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Sustainability,Report 2010,Produced by Qenos Corporate Affairs Department. April 2010,A Message from the CEO 2,Qenos A Bluestar Company 4. Qenos Products 5,Water Conservation,Industrial Pipe. Food Integrity,Health and Safety 7,Qenos People 8,Workforce Development. Employee Wellbeing,Resource Efficiency 9,Mains Water Use.
Trade Waste 11,Waste and Emissions 12,Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions 13. Innovation 15,Supply Chain Partnerships 16,Community 17. Communication,Response to Community,Corporate Social Responsibility 19. Working in our Communities,Our ultimate aim is to conduct. business with no injuries to,minimise environmental impact on.
the community and to be efficient in,everything we do. A Message from, Sustainability is at the very essence of Qenos has access to a wealth of As a member of the Plastics and. what we do across all aspects of our expertise and knowledge in its Chemicals Industries Association. work at Qenos in the development people By applying that expertise and founding signatory to the. of polymer solutions for society in and by working with our customers Sustainability Leadership Framework. our manufacturing processes in our technology partners government Qenos is pleased to introduce its first. valued relationships with all of our agencies resource and energy Sustainability Report. stakeholders and in our commitment suppliers Qenos delivers solutions. to a healthier environment that improve the sustainability and In this report we outline our. efficiency of our business and the performance in the critical areas of. As an Australian leader in the industry Examples include health and safety people water and. manufacture distribution and trading energy waste and emissions business. of polymers Qenos adds value Progressing technology practices and community We share. to natural resources and through development in the production highlights from recent years and also. its know how and application of and use of polymers in areas look confidently to a sustainable and. chemistry we develop sustainable such as food packaging water bright future. solutions to meet the needs of a conservation and infrastructure. growing market efficiencies, Qenos has a key role and a major Increasing production to meet. responsibility in committing to growing market needs and gain. sustainability and we take this efficiency through economies of. responsibility seriously Since 2005 scale,we have reduced our mains water. requirements by 25 per cent We Replacing potable water supplied. continue to improve efficiency and to the Altona manufacturing. decrease pressure on resources and operation with recycled water. Jonathan Clancy, we are proud to be acclaimed as an Substituting potable water with Chief Executive Officer.
industry leader in water savings We treated groundwater at our Botany. liaise with governments to develop operation,carbon and energy policies that. encourage investment in greenhouse Developing proposals for. gas reduction We know that these co generation of steam and. efforts are right for the future of our electricity. business and for the wider industry,As an Australian leader in the. manufacture distribution and,trading of polymers Qenos. is a vital link in the nation s,manufacturing chain. A Bluestar Company, Every day in our homes factories products reflects the skills and contribute to efforts to conserve.
and farms Australians rely on expertise of our people our efforts Australia s resources and energy. products made from the polymers in technology development and our. and chemicals produced by Qenos focus on sustainability efficiency and Qenos is a subsidiary of China. From juice and milk bottles to innovation National Bluestar Group Co Ltd. mobile garbage bins water tanks a joint venture between China. and pipes to packaging of cleaning Qenos adds significant value to National Chemical Corporation. products and food wrapping Qenos natural resources creating high and The Blackstone Group Our. polymers are everywhere value products We bring on the international links allow us to source. ground technical expertise to specialty products from around the. As an Australian leader in the assist our customers to produce world and give us access to global. manufacture distribution and their best We work hard to build business opportunities. trading of polymers Qenos is a vital strong relationships with all of. link in the nation s manufacturing our stakeholders our customers As we enter this new decade. chain Our manufacturing operations employees shareholders suppliers Qenos continues its role as a leader. in Altona and Botany employ around unions regulators governments and and innovator and is focused on. 800 people and focus on supplying local communities relationships delivering sustainable solutions. Australia s growing polymer market that are critical to future growth and. The world class quality of Qenos prosperity We make products that. Qenos Products,During the past 15 years,Qenos products have become. vital in water conservation,infrastructure efficiency and food. packaging integrity, Polyethylene is increasingly used in products that contribute. to efficiency in industry agriculture and domestic settings The. fundamental attribute of polyethylene is its ability to make a. fit for use product that has a lower environmental footprint. and across the supply chain provides a lower total cost. compared to alternatives,Water Conservation, Qenos has been the major driver in the use of polyethylene for water storage tanks. both in rural and domestic environments An estimated 395 000 polyethylene. tanks average capacity 5 000 litres are produced annually with the potential to. capture in excess of 28 000 million litres of rainwater per year making a significant. contribution to water conservation in Australia Water tanks manufactured in. the last five years can harvest approximately 120 days of Melbourne s daily water. supply or 90 days in Sydney each year,Industrial Pipe.
Polyethylene is used extensively in industrial pipe production for applications in the. mining gas and water sectors The combination of water savings via elimination of. evaporation loss lightweight and higher transport efficiency and longer operational. life has significantly reduced the environmental footprint when compared to. traditional materials such as iron and concrete,Food Integrity. The wide use of polyethylene in films and bottles has enhanced the integrity of. food products in transport on the shelf and in the home Qenos continues to. improve and develop new products that will enable our customers to achieve their. product integrity goals using less polyethylene materials. Over many years Qenos has worked with our customers to enable our polyethylene. product to be supplied in refillable shipping containers 18 tonnes instead of. palletised 25 kg bags This has reduced the packaging materials required and. transport costs and has alleviated environmental safety and waste concerns. Qenos has been a signatory of the National Packaging Covenant since 2001. and works with our customers on elements of their packaging design including. material selection and optimisation Many elements are considered such as the. required product technical attributes optimising processing conditions and. minimising generation of waste,At Qenos we,believe all injuries. are preventable,Health and Safety,Qenos uses an integrated Safety Health and. Environment Management System to manage all Injury Rate. aspects of safety health and environment,As an operator of Major Hazard Facilities Qenos. has a comprehensive risk management process that 1 5. involves our workforce in identifying and assessing. workplace risks Our program of risk controls uses 1 0. a hierarchy to eliminate risks from the workplace, where practical and to have a safe system of work 0 5.
for residual risk, All members of our workforce participate in a safety. induction and undertake job specific safety training 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009. to ensure they have the skills to safely complete their. Performance goals are set for all aspects of health and. safety and key performance indicators are used to,steward performance A systematic safety committee. structure and briefing process keeps all our workforce. abreast of safety issues and provides an avenue for. employees to raise concerns about health and safety. Qenos has on site medical centres and a program to. monitor employee health on an ongoing basis,Qenos uses Occupational Safety and Health. Administration guidelines for injury classification. The chart shows a very low injury rate less than 0 5. injuries per 200 000 work hours We are striving to. lower it further,Qenos People, Effective practices and procedures are in place for. the recruitment development and motivation of,employees as well as systems to enhance their.
Workforce Development, Qenos recruits a diverse group of employees ranging from new graduates. through to people with extensive industry experience Security. We partner with local universities to offer a vacation employment program for Maintaining security for the Qenos. engineering and chemistry students These students can then join the pool of facilities is a normal part of our. candidates considered for graduate recruitment Qenos also offers traineeships business Security procedures are. and apprenticeships to provide development opportunities for future chemical documented and integrated with the. industry workers and contribute to the talent available for recruitment Safety Management System which. includes Emergency Response, New employees are introduced to the vital role Qenos plays in the supply chain. through a series of rotational inductions These inductions provide knowledge Security is maintained by the. in all areas of the business including safety products customers and suppliers presence of security personnel and by. Job specific training and a mentoring program help new employees become independent annual audits to verify that. part of the workplace our security system is effective. As a Registered Training Organisation Qenos delivers a high standard of in These procedures protect the company s. house competency based training for technical skills and where necessary assets maintain control of access to. engages the services of recognised external training providers the Qenos facilities and deter common. criminal activity, Personal development of employees is managed through a competency based. system to assist employees achieve their career aspirations and to maintain. the skills required to operate our business into the future This includes work. assignments engagement in technical networks leadership development and. opportunities to participate in sponsored community outreach programs. Employee Wellbeing, The health and wellbeing of our employees is a key priority at Qenos Our. comprehensive Safety Health and Environment Management System protects. employees from potential exposure to occupational harm Employment policies. include flexible working arrangements such as part time work and special. leave provisions to assist employees to manage varying personal needs. Employees and immediate family have confidential access to a free assistance. program and all Qenos employees have access to policies and procedures via. our intranet system,Qenos continually looks to improve resource.
efficiency in our production processes and in,the application of our finished products. Resource Efficiency, Qenos continues to significantly reduce pressure on. Australia s resources Since 2005 water consumption. has been cut by 25 per cent trade waste generation. has been reduced by 34 per cent and manufacturing,wastes and emissions have decreased. Mains Water Use, Qenos facilities use substantial quantities of water in the A City West Water project to provide recycled water from the. manufacturing process The two main uses are for cooling Altona sewerage treatment plant to Qenos and local parks. water approximately 50 per cent of water use and steam and golf courses is scheduled for completion at the end of. generation approximately 40 per cent of water use The 2010 Also co funded by the Victorian Government when. balance is consumed by minor process uses or as mains fully commissioned this project will supply the Qenos Altona. water facilities with up to 2 000 ML of water per year. Our strategy is to reduce mains water use in three ways The charts show the five year trend of decreasing mains. water use and increasing efficiency,1 Using water efficiently.
2 On site recycling of water, 3 Substitution of mains water with alternative water. Since 2005 Qenos has reduced water consumption by 25. per cent from 6037 million litres ML to 4476 ML This has. been achieved through efficiency projects water re use plant. shutdowns and alternative water supplies, Treated groundwater from the Orica groundwater treatment. plant is being used as a substitute supply at the Qenos Botany. facilities and in 2009 456 ML of treated groundwater was. used displacing mains water,At Altona 156 ML of water was reused after onsite. treatment A further project to recycle water at our Altona. plant was commissioned in 2009 and is being capacity<. Sustainability Report 2010 Qenos Pty Ltd 471 513 Kororoit Creek Road Altona Victoria Australia 3018 Private Mail Bag 3 Altona VIC 3018 Telephone 61 3 9258 7333 Facsimile 61 3 9258 7451 Website www qenos com

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