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April 26 2020,Third Sunday of Easter, Were not our hearts burning within us while he spoke to us on the way and. opened the scriptures to us Luke 24 32, They were so disturbed when they saw him hanging on. the cross that they forgot his teaching did not look for. Week of April 25th May 3rd his resurrection and failed to keep his promises in mind. Sermon 235 1,Sat 4 25 5 00p Due to the cancellation of. Sun 4 26 10 00a Masses by the Archdiocese Their eyes were obstructed that they should not. Mon 4 27 8 00a Weekend Mass Intentions will be recognize him until the breaking of the bread And thus. Tues 4 28 8 00a rescheduled Weekday Mass Intentions in accordance with the state of their minds which was. are being offered by Father Raphael still ignorant of the truth that the Christ would die and. during his private celebration of Mass rise again their eyes were similarly hindered It was not. Wed 4 29 8 00a that the truth himself was misleading them but rather. Thur 4 30 8 00a Thank you that they were themselves unable to perceive the truth. These are extraordinary times and we appreciate your From The Harmony of the Gospels 3 25 72. continued support to the best of your ability Donations can How often do we fail to recognize the Lord when he. be made through regular Mail or Online Giving speaks to our hearts and opens his mind to us The Risen. at our parish website Thank you Lord is ever ready to speak his word to us and to give us. understanding of his ways Do you listen attentively to. Weekend of May 2nd and May 3rd,the Word of God and allow his word to change and. Sat 5 2 5 00p Mass Intentions will be rescheduled transform you. Sun 5 3 10 00a Please pray for our deceased loved ones. Lord Jesus Christ open the eyes of my heart to, Readings for the Week of April 26 Year A recognize your presence with me and to understand the.
truth of your saving word Nourish me with your life. Monday Acts 6 8 15 Jn 6 22 29 giving word and with the bread of life Copyright c 2020. Tuesday Acts 7 51 8 1a Jn 6 30 35 Servants of the Word www dailyscripture net Don Schwager. Wednesday Acts 8 1b 8 Jn 6 35 40,Thursday Acts 8 26 40 Jn 6 44 51. Friday Acts 9 1 20 Jn 6 52 59,Saturday Acts 9 31 42 Jn 6 60 69. Sunday Acts 2 14a 36 41 Jn 10 1 10,Scripture Reflection. He took bread said the blessing broke it,and gave it to them. Why was it difficult for the disciples to recognize the. risen Lord Jesus death scattered his disciples and DAILY QUOTE FOR THE EASTER SEASON. shattered their hopes and dreams They had hoped that. The Easter Alleluia by Augustine of Hippo Bishop, he was the one to redeem Israel They saw the cross as.
and Doctor of the Church 354 430 A D, defeat and could not comprehend the empty tomb until. the Lord Jesus appeared to them and gave them Now therefore brethren we urge you to praise God. understanding Jesus chided the disciples on the road to That is what we are all telling each other when we say. Emmaus for their slowness of heart to believe what the Alleluia You say to your neighbor Praise the Lord. Scriptures had said concerning the Messiah They did not and he says the same to you We are all urging one. recognize the risen Jesus until he had broken bread with another to praise the Lord and all thereby doing what. them Do you recognize the Lord in his word and in the each of us urges the other to do But see that your praise. breaking of the bread comes from your whole being in other words see that. you praise God not with your lips and voices alone but. St Augustine of Hippo 354 430 AD reflects on the,with your minds your lives and all your actions. dimness of their perception,excerpt from commentary on Psalm 148. He said to them Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature Mark 16 15. SPECIAL OCCASIONS CELEBRATIONS PARISH ACTIVITIES, April Birthdays Marge Tiso 4 2 Masses have been canceled until further notice by the. Scarlet 4 6 Elena McWhinney 4 14 Archdiocese of New York Our regular parish activities. Jim Collins 4 15 Joseph Stella 4 19 meetings and events have also been temporarily. Josie 4 23 Jean Druffner 4 27 suspended Please check our parish website for updates. Happy Birthday May God continue to NEXT MONTH MAY THE MONTH OF MARY. pour his love and warmth on you wherever you go, It is a centuries old custom of Catholics to dedicate the.
and in all walks of life Happy Birthday month of May to the Blessed Virgin Mary The month of. April Anniversaries Gerry John Nilsen 4 6 Chris May is always part of the Easter season the fifty days we. Jerry Baltz 4 11 50th Anniversary celebrate in the liturgy the Resurrection of Our Lord a. Kathy Bill Tretter 4 23 Maureen Gene Gormley time also of awaiting the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at. 4 25 Pentecost The celebration of May as a Marian month fits. May God bestow more blessings today on this important well with the liturgical celebrations of Easter and. day along with continued health happiness and good Pentecost as we recall Mary s great joy in her Son s. fortune victory over death as well as her presence with the. apostles in the upper room prayerfully awaiting the. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost Source. todayscatholic org,Gerry Nilsen our Religious Education Coordinator. has provided the following update TIPS FOR CATHOLIC FAMILIES DURING. First Communion originally scheduled for June 14 THE PANDEMIC. has been postponed per the Archdiocese of NY Families always need a schedule to feel grounded to. Confirmation scheduled for June 19 to be held feel stability to have a rhythm to their day Schedules. at St John s Church in Woodstock will be help so we don t feel loss of control or to be OUT OF. rescheduled per Bishop Walsh in the fall CONTROL This is for children and adults alike. Donna Marie Cooper O Boyle, Please check our bulletin for these and other rescheduled. parish events Please call Gerry at 687 9769 if you have Schedule Time For. any questions about the program Prayer we need it to survive. Miss Gerry and all the teachers miss all of our students Exercise Relieves stress makes you feel good keeps. and their families We can t wait to be back together for you healthy. Mass class and especially our snack and fun time Stay Rest Reading together or alone resting being quiet. telling stories,safe and healthy, Work Yes Chores it s a good time to start with the. kids if you haven t already Teaches them,WHEN WE CANNOT RECEIVE COMMUNION responsibility. The most common reason for making an Act of Spiritual Play Enjoy board games and your precious time. Communion is when a person cannot attend Mass Acts together. of Spiritual Communion increase our desire to receive Cook together Don t worry about the mess make. sacramental Communion and help us avoid the sins that memories reach out to relatives on the phone and Face. would make us unable to receive Holy Communion Time and get family recipes hand them down carry. worthily Source Archdiocese of New York on traditions. Check on your elderly neighbors Do Works of, SPIRITUAL COMMUNION PRAYER Mercy Offer a meal The kids.
My Jesus I believe that you are present in the Most can make cheery cards. Holy Sacrament Reach out In addition to, I love you above all things and I desire to receive elderly neighbors reach out to. you in my soul others who are anxious or, Since I cannot at this moment receive you alone It s a very difficult time and remembering others. sacramentally with phone calls texts and emails will make a huge. difference for those in need of encouragement and will. Come at least spiritually into my heart,help your own soul too. I embrace you as if you were already there, CatholicMom com is about faith family and fun from a. And unite myself wholly to you, Catholic perspective It is part of the ministry founded by.
Never permit me to be separated from you Amen sainthood candidate Father Patrick Peyton C S C. He said to them Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature Mark 16 15. 4 REASONS TO BE HOPEFUL RIGHT NOW ST FRANCIS DE SALES OUR PATRON. It s hard not to worry these days with reports of viruses To take up our cross and follow Jesus Christ means. and financial concerns Yet we in God s family have nothing other than receiving and accepting. more reasons to be hopeful no matter how uncertain the all the troubles. world contradictions afflictions and, God our Father knows what we need If you then mortifications that come our. who are wicked know how to give good gifts to your way in this life We should. children how much more will your heavenly Father give accept them with complete. good things to those who ask him Matthew 7 11 He submission and resignation. will take care of us when we trust him We ought not select our own. crosses but we should accept and carry those that are. He can work miracles when we ask Know that the offered to us In this way we imitate the Savior Who did. Lord works wonders for the faithful the Lord hears not choose His own cross but humbly took upon Himself. when I call out Psalm 4 4 Be strong and of good the one prepared for Him St Francis de Sales. courage do not fear for it is the Lord your God who. goes with you he will not fail you or forsake you EASTER REFLECTION. Deuteronomy 31 6 Just when life looks bleak God Death solitude and fear are not the. can surprise us last word There is a word that, He will never abandon us You Lord are near to all transcends them a word that only God. who call upon you Psalm 145 18 Know that he is can speak it is the word of the. always close Resurrection Pope Francis, Worrying won t do any good Can any of you by FATHER RAPHAEL S VIDEO HOMILY. worrying add a moment to your lifespan If even the. Father Raphael has graciously recorded a new video. smallest things are beyond your control why are you. anxious about the rest Luke 12 25 Don t waste,homily for this Third Sunday of Easter It can be. energy on worrying about what is beyond your control accessed from the Liturgy Sacraments menu on. Enjoy your blessings Source Growing in Faith April our website God bless you Father Thank you. GET PERSONAL WITH JESUS, The Easter season is a perfect time to develop strengthen.
and deepen our friendship with Jesus During this time of. celebration we can set goals that aim to deepen our. knowledge and love of our, Lord Russell Abbrecht Luisa Armani Laureen Aversa Jerry. The Eucharist is the source Baltz Cheryl Bender Rick Bicanovsky Sheila Madera. The best way to get close to Brown Ellen Burmeister Ryan Callahan Helen. Cammardella Liam Casey Bill Caton Ben Cole Ed,Jesus is in the Holy Mass and. Dannen Lillian DiPasqua Betty Djerf Iris D Agostino. by receiving Holy Communion, Jean Druffner Honey Fecci Dave Franze Ernest Fudge. It is God s way of bringing us Sr Lois Giambrone Dorothy Gorman Trish Graig Tiso. into communion with him Brandon Grasso Chris Hall Victoria Hall Catherine. Visit the confessional Hand Rosemarie and Erwin Hildenhagen Laurie Hoy. Confession is a Sacrament that Jenny Jarrette Don Kearney Justin Kolb Josephine. encourages us to take an honest Klonfas Kathy Kretschmer Amada Lumbaca Helen. look at the way we are living Even Catholics who have Morelli Gerri Nilsen Janet Oakes Florence Palmer. been away from Confession will find that the best way to Claire Paultre Judy Pavone Robert Pavone Nicholas. get a new beginning with Jesus off to a great Percoco Fr Raphael Franca Ravetier Joel Rivera John. start is to visit the confessional Clean that slate Begin Rossett Mary Ellen Rury Jon Rowe Catherine Ryan. anew Call Fr Raphael for Confessions by appointment Christie Ryan Michael Ryder Zoila Santa Martha. Santicola Ronald Santicola Anne Shea Bert Shafer, Spend time with him We can spend time reading Gladys Gilbert Spiegler Marie Stutman John Sylak Fr. inspirational books and blogs and chatting on Catholic Phil Tran Sonja Turner Jaime Umhey Sharon Umhey. sites but to develop a relationship with Jesus we need Angie Valentino Stephanie Vesely Bob Walsh Ellen. face time with him Adoration is one of the best ways to Watson Catherine Whitelaw Greg Zaff Please also. keep him company Source Growing in Faith April pray for our men and women in military service. He said to them Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature Mark 16 15. EASTER SEASON IS NOT OVER, While Easter Time is the most important of all liturgical.
times it is not the end of our Easter celebration Easter is the. celebration of the Lord s resurrection from the dead. culminating in his Ascension to the Father and sending of. the Holy Spirit upon the Church There are 50 days of. Easter from the first Sunday to Pentecost this year May. 31 It is characterized above all by the joy of glorified life. and the victory over death expressed most fully in the great. resounding cry of the Christian Alleluia All faith flows. from faith in the resurrection If Christ has not been raised. then empty is our preaching empty too is your faith. 1 Cor 15 14, The Sundays of this time of year are considered to be Sundays of Easter and are called after Easter Sunday. itself the Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth and Seventh Sundays of Easter This sacred period of fifty days. concludes with Pentecost Sunday Source United States Conference of Catholic Bishops www usccb org. SPIRITUAL BOUQUETS,Thank God for In Loving Memory, In Memory of the blessings He In Loving of my dear. recognize the risen Jesus until he had broken bread with them Do you recognize the Lord in his word and in the in accordance with the stat e of their minds which was still ignorant of the truth that the Christ would die and rise again their eyes were similarly hindered It was not that the truth himself was misleading them but rather that they were themselves unable to perceive the

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