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NATO UNCLASSIFIED, RECORD OF AMENDMENTS, N Reference date of Date entered Signature. Amendment, 1 NSA 0903 2009 NAVY 4586 28 08 2009 W Duensing. 28 08 2009, EXPLANATORY NOTES,AGREEMENT, 1 This NATO Standardization Agreement STANAG is promulgated by. the Director NATO Standardization Agency under the authority vested in him. by the NATO Standardization Organisation Charter , 2 No departure may be made from the agreement without informing the. tasking authority in the form of a reservation Nations may propose changes. at any time to the tasking authority where they will be processed in the same. manner as the original agreement , 3 Ratifying nations have agreed that national orders manuals and.
instructions implementing this STANAG will include a reference to the. STANAG number for purposes of identification ,RATIFICATION IMPLEMENTATION AND RESERVATIONS. 4 Ratification implementation and reservation details are available on. request or through the NSA websites internet http nsa nato int NATO. Secure WAN http nsa hq nato int ,FEEDBACK, 5 Any comments concerning this publication should be directed to. NATO NSA Bvd Leopold III 1110 Brussels BEL , 1, NATO UNCLASSIFIED. NATO UNCLASSIFIED, NATO STANDARDISATION AGREEMENT STANAG . STANDARD INTERFACES OF UAV CONTROL SYSTEM UCS FOR NATO UAV. INTEROPERABILITY,Annexes A TERMS AND DEFINITIONS, B STANDARD INTERFACES OF UAV CONTROL SYSTEM UCS .
FOR NATO UAV INTEROPERABILITY,AIM, 1 The aim of this agreement is to promote interoperability of present and future. UAV systems in a NATO Combined Joint Service Environment Interoperability is. required because it will significantly enhance the war fighting capability of the forces . Interoperability will increase flexibility and efficiency to meet mission objectives. through sharing of assets and common utilization of information generated from UAV. systems The objective is to enable interoperability between the ground segments. e g UCSs the air segments e g UAVs and the Command Control . Communication Computer and Intelligence C4I segments of UAV systems. operating in a NATO Combined Joint environment Compliance with this agreement. alone enables but does not achieve full interoperability between various UAV. systems Specifically this agreement does not address platform and or sensor. operators proficiency levels nor does it define the CONOPs necessary to enact full. interoperability Interoperability Levels 3 5 assume a CONOPS supporting the. operation of a UAV and or its payload s by other than the organic unit responsible. for the UAV The implementation of the specified standard UCS interfaces will also. facilitate the integration of different types of UAV systems into a NATO. Combined Joint Service battlefield environment The herein specified Standardisation. will support interoperability of legacy as well as future UAV systems . AGREEMENT, 2 This NATO Standardisation Agreement STANAG is promulgated by the. Chairman NSA under the authority vested in him by the NATO Military Committee . No departure should be made from the agreement without consultation with the. tasking authority where they will be processed in the same manner as the original. agreement Participating nations agree to implement the standards presented herein. in whole or in part within their respective UAV systems to achieve the desired level of. interoperability LOI Ratifying nations have agreed that national orders manuals. and instructions implementing this STANAG will include a reference to the STANAG. number for purposes of identification ,REFERENCE DOCUMENTS . 3 The following Standardisation Agreements STANAGs Military Standards. MIL STDs International Telecommunication Union ITU Recommendations and. International Standards ISs contain provisions which through references in this. text constitute provisions of this STANAG At the time of publication the editions. indicated were valid All recommendations and standards are subject to revision and. 2, NATO UNCLASSIFIED, NATO UNCLASSIFIED, parties to agreements based on this STANAG are encouraged to investigate the. possibility of applying the most recent editions of the STANAGs MIL STDs ICAO. Documents ITU Recommendations and ISs listed below NATO Standards Agency. NSA maintains registers of currently valid STANAGs . AAP 6 V Definitions, ADatP 3 NATO Message Text Formatting System Formets Concept of Formets.
Conformets ,AEDP 2 NATO ISR Interoperability Architecture. AEDP 4 STANAG 4545 NATO Secondary Imagery Format NSIF Implementation. Guide,APP 11 NATO Message Catalogue NMC , Comit Consultatif International T l phonique et T l graphique CCITT v 42bis . Modem standard for error correction and compression at speeds of 28 8 kbps. Common Route Definitions CRD ICD 2 0 2 0 ,Digital Feature Analysis Data DFAD . ECMA Script scripting language ECMA Script 262 ,Electronic Industry Association EIA RS 170. File Transfer Protocol FTP IETF RFC 959, Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP Version 1 1 IETF RFC 2616.
ICAO document Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Services Doc 4444 RAC 501. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc IEEE Network Standards 802. Internet Protocol IP IPv4 RFC 791 792 919 922 1112 . IPv6 RFC 2460 4 2375 2236 ,ISO DIS 9241 3 Visual Display Requirements. ISO DIS 9241 8 Requirements for Displayed Colours,ISO Work Doc 9241 9 Non Keyboard Input Devices. ISO DIS 9241 10 Dialogue Principles,ISO Work Doc 9241 12 Presentation of Information. ISO CD 9241 13 User Guidance,ISO DIS 9241 14 Menu Dialogues. ISO CD 9241 16 Direct Manipulation Dialogues,ISO CD 13406 2 Flat Panel Displays.
International Organisation for Standardization International Electrotechnical Commission. ECMAScript Language Specification ISO IEC 16262,MIL STD 2525B Common Warfighting Symbology. MIL STD 2401 World Geodetic System 84 WGS 84 , NATO C3 Technical Architecture NC3TA Version 5 2 June 8 2004 All 5 volumes . NATO Data Policy 2000 12 20 00, Network Time Protocol V3 April 9 1992 NTP RFC 1305 . 3, NATO UNCLASSIFIED, NATO UNCLASSIFIED, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers SMPTE 170 M. STANAG 1059 Letter Codes for Geographical Entities. STANAG 3150 Codification Uniform System of Supply Classification. STANAG 3151 Codification Uniform System of Item Identification. STANAG 3377 AR Edition 6 Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Report Forms. STANAG 3809 Digital Terrain Elevation Data DTED Exchange Standard. STANAG 4250 NATO Reference Module for Open Systems Interconnection Part 1. General Description,STANAG 4545 NATO Secondary Imagery Format NSIF .
STANAG 4559 NATO Standard Image Library Interface NSILI . STANAG 4575 NATO Advanced Data Storage Interface NADSI . STANAG 4607 NATO Ground Moving Target Indicator Format NGMTIF . STANAG 4609 NATO Digital Motion Imagery Standard, STANAG 7023 Air Reconnaissance Primary Imagery Data Standard. STANAG 7024 Imagery Air Reconnaissance Tape Recorder Standards. STANAG 7074 Digital Geographic Information Exchange Standard DIGEST . STANAG 7085 Interoperable Data Links for Imaging Systems. STDI 0002 National Imagery and Mapping Agency The Compendium of Controlled. Extensions CE for the National Imagery Transmission Format NITF CMETAA. Support Data Extension , Transport Control Protocol TCP IETF STD 7 RFC 793 TCP . United States Message Text Format USMTF ,User Datagram Protocol UDP IEN 88 RFC 768 1122 . Variable Message Format VMF ,DEFINITIONS, 4 The terms and definitions used in this document are listed in Annex A . GENERAL, 5 The outline of this STANAG follows the following format .
Annex A contains the Terms and Definitions used in the STANAG . Annex B provides a top level description of the objectives and the. approach taken to achieve UAV Systems Interoperability through. standardising the interfaces between the Core UCS CUCS and the air. vehicle and the CUCS and the external C4I Systems It also specifies the. Human Computer Interface HCI requirements that the CUCS shall. provide to the UAV system operator It describes the requirement for a. standard functional UCS Architecture to accommodate those interfaces. and refers to the Appendices B1 B3 that contain the details of the. Standards required by STANAG 4586 It also lists other STANAGs . 4, NATO UNCLASSIFIED, NATO UNCLASSIFIED, standards and protocols that are required for achieving UAV Systems. interoperability and offers some considerations for their implementation . DETAILS OF AGREEMENT, 6 STANAG 4586 defines the architectures interfaces communication. protocols data elements message formats and identifies related STANAGs that. compliance with is required to operate and manage multiple legacy and future UAVs. in a complex NATO Combined Joint Services Operational Environment The UCS. Architecture encompasses the Core UCS to handle UAV Common Core processes . the Data Link Interface DLI to enable operations with legacy as well as future UAV. systems the Command and Control Interface CCI for UAV and UAV payload data. dissemination to support legacy and evolving NATO C4I Systems and Architectures . and the HCI requirements to support the interface to the UAV system operators Five. levels of interoperability are defined to accommodate operational requirements This. version of the STANAG contains the messages which support the Electro . Optical Infra Red EO IR Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR Communications Relay . and Stores e g weapons payloads etc across the DLI As additional payloads are. defined the STANAG will be updated accordingly to incorporate those payloads The. Command and Control Interface utilizes applicable messages from the NATO. FORMETS ADatP 3 Build 11 As this system is replaced with bit oriented message. formats this STANAG will be updated accordingly In addition this STANAG supports. the NATO Air Force Armaments Group NAFAG NATO ISR Interoperability. Architecture NIIA in that it invokes compliance with the NIIA specified standards . PROTECTION OF PROPRIETARY RIGHTS SEE ARTICLE 307 ,7 If required . IMPLEMENTATION OF THE AGREEMENT, 8 This STANAG is implemented by a nation when it has issued instructions that. all such equipment procured for its forces will be manufactured in accordance with. the characteristics detailed in this agreement ,CHANGES TO EDITION 1.
9 Based on the results of a Canadian funded STANAG 4586 Edition1 validation. effort using simulated environment further analysis by PG 35 Specialist Team ST . supported by NATI Industrial Advisory Group NIAG Study Group 73 S G 73 and. feedback from national programs and industries supporting development of UAV. Systems changes to Edition 1 have been identified analyzed and agreed to by the. ST and are forwarded for national review and ratification The changes fall into the. following areas , Definitions of levels of interoperability have been revised to separate payload. control LOI 3 from air vehicle control LOI 4 , Human Computer Interface HCI has been redefined as Core UAV Control. System CUCS capability requirements rather then as an interface like the. DLI or CCI, 5, NATO UNCLASSIFIED, NATO UNCLASSIFIED. HCI guidance has been moved to the STANAG 4586 Implementation Guide. Additional messages and fields have been added to the DLI in support of. configuration definition of the UCS components e g Core UCS and Vehicle. Specific Module VSM , Technical and administrative errors have been corrected and editorial. changes to clarify requirements,STANAG MAINTENANCE AND UPDATE.
10 STANAG 4586 will be maintained and updated to correct any latent errors . add improvements from lessons learned and incorporate new requirements by the. STANAG Custodian supported by a multinational Custodian Support Team CST . The STANAG has a high degree of continuing attention from the CST As new. editions are published feedback is being collected on a continuing basis for follow on. editions That experience gained in implementation is highly valued by the CST and. should be forwarded to the STANAG 4586 Custodian Mr Keith Wheeler Phone . 1 760 939 4287 U S or e mail keith wheeler navy mil . 6, NATO UNCLASSIFIED, Amendment 1, NATO UNCLASSIFIED. ANNEX A to, STANAG 4586, Edition 2, TERMS AND DEFINITIONS. 1 Acronyms and Abbreviations The following acronyms are used for the. purpose of this agreement ,A, ACCS Army Command and Control System US Air Command and. Control System NATO ,Accel Acceleration,ACK Acknowledge. ACM Airspace Control Means,ACO Airspace Control Order.
ADatP 3 Allied Data Publication 3,ADT Air Data Terminal. AGL Above Ground Level,AMPS Aviation Mission Planning System. ANSI American National Standards Institute,AOA Angle Of Attack. AOI Area Of Interest,AP Allied Publication Alliance Publication. API Application Program ming Interface, ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
ASM Air Space Management,ASW Anti Submarine Warfare. ATC Air Traffic Control,ATP Allied Tactical Publication. ATR Automatic Target Recognition,ATS Air Traffic Services. AV Air Vehicle,AVC Air Vehicle Control,B,BDA Battle Damage Assessment. BER Bit Error Rate,BIT Built in Test,BITE Built in Test Equipment.
BLOS Beyond Line of Sight,BOM Bit Oriented Message. STANAG 4586 will be maintained and updated to correct any latent errors add improvements from lessons learned and incorporate new requirements by the STANAG Custodian supported by a multinational Custodian Support Team CST

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