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Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha, our, thoughts, thoughts, It is surprising to see some of the most enlightened and spiritually advanced people still unable to. answer a basic question Who s your guru , For those who have only learned or received mantras from one person the answer is simple But those. who have diksha from more than one guru in the parampara or sometimes various paramparas often have. more difficulty with the question This is why the Sri Chakra posed this question to Aiya complete with. several different scenarios , So let us say a dikshita was initiated by Guru A since A is for Aiya this is very appropriate Guru A s. Sri Guru is Guru B his Parama Guru is Guru C If the shishya received only one small mantra from Guru A. and the rest from Gurus B and C Guru A is still the shishya s primary teacher . If the shishya received all mantras from Guru A but then began studying with Gurus B or C his or her. main obligation is still toward Guru A If the shishya hasn t even seen Guru A in years he or she must still. consider Guru A as the Sri Guru According to Aiya and several advanced seekers the one who first initiated. the student into the lineage is always that student s Sri Guru Also more than one person cannot share the. title of being a shishya s Sri Guru , Not all may agree with this rule but it exists to remind seekers of their obligation and gratitude to the. one who inducted them into the lineage Even when giving the smallest mantra one s Sri Guru must take the. student s karma thereby preparing him or her for a lifetime of japam and making him or her ready to reap. the full benefits of said japam , Some take the very humble view that anyone who has taught them anything can be called their guru .
to a certain degree Even Aiya says that his first guru was his mother which is true for many people . everyone is indebted to their first guardians even more so than they are to their spiritual guru hence the. Sanskrit saying Maatha Pitha Guru Devam meaning one s obligations are to one s mother father guru. and God in that order , One may be indebted to several teachers in his or her lifetime such as the people who taught them. music dance reading or other skills From what Aiya has displayed at the Dattatreya shrine in the temple it. is great if one remembers his or her gurus in the way that Aiya remembers his mother Mathaji Shiva. Sachidananda Saraswati and Guruji whose pictures all adorn the mantapam . For seekers in the Sri Vidya tradition however the automatic response when asked who s your. guru should be the name of the person who first initiated them into the lineage irrespective of the seeker s. connections with others in the lineage , Lastly when the Sri Chakra queried Aiya about whether one can attain liberation without the direct. influence of his or her Sri Guru he replied that Devi has different paths in mind for all of us And those who. are separated from their main teacher will eventually find themselves back on the path that leads to the Sri. Guru , The articles in this month s feature section shed light on many gurus in the later stages of our lineage . as it is Aiya s express wish that knowledge about these great people should not be lost to future generations . A very deep thanks goes out to Aiya Kathy Allen Prasad Balasubramanian Mr Madhvanath Navin. Parthasarathy and Swati Shirname for their contributions to this issue . The Sri Chakra is delighted to accept any articles or pictures e mailed to sri chakra mag srividya org. because this magazine cannot operate without the help of devotees . Sri Gurubhyo Namaha , The Sri Chakra staff,2, Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha. June, Newsletter, Newslet ter, Since Last Issue fruits and other auspicious items Appar Guru Puja.
At the end of the puja all devotees By Kamya Ramaswamy. At the beginning of April Aiya This year s puja took place very. partook of shakarai pongal sweet, went to Wisconsin to teach a class rice briefly on Sunday April 23 and. at Corinne Dempsey s house to an saw the Appar moorthi from the. Maha Prathyangira Homam, audience of several different kinds Nataraja sannidhi moved to the. By Kamya Ramaswamy, of people from all walks of life centre of the temple Amid. More than 40 devotees could be, Around the same time period the offerings of fruits and flowers . seen carrying plates of food puja, temple s bhajan group was Aiya sang thevarams as part of.
vessels and homam materials to, invited to an interfaith studies the puja and did the final. the far eastern bank of the Kashi, event at Nazareth College which karpuram aarthi within an hour . river on Sunday April 16 where, saw participation from members Toronto Puja Workshop in Tamil. Aiya performed the Maha,of several faiths including by Abhi Somaskanda. Prathyangira homam at 2 p m On Sunday May 7th Toronto. Buddhism Judaism and Islam , was host to a puja workshop The.
After performing a puja in New, class was conducted completely. Jersey around mid April Aiya, in Tamil by Aiya and he spoke for. headed off to San Diego North, 6 hours about the how and why. Carolina and Toronto to perform, of puja He also showed several. events all in the span of one week , diagrams relating to each aspect.
After finishing the Tamil, of puja ,workshop in Toronto Aiya settled. In the days leading up to the, into preparations for the Aiya offering a basket full of chilis. into the fire workshop Aiya spent countless,Pratishta anniversary festival at. The homam was done for the days and hours carefully drawing. the end of May , protection of the temple s devotees functions of human physiology as. and lasted about three hours ,Past Month s Events they relate to sadhana .
setting a record for the amount of Combining human physiology. Tamil New Year, By Kamya Ramaswamy red chillies offered Navin and and puja this intricately for the. Aiya performed dhani puja Swati sat for the homam for a first time all 125 people who. lasting about one hour to more detailed account of the day s attended were fully satisfied with. celebrate Tamil New Year s on, events please see Navin s article the depth of information Aiya. Thursday April 13 The offerings, consisted of rice grains sweets further in this issue presented . 3, Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha Aiya and a temple devotee. doing puja to the 1008, shankus see May festival, feature article .
Chitra Poornima with participants performing part. By Kamya Ramaswamy, of the ceremonies by the creek at. Friday May 12 saw the temple s, Kashi weather permitting The. celebration of Chitra Poornima , puja will last approximately one. which involved puja to, hour in the early morning . Chitragupta According to belief , Chitragupta is the record keeper Upcoming Events Aadi Pooram 2006.
Guru Poornima 2006 By Kamya Ramaswamy, of Yama the god of death and he. By Kamya Ramaswamy This year the festival celebrating. tallies up all the karma that, Devotees from Hamilton Devi s transition into womanhood. people accumulate in their, Ontario and the surrounding will fall on Friday July 28 The. lifetimes Some Hindus believe, areas are organizing Guru temple s celebration typically lasts. that worshiping Chitragupta on, Poornima this year which is throughout the morning and.
Chitra Poornima will charm him, aimed to begin around 4 p m on encompasses both the morning. into balancing the books in their, Monday July 10 To exemplify and afternoon nitya pujas Many. favour Aiya performed tarpanam, temple unity and togetherness palahara are offered to Devi after. puja in the morning and said the, male devotees are encouraged to she is bathed with milk and kusha. temple was graced by the, wear white garments on festival grass and the festival concludes.
presence of a sannyasi from, day and female devotees are shortly after Devi is carried in. Gujurat during the occasion , asked to wear red or yellow procession around the temple . During the celebrations Aiya, garments The festival will. allowed the sannyasi Varalakshmi Vratham 2006, include puja to Aiya and Amma By Kamya Ramaswamy. Hamsananda to perform Sri, as well as a skit about the Guru Married and kanya women are.
Chakra puja at the central meru , Parampara bhajans and dinner encouraged to participate in the. If you would like to participate in Varalakshmi puja on the evening. the festivities or be updated of Friday August 4 The puja. about Guru Poornima news and allows ladies to perform puja to. meetings please send an e mail to Varalakshmi herself in the form. gurupoornima2006 gmail com of a ghee deepam for the well . Aadi Amavasya 2006 being of their households and, By Kamya Ramaswamy spouses and is one of the brightest. This festival is an important day and most colourful festivals of the. for people who have missed the year Sponsorship for only. Utsava Rajarajeswari, dressed in a rice pavadai anniversary of passing for their performing the puja is 51 and. a garland of vadai charam , and flowers surrounded fathers and male ancestors This sponsorship for performing the. by curries and at least 9, varieties of fruits see May year it will fall on Monday July 24 puja and keeping the puja set is.
festival feature article on, and will consist of tarpanam puja 86 . next page ,4, Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha, Mayfestival. 2006, By Kamya Ramaswamy, The eighth anniversary of the In the evening utsava The kalasa sthapana picked up. Rajarajeshwari Peetam Ganapathi was dressed taken for again at 11 a m and included the. commenced with the arrival of shodasa upachara puja in the bathing of utsava Rajarajeshwari. Vishnu Durga Devi from St yajnashala and then carried during abhishekam Following the. Catharines Ontario at about 9 30 around the temple on a palanquin abhishekam utsava Devi was. th, a m on Friday May 19 The As he entered the temple again adorned with rice vadai flowers . kalasa sthapanam was already the female devotees were given and a sari as part of the temple s. underway so Mangai amma the chance to carry him back annual Annaipavadai celebration . performed the puja for both inside Friday s festivities came to The afternoon s concert was. Durga and utsava Ganapathi as an end at about 10 30 p m performed by the official. Devi was placed between musicians for the entire festival . The Prathishta s live Nadaswara, Ganapathi and utsa Murugan Vidwans Sri Subhan Kasim and Sri Subhan.
inside the temple Babu grandsons and disciples of, An hour long Vaancha kalpa Dr Sheik Chinna Moulana . Ganapathi homam then began performed on the nadaswaram. giving devotees the chance to each with Sri S Senthil Kumar on. offer at least two modakams into thavil , the fire After the morning s The musicians continued their. events wrapped up at about 2 30 craft later that evening when. p m the crowd was treated to a utsava Rajarajeshwari and. classical flute performance that utsava Ganapathi were carried in. spanned three generations Dr N procession on the large chariot . Ramani played with Sri R The chapparam stood as tall as. Thiagarajan his son and Sri the trees on the temple property. Athul Kumar Dr Ramani s and took about an hour to get all. grandson the way around the temple The, day s festivities ended at exactly. midnight with the final arthi , Saturday s program began with But the real work was just. the traditional Chandi homam beginning for a select number of. which started at about 6 15 a m volunteers who were given the. after part of the day s kalasa daunting task of setting up 1008. sthapanam and Ganapathi puja valampuri right handed shanka. were completed This year Aiya overnight each with their own. performed the homam himself fruits betel leaves and lotus. sitting with Parameshwari blossoms in the water On Sunday. teacher from Toronto and Mr morning devotees entered the. Ganapathi all ready to go in,procession on the first day of the.
Viswanathan from the Boston temple to see a formation of. Prathishta area shanka in the pattern of the six, 5. Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha, chakras in the body starting with. the muladhara in the yajnashala , and ending with the sahasrara. chakra on the wooden pyramid, inside the temple , Even with several sponsors the. shanka alone took hours within, the abhishekam so much so that.
lunch was only served at 4 p m , Immediately after eating vocalist. Srimathi S Sowmya took the, stage accompanied by Sri Neyveli. R Narayanan Mridangam and, Sri R K Sriramkumar Of the. songs performed was one, composition on Aiya by Suhir of. Rochester , Dattatreya puja began at about, 8 p m and as is the tradition was.
set up and executed by the temple, kids The small Dattatreya murthi. was brought out on a mini In Two Months, palanquin to the yajnashala The next issue of the Sri Chakra Magazine. where 16 year old Purvaja Kamat Devi willing the next issue of the Sri Chakra Magazine will be up on. did shodasa upachara puja and, the temple s website www srividya org by the beginning of August . several small children got to fan, the murthi Because Sunday s The next issue will focus on the topic of 20th Century Saints of India . The Sri Chakra is delighted to accept any articles or pictures e mailed to sri chakra mag srividya org because this magazine cannot operate without the help of devotees thoughtsthoughts

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