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INTRODUCTION 4,About the Authors 4,About GURPS 4,Steampunk Biotech 33. Biotech Development Pathways 33,Horror Biotech 35,Beyond the Probable 65. Racial Point Cost 65,Life s Price Tag 65,Different Biologies 35 GENGINEERED HUMAN. 1 BIOTECHNOLOGY 5 RACIAL TEMPLATES 66,2 HUMAN GENETIC. BASIC PRINCIPLES 6 Genetic Upgrades 66, Mendelian Heredity 6 ENGINEERING 36 Homo superior Parahumans 67.
DNA SEQUENCING 7 GENGINEERING AT CONCEPTION 36 Genetic Mixing 68. The Human Genome Project 8 Eugenic Germline Gengineering 36 Pantropic Parahumans 70. DNA Testing Procedures 8 Germline Gengineering Specialists and Slaves 72. SELECTIVE BREEDING 10 for Species Modification 37,Genetic Engineering 3 MAN S BEST FRIENDS 75. GENETIC ENGINEERING 11 and Other Species 37 PROCESSED BIOPRODUCTS 75. Genetic Engineering Procedures 12 Alien Hybrids 38. Gene Cloning 12 BIOLOGICAL CONTROL 76,Objectives of Control Using Extant Species 76. Germline Gengineering 13 Human Gengineering 38, Horizontal Gene Transfer 13 Gengineered Control Species 76. Why Make bermenschen 39 Control Using Microorganisms 76. Self Modifying Genetic Code 14 Hidden Dangers 40,Genetic Surgery 14 Environmental Control 77. Nature Versus Nurture 40, Genetic Reconstruction 14 Designing Variant Humans 41.
PLANT TECHNOLOGY 77,Biotech Facilities 15 Propagation 77. Experimental Procedures 41,Bioengineering Equipment 15 Hydroponics 78. Genetic Engineering in Play 17 GENGINEERED TRAITS 42 GENGINEERED PLANTS 78. Brain Modifications 42,REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY 19 Biotech Foodstuffs 78. Cardiovascular Modifications 44,Birth Control 19 Crop Modifications 78. Cosmetic and Minor, Fertility Treatments 19 Plants as Materials Producers 80.
Transgenic Modifications 44,Surrogate Motherhood 20 Plant Bioweapons 80. Digestive and,Growth Tanks 20 Rapid Growth Plants 80. Filtration Modifications 46,Stem Cells 22 Zoogenetic Plants 81. Glandular Modifications 47, CLONING 22 Immune System Modifications 49 GENGINEERED FUNGI 81. The History of Cloning 22 Lifespan and Self Repair GENGINEERED INSECTS 82. Clones and Uniqueness 23 Modifications 50 Helpful Insects 82. Utility of Post Embryonic Cloning 24 Morphological Changes 51 Insect Bioweapons 82. Risks of Cloning 24 Musculo Skeletal Modifications 53 Sample Gengineered Insects 84. BIOMETRICS 24 Nervous System Modifications 54 GENGINEERED ANIMALS 84. ARTIFICIAL LIFE 26 Respiratory Modifications 55 Levels of Sapience 85. Tissue Engineering 26 Sensory Modifications 56 Creating Biomodified Animals 86. Mimicking Biology 26 Sexual and Reproductive Animal Modifications 87. Lifebanks and Genome Libraries 27 Modifications 58 Sample Gengineered Animals 88. Sex Ratios 58 Non Sapient Animals 93,BIOMATERIALS 28.
Transformations 60 Industrial and Research Animals 93. Biomimetics 28, Unintended Disadvantages 61 Symbiotic Parasites 94. Biotronics 28,Bioroid Modifications 61 BIOGADGETS 95. VARIANT BIOTECH 30 Size Modification 62, Magical Biotech 30 Care and Feeding of Biogadgets 95. Other Features 64 Emulating Existing Technology 95. Imprinting 30, GURPS System Design STEVE JACKSON Production Artist JUSTIN DE WITT. Managing Editor CHRISTOPHER AYLOTT Print Buyers MONIQUE CHAPMAN. GURPS Line Editor SEAN PUNCH and MONICA STEPHENS, Production Manager MONICA STEPHENS Marketing Director PAUL CHAPMAN.
Page Design PHIL REED and JUSTIN DE WITT Sales Manager ROSS JEPSON. Art Direction MONICA STEPHENS Errata Coordinator ANDY VETROMILE. and WILL SCHOONOVER GURPS FAQ Maintainer ST PHANE TH RIAULT. Playtesters James Pip Barrett Frederick Brackin Daniel Boese Daniel Bronson Lowe Eric Funk Rev Pee Kitty Susan Koziel. Jonathan Lang MA Lloyd Paraj Mandrekar Elizabeth McCoy Robert O Connor Emily Smirle Jeff Wilson. GURPS Warehouse 23 and the all seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated Pyramid and the names. of all products published by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated are registered trademarks or trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. or used under license GURPS Bio Tech is copyright 1998 2006 by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated Some art copyright www clipart com. Some art courtesy of U S Department of Energy Human Genome Program www ornl gov hgmis Printed in Thailand All rights reserved. The scanning uploading and distribution of this book via the Internet or via any other means without the permission of the publisher is illegal. and punishable by law Please purchase only authorized electronic editions and do not participate in or encourage. the electronic piracy of copyrighted materials Your support of the authors rights is appreciated. 2 CONTENTS, Creating New Gadgets 96 SURGERY AND LIFE SUPPORT 135 Bodysculpt Clinics 194. Sample Biogadgets 96 Anesthesia 135 BIOETHICS 194, BIOVEHICLES 96 Life Support 136 Trade in Body Parts 194. Designing Biovehicles 96 Surgical Procedures 136 Black Market Organs 195. Spacecraft Bioships 98 Exploring Inner Space 137 Playing God 195. Airships Bioblimps 99 Cinematic Surgery 138 Cloning and Religion 196. Water Vehicles Biosubs 100 Recovery 139 Fetus Farming 197. Other Considerations 100 Autopsy 139 Eugenics 197, BIOBUILDINGS 101 How Fast Does a Body Decay 140 DNA Profiling and. Gaia Planet Sized Organisms 101 MEDICAL TRANSPLANTS 141 Identification 198. Acquiring Organs 141 Genetic Testing 199, 4 MICROORGANISMS 102 Rejection and Bioroids Parahumans. TYPES OF MICROORGANISMS 102 Immunosuppression 141 and Uplifts 199. The Domains of Life 103 Telemedicine 142 Defining Who is Human 200. Types of Transplants 142 Immortality 200,INDUSTRIAL AND.
NEUROLOGICAL PROCEDURES 143 Messing with the Environment 201. COMMERCIAL MICROBES 104 Bio Law 201,Purchasing Microorganisms 105 PRESERVATION 144. Energy and Fuel Production 105 Cryonic Preservation 144 CHARACTER TEMPLATES 202. Nonhuman Activist 202,Mining and Refining 106, Cryonic Suspension 145 Bioengineer or Gengineer 203. Corrosion Control 106,Suspended Animation 146 Biotech Executive 204. Pollution Control 106,Nanostasis 147 Ecological Engineer or Ecoteur 204. Domestic Bacteria 107,Temporal Stasis 147 Epidemiologist 205.
Targeted Microbes 107,Forensic Pathologist 206,Microbial Construction 108. Economic Impact of,6 DRUGS AND NANO 148 Nurse 207,CHEMICAL DRUGS 148 Organlegger 207. Biological Manufacturing 108,Therapeutic Drugs 149 Physician 208. Bioelectronics 108,Drug Allergies 150 Senior Citizen 210. Sucrochemicals 109,Storage and Handling of Jobs 210.
Terraforming 109, ZOOGLOEAL ORGANISMS 110 Drugs and Nano 153 ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES. Biofilm Growth 110 Capability Enhancing Drugs 154 AND SKILLS 210. Biofilms 111 Xenodrugs 156 New Features 212, Giant Blobs 111 Espionage Drugs 157 New Meta Traits 213. Lifestyle Drugs 157 MODIFIERS 214,GERM WARFARE 112 Longevity Drugs 158. Ecological Warfare 112 New Enhancements 214,Name That Drug 159 Limitations 215. Biological Agents 112,Pharmacogenomic Drugs 160 New Limitations 215.
Cleanup 114,Psi Drugs 160 About Our Commentators 216. Enhanced Germs 114,Designing Drugs 160, Target Seeking Pathogens 115 9 BIOTECH SETTINGS 217. Magical and Mystical Drugs 161,Designer Plagues 116. Germ Delivery 116 NANODRUGS 161 ALEXANDER ATHANATOS 217. Sample New Bacterium Transformational Nano 162 History 218. Oedipus 5 116 NANOSYMBIONTS 164 Anthropithekos 219. Germ Warfare and Terrorism 117 DRUG AND NANO The Empire 220. Anti Germ Warfare 117 MAP THE EMPIRE OF,DELIVERY METHODS 167. Anti Material Bacteria 118 ALEXANDER THE GREAT 220. MEDICAL APPLICATIONS 119 7 BIOMODS 168 MAP ALEXANDRIA 221. Fighting Disease 119 ELECTIVE SURGERY 168 Technology 221. Protein Factories 120 Acquiring Biomods 169 Alexander Athanatos in. Encapsulated Cell Implants 120 Bodysculpting 169 Infinite Worlds 222. Symbiotic Bacteria 120 Biomod Transplants 173 Organizations 222. Polykeratin Grafts 177 Alexander Phantasia 223,5 MEDICAL Xenotransplants 178 Characters 223.
TECHNOLOGY 122 Neuromods 179 Adventure Seeds 224, FIRST AID 123 Genetic Surgery Biomods 181 DRACONIS 224. The Genetics of Aging 183 The Fleet 224,Stabilization 123. PROTEUS NANOVIRUS 184 The Sigma Draconis System 225. Growing Nanovirus 185 Technology 225,DIAGNOSIS 125 Bioshuttle 226. Medical Treatment 125 Types of Proteus Virus 185,Settling In 228. Vital Signs 126 METAMORPHOSIS VIRUS 187 Organizations 229. Laboratory Tests 127 Proteus Virus Options 190 Characters 229. Medical Imaging 127 Nanowarfare 191 Adventure Seeds 229. Exploratory Surgery 127 Variants 230,Monoclonal Antibodies 129 8 CHARACTERS AND.
NON INVASIVE PROCEDURES 130 SOCIETY 192 GLOSSARY 231. Blood Transfusion 130 BIOTECH CORPORATIONS 192 BIBLIOGRAPHY 234. Blood Types 130 MEDICAL FACILITIES 193, Non Surgical Treatments 131 Hospitals 193 INDEX 238. Do You Have Insurance 134 The Medical Rescue Campaign 193. CONTENTS 3,INTRODUCTION, Genetic engineering and other biomedical technology David Morgan Mar is a research engineer who lives in. are starting to change the world in ways we can only begin Sydney Australia He is the author of GURPS Update and. to guess at co author of Transhuman Space Under Pressure and has. Can we resist the temptation to tinker with our genes contributed to several GURPS books including Monsters. when the potential rewards include immortality Will exot and Steam Tech. ic wonder drugs soon be produced in cows and goats. Could natural or artificial plagues wipe us out or will. biotech conquer disease or transform us into posthuman. superbeings And just how do genetic engineering and. cloning work anyhow About GURPS, GURPS Bio Tech explores these and other questions Steve Jackson Games is committed to full sup. examining the promise and perils of medical and biotech port of GURPS players Our address is SJ Games. nologies real and imagined and their effects on characters P O Box 18957 Austin TX 78760 Please include a. and societies The answers may surprise you self addressed stamped envelope SASE any time. you write us We can also be reached by e mail,info sjgames com Resources include. Using This Book, Biotechnology breeds its own jargon While most tech Pyramid www sjgames com pyramid Our.
nical terms are explained as they are introduced if you run online magazine includes new GURPS rules and. into an obscure term check the Glossary p 231 articles It also covers the d20 system Ars Magica. Fictional quotes introduce many sections of this book BESM Call of Cthulhu and many more top games. Capsule biographies of our commentators appear in and other Steve Jackson Games releases like. Chapter 8 p 216 Illuminati Car Wars Transhuman Space and. more Pyramid subscribers also get opportunities to. playtest new GURPS books, PUBLICATION HISTORY New supplements and adventures GURPS con. This is the second edition of GURPS Bio Tech it has tinues to grow and we ll be happy to let you know. been revised to the GURPS Fourth Edition rules and what s new For a current catalog send us a legal. expanded to cover medicine drugs magic and new tech sized SASE or just visit www warehouse23 com. nologies Some variant races and wonder drugs were intro e23 Our e publishing division offers GURPS. duced in GURPS Space by William Barton and Steve adventures play aids and support not available. Jackson The biological android bioroid and proteus anywhere else Just head over to e23 sjgames com. virus rules originated in GURPS Robots David Pulver Errata Everyone makes mistakes including us. The first edition of GURPS Bio Tech by David Pulver was but we do our best to fix our errors Up to date. 144 pages long and focused on modern and future technol errata sheets for all GURPS releases including this. ogy Some of its fictional vignettes established ideas that book are available on our website see below. would later be expanded in the Transhuman Space series Internet Visit us on the World Wide Web at. In turn a few biotech and variant races in this edition are www sjgames com for errata updates Q A and. derived from material introduced in Transhuman Space much more To discuss GURPS with SJ Games staff. David Pulver and its supplements Deep Beyond David and fellow gamers come to our forums at. Pulver Fifth Wave Jon F Zeigler and Under Pressure forums sjgames com The GURPS Bio Tech web. David Morgan Mar Kenneth Peters and Constantine page is www sjgames com gurps books bio tech. Thomas The biotech spells are based on those in David Bibliographies Many of our books have exten. Pulver s Bio Tech Designer Notes in Pyramid The medical sive bibliographies and we re putting them online. care flowchart and some advanced medicine rules are with links to let you buy the books that interest. adapted from a Pyramid article by Eric Funk you Go to the book s web page and look for the. Bibliography link, ABOUT THE AUTHORS Rules and statistics in this book are specifically. David L Pulver is a freelance writer and game designer for the GURPS Basic Set Fourth Edition Page ref. who lives in Victoria Canada He has written or co erences that begin with B refer to that book not. authored numerous GURPS books including GURPS this one. Basic Set Fourth Edition Transhuman Space and the,original Bio Tech. 4 INTRODUCTION,Accelerate Pregnancy spell 30, E coli 120 nano Blood roses 80 Corporations 192 193 biotech. Accessibility limitation 215 bacteriophages 165 Oedipus 5 BodyHeat nanodrug . biotech conquer disease or transform us into posthuman superbeings And just how do genetic engineering and cloning work anyhow GURPS Bio Tech explores these and other questions examining the promise and perils of medical and biotech nologies real and imagined and their effects on characters and societies The answers may surprise you

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