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The President s Corner tion or you see a violation of our restrictive. covenants please go to the website and click,hibited The homes in this subdivision. have large driveways allowing for room, on contact us You can leave a message and to park off the street Please see Article 12. you will get a prompt response We appreci in SPOA Restrictive Covenants As noted. ate the input that you have sent us through above to see these covenants go to the. the website It helps us to act quickly on an web site at Stonebridgesubdivision com. issue We also have a Facebook page and Please try to pick up trash around the. are a part of Nextdoor com which is used front of your home If you are walking the. for information between residents But if neighborhood bring a bag with you and. you have a specific problem that needs the deposit trash that you see in that bag If we. board s help using our website and clicking all do just a little we will see a difference. on contact us and sending the email gets Please BAG your trash for the garbage. to us faster and we can address it quickly pickup and remember do not place it. We are still working on replacing many of curbside before 4pm the day before pickup. the Stonebridge banners We have attempted Please leash and or fence your pets There. to remove all the torn banners from the light is a leash law in Jefferson Parish Anytime. poles and are replacing them It seems the a dog is not confined to its owner s property. newest ones were not sewn properly and tore it must be on a leash not longer than six. very soon after they were placed I am hoping feet and under control Also Jefferson Par. that the new ones will be in place very soon ish has a pooper scooper law If your dog. Being a volunteer group our board works or cat does its business on public or pri. exceedingly hard taking on some challeng vate property you must clean it up prompt. ing and demanding tasks We do this for ly and dispose of it in a sanitary manner. you our neighbors and our neighborhood Please be reminded that if you own a. Remember that the Stonebridge Security lot adjacent to the perimeter wall THE. District monies are spent solely on security WALL IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. items such as Security Guards the gates Please consult your homeowner s insurance. upkeep of the guard houses Jefferson Parish policy for related coverage If you have a. Dear Residents patrols and cameras at different locations falling crumbling wall loose bricks or. Summertime and the living is easy Yes that many monitors at different locations and the wall has fallen down it is your re. is correct We are so lucky to live in such a many other items Without these funds sponsibility to rebuild the wall in accor. wonderful neighborhood I can t say enough Stonebridge would not be the preeminent dance with SPOA restrictive covenants. amazing things about our incredible neigh subdivision that we have chosen to inhabit. bors who are always willing to help Our res Your SPOA dues 40 annually are man. idents want to make sure that our subdivision I hope you were able to join us at our First aged by the elected Board of Directors for. continues as the finest and safest that Jeffer Annual Stonebridge Summer Fest I would SPOA The Stonebridge Property Owners. son Parish and the entire region have to offer like to thank everyone who supported the Association monies pay for attorney fees to. The board truly thanks each and every one of event We had a wonderful committee enforce our restrictive covenants weekly. you who calls or sends an email when you feel that worked very hard to make it a suc lawn care seasonal flowers decoration of. something is not right or if you see something cess See our thank you to the members gardens monuments utilities sprinklers. out of the ordinary in the neighborhood Your of the committee elsewhere in this issue beautification street banners and Night. eyes and ears have helped the board in moni You might also check out the website on Out Against Crime event Liability Insur. toring and patrolling our subdivision Please going for pictures from the fundraiser ance and Accounting fees are shared with. help us protect your property and ALWAYS the Security account Financial Statements. lock your car doors and your home If you Please take a look at these points reminding are available at every General Membership. see suspicious activities please CALL 911 us of some simple rules and regulations which Meeting The Board is mandated by State. help to preserve our neighborhood s integrity Law to have a yearly audit of income and. As a board we appreciate the la expenses for both accounts Stonebridge. bors you make on a daily basis by Fireworks are illegal in unincorporated Property Owners Association Account and. keeping your lawns well manicured Jefferson Parish We live in unincorpo Stonebridge Security Taxing District are. and your homes in good repair rated Jefferson even though our address separate accounts managed by one board as. Our SPOA Restrictive Covenants and Bylaws may say Gretna or Harvey The address required by Jefferson Parish and the State of. were developed as standards for our neigh distinguishes which post office delivers Louisiana Current law requires that we have. borhood We want to protect quality of life our mail Sometimes a call to 911 to report one firm complete the Audit and another firm. and property values That is why all of you fireworks will help curb their use in our compile our quarterly and yearly Balance. have decided to move into Stonebridge subdivision I want to remind everyone Sheets 1099 and Federal State Tax Reports. These restrictive covenants are enforced If of the many fires caused by fireworks to. you do not have a copy of the restrictive cov homes every year not to mention the many. enants bylaws they are available to view on The Board looks forward. injuries involved If you are discharging, our web site at Stonebridgesubdivision com fireworks in an area where it is illegal and to seeing you at the Gener. Please also be aware that Jefferson Parish you cause a house to catch on fire your al Membership Meeting. Code Enforcement does regular sweeps,of our neighborhood Remember to fol. insurance will not cover the damage You Wednesday September 21st at. may also receive a ticket So you may want 7pm at Stonebridge Golf Club. low Jefferson Parish rules and regulations to think long and hard before discharg. also The rules and regulations concern ing fireworks where they are illegal. ing Jefferson Parish Code Enforcement Thank you for your continuous support. Remember that the Stonebridge Golf Let s keep Stonebridge as the exception. can be found at municode com Course is PRIVATE PROPERTY Riding bi. Obey the speed limit signs and the stop al subdivision we have come to know. cycles riding privately owned golf carts and, signs in the neighborhood Don t let the jogging on the cart paths are prohibited.
Jefferson Parish Traffic Division Dep Suzanne Farrar President. Privately owned golf carts and unau SPOA Board of Directors. uties surprise you with a ticket in your thorized vehicles are prohibited on. own subdivision It can happen public streets Stonebridge streets. If you need to contact the board with a ques Parking on the street at night is pro. PAGE 2 STONEBRIDGE SECURITY NEWS SEPTEMBER 2016,About Our Stonebridge Community. Stonebridge our monitored access golf course community is a great place. to live and raise a family in Jefferson Parish Residents also tout they are. enjoying retirement in Stonebridge, The Jefferson Economic Development Corporation JEDCO on its web. site home page gives shout outs to the many advantages of doing business. as well as living in Jefferson JEDCO lists an educated workforce excellent. healthcare and proximity to several distinguished colleges and universities. as just some of the many benefits of living working and doing business in. Residents are proud to call Stonebridge in Harvey and unincorporated. Gretna in Jefferson Parish home The more than 950 families of Stone. bridge benefit from a beautiful peaceful community known as one of the. best places to live in Jefferson and the region Residents appreciate Stone. bridge security and the ongoing efforts of the neighborhood association. with neighbors to keep our community and families safe Located just 20. minutes from New Orleans CBD Stonebridge is home to persons who. work both in Jefferson and the Greater New Orleans area including downtown. There are many exciting happenings on the West Bank of Jefferson including the development of the Churchill Technology and Business. Park the NOLA Motorsports complex and the Delgado Community College River City Campus and School for Advanced Manufactur. ing coming to the Park, Our area also boasts numerous nearby festivals adding to the quality of life Stonebridge residents enjoy including the Gretna Heritage. Festival the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival the West Jeff Family Fest and the French Quarter Festival. The above are just some of the reasons residents enjoy the Stone. bridge Golf Course Community Have a favorite pastime Enjoy. area museums or sporting events Played an especially fantastic. golf game at Stonebridge recently Tell us about your hobbies or. interests for future newsletter columns E mail grannyjen cox net. the reasons you enjoy Stonebridge and living in Jefferson Parish Treasurer s Report. STONEBRIDGE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION, on the West Bank PROFIT AND LOSS BY CLASSIFICATION. January June 2016,Proposed Candidates for SPOA Board Slate.
The SPOA Board of Directors submits the following slate of pro. posed candidates for office,Board Officers,President Suzanne Farrar. Vice President Gary Shuford,Treasurer Open,Secretary Claudia Rivera Guardhouse Maintenance. Board Members,Dawn Peterson,Rachel Fleetwood,Norwood Norris. The election of officers and members of the SPOA Board will take. place at the September General Membership Meeting The Board. requests any additional nominations for the SPOA Board of Offi. cers and Members be e mailed to Sfarra1 lsuhsc edu or provided. by Contact Us on the SPOA website Please note an individual. may not be nominated without his or her consent Further as per. SPOA bylaws nominations will not be accepted from the floor the. night of the General Membership meeting,SEPTEMBER 2016 STONEBRIDGE SECURITY NEWS PAGE 3. A Note From Our New Volunteer Editor In Memory of,Dear Neighbors.
Detective David F Michel Jr, As a longtime resident of Stonebridge along with my husband. The Stonebridge community remembers, Lionel children and grandchildren I volunteered to help with. Detective David F Michel Jr and offers its, the newsletter knowing we haven t had one for some time I. condolences to his family and to the men and women. hope others will volunteer to also help out with this project We of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff s Office. hope to have a minimum of two issues yearly including stand. ing articles such as the Security News column the Financial Thank you Detective Michel We will always remember you. Report and a Message from your SPOA president, The Stonebridge Security Newsletter is just one form of com. munication for our community The Board of the SPOA has Membership and SPOA Pride. many forms of communication including social media elec The SPOA has nearly 670 neighbors in Stonebridge who have. tronic message boards at both entrances the website www paid their association dues These neighbors constitute the. stonebridgesubdivision com periodic message signage at the SPOA membership The Board would like to take this oppor. entrances and periodic direct mail E mails also are sent to paid tunity to thank the residents who have already sent in their 40. SPOA members as e mail addresses are captured in this regard annual SPOA fees Your pride and participation are making a. The SPOA encourages you to be on the alert to communica difference To those who have yet to join we welcome you and. tions offered in these manners look forward to your being part of a thriving neighborhood. association Your neighborhood wants and needs your involve. In this issue there s also a column about Nextdoor While not ment and participation. a vehicle of the SPOA Board please check out the article about. this informative means of communication Elsewhere in the With 924 resident homes Not counting empty lots or homes. newsletter your president also offers her e mail address such as we can be even stronger With warm weather many of our. in the column about the upcoming Board Officer and Member neighbors are outside Meet and greet Find out if they are. elections There s also a contact information list for the officers members of the association If not invite them to participate. and committee chairs of the association and share the benefits of having a strong neighborhood associ. ation Together we can make our neighborhood a better place. This newsletter is yours the SPOA We welcome your human to live. interest story leads and ideas Our special focus for this pub. lication is security safety and quality of life There are many Having a strong neighborhood association gives our commu. hardworking and optimistic residents in our neighborhood nity a strong voice Our association has maintained two way. sharing their ideas and talents I hope the newsletter can be a communication between our local government and our resi. medium to highlight some of the wonderful ways our neigh dents Local officials from Jefferson Parish and the Sheriff s Of. Residents are proud to call Stonebridge in Harvey and unincorporated Gretna in Jefferson Parish home The more than 950 families of Stone bridge benefit from a beautiful peaceful community known as one of the best places to live in Jefferson and the region Residents appreciate Stone

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