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Creative Learning at Home 2, As we are still spending time at home with our families we have. updated the creative learning activities There are some related to year groups but. anyone can do them, All the activities will require you to use your imagination talents and skills. Remember they can be completed in any order, It would be lovely to see your fabulous work so keep your work in a. journal scrapbook and if you are able to take photographs for the Art Gallery on. the school blog,Get creating and enjoy,Year 3 Light and Shadows. Use drawing pencils to create a tonal chart, Draw a picture of a piece of fruit Use your pencil to add shading.
and tone Think about where the light is coming from. Try using different colours,Make a shadow puppet, Draw your shape onto card an old cereal box will do. cut it out and stick it to a straw or a stick ask an adult. Use your puppets to tell a story, Hold them up near a blank wall where does the light. need to be to create the shadow,2 Year 4 States of Matter. Andy Goldsworthy,All materials have a molecular structure. Find out about Andy Goldsworthy what kind of,Have a go at making or drawing molecular.
artist is he What materials does he use Take a,structures. look at these ice and snow sculptures he created,You can use pencils pens paint or any bits. What will happen to them,you have at home,Take a photo for the school blog. Here are some examples,Heat can change the state of some materials. Create a heat picture using any art materials you have. Year 5 Living Things,Life Cycles, Draw or paint the life cycle of an animal or insect.
Draw a plant in detail,Or draw your own life cycle so far showing the. changes overtime Use any art materials you have Use pencils to create an observational drawing of a. house plant Don t worry if you don t have a house,plant use an image from the internet. If you need help there are lots of YouTube clips just. remember to use the internet safely,Christopher Marley. This artist uses beetles and butterflies to create symmetrical art works which he. then photographs, Try creating your own version by drawing insects in a symmetrical pattern. Think about what different colours you could use and what pattern you could. make Send us a photo for the art gallery on the school blog. Year 6 The Heart,Jim Dine Pop Artist, This artist has focused on the heart for a lot of his art work.
Create your own picture of the heart in his Pop Art style. Heart Poetry,Write a poem about the heart Use the heart. shape in the middle and write your sentences,around it keep to the shape of the heart. Try creating your own heart art,Or a single heart like this one. Kandinsky style,also by Jim Dine,Tin Foil Sculptures. Using tin foil create sculptures inspired by the artist Giacometti. Just twist into long pipes and wrap them around each other to create figures and. If you need some help take a look at these sites,https www youtube com watch v UPcT9KUNDsE spider.
https www youtube com watch v kYDayHvcjY4 figures,Piet Mondrian designs. Using felt tip pens,colouring pencils paint,or even shading with. writing pencils create,your own Mondrian,It was World Bee Day recently. It is really important that we keep bees safe,Do you know why Find out if you re not sure. Can you draw or paint your own,image of a bee,Room with a view.
Look outside what can you see,Sketch draw or paint what you can see. from your window trees cars buildings,or draw and paint from. your imagination,Hundertwasser Lollipops,Friedensreich Hundertwasser used bright colours. and spirals in his art,Use colouring pencils or felt tip pens to create. your own version of Lollipops What colours will, Visit these sites to find out more about him and his art.
https factsforkids net hundertwasser facts for kids. https primaryfacts com 807 friedensreich hundertwasser. facts and information,David Hockney Spring Art,The artist David Hockney has created. images of the spring,This art is created using,an app on a tablet. Can you use paint or,colouring pencils to create your own spring art. It would be lovely to see your fabulous work so keep your work in a journal scrapbook and if you are able to take photographs for the Art Gallery on the school blog Get creating and enjoy 1 Year 3 Light and Shadows Use drawing pencils to create a tonal chart Try using different colours Draw a picture of a piece of fruit Use your pencil to add shading and tone Think about where the

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