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SET500 and SET600 Total Stations,Sokkia s Tradition of Excellence and Value. Redesigned for the New Millennium,Introducing Sokkia s new total stations. engineered for top performance on any job site,With rugged physical enhancements the. SET500 and 600 are undemanding instruments,even under the most demanding conditions. Water and dust resistant,With advanced protection against water and dust.
infiltration the SET500 600 operates dependably in. sudden showers or drizzling rain or in humid or,dusty construction environments complies with. IP66 of international standard IEC60529,Ultra light body. Weighing in at just 5 kg 11 1 lbs with battery and. tribach the SET500 600 is always easy to handle,Extra wide screen. Never lose sight of your project,Merit 2 photo SET500 600 s high density screen. Here 192 x 80 pixels provides,optimum data visibility in the field.
Compact Lithium Ion Battery,Take ten hours of continuous angle and distance. measurements with SET500 600 s rechargeable, Lithium Ion battery pair Unlike Ni Cd cells SET500. 600 s Li Ion batteries can be fully recharged at,anytime without diminishing the batteries energy. SET500 600 Quick Specs,Specs SET500 SET600, Measuring Range using one 1m to 2000m 6 500 ft 1m to 1600m 5 200 ft. AP01 prism, Display Resolution 1 0 2mgon 0 005 mil 5 1 mgon 0 02 mil.
Selectable 5 1mgon 0 02 mil 1 0 2mgon 0 005 mil,Magnification 30x 26x. Data Storage Internal Memory Approximately 4000 points Approximately 2000 points. Alphanumeric graphic dot matrix Alphanumeric graphic dot matrix. LCD 192 x 80 dots on each side LCD 192 x 80 dots on one side. Display Unit, Backlight non reflective glass Backlight non reflective glass. provided provided, Average conditions slight haze visibility about 20 km 12 miles sunny periods weak scintillation. Enhanced technology assures accuracy and,efficiency under any work conditions. New EDM and Optical System, SET500 600 s improved EDM and optical system have the range and.
speed to keep your project ahead of schedule Operating with only. one AP01 prism in normal,conditions the SET500 and. SET600 measure to 2000 m,6 500 ft and 1600 m 5 200 ft. respectively in 2 8,seconds at an accuracy of,3 2ppmXD mm. SET500 600 s innovative optical, system is designed for optimal RS series Reflective Sheets. performance with both reflective The 0 4 mm thick targets self adhere at. sheet targets and glass prisms a touch to almost any dry surface and. With standard optical systems can be used where glass prisms cannot. inclination of the sheet target can, introduce error or prohibit Pin Pole Reflective Target RT50P.
measurement entirely The,The 50 x 50 mm 360 degree rotating. central portion of SET500 600 s objective lens acts as the light emitter sheet targets can be connected to. and the surrounding portion acts as the receiver ensuring accuracy narrow pin poles. even when the reflective sheet target faces the SET500 600 at an. angle Detachable Rotary Target RT90C,The 90 x 90 mm 360 degree rotating. Extended Memory sheet targets can be mounted on a,tribach with the AP41 adapter or. Whether storing point data from large sites downloading data from a mounted directly to the AP61 prism pole. PC for setting out or applying feature codes the SET500 600 s large. memory capacity supports all your surveying needs The SET500 Two point Target 2RT500. stores up to 4000 points and the SET600 stores 2000 points. Measure hidden points where other,prisms cannot be placed with this two. Easy to Use Keyboard point target The 500mm distance. between the two targets can be, Enjoy an efficient workflow and greater productivity thanks to SET500 extended with additional poles.
600 s ergonomic,keyboard Access Reflective Staff RF3. frequently used Use the RF3 leveling staff with special. functions with pre reflective surface to simultaneously. programmed keys or measure horizontal distance and take. assign functionality to height readings,programmable. softkeys to meet your,requirements,Sophisticated Dual Axis Compensator. Sokkia s time tested dual axis compensator assures accurate angle. measurements The dual axis tilt sensor monitors deviations of both. the X and Y axes and corrections for horizontal and vertical angle. readings are automatically computed and applied The compensator s. collimation function automatically corrects the deviations of the. horizontal vertical and sighting axes,SET500 and SET600 Total Stations. Comprehensive software with robust,functionality guarantees precision.
SET500 and SET600 are outfitted with versatile,software that enhances any surveying project. Partnered with the SET500 600 s ergonomic,keyboard you can spend less time learning to. operate the software and more time concentrating,on your project Use the SET500 600 s onboard. software to perform a wide variety of survey,functions including the following. Missing Line Measurement MLM, At the touch of a key the SET500 600 measures horizontal distance.
slope distance height difference and percentage of slope between. two prisms,Remote Elevation Measurement REM, The SET500 600 easily determines the height of a point where a. prism cannot be placed Sight a,prism either directly above or directly. below the target point and then,sight the target point. Azimuth Angle Setting Known Station,The SET500 600 can automatically set the horizon. tal angle to the azimuth of a back sight by using the Azimuth. coordinates of the instrument station and the Z,backsight point.
Instrument Station,Resection known, The SET500 600 can determine the azimuth and coordinates of an. unknown instrument station with 2, Known Station Known Station to 10 known points When using two. points measure both angles and,distances When using three or. more points the distance is not,Instrument Station. Boost your SET500 600 s functionality and your own productivity with Sokkia s. acclaimed SDR software Available on a number of hardware devices SDR software gives you. the power to accomplish complex field operations such as traverse adjustment COGO and. roading with remarkable ease and speed,3 D Coordinate Measurement.
The SET500 600 calculates 3 D coordinate values of measuring. points and displays them either as N E Z or E N Z,Offset Measurement. Offset Distance,The SET500 600 calculates the angles and. distance or the coordinates of the measur,ing point by inputting the distance and. direction between the measuring point and,Setting Out Offset Point. The SET500 600 performs three dimensional setting out with N E. and Z coordinates The setting out position is indicated graphically. on the screen Offset Angle,The SET500 600 automatically calculates.
the position of measuring points First set,the prism on the either side of the measur. ing point at the same distance from the,SET500 600 Measure the prism then. sight the measuring point,Offset Point,Area Calculation. Two Distance Offset, The SET500 600 can use measured points or file data to. calculate an area With the use of a two point target SET500. 600 can measure hidden points easily and,efficiently Set the two point target on the.
measuring point the target does not have,to be perpendicular Measure targets A. and B and input the length between target,B and the measuring point The SET500. 600 calculates the position of the measur,ing point in angles and distance or in. coordinate values,SET500 and SET600,Total Stations. Specifications,SET500 SET600, Telescope Fully transiting Coaxial sighting and distance measuring optics.
Size without peep sights L 170 x W 64 x H 125 mm L 6 7 x W 2 6 x H 5 0 in. Objective aperture 45 mm 1 8 in EDM 48 mm 1 9 in,Magnification 30 x 26 x. Image Erect,Resolving power 3 3 5,Field of view 1 30 26 m 1 000 m. Minimum focus 1 0m 3 3 ft,Reticle illumination Built in 5 brightness levels. Photoelectric incremental rotary encoder scanning Both circles adopt diametrical detection. Angle measurement,and are provided with absolute 0 index points. Unit H V 360 400gon mil selectable, Display resolution selectable H V 1 0 2 mgon 0 005 mil 5 1 mgon 0 02 mil 5 1 mgon 0 02 mil 1 0 2 mgon 0 005 mil.
Accuracy ISO DIS 12857 2 1995 H V 5 1 5 mgon 6 1 9 mgon. Automatic dual axis level compensator ON V H only V OFF selectable. Type Dual axis liquid tilt sensor,Range 3 55 mgon out of range warning displayed. Display resolution According to selection of display resolution. Collimation program ON OFF selectable, H Clockwise Counterclockwise selectable 0 set Hold angle setting available. Display mode Zenith angle Zenith 0 Vertical angle Horizontal 0 Height angle Horizontal 0 90. Slope selectable, Modulated near infrared light Near infrared LED Coaxial EDM transmitting and receiving. Distance measurement,optics Class 1 LED product, A Average conditions slight haze visibility about 20 km 12 miles sunny periods weak. scintillation, Measuring range slope distance G Good conditions no haze visibility about 40 km 25 miles overcast no scintillation.
The range is achieved by using Sokkia s AP prism system CP01 Compact prism and. reflective sheet RS90N 90 x 90mm, Reflective sheet target RS90N A 3 m to 70 m 220 ft 3 m to 60 m 190 ft. With CP01 compact prism A 1 m to 700 m 2 200 ft 1 m to 600 m 1 900 ft. With one AP01 prism A 1 m to 2000 m 6 500 ft 1 m to 1600 m 5 200 ft. G 1 m to 2200 m 7 200 ft 1m to 1800 m 5 900 ft, With three AP01 prisms A 1 m to 2200 m 7 200 ft 1 m to 1800 m 5 900 ft. G 1 m to 2400 m 7 800 ft 1m to 2000 m 6 500 ft,Unit Meters Feet Inch selectable. Measurement mode Fine meas single repeat average Rapid meas single repeat Tracking. Fine measurement 0 001 m 0 01 ft, Display resolution Rapid measurement 0 001 m 0 01 ft. Tracking measurement 0 01 m 0 1 ft, Unambiguous measuring range Slope distance 4200 m 13780 ft.
Fine meas 3 2ppm x D mm,With glass prism,Accuracy Rapid meas 5 5ppm x D mm. D measuring distance unit mm,Fine meas 4 3ppm x D mm. With reflective sheet target,Rapid meas 5 5ppm x D mm. Fine measurement Every 1 6 s initial meas 2 8 s, Measuring time Rapid measurement Every 0 8 s initial meas 2 3 s. Tracking measurement Every 0 3 s initial meas 1 8 s. 1 Temperature pressure input 2 ppm input 3 w o compensation selectable. Temperature input range 30 C to 60 C 1 C steps 22 F to 140 F 1 F steps. Atmospheric, correction 500 hPa to 1 400 hPa 1 hPa steps 375 mmHg to 1 050 mmHg 1 mmHg steps.
Pressure input range,14 7inchHg to 41 3 inchHg 0 1 inchHg steps. ppm input range 499 ppm to 499 ppm 1 ppm steps, Prism constant correction 99 mm to 99 mm 1 mm steps. Refraction earth curvature correction ON K 0 14 K 0 20 OFF selectable. Audio target acquisition Display and audio ON OFF selectable. Automatic light intensity control Provided,Software and data transfer. Remote Elevation Offset 3 D Coordinate 3 D Setting out Resection Missing Line. Onboard programs,Area Calculation Azimuth Angle Setting. SET500 SET600, Data storage Internal memory About 4000 points About 2000 points.
Asynchronous serial RS 232C compatible direct data output to a Centronics compatible. Interface printer is possible via the optional DOC46 printer cable. Baud rate 38 400 19 200 9 600 4 800 2 400 1 200 bps. Alphanumeric graphic dot matrix LCD Alphanumeric graphic dot matrix LCD. Display unit 192 x 80 dots on each side 192 x 80 dots on one side. Backlight Non reflective glass provided Backlight Non reflective glass provided. Keyboard 4 soft keys and 11 keys on each side 4 soft keys and 11 keys on one side. Self diagnostic function Automatic Messages Codes displayed. Plate level 40 2 mm 60 2 mm,Sensitivity of levels,Circular level in tribrach 10 2mm. Optical plummet Image Erect Magnification 3x Minimum focus 0 3 m 0 99 ft. Standing axis Single,Operating temperature 20 C to 50 C 4 F to 122 F. Protection against water and dust Protected against powerful water jets and dust tight as defined by IEC60529 IP66. Tilting Trunnion axis height 236mm 9 3in from tribrach bottom 193mm 7 6in from tribrach dish. Size with handle and BDC46 battery W 165 x D 170 x H 341 mm W 6 5 x D 6 7 x H 13 5 in. Weight with handle and battery 5 0 kg 11 1 lb,Power supply. Operating voltage 7 2 V DC, Battery level display 4 steps with warning message. Automatic power off Automatic off 30 minutes after operation ON OFF selectable. Resume function ON OFF selectable backed up for about 1 week. Li Ion rechargeable battery SET500 2 pcs SET600 1 pc supplied. Angle distance measurement About 5 hours About 600 points. BDC46 Rechargeable, Continuous use at 25 C 77 F per battery Fine single measurement measurement interval 30 seconds.
Angle measurement only About 7 hours, Charging time per battery Less than 2 hours with CDC61 or CDC62. Angle distance measurement About 17 5 hrs n a, BDC12 Large External Continuous use at 25 C 77 F per battery About 1 980 points Fine single measure. Rechargeable Battery ment measurement interval 30 seconds. optional Angle measurement only about 22 5 hrs, Charging time per battery 15 hours with optional CDC14 series charger n a. When the beam s incident angle is within 30 up and down right and left in relation to the surface of the target. Specifications not listed under specific instrument are identical to those appearing to the left. Introducing Sokkia s new total stations engineered for top performance on any job site With rugged physical enhancements the SET500 and 600 are undemanding instruments even under the most demanding conditions Water and dust resistant With advanced protection against water and dust infiltration the SET500 600 operates dependably in sudden showers or drizzling rain or in humid or dusty

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