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Acknowledgements, We would like to thank the following for sharing their insight and experience. Anne Pattberg Head of CSR and Internal Communications Camelot Group. Brendan May Managing Director Planet 2050 Weber Shandwick. Dermot Grimson Head of External Affairs The Crown Estate. Gerry Wade Director ProbusBNW, Heiko Spitzeck Lecturer and Researcher Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility. Ian Duncan Community Environmental Affairs Manager Nationwide. Ian Gearing Corporate Responsibility Manager National Grid plc. Jennie Gibbons UK Corporate Social Reporting Manager British American Tobacco. Penny McVeigh Freelance Consultant, Rochelle Mortier Formerly with Greenpeace International on sustainable investment and business. practices climate change, Rowland Hill CSR Sustainability Manager Marks Spencer. Sophia Tickell Executive Director SustainAbility Ltd. Thomas Lawton Professor of Strategic Management Cranfield University School of Management. Thomas Lingard Deputy Director Green Alliance, Tunde Morakinyo Principle Consultant Environmental Resources Management.
This guide aims to provide you with an understanding of and Organisations have long recognised that employees at all levels. practical tips for successful stakeholder engagement We focus need negotiating skills stakeholder engagement significantly. particularly on engaging communities NGOs and wider civil recasts these skills extending considerably the range of. society It is written by a Doughty Centre Associate Neil Jeffery organisations and individuals that an organisation needs to. who has had extensive experience as an NGO campaigner and negotiate with and re emphasising that the most successful. director and more recently as an adviser to a number of negotiations are those that produce satisfaction for all parties. Fortune 500 corporations on engaging stakeholders over the long term for critical success factors for stakeholder. engagement see Section 4 Towards Meaningful Engagement. Stakeholder engagement is relevant to any type of organisation. business public or civil society It is particularly important in the If Corporate Responsibility is about minimising negative and. context of running an organisation responsibly and is integral to maximising positive environmental and social impacts then. the concept of Corporate Responsibility An organisation cannot stakeholder engagement is one of the core skills and key. be serious about Corporate Responsibility unless it is serious activities which enables this to happen successfully and effectively. about stakeholder engagement and vice versa When organisations don t engage stakeholders successfully they. can lose out as the following newspaper headlines, Stakeholder engagement is crucially different to stakeholder demonstrate. management stakeholder engagement implies a willingness to. listen to discuss issues of interest to stakeholders of the. organisation and critically the organisation has to be prepared to Retailers accused of ignoring Bangladeshi workers plight. consider changing what it aims to achieve and how it operates Workers producing clothes in Bangladesh for some of. as a result of stakeholder engagement the UK s biggest retailers are being forced to work up. to 80 hours a week for as little as 7p an hour according. Some critics of Corporate Responsibility misinterpret the idea to a report from War on Want Guardian 051208. believing that it means that an organisation surrenders to NGOs. or community activists it should mean no such thing The Thomas Cook promises investors it will outline its. leadership of the organisation still needs to set the direction for carbon footprint after being named and shamed by. the growth of the organisation but does so in the knowledge of investors Guardian 131008. stakeholders wants and needs SWANS as well as the, organisation s wants and needs OWANS see Understanding Norwegian government attacks Rio Tinto selling a 500. stakeholders 3 2 million holding in the company after accusing it of. grossly unethical conduct Independent 100908, Successful management thus becomes the art of optimising long. term benefits for the organisation based on reconciling Gene modified crop spurs investor revolt Financial. sometimes disparate stakeholders wants and needs investors Times 050308. employees customers suppliers etc,Whistleblowers bring BP down to earth Financial. Organisations are constantly interacting with stakeholders some Times 080806. of whom will be more or less positively or negatively disposed. to the organisation and will have greater or lesser power over. the organisation see Segmenting stakeholders 3 2, When organisations do engage successfully it can be a win win A parallel How to guide from the Doughty Centre looks at.
for business and society as these newspaper headlines engaging Corporate Responsibility champions within. demonstrate organisations to engage employees Future publications will cover. engaging investors on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. and how organisations can engage their supply chain With. external partners we have recently produced a think piece on. Wal Mart and leading suppliers form council to foster. the future of the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. green job creation The world s largest retailer, function and with other partners we will shortly issue a piece on. announced the formation of a supplier council to,communicating Sustainability. stimulate and retool America s workforce GreenBizz. Starbucks to promote Ethiopia s farmers and their, coffee Starbucks and the Ethiopian government have. reached an agreement over the distribution marketing. and licensing of Ethiopian coffee BBC 210607,David Grayson July 2009. Internet companies agree on China code of conduct,Reuters 050808.
U S technology giants Microsoft Corp Google Inc and. Yahoo Inc in talks with other Internet companies and. human rights groups have reached an agreement on a. voluntary code of conduct for activities in China and. other restrictive countries Reuters 050808,1 Executive Summary 7. 2 Introduction 11,2 1 The Benefits of Engaging with Stakeholders 11. 2 2 Basic Principles of Stakeholder Participation 11. 2 3 Current Stakeholder Engagement in Practice 13,3 How to Engage Stakeholders 15. 3 1 Stage 1 Plan 16, 3 2 Stage 2 Understanding Stakeholders and their Wants and Needs 17. 3 3 Stage 3 Internal Preparedness and Alignment with Stakeholders 20. 3 4 Stage 4 Building Trust 20,3 5 Stage 5 Consultation 22.
3 6 Stage 6 Respond and Implement 25, 3 7 Stage 7 Monitoring Evaluating and Documenting 25. 4 Towards Meaningful Engagement 27, 4 1 Alignment of CR and Business Unit Relations 30. 4 2 Building Trust 32,4 3 Motivation 33,4 4 Embeddedness of Stakeholder Thinking 35. 4 5 The Importance of Accurate Representation 36, 4 6 Tone from the Top the Leadership Role of the CEO 38. 4 7 Organisational Behaviour 39,4 8 Non productive Engagement Behaviour 40.
4 9 Combination of Leadership Capabilities and Organisational Behaviour 41. 4 10 Recommendations Towards Meaningful Engagement 42. 5 Appendices 44, 5 1 International Standards for Stakeholder Engagement and Reporting 44. 5 2 Tips for Understanding NGOs 44, 5 3 Template for Assessing Impact of any Previous Communication History with Stakeholder 45. 5 4 Examples of Community and Civil Society Stakeholders 45. 5 5 Matrix of Consultation Techniques 45,5 6 Stakeholder Perception Surveys 47. 6 Further Reading 47,List of Figures, Figure 1 Differentiating Crisis Management Stakeholder Management and Stakeholder Engagement. List of Figures, Figure 2 The Process Flow of Stakeholder Engagement.
Figure 3 Porter s Five Forces model plus Social Contract. Figure 4 Characteristics of Crisis Management Stakeholder Management and Stakeholder Engagement. Figure 5 Stages in a Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement Process. Figure 6 Stakeholder Typology based on a Diagnosis of up to Three Attributes perceived Power Legitimacy and. Figure 7 SWANS and OWANS,Figure 8 SWANS and OWANS The Performance Prism. Figure 9 Building a Basic Profile of Local Community Stakeholders. Figure 10 Initial Generic Questions to Scope out Issues of Importance to Stakeholders. Figure 11 Issue Prioritisation from Organisation and Stakeholder Perspectives. Figure 12 Deciding on a Course of Action for a Particular Issue. Figure 13 Implementing Measures to Manage Issues Identified as Priorities. Figure 14 Desirable Company Characteristics, Figure 15 Issues to Consider Related to Critical Success Factors in Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement. Figure 16 Key Relationships of Importance to Building Meaningful Stakeholder Relations. Figure 17 Typical Example of a Culture Web, Figure 18 Internal Elements Critical to Building Meaningful Stakeholder Relations. Executive Summary, This guide seeks to identify explore and elaborate the essential elements of meaningful relations and. Executive Summary, the concomitant internal environment in an organisation that most enhances its ability to obtain value.
from NGO and community stakeholder relationships, The guide is designed to provide strategic advice to senior More experienced managers who are seeking to improve. executives who shape and lead institutional policy towards their organisation s Corporate Responsibility and. stakeholders and practical guidance and case studies to Sustainability performance or who may want to reflect on. operational managers who engage regularly with stakeholders their organisation s approach to stakeholder engagement. Reading this guide will help you to be better able to establish especially when facing hostile communities or unfamiliar. conditions for meaningful engagement by more effectively NGOs campaigns. recognising analysing and utilising opportunities and challenges. to building relations and through exploring issues above and Specialist Corporate Responsibility managers looking for. beyond the simple identification of stakeholders and immediate additional tools and techniques to share with operational. unprepared initiation of conversations It seeks to reflect the managers facing environmental social and governance. reality of managers on the ground experience by drawing on challenges. lessons learnt from past incidents highlighted by practical. Section 2 examines why an organisation should engage with. stakeholders while Section 3 explores practically how an. This How to guide is written primarily for organisation can establish stakeholder relations Section 4. examines critical success factors in meaningful engagement and. Managers moving into a new position who for the first time. outlines recommendations on how to build conditions and. have to engage external stakeholders rather than simply. capacities for meaningful relations,manage transactional relations. Readers can go through the guide section by section or refer to. specific section as and when they need that information as an. aide memoire Box 1 below gives examples of the type of. information you can find as and when you need it,Box 1 Getting Started. Managers should be able to answer,Who are our stakeholders. How do we will we segment our stakeholders, What benefits can we expect from meaningful stakeholder engagement.
What information sources do we already have about our stakeholders and their views. What therefore do we think are the principal stakeholder wants and needs SWANS and the organisation s wants. and needs from stakeholders OWANS, What are the organisation s priorities for better understanding SWANS for example where are the significant. knowledge gaps where particularly important stakeholders wants and needs seem to be changing where we believe. there already is could be significant and potentially damaging gaps between SWANS and OWANS. Armed with this better information where is the potential for reducing risks and increasing opportunities from better. aligning SWANS and OWANS and where are the biggest threats from gaps between SWANS and OWANS. What is the best methodology for meaningful engagement with key stakeholders. What does the organisation need to do to maximise chances of success. How does the organisation learn and continuously improve meaningful stakeholder engagement. The Importance of Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement. Organisations can no longer choose if they want to engage with Meaningful engagement occurs when organisations aware of the. Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement, stakeholders or not the only decision they need to take is when changes in the wider society and how they relate to. and how successfully to engage Stakeholder engagement is organisational performance choose to establish relations with. premised on the notion that those groups who can affect or are stakeholders as a means to manage the impact of those changes. affected by the achievements of an organisation s purpose 1 such as those created as a result of global economic downturn. should be given the opportunity to comment and input into the Organisations can either seek to mitigate risk through the use of. development of decisions that affect them In today s society if stakeholder management or exploit these new trends to identify. they are not actively sought out sooner or later they may and establish new opportunities through the use of meaningful. demand to be consulted stakeholder engagement the latter is characterised by a. stakeholder management or exploit these new trends to identify and establish new opportunities through the use of meaningful stakeholder engagement the latter is characterised by a willingness to be open to change Figure 1 distinguishes between crisis management stakeholder engagement and stakeholder management

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