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Background 1199 SEIU UHE,1199 or the union,1199 SEIU UHE Mission. Began in NYC Improve and expand quality patient,care protect and improve the lives of. its members and to work with,Largest local union workers towards common goals. Represents 200 000 healthcare,workers in New York,Background Healthcare Workers. Injuries and Illnesses Resulting,in Days Away from Work Days Away Staffing.
Hospitals 157 5 Hospital Understaffing,Construction 147 4. quality of care and risk of,Manufacturing 111 8 error. Private Industry,U S Average,105 2 worker fatigue and. 0 50 100 150 200,occupational stress,Cases Per 100 000 Full Time Employees. Source Bureau of Labor Statistics 2011,Objectives of Project.
Understaffing Goals,Identify impact of understaffing. Occupational related to health and safety,Generate meaningful material to. help the union fight,understaffing,Illness Injury,Literature Review. Attend delegate,meetings of identified,1199 hospitals. Identify recurring,concerns related to,understaffing.
Create survey that,explores identified,Administer collect and. What we learned,Understaffing in Understaffing effects is. departments,Solutions a broad topic that,extends past the worker s. assigned tasks,Understaffing in Management,the worker s relationships. department interactions,Other side effects to,understaffing that affect.
workers are largely not,Understaffing,effects on documented. Results Overview,8 hospitals in,Delegate meetings,Chapter meetings. Night shift meetings,Individual meetings,89 surveys. Give Back Products,Fact sheet,Environmental survey. Results Departmental Understaffing,All Departments.
Not Enough Staffing Impacts Performance Negatively Impacts. Results Cross Departmental Effects,Departments that most. exert cross departmental,Nursing 25,Housekeeping Environmental Serv 21. Transportation 15,Materials Management 9,Results Band Aid Solutions. Management Solutions Effects on workers,Staffing effect surveyed. Solution Used surveyed Creates higher error risk 46 5. Assigned combination,46 5 Affects mental and emotional 39 5.
well being, Mandated Overtime 32 6 Affects task completion 39 5. Employees tasked with, coordinating workload Affects time required to 37 2. complete work,Unusually high, performance days set 20 9 Creates additional tasks 37 2. as standards,Work not completed properly by 34 9,other departments physical. Results Management Interactions,Perceptions of Management Across All Departments.
Makes Worker Feel Has Preferential,Stress Around Co Treatment for Specific. Workers Workers,54 of workers agreed 57 of workers agreed. Puts Pressure to do,Heavy Workload,51 of workers,Give Back Products. Hospital Environmental,Fact Sheet,Data from Assists walkthrough. surveys inspections,Important Can be used by safety.
statistics committee members,Information to advocate Covers all areas of. for more staffing hospital and common,Challenges,Additional task for workers. Covering 8 hospitals,Concurrent Delegate meetings, Meeting with delegates outside of delegate meetings. Travel time Maintaining flexibility, Survey identified another area of concern to workers Preferential. Created a catalogued database of workers willing to do interviews focus. Extensive database allows studying understaffing via numerous. Identified departments that most,affect others,Recommendations.
Short Term, Follow up with workers interested in testimonials and focus groups. Develop accountability system for preferential treatment. Documentation system for incidents of cross departmental understaffing effects. Complete walk through checklist departmentally, Develop a strategy to respond to band aid solutions that negatively impact workers. Pressure for training for management to address preferential treatment. Use information from surveys as advocacy tool for more staffing. Staffing Effects on Healthcare Workers in NYC OHIP 2015 CRISTINA ECHEVERRIA DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY C CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING UCLA THOMAS CORDON MASTERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH C ENVIRONMENTAL AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH RUTGERS Background 1199 SEIU UHE 1199 or the union Began in NYC 1199 SEIU UHE Mission Improve and expand quality patient Largest local union Represents

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