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Course datasheet, Course title Structural geology Neptun code MFFAT720020. Responsible instructor Dr N meth Responsible department institute FI. Norbert associate professor Type of course C, Position in Curriculum which semester Pre requisites Physical geology. 2 MFFTT710001, Number of Contact Hours per Week Type of Assessment examination. lec prac 1 2 practical mark other exam,Credits 4 Course full time. Course Description Introduction of the structural features of the rocks the representation. of the sstructures the deformation of the rock bodies and its physical background. Competencies to evolve,Knowledge T1 T2 T3 T4 T7 T8 T9.
Ability K1 K2 K3 K5 K9 K11 K12 K13,Attitude A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A7. Autonomy and responsibility F1 F2 F3 F4 F5,The short curriculum of the subject. 1 Representation and data analysis,2 Syngenetic structural elements of the rocks. 3 Stress and strain,4 Brittle deformation features. 5 Folds foliations and lineations,6 Deformation mechanisms.
7 Inner structure of the Earth and plate tectonics. 8 Tectonic position and related structural features. The course includes field practice and working with data recorded there. Assessment and grading Attendance at lectures is regulated by the university code of. education and examination Writing a test and constructing a geological profile at least on. satisfactory level respectively during the semester is the requirement of signature. Exam grading scale unsatisfactory 0 45 satisfactory 46 60 medium 61 70. good 71 85 excellent 86 100,Compulsory or recommended literature resources. Compulsory, Twiss R J Moores E M Structural Geology Freeman Co New York 1992 532 p. Recommended, Ramsay J G Huber M I The techniques of modern structural geology Vol 1 Strain. Analysis Academic Press London 1983 1 308 p, Ramsay J G Huber M I The techniques of modern structural geology Vol 2 Folds. and Fractures Academic Press London 1987 309 700 p. Ramsay J G Lisle R J The techniques of modern structural geology Vol 3. Applications of continuum mechanics in structural geology Academic Press London 2000. 701 1062 p, Twiss R J Moores E M Tectonics Freeman Co New York 1995 415 p.
Syllabus of the semester,Tuesday 8 00 11 00,Date Lecture Practice. 2019 02 12 Basic terms information on the interior of the use of geological maps rules and. Earth geometrical basis of construction of cross, 2019 02 19 Structural features of the rocks deformation construction of cross sections. description of movements, 2019 02 26 Stresses mechanics construction of cross sections. 2019 03 05 Rheology and failure envelopes construction of cross sections. 2019 03 12 Mechanisms and features of brittle deformation construction of cross sections. 2019 03 19 Mechanisms and features of ductile deformation construction of cross sections with drill. 2019 03 26 Field exercise structural orientation The exercise is organised by exchange. measurements on folded and faulted rocks with the contact hours of another course. in 6 hours,2019 04 02 Field exercise structural orientation. measurements on folded and faulted rocks, 2019 04 09 working with orientation data stereograms.
2019 04 16 working with orientation data stereograms. 2019 04 23 construction exercises,2019 04 30 construction exercises. 2019 05 07 construction exercises,2019 05 14 test paper. Sample for the test paper with answers,1 The continuous great circles on the stereogram. represent bedding planes on a cylindrically folded bed. the dashed great circle represents the orientation of a. regular set of joints in the same bed, a What is the geological meaning of the line defined. by the intersection of the great circles representing the. bedding 1 p, b Using the polar grid make a reading of the trend and.
the plunge of this intersection line in degrees 2 p. c The intersection and the lines indicated by a circle. and a star define the three principal strain orientations of the deformation resulting the folds What could have. been the signs of these principal strains extension shortening 1 p. Intersection, 2 The line sketch on the right is the profile view of a. cylindrical fold train with alternating beds of lithologies 1 and. a Indicate with arrow pairs or the shear, sense during folding along bedding surfaces on both. limbs of the fold 1 p, b Indicate with a dash dot line the axial trace 1 p. c Classify the folds according to Ramsay Put a ring. around the correct class code 2 p,bed 1 unhatched 1A 1B 1C 2 3. bed 2 hatched 1A 1B 1C 2 3, d How would you describe the competence relation of.
the beds 1 and 2 based on the fold style Complete the. sentence below 1 p,Bed 2 is more competent than bed 1. 3 Decide whether the following statements are correct or not 6 p. true false, Mylonite is a cataclastic rock formed in fault zones X. The maximum resolved shear stress on a plane depends on the differential stress and on X. the orientation of the plane with respect to the principal stress axes. Normal faults are formed when one of the horizontal principal stresses is tensile X. Hydraulic fracturing is made by decreasing the effective stresses and increasing the X. neutral stresses, Schistosity is a foliation in coarse grained crystalline rocks X. Crosscutting a reverse fault in a horizontally bedded succession by a vertical borehole will X. cause omission of some beds in the log, 4 Choose the factors from the lists necessary to the definition of the following terms Be careful there can be. more than one choices which are needed and some things may occur but are not essential in general 5 p. a Ductile deformation,fold formation,irreversible deformation X.
high temperature,no loss of cohesion X,b Passive shear folding. initially planar structures layering X,deformation mechanism allowing ductile flow X. shear along bedding planes,continuous cleavage,c Principal stress. three mutually perpendicular vectors X,compressive normal stresses. vectors normal to planes of no shear stress X,diameter of the Mohr circle.
d Tectonic window,topographic depression,outcrop of older rocks thrust on younger rocks. outcrop of autochtonous rocks surrounded by allochtonous rocks X. nappe thrust X,e Simple shear,plane strain X,homogeneous strain X. volume change,constrictional strain, 5 The sketch on the right shows the generalized profile of an oceanic subduction zone. a Give the correct letter to each item of the legends 2 p. back arc basin E,forearc basin C,island arc D,oceanic trench B. passive continental margin A, b Which metamorphic facies relates to the subducting plate 1 p.
blueschist,6 The Mohr diagram represents the stress. state at the boundary of two different,lithologies sandstone and marl Stress. quantities are not indicated but the scale is,linear Dashed line is a Coulomb envelope for. the sandstone dotted line for the marl,a Which of the rocks will fracture in this. situation Underline the correct answer 1,sandstone marl both rocks none of the rocks.
b Which type of structures is expected to form Underline the correct answer 1 p. joint sets ductile shear zones faults veins, c Which changes in the stress state could lead to further brittle deformation in this case Underline the correct. answers multiple choice 2 p,increase of 1 with constant 2 and 3. increase of 2 with constant 1 and 3,increase of 3 with constant 1 and 2. decrease of 1 with constant 2 and 3,decrease of 2 with constant 1 and 3. decrease of 3 with constant 1 and 2, 7 Answer the following questions and tasks using the geological sketch map below.
a The bold line is the trace of a steeply dipping fault. Which is the downthrown side of the fault Underline the correct answer 1 p. east side west side, Give the age of the faulting with the possible accuracy 1 p. End of Devonian start of Permian, b The circles are for identifying some of the contacts of the formations Indicate the conform bedding contacts. with a letter C and the unconformities with a letter U written in the circles 2 p. c The dash dot line marks the hinge zone of an upright fold Is it a syncline or an anticline Apply the correct. signs or on the line to indicate it 1 p, d Give an estimation of the dip angle of the base of the Eocene basalt cover 1 p. horizontal, 8 Complete the sentences with the appropriate words 7 p. If a cleavage comprises cleavage domains and microlithons without preferred orientation it is called a 1a. cleavage if it penetrates the rock completely it is a 1b cleavage. The 2 can be calculated as the ratio of the actual temperature and the melting point. In the Newtonian viscous model the increase of the stresses will cause the increase of the 3. The 4 can be described as a sum of translation and rotation without any internal strain. The 5a is a mineral coating formed on fault planes where 5b may indicate the direction of. displacement, The orientation of a plane can be defined using three mutually perpendicular lines the 6a the 6b.
and the plane normal, 7 are parts of a competent layer dissected by layer parallel extension typical in fold limbs. 1b continuous,2 homologous temperature,3 speed of the deformation. 4 rigid body movement,5a slickenside,5b slickenlines. 6a strike line,6b dip line,Maximum 40 points,points grade. less than 16 1, The student draws a number indicating a topic numbers indicate corresponding chapters from the Twiss Moores.
1 Techniques of structural geology and tectonics Chapter 2. 2 Fractures and joints Chapter 3,3 Faults Chapters 4 7. 4 Stress and mechanics of fracturing and faulting Chapters 8 10. 5 Description of folds and kinematic models of folding Chapters 11 12. 6 Foliations and lineations Chapters 13 14, 7 Rheology and deformation mechanisms Chapters 18 19. 8 Tectonics Chapters 21 22, Additionally she or he has to solve a practical exercise regarding orientational data like 1st exercise of the. Exam grading scale unsatisfactory 0 45 satisfactory 46 60 medium Applications of continuum mechanics in structural geology Academic Press London 2000 701 1062 p Twiss R J amp Moores E M Tectonics Freeman amp Co New York 1995 415 p Syllabus of the semester Tuesday 8 00 11 00 Date Lecture Practice 2019 02 12 Basic terms information on the interior of the Earth

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