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Printed January 2020,on recycled paper,Cont line Wiita. Roughly 20 years ago,William Garnett and his,late wife Gina began taking. walks through Winton Woods,every spring to view blossoming many wildflowers. plants This walk became do you think you, a tradition for the Garnetts can spy From Dutchman s. when they discovered a quiet breeches pictured on the cover. rarely visited area of the park to wild blue phlox pictured. that was full of colorful native left hairy sunflower to grape. wildflowers After Gina s passing hyacinth and purple coneflower. William wanted to share the to the aptly named harbinger. memories they cherished as a of spring you can spot all of. couple taking in the beauty and these and more at what William. sweeping views and Gina always called this,The natural world holds a special special place.
place in the Garnetts hearts While these wildflowers begin. William is a retired entomologist to bloom in February you can. and biology professor and Gina see them in all their splendor. was a laboratory manager and,Contents nutrition professor Not only. throughout spring You can,access the William and Gina. does this wildflower overlook Gerwin Garnett Wildflower. WILDFLOWER OVERLOOK 3 invite all park guests to take Overlook by heading toward. MARCH 4 in the same scenery that the the Locust Dell Picnic Area on. GO FISH 17 Garnetts enjoyed it fosters their Lakeview Drive just past Winton. love of teaching Guests who Woods Campground,visit the overlook are greeted. VOLUNTEER 35 with signs that give a glimpse of,MAY 36 just some of the wildflowers that. HERON SOCIETY 51 can be spotted here Sit down,on the bench and take it all in.
you can learn so much about,forests wildflowers and wildlife. by passively observing, People with disabilities arewelcome and A valid Motor Vehicle Permit is required to. encouraged to participate in Great Parks enter the parks Otto Armleder Memorial Planning a visit to the William. programs services and activities For Park and Fernbank Park are cooperative. questions about accessibility or to make ventures with the City of Cincinnati a and Gina Gerwin Garnett. a disability related request contact Great Motor Vehicle Permit is not required Wildflower Overlook How. Parks ADA Coordinator at 513 521 7275,WILDFLOWER OVERLOOK 3. Daisies Girl Scout Programs,Bird Bath Red Robin Tula. Sat 3 7 9 a m 11 30 a m 2 p m,What do Daisies goats and Raptors Nature s Ninjas.
Bird Nerds a lion out like a lamb Glenwood chickens have in common Find Sat 3 7 11 a m. Mon 3 2 7 30 a m Gardens Highfield Discovery out while LEARNing about fun farm They move silently and strike their. Join us to sip on some Garden Program included in animals SEEing them play and prey without warning Necessity. complimentary tea or coffee and Highfield admission 2 75 person DOing your part to care for them has shaped these birds into master. while using binoculars observe Winton Woods Parky s Farm 8 hunters cementing their status as. local birds when they are most Little Tykes person one adult for every 10 aerial legends Experience these. active Breathe in that fresh morning Wed 3 4 11 a m scouts is free register by 3 5 ninjas of nature up close and. air and spend some time outside Have fun with your youngster personal and explore the specialized. before work or school You deserve exploring clouds rain sunshine and Nature Center at The Summit characteristics that make them such. it Summit Center Great Parks all things weather related We will Volunteer Orientation potent hunters Miami Whitewater. Nature Center at The Summit jump into the world of meteorology Sat 3 7 10 a m Forest Visitor Center. Little Tyke style For ages 3 6 Are you interested in education. Nature Stories accompanied by an adult Winton working with animals and connecting Raptors Nature s Ninjas. Tue 3 3 11 a m Woods Winton Centre to an urban community Join us for Sat 3 7 1 p m. Nature has many stories to tell a volunteer orientation to learn about They move silently and strike their. Families are invited to join the nature Urban Coyotes the ways that you can get involved prey without warning Necessity. interpreter for a nature themed story Wed 3 4 7 p m with the new Nature Center at The has shaped these birds into master. Sharon Woods Sharon Centre You can coexist with coyotes Summit For ages 14 and up Summit hunters cementing their status as. You may have seen some coyotes Center Great Parks Nature Center aerial legends Experience these ninjas. Yoga After Work around your neighborhood but at The Summit register by 3 4 of nature up close and personal and. Tue 3 3 3 10 3 17 3 24 3 31 what impact do they have on explore the specialized characteristics. 5 45 p m you Learn the facts and folklore Outdoor Archery Basic that make them such potent hunters. Join us to reduce stress increase surrounding the coyote and how Compound Bow for Adults t Fernbank Park Fernbank Lodge. awareness and learn to be Hamilton County is big enough for Sat 3 7 10 a m noon. comfortable both on and off the mat all of us Miami Whitewater Forest Aiming for a new way to enjoy the. Class is held rain or shine and taught Visitor Center Auditorium great outdoors Try your skills with. by a certified instructor Beginners a little target practice Instructors. are welcome to this adult mixed Nature Tots will guide you through the basics of. level class especially those who have Fri 3 6 11 a m shooting a compound bow and teach. never tried yoga Farbach Werner Bring your little ones for nature you the archery steps to success All. Nature Preserve Ellenwood Nature based learning Kids will learn equipment is provided For ages 18. Barn 10 class payable at the door numbers letters and descriptive and up Winton Woods Adventure. words through games puppets Outpost 20 person register by 3 4. In Like a Lion songs and nature play For,Wed 3 4 Sat 3 7 10 45 a m ages 2 4 Woodland Mound. 1 p m Sun 3 8 1 p m Seasongood Nature Center,March heralds the coming of spring. and some wild weather Join us,as we unpack the expression in like. 4 special events free program t great adventure Learn more register at greatparks org 5. Welcome to Golf Orientation Great Parks Nature Cincinnati Dulcimer Society. Sat 3 7 1 p m Photography Club Sun 3 8 3 p m, Take a tour of the nationally Sun 3 8 10 11 a m The Cincinnati Dulcimer Society. recognized Meadow Links Come be part of a community who invites you to enjoy the sweet. Golf Academy and see all the loves nature photography Club music of the mountain dulcimer. features the facility has to offer meetings are an opportunity to learn All ages are welcome to join in on. Naturally Fit Building a Base t, Learn about the variety of lesson and be challenged share photos and the jamming and singing Sharon Tue 3 10 4 14 5 6 30 p m.
programs meet the friendly enjoy nature All levels of experience Woods Sharon Centre Join a MovNat Certified Trainer for. staff and find out how they welcome No photography this six week program and learn how. can assist you with your golf experience needed Otto Armleder Spring Into Self Care to move efficiently and naturally in. game Winton Woods Meadow Memorial Park Picnic Shelter 1 Mon 3 9 3 16 3 23 3 30 the great outdoors Improve your. Links Golf Academy 5 30 p m health train for a race or simply enjoy. Winter Golf Clinics moving outside Let this outdoor. Do you often feel that you keep, Outdoor Archery Basic Sun 3 8 3 22 1 p m going and going without having. fitness series set you on the path to, Compound Bow t Our PGA professionals will lead a any actual time for yourself In this. finding your better self For ages 18, Sat 3 7 1 30 3 30 p m and up Winton Woods Adventure. different topic each week to keep adult series everyone can learn. Outpost 120 person register by 3 6, Aiming for a new way to enjoy your skills sharp through winter creative ways to pamper your body. the great outdoors Try out your with computer video swing analysis and mind through yoga making. skills with a little target practice on 3 8 putting clinic on 3 15 and Yoga After Work. herbal tea guided meditation and, Instructors will guide you through pitching chipping on 3 22 Classes creating scrubs designed for your Tue 3 10 3 17 3 24 3 31.
the basics of shooting a compound will be held in an auditorium and body Summit Center Great Parks 5 45 p m. bow and teach you the archery at the heated and covered driving Nature Center at The Summit Join us to reduce stress increase. steps to success All equipment range Winton Woods Meadow awareness and learn to be comfortable. is provided For ages 10 and up Links Golf Academy Volunteer Orientation for both on and off the mat Class is. Winton Woods Adventure Outpost Teens held rain or shine and taught by a. 20 person register by 3 4 Hog Log Nature Jog Native certified instructor Beginners are. Mon 3 9 5 30 8 30 p m, American Fun Games welcome to this adult mixed level. Learn leadership skills gain valuable class especially those who have. My Great Park in Pictures Sun 3 8 1 p m work experience and build lifelong. Photo Walk never tried yoga Farbach Werner, Kick start your journey to mile friendships as a Great Parks. Sun 3 8 9 10 a m Nature Preserve Ellenwood Nature, 26 with Great Parks of Hamilton volunteer Join us to learn about Barn 10 class payable at the door. We will walk along the shared use County Long before racers took to volunteer roles available on the trails. trail past prairies to the Little Miami the streets miles were logged with golf courses farm and much more. River Photojournalist instructor contests of sport Join the nature. Light Shadows,For ages 14 18 Winton Woods, Malinda Hartong will share her interpreters as we fill your log with Parky s Farm register by 3 8 Wed 3 11 Sat 3 14 10 45 a m. favorite tips and techniques ancient games that were once 1 p m Sun 3 15 1 p m. to capture wonderful pictures played in the area by native groups Urban Coyotes The sun is rising earlier and staying. with either your smartphone or Fernbank Park Tecumseh Shelter Mon 3 9 7 p m. up longer Let s celebrate the, digital single lens reflex DSLR lengthening days with creative.
You can coexist with coyotes You activities and games for little ones. camera No experience necessary, may have seen some coyotes around Glenwood Gardens Highfield. Otto Armleder Memorial,your neighborhood but what impact. Park Picnic Shelter 1 Discovery Garden Program included. do they have on you Learn the facts in Highfield admission 2 75 person. and folklore surrounding the coyote,and how Hamilton County is big. enough for all of us Sharon Woods,Sharon Centre Auditorium. 6 special events free program t great adventure Learn more register at greatparks org 7. Walk Club Kickoff Nature Pals Rainbows Volunteer Orientation for. Celebration Fri 3 13 10 30 a m noon Adults, Wed 3 11 11 a m 1 p m Bring your 2 4 year olds and help us Sat 3 14 9 a m noon.
Are you age 50 or up Enjoy walking on our quest to find the end of the Are you interested in wildlife habitats. and meeting friendly folks Join rainbow Children will be meeting nature education outdoor recreation Ohio Valley Woodturners. us to start spring on the right foot new friends while participating in or customer service Would you. colorful activities and little outdoor,Demonstration Exhibit. as we celebrate the official start like to make a positive difference in. of Walk Club Bring a lunch to adventures along with a story Sat 3 14 10 a m 4 p m. the environment or help connect, enjoy and an optional side dish to time and a rainbow tastic craft people to nature Join us to learn The Ohio Valley Woodturners. share before an optional group for a small fee Miami Whitewater about the many fun and exciting will show their skills through an. walk around Winton Lake Winton Forest Visitor Center ways you can get involved For exhibit of finished pieces and. Woods Winton Centre ages 18 and up Winton Woods live demonstrations of works in. Photography Travel Series Winton Centre register by 3 13 progress on wood lathes This. Beginning Golf I Wildflowers in the Woods unique craft gives wood another life. Wed 3 11 4 8 5 30 p m Tue Fri 3 13 7 30 p m Daisies Girl Scout Programs Farbach Werner Nature Preserve. 3 24 4 21 7 30 p m Mon 3 30 Bird Bath Red Robin Tula Ellenwood Nature Barn. Ed Soldo features the spring,4 27 7 p m Awards,blooming species most familiar to. Learn the fundamentals of the five Spring is Almost Here Hike. those who live in the Northeast or Sat 3 14 9 a m 11 30 a m 2 p m. shots encountered on the golf Midwest In a sampling of a world. What do Daisies goats and, course including wood shots too rarely seen his presentation Sat 3 14 10 30 a m. chickens have in common Find, iron shots chipping pitching and will touch upon the essential Spring is approaching and the.
out while LEARNing about fun farm, putting This five week class covers continuity of the historic forest woods are changing Join a nature. animals SEEing them play and, fundamentals rules and etiquette while exploring the sequence of interpreter on a morning hike to. DOing your part to care for them, Winton Woods Meadow Links species time of coming into bloom get a glimpse of all of the natural. Winton Woods Parky s Farm 8, Golf Academy 99 person Sharon Woods Sharon Centre wonders that spring has to offer. person one adult for every 10, register by 2 days in advance Head to Sharon Woods afterward to.
Tue 3 3 3 10 3 17 3 24 amp 3 31 5 45 p m Join us to reduce stress increase awareness and learn to be comfortable both on and off the mat Class is held rain or shine and taught by a certified instructor Beginners are welcome to this adult mixed level class especially those who have never tried yoga Farbach Werner

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