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Copyright 1907 1908 by C V Mosby Medical Book Co,Security Printino Co. of St Louis,SUGGESTIVE THERAPEUTICS,APPLIED HYPNOTISM. PSYCHIC SCIENCE,Uo tbe Demon of top flDotber,whose beautiful example and most frequent. suggestion Xc sure bou ate tigbt ano tben 00,abeao has given to my life whatever. dynamic quality characterizes this book, I bring to the consideration of the medical profession not.
merely the facts of personal experience and clinical evidence as. proof of the value of suggestive therapeutics in the general prac. tice of medicine but also a detailed explanation of how to apply. suggestion efficaciously both with and without hypnotism as a. therapeutic adjunct I give in explanation of those facts ex. perience and clinical tests as interpreted in the light of modern. scientific knowledge, Many volumes have been written upon this subject by. neurologists scientists and phsychotherapeutists of note but in. most cases they lack the practicability so essential to its success. ful employment by the general practitioner My aim is to em. phasize the value of suggestive therapeutics in a field of work. that comes within his domain which has not heretofore been. pointed out by the authors of other works of this character. The presentation also embodies what I have assimilated and. found practical from a careful study of the investigations of. leading authorities on this subject To make this book prac. tical and easy of assimilation has been my constant aim And. here it may fitly be pointed out with a view to forestalling criti. cism that this book is not intended principally or even mainly. for neurologists and psychotherapeutists to whom the constant. repetition of what to them are well known facts must inevitably. prove wearisome It is intended rather to instill into the vast. mass of the profession to whom this entire field is as yet terra. incognita those basic principles of physiological psychology. 11 PREFACE, upon which the scientific therapeutic application of suggestion. in all its forms necessarily depends With that end in view. principles of all pervading importance are iterated and reiterated. as often as their application comes under consideration in. order that they may become so fully absorbed and assimilated. as to be almost axiomatic to the reader, To hundreds of American physicians I am indebted for. many kindly criticisms and valuable suggestions concerning my. lectures and demonstrations which have been of invaluable aid. in laying the foundation for this work I also desire to acknowl. edge the valuable assistance rendered by Dr K W Millican of. Chicago and Dr C R Lightner of St Louis in the review of. the manuscript for the press etc,HENRY S MUNRO,Americus Georgia. PREFACE TO SECOND EDITION, The author is profoundly grateful to the Medical Profession.
for the kindly reception accorded the first edition of this book. The exhaustion of a large edition since its appearance nine. months ago attests its popularity, The practability and efficacy of Suggestive Therapeutics. as an adjunct in the treatment of disease is no longer questioned. by physicians who have personally tested the methods herein. The present edition has a more complete index and has. been brought up to date by the addition of new material on. those phases of the subject upon which advancement has been. made during the past year,Ellaville Ga,IANF UflttARY STAOTOftO UNWfcftSin. Preface Pages,Introduction,Chapter I Hypnotism or Suggestion 11 15. Chapter II Nomenclature Defined 16 20,Chapter III Hypnotism Demonstrated 21 43. Chapter IV Suggestion its Uses and Abuses 44 54,Chapter V Theoretical Considerations 55 88.
Chapter VI Other Phases of Personality 89 113, Chapter VII Suggestion Applied Without Hypnotism 114 146. Chapter VIII Hypnotic Suggestion 147 209,Chapter IX The Opinion of a Neuropath and. Others 210 216,Chapter X Some Other Practical Points 217 226. Chapter XI The Psychologic Factor in Obstetrics 227 237. Chapter XII Training the Subconscious Self A,Rational Basis for Auto suggestion 238 247. Chapter XIII Correct Diagnosis a Safeguard Against. Blunders 248 256,Chapter XIV Philosophy and Religion and their.
Relation to Health 257 267,Chapter XV Conservation of Energy Education and. Control of the Emotions Breathing,Relaxation Dietetics Etc 268 276. Chapter XVI Roughing It as a Means of Health 277 285. Chapter XVII Are All Specialists Egotists 286 290, Chapter XVIII Personality as a Factor in Therapeutics 291 301. Chapter XIX The Abuse of Personality 302 308,Chapter XX Environment Its Influence in Therapeu. tics 309 313,Chapter XXI The Brutality of Frankness Honesty.
Imperative 314 322,Chapter XXII Physical and Mental Hygiene 323 329. Chapter XXIII Suggestion in Education 330 338, Chapter XXIV Moral Stamina a Therapeutic Power 339 346. Chapter XXV Self Mastery as a Fine Art 347 353,INTRODUCTION. It would be superfluous here to do more than briefly allude. to the conditions under which this book was written The. problems of Psychotherapy are forcing themselves so strongly. upon the attention of the medical profession that I do not think. that any experience that may throw light upon them should be. withheld About fifteen years ago while a general practitioner. of medicine I became impressed with the great importance of. properly directing the psychic factor in therapeutics and for. several years groped in the dark in search of ideas with such. aids as could be gained from the older writers on hypnotism and. allied subjects, Quite an impetus to my efforts was received during a three. months stay in New York twelve years ago in the personal. ities of well known men in the schools of postgraduate instruc. tion in that city but the far reaching influence of suggestion or. the personal influence of the physician as a therapeutic aid in. the general practice of medicine was not even faintly appreciated. by the profession at that time, About seven years ago I became convinced that the general.
profession should have a better understanding of the theory and. efficacy of suggestive therapeutics and a knowledge of the prac. tical methods of its administration and being fully satisfied. that the methods which I had successfully employed in general. practice for several years would be of practical value to all phy. sicians as an addition to their therapeutic armamentarium and. believing also that this knowledge would be a means by which. 6 INTRODUCTION, they could successfully combat the enormous increase in all the. forms of quackery which were at that time springing up as the. natural offspring of the rapid evolution in psychological develop. ment I began going from city to city giving a lecture on sug. gestive therapeutics applied hypnotism and physhic science. limiting my classes exclusively to the medical profession. The cordial reception and appreciation accorded me in this. self chosen field of endeavor by the more representative portion. of the medical profession was beyond my most sanguine expec. tations and in all places that I visited the physicians taking my. lesson insisted that it be put into a permanent form to be used. by them for future reference, I was not yet ready to commit myself to writing upon this. much mooted and misunderstood subject Within the last. seven years however the attitude taken by the larger part of. the medical profession in regard to the influence of the mind. over the body has considerably changed The study of psy. chology with laboratory instruments and methods has demon. strated the relation between thought and matter in a most con. vincing manner, Monism a philosophy which amalgamates or unifies the. two entities called mind and matter is becoming more popular. Physiology psychology and biology are on friendly terms and. harmoniously laboring to solve the problems that are being. forced upon all thinking people as well as physicians. In contemplating my venture of seven years ago I now. fully appreciate the trite saying of Pope that Fools rush in. where angels fear to tread Be that as it may I have been in. INTRODUCTION 7, association with those of the profession who have studied Psy. chotherapeutics in all parts of the world and they have made. no hesitancy in saying that I had boiled down and crystallized. the subject into a readily assimilable and excellent form for. practical clinical use So now after enjoying the confidence and. appreciation of the medical profession as a student and teacher. of Psychotherapy I should deem myself reprehensible and cow. ardly did I not give my mite to help those who need strength. ening on this line of advanced professional equipment. The strong prejudice and open opposition to the free in. vestigation and employment of Psychotherapeutics has exerted. an overmastering influence upon the minds of many of the mem. bers of the medical profession and many there are who lack the. courage and moral stamina to enter this field and employ its. truths for the relief of countless thousands of individuals who. do not need medicine or surgery yet are vainly crying to us. for help While this state of apathy exists in the ranks of the. medical profession the popular ists and paths and other. disguises are standing with open arms beckoning these discon. tented and unfortunate ones to come into their ranks and get. their Psychotherapy in a placebo capsule of religious dogma or. bonepath massage, I am also fully aware that it is not good policy for one seek.
ing popularity to speak out frankly and honestly upon this sub. ject and tell the truth Even physicians in many instances who. admit that they have made no effort to comprehend the prin. ciples of Psychotherapy and apply them as a therapeutic adjunct. feel that any theory or conception or method that does not con. Hypnotism Demonstrated 21 43 Suggestion its Usesand Abuses 44 54 TheoreticalConsiderations 55 88 OtherPhases of Personality 89 113 Suggestion Applied Without Hypnotism 114 146 HypnoticSuggestion 147 209 The Opinion of a Neuropath and Others 210 216 SomeOther Practical Points 217 226 ThePsychologic FactorinObstetrics 227 237

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