the double sided. morning a success sign at Walnut and The Mall is estimated to cost 23 500. not including tax potential permit cost architectural. drawings if needed or city fees, Option 3 Replace the current signs with updated ma. terials With this option we will build a rectangular mon. ument of cement with river rock on the left and right. sides and dark colored metal letters spelling The Colony. on the front To make the two signs for Culver and, Scottsdale and the double sided sign at Walnut and The. Mall is estimated to cost 23 200 not including tax po. tential permit cost architectural drawings if needed or. To see more pictures visit the Colony website Continued on page 5. www colonyirvine com about us and click on recreation. The Colonist FEB MAR 17 3, Architectural Committee the original color on many fences SW 6041 Otter is the. By Eileen Tsai approved replacement fence color You can use paint. The Board of Directors has just approved a revised ar from other paint vendors in same or similar colors Please. chitectural application that is only 2 pages long including explain where on the house each color is for. instructions This is now at www colonyirvine com This You will still have 90 days to complete your project. revision replaces the old application although we will from the date listed on the approved application You can. continue to accept the old application mail applications to our property manager Accell bring to. our monthly meeting or submit to me in person or at my. Thank you to Board liaison Myra Radlow who created. the template spent many hours and produced multiple house Please do not email to me as it has proved too. drafts on her way to this final version This was done in difficult to print in true color. response to many requests for a shorter application that STORM DAMAGE after the recent heavy rains I ex. is easier to understand and fill out Thank you Myra pect homeowners to be dealing with leaky roofs or win. Please review the dows water damage trees falling over or large branches. revised application coming down fence and termite damage etc Please re. member applications are required for exterior changes. carefully Both pages, Rain gutters may be installed if painted same color as ad.
must be filled out com, pletely including con jacent roof fascia trim and as inconspicuous as possible. tractor information if Of course emergency repairs may be completed first if. any signatures of all needed, owners or the legal If a joint fence with a neighbor is damaged please con. owner representative and date Please list proposed pro tact the other homeowner to coordinate repair or re. placement If it is a rental ask Accell to contact the. ject start and end dates You can combine multiple pro. homeowner and give a deadline If the neighbor is unre. jects on the same application if start and end dates are. the same sponsive within 30 days or a reasonable timeframe con. Note that all supporting documentation needs remain sider going ahead with the fence repair at your own ex. the same although now listed as required attachments pense then send a bill for half the cost to the neighbor. instead of being on additional pages a photo of the area through Accell if needed If the fence repair is urgent you. to be worked on whether the roof windows walls gar may have to proceed immediately however I advise to. age door fence gate patio cover driveway walkway or contact Accell right away to establish a timeline to help. recover half the cost ask Accell to keep a written record. yard Also a photo of the front of the house and yard in. cluding address numbers to help us recognize the home of your call This note is in response to a homeowner who. If changing the yard or remodeling the structure a dia asked me about this situation after the latest storm. gram or drawing is required to show proposed altera Please also inspect your property for overgrown plants. tions You can combine with the photo of house or work that may cause further damage and weeds The rains. area if easier add lines arrows etc This is to help us make plants grow faster so please arrange to have plants. visualize the proposed final result when the project is cared for or removed to keep your yard looking neat. completed If replacing a grass lawn with drought toler Kindly remove weeds from sidewalk cracks and pick up. ant plants a detailed listing of every type of plant to be cigarette butts pet leavings dead leaves and trash when. installed and a drawing showing where these are pro. ever possible Also remember the potential for mosquito. posed to go are required same as provided by Armstrong. or other professional nurseries borne diseases such as the Zika virus Do not leave any. Brochures from manufacturers are required if installing containers outside and trim large plant leaves that can. new items roof tiles windows gate garage door pav hold even a small capful of water to host mosquito eggs. ers flagstones etc Please mark the color and style of the Thank you and wishing you and yours a happy 2017. items chosen You can bring sample materials to our. monthly meeting if you wish but we still want brochures. for permanent reference, Paint chips are required even if repainting with the. same colors No application is required if only touching. up a small area with same color due to damage See the. approved Sherwin Williams paint color list Sherwin Wil. liams no longer offers the color Oxford Brown which was. The Colonist FEB MAR 17 4, Free Tax Preparation Services New Year Celebrations. Available in Irvine By Myra Radlow, Two major holidays occur during January and March of.
this year The first is the Lunar New Year that begins on. IRVINE Calif Jan 9 2017 The City of Irvine in part. January 28 2017 This is often called the Chinese New. nership with Orange County United Way Irvine Valley. Year but many other countries and,College and the Orange County One Stop Center is. cultures celebrate it too For ex, offering free tax preparation services to taxpayers who. earned less than 60 000 in 2016 Qualifying taxpayers ample the Vietnamese call it Tet. who live work or attend school in Irvine can receive and the Koreans call it Seollal. The Lunar Calendar rotates through,help filing their taxes from. twelve animal years similar to,IRS trained and certified. the zodiac system American s use,volunteers who will also.
with months This year will be the,assist eligible taxpayers in. year of the rooster The Lunar New,receiving the Earned In. come Tax Credit when Year is an exciting time when people deep clean their. applicable Please call the homes buy new clothes and gather with family Red. envelopes filled with lucky money are given to chil. Orange County United Way at 1 888 434 8248 to sched. dren along with wishes for good health It is common. ule an appointment, for homes to be decorated with red banners or lanterns. Free tax preparation services are available at the follow. and of course there will be displays of fireworks Many. ing Irvine locations, businesses and universities in Asian countries close for. Orange County One Stop Center 17891 Cartwright, Suite 100 the month long celebration About 40 of Irvine resi.
Appointments available Jan 27 to April 14 dents are of Asian heritage so there is a very good possi. bility that you know someone celebrating the Lunar New. Irvine Valley College 5500 Irvine Center Drive,Appointments available Jan 28 to April 15. On March 21 2017 it will be time to celebrate the Per. Cypress Community Park 255 Visions, sian New Year Nowruz Nowruz has been celebrated by. Appointments available Jan 31 to April 13, the peoples of Iran for at least three thousand years. Eligible taxpayers with Internet access can also file their. The United States is home to the largest number of Ira. federal and state tax returns online for free at, MyFreeTaxes com nians not living in Iran and at least half of them live in. For more information visit cityofirvine org or united Southern California As with the Lunar New Year the. celebration involves house cleaning and visiting rela. tives It is also common to set a special table during. Nowruz This table is called the Haft Seen and usually. contains at least seven specific items symbolizing con. cepts like rebirth affluence love medicine beauty the. Continued from page 3 color of sun,rise and pa, No matter which option is selected we also propose tience Anoth.
to illuminate each sign with a solar powered system that er custom dur. will cost between 1 000 and 1 500 each not including ing Nowruz is. installation depending on the system selected to enjoy a pic. To know which option you prefer for The Colony we nic outdoors. will be holding two in person meetings to hear your So if you drive. comments and answer your questions The first will be by Mason Park around March 21st and you see the park. held on Monday February 13 2017 in the clubhouse completely filled with people you will know it is some of. beginning at 7 00 PM The second will be held on Tues the many Southern Californian Iranians celebrating. day March 7 2017 in the clubhouse beginning at 7 00 Nowruz. PM Then during the following assessment period due. in April we will include a form in your assessment no. tice that can be mailed back to indicate your preference. If you are on auto pay please contact Accell directly at. Brittany accellpm com between April 1 and 15,The Colonist FEB MAR 17 5. Irvine High School Drama presents Community News and Events. Welcome to Kindergarten,This free workshop is for,parents interested in. learning more about the,Irvine Unified School Dis,trict s enrollment process. kindergarten and transitional kindergarten programs. Visit iusd org to determine which school district,IUSD or TUSD your child will attend due to school. Thursday March 2 Saturday March 4 district boundaries Registration not required seating. will be available on a first come first served basis. Irvine High School Theater 7 pm,Due to limited seating adults only please.
Please come join us and enjoy this classic magical musi The IUSD presentation can be viewed online one week. cal Ticketing information at http after the event at cityofirvine org ICTV. www irvinehighdrama org February 9 6 30 p m 8 p m,Irvine City Hall 949 724 6632. Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial,Expansion Groundbreaking. Great Park Events The Northwood Gratitude and Hon,or Memorial was dedicated in 2010. as the first permanent memorial to,honor every American fallen service. David raun Treasurer children ages 5 949 552 4401 Myra Radlow Secretary AR Liaison ument of tan and light brown rock with light colored met al letters spelling The olony on the front To make the two signs for ulver and Scottsdale and the double sided sign at Walnut and The Mall is estimated to cost 23 500 not including tax potential permit cost architectural drawings if needed

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