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Everyone Can Code Table of Contents, Technology has a language It s called code And we believe coding is an About 2. essential skill Learning to code teaches you how to solve problems and work. together in creative ways And it helps you build apps that bring your ideas to Goals 3. life We think everyone should have the opportunity to create something that. Requirements 4, can change the world So we ve designed resources and tools that let anyone. learn write and teach code Club content 5, The Everyone Can Code program includes curriculum and resources for school How to use the content 10. environments and for clubs Teachers parent volunteers or even students. can run clubs which can take place during school or be adapted for after Tips for teaching with 11. school and summer programs Everyone Can Code is designed for students Xcode. in kindergarten through 12th grade with any level of coding experience. Showcase 12,It includes,Rubrics 13,One 60 minute self paced session per school week. Three kits covering elementary middle and high school levels Certificate template 16. An app design project to motivate and spark student creativity. Coding activities grounded in everyday life examples. Hands on app activities to apply coding concepts,Flexibility to address various club structures.
Students will engage in the app design process and plan their very own app to help solve a problem in their school. or community They ll apply coding concepts that they learn along the way to create a prototype of their app and. for older students to also program their app, During this process students will deepen their learning through. Real world engagement Students will focus on designing an app that helps solve a problem in their school or. community Each coding concept lesson also uses real world examples to show students how coding concepts can. apply to everyday situations, Communication and creation Students will use a creative process to design their apps and app pitch presentations. They ll need to address who their audiences are and how to best communicate their ideas as well as demonstrate. the principles of design App development projects are also included to help students get creative and build their first. Teamwork All activities are designed for students to complete in small groups Students will work in design teams. assigning roles to each member just like professional developers do They ll create a shared product and will need to. use joint reasoning for the best results, Critical thinking In the coding lessons students will need to analyze interpret synthesize evaluate and generate. solutions to complete the various activities With their app project students will apply the same critical thinking skills. in a practical product driven way as they cycle through the reiterative design process. Personalized learning The materials are designed to be flexible maximize student choice and address various. skill levels,Requirements, Mac Participants will need Mac computers running macOS High Sierra or. Sierra It s recommended that they each have their own but they can also. share and code together, Xcode This free Mac app from Apple is used to build every other Mac app and.
every iOS app too It has all the tools for creating an amazing app experience Xcode requires a Mac running. Xcode 8 is compatible with Swift 3 and Xcode 9 is compatible with Swift 4 macOS High Sierra or Sierra. Learn more about Xcode, App Development with Swift For the advanced level students are. required to have taken or be currently taking an app development course like. App Development with Swift,Download the Xcode app here. Download App Development,with Swift here,Club content. There are two levels of materials Beginner materials are for students with no. coding experience and who aren t taking coding classes Advanced materials are. for students who have taken or are taking an app development course. These materials focus on app projects that help students learn the basics of app. development as well as app design activities that let students start designing their Download app development. own apps project guide here,App Development Projects. Eight projects are included to guide a beginner through the basics of both coding. concepts and app development Each project results in a working app and builds. on the last focusing on different aspects of apps so that by the end students. have the skills to build their very own app, Students aren t expected to complete all eight projects The goal is to introduce.
them to different aspects of apps and inspire them to design their own apps They ll. need the Intro to App Development with Swift course to do the projects Make sure. students complete the prerequisites needed for each one. Download Intro to App Development,with Swift here Beginner. App Design, Brainstorm 5 topics Develop 3 topics Prototype 3 topics Evaluate 2 topics. In these lessons students will work together to design their very own app to help. solve a problem in their or school or community Students will engage in a design. Download the app design journal here, process where they ll brainstorm plan prototype and evaluate an app of their own. Students will then create an app pitch video documenting their app design process. and show off their app, The lessons are presented to students in Keynote This file is meant to be used as. an app design journal where students can keep track of their ideas throughout the. lessons Lesson ideas and prompts will guide students through the design cycle. Students should feel free to add and duplicate slides as they see fit The idea is for. them to document their process in the journal to help them reiterate and improve. their current app project as well as use it as a reference and starting point for future. projects Students should first play through the presentation to see what s in it then. Download Keynote for iPad, work in slide view to add notes images shapes and more.
Starter Guide iOS 10 here, For more information and to learn essential skills for Keynote check out the Apple. Teacher Starter Guides to the right,Download Keynote for Mac. Starter Guide macOS Sierra here, These materials concentrate on app design so that students who are taking or have. taken an app development course like App Development with Swift can apply the. coding and app development skills they re learning to build their own app Students. will focus on the app design lessons which parallel Unit 6 of the App Development. with Swift course and take students through the design cycle They re the same as. the beginner lessons but include additional ones to help students plan and start the. coding and app development process By the end of the app design lessons Download the app design journal. students should have a straightforward vision for their apps working app prototypes advanced here. in Keynote and a clear plan for what they need to code In the last club sessions. students will build their apps with Xcode,Download App Development. with Swift here, Here s an example syllabus for 30 club sessions You have the flexibility to add additional sessions to expand on.
app design and coding lessons or even to add guest speakers and field trips. Week Beginner Advanced,1 App development project 1 App design Brainstorm. 2 App development project 1 App design Brainstorm,3 App design Brainstorm App design Brainstorm. 4 App design Brainstorm App design Brainstorm,5 App design Brainstorm App design Brainstorm. 6 App design Brainstorm App design Plan,7 App design Plan App design Plan. 8 App design Plan App design Plan,9 App design Plan App design Plan.
10 App design Plan App design Plan,11 App design Plan App design Plan. 12 App development project 2 App design Prototype,13 App development project 2 App design Prototype. 14 App development project 2 App design Prototype,15 App development project 2 App design Prototype. Week Beginner Advanced,16 App development project 2 App design Prototype. 17 App development project 2 App design Prototype,18 App design Prototype App design Evaluate.
19 App design Prototype App design Brainstorm Plan. 20 App design Prototype App design Prototype,21 App design Prototype App design Evaluate. 22 App design Prototype App development,23 App development project 3 App development. 24 App development project 3 App development,25 App design Evaluate App development. 26 App design Brainstorm Plan App development,27 App design Prototype Evaluate App development. 28 Showcase prep app pitch Showcase prep app pitch. 29 Showcase prep app pitch Showcase prep app pitch. 30 App design Evaluate App development,How to use the content.
The materials are designed to be flexible so that anyone can lead a club regardless. of their coding experience Here are a few things to consider as you decide how to. best use these materials for your club,Teacher Guides. The club materials have been adapted from the Everyone Can Code curriculum. for high school For the beginner app development projects a Teacher Guide. is available that includes additional examples reflection questions and more. Use this guide to learn more and enhance your club experience. Different skill levels, If you have a club with varying skill levels you may want to group students by skill. level If you have a few expert students they could be student mentors and work with Download Intro to App Development. with Swift Teacher Guide here, novice students This may be particularly helpful for an advanced club There s no one Beginner. way to write code Students should review each other s code provide feedback and. help each other debug,Guided whole group versus self paced small group. Depending on your level of involvement coding experience and club size you. can decide whether the club should be more of a guided experience or more of a. student self paced experience You can also choose to lead the group in designing. one app together with students working on different parts or have groups work. independently All lessons in the sets are designed for small groups to complete. at their own pace with little guidance, In the beginner level students might want to work through as many projects as they.
can If possible have them do the prerequisites at home so they can focus their club. time on working on projects as a group,Tips for teaching with Xcode. Bugs are inevitable The following tips can help students find and fix them. Check the console It will sometimes have useful information about what went wrong The red highlight shows. the line in the code where the error occurred, Encourage students to stop and think about the problem What are its symptoms Was it working fine. Xcode preferences, Set your text editing and other preferences by choosing Xcode Preferences from the menu bar You can add. developer accounts customize navigation or fonts choose certain behaviors when events occur and more. Keyboard shortcuts,Build the project B,Build and run the project R. Toggle comments on selected rows of code,Shift the selected code left.
Refer to Xcode Keyboard, Shift the selected code right Shortcuts for a full list. Celebrate students work with a showcase Often Tips for showcase. developers need to pitch their ideas to get support for Recruit judges They can be advanced student coders. their app Now that students are budding app developers teachers and staff from the school and community. they should do the same Towards the end of the club members who may benefit from the app ideas. ask students to prepare an app pitch They should, prepare a 5 10 minute pitch using a presentation app Record student presentations Use the videos to review. like Keynote or even create a video It should tell a afterward with the student groups. compelling story and include Rehearse Use a few club periods for working. on app pitches You can run rehearsals so students, Why What s the problem the students are trying to solve. can polish them,Who A description of who their app is for. Give awards Have some friendly competition Here are. What An overview of the app,a few award ideas, How Discuss the UX and UI Include Best Engineering explanation of related coding concepts.
The design Best Innovation unique use of features to solve their. The features problem, What coding concepts it uses Best Design thoughtful UI and UX. The prototype and visuals Best Pitch compelling story. Improvements made based on user testing, Judges can use the following scale to keep track of their notes and to determine student winners. Student group app,Good Outstanding,Engineering 1 2 3 4 5. Innovation 1 2 3 4 5,Design 1 2 3 4 5,Pitch 1 2 3 4 5. Total score,High school beginner, To help them evaluate the student pitches judges can refer to this rubric.
Novice Intermediate Proficient Mastered, Coding The student can explain how The student can explain how The student can explain how The student can explain. coding plays a role in app sequencing conditional logic sequencing conditional logic how sequencing conditional. design and touch events are important and touch events as well as logic and touch events as. in the app design more advanced coding well as more advanced. concepts such as while loops coding concepts such as. and types are important in while loops and types are. Swift Coding Club High School Coding Facilitator Guide About Everyone Can Code Technology has a language It s called code And we believe coding is an essential skill Learning to code teaches you how to solve problems and work together in creative ways And it helps you build apps that bring your ideas to life We think everyone should have the opportunity to create something that can

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