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This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the. United States government Neither the United States government nor any agency. thereof nor any of their employees makes any warranty express or implied or. assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy completeness or. usefulness of any information apparatus product or process disclosed or represents. that its use would not infringe privately owned rights Reference herein to any specific. commercial product process or service by trade name trademark manufacturer or. otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement recommendation. or favoring by the United States government or any agency thereof The views and. opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the. United States government or any agency thereof, Available electronically at http www osti gov bridge. Available for a processing fee to U S Department of Energy. and its contractors in paper from,U S Department of Energy. Office of Scientific and Technical Information,P O Box 62. Oak Ridge TN 37831 0062,phone 865 576 8401,fax 865 576 5728. email mailto reports adonis osti gov,Available for sale to the public in paper from.
U S Department of Commerce,National Technical Information Service. 5285 Port Royal Road,Springfield VA 22161,phone 800 553 6847. fax 703 605 6900,email orders ntis fedworld gov,online ordering http www ntis gov ordering htm. Printed on paper containing at least 50 wastepaper including 20 postconsumer waste. Strategy Guideline High Performance Residential Lighting. Prepared for,Building America,Building Technologies Program. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy,U S Department of Energy.
Prepared by,J Holton Consultant,IBACOS Inc,2214 Liberty Avenue. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15222,NREL Technical Monitor Michael Gestwick. Prepared under Subcontract Number KNDJ 0 40341 02,February 2012. This page left blank,List of Figures v,List of Tables vii. Definitions viii,Executive Summary x,The Need for a High Performance Lighting Guide 1.
The Purpose of the High Performance Lighting Guide 2. The Characteristics of High Performance Lighting 3. The Resources Needed to Apply High Performance Lighting 8. Homeowners 8,Builders 8,Architect and Interior Designer 8. Trade Partners 8,Realtors Appraisers and Mortgage Lenders 9. Electrical Suppliers 9,Lighting Manufacturers 9,Codes Standards and Guidelines 10. Illuminating Engineering Society IES Guidelines 10. ENERGY STAR Labeling 14,U S Department of Energy Lighting Facts Label 14. U S Federal Trade Commission FTC Lighting Facts Label 16. Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 Minimum Lamp Efficiencies 16. U S Department of Energy CALiPER Program 17,California Title 24 Requirements 17.
The Interaction of High Performance Lighting with Other Construction Components 19. Measuring High Performance Lighting Accomplishment 20. The Availability and Cost of High Performance Lighting 21. High Performance Lighting Strategies 25,Changing the Lamps Bulbs 25. Changing the Fixtures 26,Changing the Design 26,Direct Lighting 26. Recessed Lighting 27,Indirect Lighting 28, High Performance Lighting Strategies Room by Room 29. Family Room and Living Room 31,Principles 31,Designs 31. Kitchen 34,Principles 34,Designs 35,Bedrooms 38,Principles 38.
Designs 38,Home Office 42,Principles 42,Designs 42. Dining Room 45,Principles 45,Designs 45,Bathroom 48. Principles 48,Designs 48,Service Areas 52,Principles 52. Designs 52,Hallway 57,Principles 57,Designs 57,Exterior Lighting 61. Principles 61,Designs 61,Controls 63,Examples 64,Conclusions 66.
References 67,Application Resources 68,List of Figures. Figure 1 Comparison of annual energy use 1,Figure 2 Ambient lighting with accent lighting 3. Figure 3 Ambient lighting with task lighting 3,Figure 4 Architecturally integrated light cove 4. Figure 5 Lamp life 1 000 hours 4, Figure 6 Ambient lighting in a light colored room 5. Figure 7 Ambient lighting in a dark colored room 5. Figure 8 Recessed downlight 5,Figure 9 Wall washers 5.
Figure 10 Light soffit 6,Figure 11 Valance lighting 6. Figure 12 Light coves 6, Figure 13 The Lighting Handbook 10th edition by IES 10. Figure 14 Example illumination levels 11, Figure 15 Illuminance measuring heights for left kitchen right bathroom and floor. illumination 12,Figure 16 The ENERGY STAR label 14. Figure 17 The DOE Lighting Facts label 15,Figure 18 The FTC Lighting Facts label 16.
Figure 19 A DOE CALiPER summary report 17,Figure 20 California Title 24 Lighting Guide 18. Figure 21 Example of a decorative bath fixture 19, Figure 22 Example of a decorative ceiling fixture 19. Figure 23 Strip light 21,Figure 24 Ceiling surface fixture 21. Figure 25 Under cabinet fixture 21,Figure 26 Recessed downlight 22. Figure 27 Ceiling surface CFL fixture 22,Figure 28 Wall sconce 22.
Figure 29 Pendant fixture 22,Figure 30 LED recessed downlight 23. Figure 31 LED undercabinet light 23,Figure 32 LED track light 24. Figure 33 LED step lights 24,Figure 34 LED accent light picture light 24. Figure 35 LED outdoor light 24, Figure 36 Comparison of CFL versus incandescent reflector lamps bulbs 25. Figure 37 CFL replacement lamp 26,Figure 38 LED replacement lamp 26.
Figure 39 Direct lighting 27,Figure 40 Recessed lighting 27. Figure 41 Indirect lighting 28,Figure 42 Examples of CRI values 29. Figure 43 Fluorescent lights of different CCTs 29,Figure 44 Legend for room designs 30. Figure 45 Family room 31,Figure 46 Direct ceiling surface fixtures 32. Figure 47 Direct downlights 32,Figure 48 Recessed downlights 33.
Figure 49 Indirect wall washers 33,Figure 50 Indirect cove lights 34. Figure 51 Kitchen 34,Figure 52 Direct ceiling surface fixture 36. Figure 53 Direct downlights 36,Figure 54 Recessed downlights 37. Figure 55 Indirect cove lights 37,Figure 56 Bedroom 38. Figure 57 Direct ceiling surface fixtures 39,Figure 58 Direct downlights 39.
Figure 59 Recessed downlights 40,Figure 60 Indirect cove lights 40. Figure 61 Indirect wall washers 41,Figure 62 Home office 42. Figure 63 Recessed downlights 43,Figure 64 Indirect cove lights 43. Figure 65 Indirect Wall washers 44,Figure 66 Dining room 45. Figure 67 Recessed downlights 46,Figure 68 Indirect wall washers 46.
Figure 69 Indirect cove lights 47,Figure 70 Bathroom 48. Figure 71 Direct ceiling surface 49,Figure 72 Direct downlights 49. Figure 73 Recessed downlights 50,Figure 74 Indirect cove lights 50. Figure 75 Indirect soffit light 51,Figure 76 Indirect wall washers 51. Figure 77 Closet 52,Figure 78 Direct ceiling surface fixtures 53.
Figure 79 Direct wall surface light 53,Figure 80 Direct wall surface light 54. Figure 81 Direct ceiling surface fixture 54,Figure 82 Direct downlights 55. Figure 83 Direct ceiling surface fixtures 55,Figure 84 Recessed downlights 56. Figure 85 Hallway 57,Figure 86 Direct ceiling surface fixtures 58. Figure 87 Direct wall sconces 58,Figure 88 Direct downlights 59.
Figure 89 Recessed downlights 59,Figure 90 Indirect wall washers 60. Figure 91 LED exterior lighting 61,Figure 92 Exterior lighting design 62. Figure 93 Manual on automatic off control 64,Figure 94 Occupancy sensor 64. Figure 95 Dimmer control 65,Figure 96 Programmable control 65. Unless otherwise noted all figures and photos were created by IBACOS. List of Tables, Table 1 Residential Illuminance Recommendations 13.
Table 2 General Service Incandescent Lamps 16, Unless otherwise noted all tables were created by IBACOS. Definitions,CCT Correlated color temperature,CFL Compact fluorescent lamp. Color Rendering Ability of a light source to show all colors in a scene. Color Temperature An index for lamp light color in degrees Kelvin K that. typically ranges from 1700K to 8000K,CRI Color rendering index 20 100. Decorative Fixture An exposed fixture designed for visual appeal as well as. lighting performance,DHW Domestic hot water,DOE U S Department of Energy. EISA Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007,EPA U S Environmental Protection Agency.
FC Footcandle a commonly used measure of illumination. approximately,FTC U S Federal Trade Commission, Glare Brightness that causes a reaction ranging from discomfort to. inability to see the scene,HPL High performance lighting. HVAC Heating ventilation and air conditioning,IECC International Energy Conservation Code. IES Illuminating Engineering Society,LED Light emitting diode. Light Color Light that ranges from warm e g candlelight to cool e g. fluorescent grow light,Luminaire Light fixture including the lamp bulb.
Luminaire Efficacy Total lumens emitted by the luminaire divided by the total. watts drawn by the luminaire s power supply,MEL Miscellaneous electric loads. SSL Solid state lighting,Executive Summary, As homes have become more energy efficient through improvements to the exterior envelope. and the heating ventilation and air conditioning HVAC and domestic hot water DHW. systems lighting has emerged as a component of energy use where opportunities for. improvement are still available This guideline offers methods to greatly reduce lighting energy. use through the application of high quality fluorescent and light emitting diode LED. technologies High performance lighting HPL strategies may be applied through the range of. builder installed lighting from the simplest code compliance level to built in lighting for each. room of the house including exterior lighting The strategies also may be applied in varying. degrees of depth from simply changing lamps bulbs in a standard layout to changing the. fixtures in the standard layout as well or moving to the preferred level of a fresh HPL design for. the whole house, Fully executed HPL is ambient lighting for the entire house It provides light levels consistent. with the recommendations of the Illuminating Engineering Society IES offers good light color. and color rendering controls glare and is very energy efficient High performance lighting also. covers task lighting in those areas where builders normally install cabinets appliances and. fixtures the kitchen and bathrooms By providing quite full illumination coverage HPL greatly. reduces the need for additional task lighting to perhaps a few reading or desk lamps It does not. cover accent lighting Thus HPL offers control of energy use for a large percentage of the total. house lighting energy use component Applying HPL in a whole house design can result in as. much as a 65 lighting energy reduction as compared to the same design executed with. incandescent lamps, For the preferred whole house lighting design this guideline offers strategies for three. approaches direct lighting recessed lighting or indirect lighting These offer increasing levels. of quality refinement with escalating levels of installed cost High performance lighting. strategies are presented for eight representative residential room types plus exterior lighting. These cover virtually all of the typically used rooms in a house plus its exterior High. performance lighting can provide an excellent quality of residential illumination. The Need for a High Performance Lighting Guide, There are now more residential lighting options available to homeowners than ever before In the.
interest of using energy wisely fluorescent lighting technologies have been developed for. residential application To overcome some of the shortcomings of residential fluorescent lighting. and for even greater energy efficiency light emitting diode LED lighting technology is now. entering the residential market The pace of change in the lighting industry is rapid. This guideline has been developed to create a structure for informed decision making and. appropriate design and application by homeowners and builders This guideline along with the. references provided in the Application Resources section will assist users in successfully. completing a high performance lighting HPL installation. New homes are being built to increasingly stringent energy performance levels Typically this. involves a significantly improved thermal enclosure with higher levels of insulation energy. efficient windows air sealing and high efficiency heating ventilation and air conditioning. HVAC and domestic hot water DHW systems These measures can greatly reduce annual. energy use Because of the HVAC and DHW energy reductions the balance of energy use for. lighting appliances and miscellaneous electric loads MEL emerges as the end uses that present. opportunities for improvement Figure 1 illustrates the relationship of annual energy. consumption for the lighting appliance and MEL group when comparing a house built to the. 2009 International Energy Conservation Code IECC and one built with 30 whole house. energy reductions As illustrated lighting efficiency is not typically considered for residential. energy use reduction Most codes with the exception of California s Title 24 place little. emphasis on residential lighting efficiency Lighting and the selection of appliances are the end. Performance Residential Lighting J Holton IBACOS Inc February 2012 NOTICE This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States government Neither the United States government nor any agency thereof nor any of their employees makes any warranty express or implied or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy completeness

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