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Counseling Staff,Steve King Beth Neighbors,Heather King David Pitts. Katie Shymanski Corrine Hellwig,Chris Ventimiglia Kelli Merritt. Jennifer Gross Joanna VanDerTuin, Various College Credit Options. Dual Enrollment online on college campus , Dual Credit online on MSD campus . Advanced Placement, See more details in the Career Course Planning Guide .
What is Dual Credit , Dual Credit is when a student is earning both High. School and College Credit for a class that is being. taught by an MSD teacher at either MHS or OHS ,Students must meet the requirements which are. determined by the Missouri Coordinating Board for,Higher Education . Dual Credit, Eligibility Requirements, All students must have permission to participate from a. designated school official , Juniors Seniors are automatically eligible if they have a.
minimum cumulative unweighted GPA of 3 0 on a 4 0 scale . Juniors Seniors with a cumulative unweighted GPA of 2 5 2 99. must provide a signed letter of recommendation from the. content area teacher along with written parent permission . Dual Credit Eligibility, Requirements cont , Sophomores must have a minimum cumulative unweighted 3 0. GPA and must provide a signed letter of recommendation from. the content area teacher and written parent permission . Freshman must have a minimum cumulative unweighted 3 0. GPA score at the 90th percentile or above on the ACT SAT and. must provide a signed letter of recommendation from the. content area teacher Written permission from the student s. parent is also required , Advanced Placement AP , AP is a program created by the College Board which. offers college level curricula and examinations to high. school students , AP courses are college level courses taken as a part of. the high school course work AP courses offer, advanced students the opportunity to take courses with. more challenging college level content , Advanced Placement AP .
Program cont ,Students who complete AP courses are prepared to. take the AP Exam administered each May by the,College Board These exams are scored on a 1 5. scale Students scoring between a 3 5 may qualify, for college credit at most colleges and universities . Comparing AP to DC DE,Advanced Placement Dual Credit Dual Enrollment. Exam score may earn college Successful completion of the course. credit depending on AP exam earns college credit at given university. score and university standards and may also transfer to other colleges . Test Cost approximately 97 Cost per Credit Hour approximately. per test Cheaper than cost per 1 65 at 4 year colleges 25 64 at. credit hour at colleges STLCC Typically 3 5 credit hours per course . Run by College Board Company Part time college student can contact. no college affiliation the University s DC DE Office and take. advantage of campus libraries labs , Dual Enrollment.
Dual Enrollment is when students attend a,Community College or University while in high. school Courses are taught by a professor at the,college campus or online Students must apply to. and be accepted to attend the college s dual,enrollment early college program . Which Credits will Transfer , For AP Dual Credit Dual Enrollment courses students should. check the websites of their potential colleges before signing up to verify. the transferability of credits , If you cannot locate the transfer equivalency information on the.
college s website contact the admissions office via phone or email . Pay attention to whether the credits transfer to the same department. and for the same amount ex you want 3 English Credits to transfer as 3. English Credits but you find out they only transfer as 1 Elective Credit . Various Colleges Various Guidelines, Be Aware of How Grades Are Transferred. Pay attention to all Dual Credit Dual Enrollment procedures . drop deadlines and payment schedules Regularly check each. university s dual credit enrollment website , Ask each potential college if transfer grades are included in. the student s GPA and if they cause student status to change. from First Time Freshman Scholarships to Transfer Student. Scholarships , OPTIONAL PROGRAMS, Guest Speakers,Saint Louis Community College Early College . Guest Speaker Julie Loyet Diana Johnson,South Technical High School . Guest Speaker Katie Miller, Guest Speaker Travis Bracht.
Guest Speaker John DeWalle, Early College gives juniors. and seniors the opportunity,to take college courses at. Saint Louis Community,College which count toward,their high school degree and. their Associate s degree , DIFFERENCE BETWEEN,DUAL ENROLLMENT AND. EARLY COLLEGE,Dual Enrollment is when a high school student.
takes classes that count toward college while still. attending high school ,Early College is when a high school student takes. classes almost exclusively at college leading to both. high school graduation and an Associate s degree in. Advanced Placement Exam score may earn college credit depending on AP exam score and university standards Test Cost approximately 97 per test Cheaper than cost per 1 credit hour at colleges Run by College Board Company no college affiliation Dual Credit Dual Enrollment Successful completion of the course earns college credit at given university and may also transfer to other

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