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Sysmex Journal International Vol 15 No 2 2005,A primary focus of our WADA World Anti doping. Agency accredited anti doping laboratory is to reduce the. risk of serious complications associated with blood doping. among athletes With the evidence of illegal doping lead. ing to an athlete s ban from competitive sports it is. absolutely critical that the diagnostic tools meet a scientific. standard of technical superiority and accuracy Our labora. tory has found that Sysmex hematology analyzers meet. these standards and as such are the instrument of choice. for our anti doping laboratory the Laboratoire Suisse d. Analyse du Dopage said Neil Robinson Ph D, Laboratory Supervisor Laboratoire Suisse d Analyse du Velo out. Dopage Lausanne Switzerland, Another Sysmex instrument the XT 2000i is also used for. this testing since it is even smaller and more transportable. than the XE 2100 yet it uses the same technologies to pro. vide reticulocyte analysis and other comparable results. The testing for the Union Cycliste Internationale event was. conducted by the Laboratoire Suisse d Analyse du Dopage. on the campus of Advanced Medical Analysis Laboratory. LLC The event was held at the ADT Event Center s velo. drome in Carson California,Group at AMA,About Laboratoire Suisse d Analyse du Dopage. The Laboratoire Suisse d Analyse du Dopage LAD is a WADA and is ISO 17025 accredited anti doping laboratory. The laboratory is part of the Legal Medicine department of the University of Lausanne and routinely performs urine and. blood anti doping tests As the laboratory is attached to the main University Hospital of the Canton of Vaud CHUV. Lausanne all other testing areas are covered such as endocrinology microbiology parasitology and other clinical lab. oratory disciplines,About Advanced Medical Analysis.
Advanced Medical Analysis Laboratory LLC provides full service laboratory capabilities in the testing areas of hema. tology immunohematology immunology serology chemistry special chemistry toxicology endocrinology microbi. ology parasitology cytology and histology The laboratory is CLIA certified and licensed by the State of California as. an independent clinical laboratory It follows the guidelines stipulated by the California Department of Health Services. and the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1988. Sysmex Journal International Vol 15 No 2 2005,About Sysmex. Sysmex Corporation Kobe Japan is a world leader in. clinical laboratory systematization and solutions including. clinical diagnostics automation and information systems. that elevate clinical laboratory medicine to first line patient. care Sysmex America Inc focuses on extending the, boundaries of diagnostic science while providing the man. agement information tools that make a real difference in. clinical and operational results for people worldwide. Additional information about Sysmex America Inc can be. found at www sysmex com usa,Sysmex Routine analyzers. Sysmex Hematology Analyzer Instrument of Choice for UCI Cycling Event. Q What is blood doping, A The term blood doping was introduced by the media in the 1970 s to describe the use of blood transfusion to arti. ficially increase red cell mass Autologous derived or transferred from the same individual s body transfusions. have been used extensively for this purpose,Q Why would elite athletes choose blood doping.
A Over the years a belief has evolved that increased oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells leads to enhanced. athletic performance in spite of physiological evidence that oxygen is abundantly available at a mitochondrial. level in skeletal muscle during endurance exercise This belief has encouraged elite athletes to increase their red. cell count in a number of different ways, Q By what means would elite athletes choose to increase their red cell population. A Living and training at higher altitudes is one approach This stimulates the body to produce more circulating red. blood cells in response to the lower oxygen concentration found at higher altitudes Simulated altitude environ. ments can be created at low altitudes in order to have the same effect on the red cell population The administration. of recombinant human erythropoietin rHuEpo is another. Q What is recombinant human erythropoietin, A Since the late 1980 s blood doping has been achieved through the administration of recombinant human erythro. poietin rHuEpo rHuEpo is a genetically engineered protein structurally almost identical to the naturally occur. ring erythropoietin which is produced by the kidneys to stimulate red cell production More than 500 000 patients. throughout the world are currently receiving rHuEpo for legitimate medical treatment of renal failure and for test. ing the anemia which is secondary to destruction of renal tissue. Sysmex Journal International Vol 15 No 2 2005, Q Is recombinant human erythropoietin safe for elite athletes. A Epo abuse is not without risk to athletes Some of the potential health risks include systemic hypertension throm. bo embolic events blood clot formation PRCA pure red cell aplasia due to the development of anti erythropoi. etin antibodies and the effects of iron overload Paradoxically publication of the risks posed by abused substances. has done little to discourage the practice As such anti doping agencies are primarily focused on reducing the risk. of serious complications in athletes, Q What is the position of the International Olympic Committee IOC and other major. sporting organizations on Epo abuse, A The use of rHuEpo is officially prohibited by the IOC and other major sporting organizations In 1989 the IOC.
Medical Commission introduced restrictions on the new doping class of peptide hormone analogues which. includes rHuEpo among others and the releasing factors for these hormones These efforts parallel the ability to. manufacture biological peptides and proteins,Q How is blood doping detected. A The general approach is to use indirect methods for screening and more specific methods for firm evidence of. exogenous rHuEpo The indirect methods vary by institution but they involve using multiple hematological para. meters to identify athletes who are actively practicing blood doping at the time of analysis and those who have. recently undergone blood doping of one form or another. The most commonly used blood count parameters are hemoglobin hematocrit absolute and percentage reticulo. cyte immature form of red blood cells counts and ratios that can be used to sub classify the results into ON cur. rently practicing and OFF recently stopped blood doping Positive results are graded and appropriate further. action is taken this usually involves more specific testing for detection of exogenous rHuEpo. Specific testing methods although confirmatory need to evolve constantly Currently rHuEpo can be detected in. urine but this might become more challenging as cell culture derived products become available The expense of. conducting specific tests is not justifiable as first line investigation. Q Why were the Sysmex hematology analyzers the diagnostic instruments of choice for. UCI s recent Union Cycliste Internationale Elite Track World Championships the. 2004 Tour de France and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. A A primary focus of anti doping agencies is to reduce the risk of serious complications associated with blood doping. among athletes With the evidence of illegal doping leading to an athlete s ban from competitive sports it is. absolutely critical that the diagnostic tools meet their scientific standard of technical superiority and accuracy. Sysmex Journal International Vol 15 No 2 2005, Q What factors set apart Sysmex hematology analyzers from other diagnostic instrumentation. A Calibration is stable and precision of the relevant parameters is excellent In fact Sysmex pioneered the IRF para. meters and the automation of reticulocyte analysis. Polymethine dyes provide reagent sophistication that enhances the analytical sensitivity of cell counting High sig. nal to noise ratios reduce interference and allow better sub classification of cell types and instrument calibration is. stable Additionally the smaller sized Sysmex XT 2000i hematology analyzer offers portability and results are. compatible since the reagent systems are identical to the larger instruments. Q How will Sysmex America s continued commitment to technical innovation benefit. major sporting organizations in the future, A Currently Sysmex has a software product that may be applicable in the anti doping arena Sysmex is due to launch. the XE RET master software package in the U S shortly Ret He parameter FDA 510 k approved K050589 may. be applicable in the anti doping arena and the potential applicability of these parameters to anti doping is currently. being investigated A description of the use of Sysmex analyzers at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games is viewable at. http www sysmex co jp en news press 2004 040811 html. The diagnostic instrument of choice for this testing was a Sysmex XE 2100 Automated Hematology Analyzer Sysmex instruments were also used for testing athletes at the 2004 Tour de France XT 2000i and the 2004 Olympics in Athens XE 2100 Many athletes turn to blood doping based on the assumption that an increased oxygen carrying capacity of the red blood cells leads to enhanced athletic

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