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Om Mulanji, Copyright 2016 Mulavarg Self Realization Centre. The author and publisher respectfully acknowledge that this book is copyrighted No part of this. publication may be reproduced in any form by Photostat microfilm xerography or any other. means which are known or to be invented or incorporated into any information retrieval system . electronic or manual without the written permission of the copyright holder . Mulavarg Self Realization Centre, Email mulavargcenter gmail com. Mobile 09901019177, http www srividyasadhana com, 2. www srividyasadhana com, Om Mulanji, Dedication, In humility we offer this dedication to Mahasiddhar. Sadguru Sri Thirumoolaji Who initiated Sri, Sivapremanandaji into the secrets of srividya sadhana.
3, www srividyasadhana com, Om Mulanji, Contents,1 Srividya Sadhana 5. 2 Das Mahavidya 12,3 Deeksha 17,4 Mantra 22,5 Guru Disciple 32. 6 Kundalini 40,7 Srichakra Navavarana puja 44,8 Mudra 54. 9 Darshan of Divine Mother 59,10 Recommended books 63. 11 Articles 68, Author 83, 4, www srividyasadhana com.
Om Mulanji, Srividya Sadhana, She is the Beginning She is the Beginningless . She is the Cause She is the Causeless, She is the Light She is the Not light. She is the Bliss that is Beauty Divine , She is the Mother Supreme She is Samadhi the transcendental End. She is Manonmani the Jewel of the Inmost Mind, She in my sentience entered And in my heart abided . Tirumantiram 1114, 5, www srividyasadhana com, Om Mulanji.
What is Srividya Who is the deity of Srividya What is the ultimate. realization of Srividya , Srividya is the experimental knowledge of the goddess Sri LalithaTripura. Sundari that leads to divine or absolute truth Srividya is meant for the self . realization which leads to absolute bliss The Ultimate realization of Srividya. is that your own SELF is Tripura Sundari This knowledge happens to you. through Self Realization by practicing srividya meditation . What are the different Schools of Srividya , There are three different schools of Srividya Sadhana called Samaya. Mat Kaula Mat and Mishra Mat Samaya Mat is the ancient form of. worship Vedic in origin it believes in sacrifice and penance Kaula. Mat is the path of heroes who can face challenges and remain balanced. while enjoying yoga and bhoga sensual enjoyment Kaula is an evolved. being who dwells in non dual consciousness and a constant state of. awareness His Madya liquor is Amrita some dripping from soma. chakra To him Mansa meat is his anger greed and,attachment Matsya fish is taste egoity pride . avarice Mudra money is hope seeking anxiety fear jealousy . shyness envy Maithuna sexual communion is the union of kundalini. with Shiva This is the real Panch Makar Sadhana of a Kaul Mishra mat . mixed path combines yoga tapa and mantra According to this school. the intoxication that comes by knowledge is liquor the inner silence. that comes by sadhana is meat the stopping of the constant floating in. the Ganga and Yamuna Ida and Pingala is eating the fish and self . knowledge is mudra money and the union of Siva and Shakti. is Maithuna sexual communion ,Which school of srividya is taught by you . The teachings presented by us belongs to the Mishra Mat . What are the benefits of Srividya Sadhana , A healthy body that is in a constant rejuvenative mode.
6, www srividyasadhana com, Om Mulanji, A mind that is inspired guided and powerful. Attract Wealth fame respect power and prosperity, Supercharge your energy level. Manifest your sacred purpose as human and evolve, Manifest your dreams into reality. Learn to detach and free yourself from negative feelings and. emotions, Draw and feel divine that is divine love near to you. Cultivate inner silence and bliss, Find out just what true satisfaction is.
Learn to trust yourself, Access answers from your higher self. Clear away karma by clearing chakra system, Take control of your life. Awaken psychic abilities, How many Srividya Levels are taught in your program What should be the. gap in between each level of srividya sadhana , The core practices of Srividya Sadhana are taught in 7 graduated. steps levels All the practices are meditative in nature and are not. outward Puja rituals Each level should be practiced regularly for. minimum 6 8 weeks before going to the next level Following are the. different srividya levels with required eligibility . Srividya Level 1 Kundalini Chakra Sadhana,Eligibility Willingness and open mind.
Srividya Level 2 Thirumoolar Navakkari Chakra Sadhana. Eligibility level 1, Srividya Level 3 Thirumoolar Navakkari Chakra Pranayama. Eligibility level 2, 7, www srividyasadhana com, Om Mulanji. Srividya Level 4 Bala Tripura Sundari Sadhana,Eligibility level 3. Srividya Level 5 Panchadasi Sadhana,Eligibility level 4. Srividya Level 6 Shodasi Sadhana,Eligibility level 5.
Srividya Level 7 Siva Soubhagya Shodasi Sadhana,Eligibility level 6. Can you please explain why srividya sadhana is offered in 7 levels and. how each level of srividya sadhana is helpful to sadhaka . I ll explain in brief about inner mechanism of each level and their. importance in the spiritual progress of a student . Srividya level 1 helps student to balance his chakras and make them. function with maximum capacity so that he can receive divine mother s. energy and transform his life , Srividya level 2 3 invokes Navakkari Shakthi into the student s soul. which are nine powers that control this universe in different aspects. and dimensions these are the same powers that we worship as. dasmahavidya shaktis to overcome any negative effects of planets . Horoscope Past life curses Ancestor problems etc , Srividya level 4 first 3 levels cleanses and prepares student energy. body astral body mental body and causal body to receive srividya. mantra in seed form called Bala Tripura Sundari mantra This level 4. 8, www srividyasadhana com, Om Mulanji, sadhana is like sowing a divine mother vibration i e seed in the. student s soul so that he can grow into divine mother consciousness. with regular sadhana , Srividya level 5 Panchadaai is expanded form of bala tripur sundari.
mantra This mantra balances ida pingala and sushmna and removes all. 3 granthis cleanses all karmic impressions by raising kundalini upto. sahasrara chakra This level 5 sadhana prepares sadhaka to become. one with Divine mother Regular practice of level 5 awakens self . awareness or Witness consciousness in sadhaka i e stage of self. Realization , Srividya level 6 Shodasi Mantra further raises kundalini above. sahasrara chakra about half to one feet and merges completely with. Universal divine Self Soul Regular practice of level 6 leads to God. realization i e experience of ultimate truth , Srividya level 7 This sadhana helps to balance ground and bring. universal Divine Soul consciousness into mind body and waking state of. awareness It prepares a normal sadhaka to siddhahood . 9, www srividyasadhana com, Om Mulanji, Can you please explain what is Samadhi Savikalp Samadhi Nirvikalp. Samadhi and Om Samadhi , Samadhi is the experience of ONEness with Cosmic consciousness . In savikalp Samadhi you experience your true identity as a SOUL and. not body mind etc but still it is a relative state In Nirvikalp Samadhi . you experience all that is existed is only ONE soul energy and. consciousness It is totally subjective state in which there is only. experience but no experiencer There is no separation between god . guru and you in this state but only experience of all is ONE . In Om samdhi you experience you are Om naad which is Sound form of. parabrahma But here it is a very important factor to consider that. savikalp and nirvikalp samadhis are blissful and peaceful but om. Samadhi is very joyful pleasurable then all other Samadhis So my. Master made a criteria that until disciple don t experience Om Samadhi. he is not eligible to become a master in our Siddha Mulavarga lineage . This is because he is so content in himself that no pleasure of this world. is equal to it If you compare the experience of peak of sexual. intercourse to Om Samadhi then Om Samadhi is million times more. pleasurable to sexual pleasure Many yogis and siddhas always in Om. Samadhi Om Samadhi is called as Kama Sutra of Higher consciousness. that only few experience it all the time This makes them to detach. from the world and be in their blissful pleasurable state of. consciousness , 10, www srividyasadhana com, Om Mulanji.
Why is srividya sadhana considered supreme amongst all the. sadhanas , Srividya sadhana removes the ignorance of the disciple by helping him. realize his true identity and experience oneness with Paramataman . Other sadhanas will yield many material benefits but not the ultimate. knowledge or truth Hence srividya is considered as the supreme and. called Brahma Vidya Also it is mentioned in the Lalitha shasranama. stotra that carame Janmani srividyaopasako bhavet means one will. succeed in attaining srividya only in his final birth Also Srividya. sadhana is only sadhana that yields all the four goals of human life i e . dharma Arth Kama moksha ,Where is srividya referred to in Vedic texts . Sri Sukta from Rg veda Aruna Upanisad in Yajurveda Bhavanopanisad. Atharve shika in Atharva veda Sundari Tapini Pancjakam Ratrisukta. Bhavanopanishad Devisukta Devyupanishad Tripuropanishad . Saubhagya Lakshmi Upanishad Bahvrchopanishad Kaulopanishad . Guhyopanishad Mahopanishad Saraswati Rahasyopanishad . Srichakropanishad, 11, www srividyasadhana com, Om Mulanji. Das Mahavidya, With all created objects their associated living things . the Parai with ten faces looking in ten directions . and paraparai activizing the mind and the functions of other organs . Sakti is the Mistress of wisdom , Tirumantiram 1059.
12, www srividyasadhana com, Om Mulanji,What are Das Mahavidyas . Das Mahavidya means the 10 Mahavidyas Maha Vidya means great. knowledge The Mahavidyas are thus ten insights covered by ten. mysteries about 10 essential energies that are also 10 goddesses Their. worship is a main path in Tantra Yoga , For example the first and foremost Mahavidya is Kali which is the. energy of Time The related avidya or mystery is that Time which is life . seems temporary The truth or vidya is that time and life are never . ending Death the apparent end of life and time is an illusion To. conquer the fear of death worship of Kali is very effective using the. Kali mantra yantra and an image of the goddess However one should. never worship a Mahavidya lightly Worship of Kali should only happen. if one is ready to give up attachment to the body . Following is an overview of these 10 wisdom goddesses their. attainment and what it means to worship them ,Name KALI Time . Mahavidya Eternity of time, Worship means To die daily detach from body consciousness and the. impermanence of all things transforming into the eternal unborn. being ,Attainment Kumbaka self knowledge samadhi ,Name TARA Star .
Mahavidya The power of silence, 13, www srividyasadhana com. Om Mulanji, Worship means To move across the pond of mind emotion guided. by the savior star that is silence the void nada the primordial sound . Attainment Hearing the silence of nada or Aum behind all sound . inner peace ,Name TRIPUR SUNDARI the beauty of the 3 worlds . Mahavidya Srividya The beauty of pure perception, Worship means To move beyond the perception of form into the. delightful union of seen and seer the divine beauty in everything . Attainment Witness consciousness,Name BHUVANESHWARI queen of the universe .
Mahavidya The love of infinite space, Worship means To let the fullness of inner space merge with the. cosmic womb of outer space with the divine mother and join the play. of loving union with everything ,Attainment Universal love. Name TRIPUR BHAIRAVI terror of the 3 worlds ,Mahavidya The fire of truth. Worship means To let the awesome power of truth destroy all. impediments to spiritual growth by burning them in the fire of tapas. ascetism , Attainment Inner light removal of the 9 impediments of mind. Name CHINNAMASTA chopped off head , 14, www srividyasadhana com.
Om Mulanji,Mahavidya To stop mind is liberation, Worship means To liberate yourself from the desire for sensory input . cutting off the source of the movements of mind and reaching deep. meditation samadhi , Attainment Willpower vision meditation sexual abstinence . kundalini yoga Samadhi,Name DHUMAVATI beholder of smoke . Mahavidya The blessing of suffering, Worship means To let the unreal become obscured by the smoke of. suffering revealing the hidden potential behind pain ugliness and old. age grasping the opportunity for learning embracing the wisdom of. forgetting the past , Attainment Enjoyment of sorrow spiritual insight compassion .
mental health,Name BAGLA MUKHI power to stop speech . Mahavidya All opposites are one, Worship means To apply the stunning power of the truth of. complimentary upon all negativity silencing confusion and doubt . Attainment Inner silence stillness of asana kumbhaka willpower. Srividya level 7 This sadhana helps to balance ground and bring universal Divine Soul consciousness into mind body and waking state of awareness It prepares a normal sadhaka to siddhahood Om Mulanji 10 www srividyasadhana com Can you please explain what is Samadhi Savikalp Samadhi Nirvikalp Samadhi and Om Samadhi Samadhi is the experience of ONEness with Cosmic consciousness In

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