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CLASSROOM LAYOUT PLANT LAYOUT 4,SPECIAL NOTICE ABOUT CONTENT 5. ADMINISTRATION 5,Mission Statement 5,Statement of Policy 5. State Approved 5,ADMISSION AND REGISTRATION 5,Age Requirements 5. Registration and Extended Care Registration Requirement 6. Class Size 6,Policy for Acceptance 6,PREK 3 PROGRAM 6. Guidelines and Expectations 7,Discipline 7,Potty Training 8.
Probation 9,Daily Schedule 9,Teacher Accessibility 9. Visiting with Teacher 9,School Closing 10,Headmaster 10. Important Information 10,SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM 11,SCHOOL OPERATIONS 12. School Hours 12,Morning Arrival 13,Afternoon Dismissal 14. Parking Lot Rules 14,Rainy Day Arrival 14,Rainy Day Dismissal 14.
DRESS AND GROOMING 15,Uniforms 15,Revised 6 28 2019. Girls Uniform 15,Boys Uniform 15,Cold Weather Uniform 16. Dress Down Days 16,Tote Bags Pencil Cases and Folders 16. Jewelry Earrings Additions 17,FINANCES 17,School Fees 17. Tuition 18,Loan Defaults 18,Returned Checks 19,Refund Policy 19.
OTHER POLICIES NOTICES 19,Care of Books 19,Child and Sexual Abuse Policy 20. Firearms 20,Insurance 20,Public Health and Safety 20. Medical Special Provisions 21,1 General Policy on Medical Services 21. 2 Policy on EPI PENS 21,3 Policy on Inhalers 22,Parties 23. School Closing 23,Student Records 23,SIGNATURE SHEETS 24.
Revised 6 28 2019,CLASSROOM LAYOUT PLANT LAYOUT,Revised 6 28 2019. SPECIAL NOTICE ABOUT CONTENT, This handbook contains information that is most pertinent to the daily operations of the PreK 3 program It is. important however that you also read and become thoroughly familiar with the contents and associated. requirements of the current edition of the full St Edward the Confessor Student Parent Handbook which may. be accessed under the PARENT link on the Headmaster website. ADMINISTRATION,Mission Statement, Based on the belief that God is the center of all being the community of St Edward the Confessor Catholic. School strives to foster the spiritual intellectual personal social creative and physical development of each. child to his her fullest capacity,Statement of Policy. The schools of the Archdiocese of New Orleans Louisiana admit students of any race color national and ethnic. origin and handicaps to all the rights privileges and activities generally accorded or made available to students. at its schools They do not discriminate on the basis of race color national and ethnic origin or handicaps in. administration of their educational policies admissions policies scholarship and loan programs and athletic and. other school administered programs, Additionally in compliance with Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 no persons in the school of the.
Archdiocese shall on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of or be. subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity except as permitted under said Title IX. THIS POLICY APPLIES TO ALL SCHOOLS WHICH ARE UNDER CATHOLIC ARCHDIOCESAN AUSPICES. State Approved, St Edward the Confessor School has been granted the status of fully APPROVED by Louisiana State Board of. Elementary and Secondary Education according to Non Public School Standards. ADMISSION AND REGISTRATION,Age Requirements, Children must be three years of age by September 30th to register for Pre K3. Children entering PreK 3must be fully potty trained Students are not allowed to wear Pull Ups or any type of. training pants If it becomes apparent that your child is not fully potty trained you may be asked to remove your. Revised 6 28 2019, Registration and Extended Care Registration Requirement. Registration requires a copy of the Birth Certificate Baptismal Certificate Social Security Card and Health. Record each of which must be presented at the time of registration Children who have attended school. elsewhere must present their latest report card After classes have been filled all remaining registrations will be. kept on file for that school year and as openings become available applicants will be contacted. ALL students are to be enrolled in extended care and at the start of the school year all parents must. complete the extended care registration materials Students will not be charged for registering but. only for time actually spent in extended care,Class Size. The class size for PreK 3 shall not exceed 13 or 20 with a fulltime assistant. Policy for Acceptance, The order in which consideration is given for acceptance into St Edward the Confessor School is as follows.
1 Siblings of students currently enrolled, 2 Students who are Catholic and are parishioners registered active and supporting of St Edward. the Confessor with consideration given to the following. a Length of years in the parish,b Organizations and Ministries in which involved. c Regular financial contributor to the parish in accord with the stewardship program set. by St Edward the Confessor Parish, 3 Catholic students who are parishioners of a parish that has no school or parishioners of a parish. that has no room in their school,4 Children of former students. 5 Catholic students who are parishioners of a parish with a school that has room but decide to. attend St Edward the Confessor School and,6 Non Catholics.
PREK 3 PROGRAM, Welcome to the St Edward the Confessor PreK 3 Program We are looking forward to a great year. The program follows the St Edward the Confessor Mission Statement and Philosophy Our teachers and. assistant teachers fulfill these in a loving caring and attentive environment We wish to foster a positive. learning environment encouraging the development of your child s self image within his her family church. school and community, Development of the whole child is expressed spiritually socially emotionally physically and intellectually. Children are encouraged to work and play cooperatively in small groups Opportunities for individual work are. present during child directed activities fostering independence and initiative Children will be carefully. monitored and observed to assess developmental ability Each child is accepted for his her uniqueness and. individuality,Revised 6 28 2019, Recognizing God s love for us His children is primary in the development of this program His love has granted. us bodies and hearts in which to hold our love for our God our families and our friends. We encourage the natural inquiry to learning inherent in each child. Social skills and emotional well being are primary concerns Children at this age must be able to work. cooperatively and take responsibility for their bodies and actions They must learn to share take turns. cooperate and understand others feelings in order to communicate and problem solve later in school and. Children are beginning to express their independence at this age They need to feel secure with themselves in. order to utilize their learning environment Children can often become frustrated trying to accomplish tasks. that they may want to do but which they are not ready to do Positive development of the child s self image. helps them develop the initiative to try new tasks and the perseverance to try again. Many three year olds are just beginning to take on responsibilities at home Whether a child is picking up toys. dressing himself herself or simply choosing which shoes to put on these are big steps We want our children to. grow to be responsible adults taking care of their bodies and actions as well as their belongings. Language skills are emphasized encouraging children to express themselves ask questions share information. and communicate with others How to listen to and respect others is often difficult in their egocentric world. Priorities are often my family my school my things and my opinion Trying to listen to others and their points. of view is something that will continue to develop for years to come. Guidelines and Expectations, Children must be three years of age by September 30th to register for Pre K3 there are no exceptions to. this policy Children entering Pre K3 Pre K4 and Kindergarten must be fully potty trained Students are. not allowed to wear Pull Ups or any type of training pants If it becomes apparent that your child is not. fully potty trained you may be asked to remove your child Children must be able to use the lavatory. unassisted This includes being able to clean himself herself Teachers may assist with buttons snaps. etc when necessary, Children must know that hands are to be washed after using the lavatory before and after lunch and.
snack and at any time hands become soiled, The child should be able to have some ability in using tissue to blow his her nose. Children should exhibit good table manners at lunch and snack time. Children should know their legal first and last names. Girls are always expected to have bloomers under their skirts At this age many children do not yet. understand modesty, Children are not allowed to use nor are parents allowed to bring pacifiers visibly on campus Prior to. the beginning of school children should be weaned from pacifiers Pacifiers or toys are not allowed. during the school day nor at nap time,Discipline, Notes will be sent home through your child s folder It is to be checked every day for notes home from your. child s teacher as well as any notes that may be coming from the school office These notes must at the very. Revised 6 28 2019, minimum be initialed by a parent to indicate that they have been seen Time out is used when necessary and. only for time spans equivalent to the child s age 3 5 minutes Teachers will discuss with children the reasons. for these time outs in order to check for understanding and encouraging improvement Our goal for students is. that they learn to take responsibility for their own actions. In extreme cases when a child is uncooperative unmanageable or disruptive parents may be required to come. to school upon request and pick up the child and keep him or her home for the remainder of the day Children. are taught to treat others gently and kindly Respect for adults other children themselves and the. environment is foremost,No child will be subjected to physical punishment.
Derogatory remarks about students their families or staff by parents or online posting of such remarks will not. be tolerated and are grounds for dismissal of a child from school. Biting is a behavior that sometimes cannot be prevented however the faculty will use the situation to teach the. children that biting is inappropriate and must not be done Biting is scary for all who are involved and. moreover it hurts,Procedures for Biting incidents, 1 will be reprimanded verbally for having hurt another child. 2 will be removed from the situation and placed in a quiet area for an age appropriate amount. 3 will have his her parents notified of the situation. 4 will be observed for a week or other specified period and have his her behaviors tracked. 5 If there is a second episode of biting again both sets of parents will be notified The biter s. parents will be called to pick up the child who must remain at home for 24 hours. a If the child continues to bite the parents will be called in to meet with the teacher and. school counselor to determine a developmentally appropriate course of action. b If all of the above fail to control the biting behavior a second parent staff meeting will. be held and the child may be asked to leave the program. The Bitten Child, 1 The teacher will comfort the bitten child and assess what medical attention may be needed. 2 The area that was bitten will be cleaned with soap and water. 3 Ice will be provided to reduce swelling If the skin is broken a bandage will be provided once. any bleeding has been controlled, 4 The parent s of the bitten child shall be notified. Potty Training, All children must be completely potty trained the child appropriately and in a timely manner expresses the. need to use the lavatory in order to enroll in PreK3 While we understand that an occasional accident may. occur consistent or frequent accidents will disrupt the routine of the classroom If a child has 3 accidents. including naptime within any 2 week period he she will remain at home until trained completely. Revised 6 28 2019, The principal may place a student on probation for any serious misconduct or for repeated misbehavior in the.
course of the year Failure to observe the terms of the probation will result in dismissal. Daily Schedule, PreK 3 is a self contained classroom which means that all subjects shall be taught by your child s teacher Each. day religion social living language arts and mathematics will be explored through manipulative storytelling. and center activities, The school day begins at 8 00 a m so please be punctual Lunch and snack will be served in the PreK 3. classroom Children may bring their own lunch from home or eat the hot lunch provided at school A snack will. be provided by parents on a rotating basis a calendar with more explanation will be sent home We encourage. healthy snacks of fruit whole grain crackers etc Please do not send anything that must be refrigerated or. heated Nap is for an hour and a half every day Dismissal will be at 2 45 p m This will enable the PreK 3 class. to leave before the older children leave and will give the parents of older children the ability to pick up al. The schools of the Archdiocese of New Orleans Louisiana admit students of any race color national and ethnic origin and handicaps to all the rights privileges and activities generally accorded or made available to students at its schools They do not discriminate on the basis of race color national and ethnic origin or handicaps in

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