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C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S, Thank you for purchasing Spitfire Symphonic Brass We are sure it ll bring you many years of pleasure We re proud to be part of a. tradition that values British brass as the best in the world something film composers the world over come to London to enjoy and. utilise Spitfire Audio has taken its decade of experience making virtual instruments and for this product has spent the last five years. recording the best of the best at one of the most sought after locations in the world The Hall at Air Studios London for this a defini. tive compendium of orchestral brass,Quick Specs Table Of Contents. CONGRATULATIONS 2,85 479 Samples 48k recorded at 96k PRECAUTIONS 2. 102 2 GB uncompressed WAV WELCOME 3, 60 2 GB disk space required DOWNLOADING INSTALLING 4. 120 4 GB disk space required during install REGISTERING WITH KONTAKT PLAYER 6. NKS Ready FOLDER STRUCTURE 7, Compatible with Native Instruments hardware A QUICK LOOK 8.
Free Kontakt Player Included THE GENERAL OVERVIEW 9. New intuitive GUI with inline help THE EXPERT VIEW 10. Essential microphones CTA THE OSTINATUM 14,Deep sampled INSTRUMENTS 16. Multiple Instruments ARTICULATIONS 17, Multiple Articulations BASIC ORCHESTRATION PRINCIPLES 19. Multiple dynamics APPENDIX A RECOMMENDED TECH SPECS 20. Multiple round robins APPENDIX B KONTAKT vs KONTAKT PLAYER 20. Release Triggers APPENDIX C1 ARTICULATION LIST 21,True Legato APPENDIX D MIC MIX ACRONYMS 22. APPENDIX E UACC 23,APPENDIX F FAQS TROUBLESHOOTING 24. PRECAUTIONS, If you ve never used a Spitfire instrument before there are two very basic principles to grasp Once you ve got these you ll be up and.
running and ready to go By all means read on but the first two rules are. TOP TIP The little i s on your,GUI are in line help Click on. these to find out stuff, 1 Use these switches to change the articulations They also corre. spond to keyswitches on the very bottom of your keyboard. 2 On long notes make sure you always use your Mod wheel. PAGE 2 S SB USE R MANUAL, After a decade of exhaustive sampling and four years spent FEATURES. capturing our finest brass players Spitfire are proud to present. Symphonic Brass It is a definitive collection of orchestral brass A broad band covering solo chamber symphonic and cinematic. recorded at Air Studios London With a broad selection of differ instrument groups. ent section sizes from solo to large groups of Trumpets Horns Traditional to modern zeitgeist selection of instruments from. Trombones to featured instruments with usual suspects such as Trumpets Horns Trombones to Cimbassi Contrabass Instru. Bass Trombones Tubas to zeitgeist weaponry such as Cimbas ments. si Contrabass Trombones and a new Contrabass Tuba Super deep sampling many dynamic layers and round robins. Most comprehensive selection of articulations and additional. Originally released in modules as part of the BML British Modu techniques available today. lar Library project Spitfire Symphonic Brass is a rationalisation Entry level core pack has full functionality of BML offering. of these numerous deep sampled components along with many Core pack shipped with three distinct mic positions C lose. improvements including a host of new articulations and new in T ree A mbient. struments We ve created a more affordable entry into what we. believe to be the finest orchestral brass library available today NEW IN SPITFIRE SYMPHONIC BRASS. To justify these claims we cite this small list of contributing factors In addition to all articulations in BML new Volume 2 articula. tions across the band, British brass players are arguably the best in the world In addition to all instruments in BML new members including. Spitfire has cherry picked the best of the best Contrabass Tuba and solo trombones. Recorded to tape at Air Studios via an unparalleled signal path New more intuitive interface design. Deepest articulation dynamic layer round robin set of brass New rationalised file architecture will allow for improvements. samples we ve yet to see and enhancements in the future. Produced by an award winning team of composers producers Various performance musical improvements. Presented in an intuitive interface based on a decade of. award winning sampling experience and a quarter century as. working composers, With playing styles from heart rending choral work to blistering.
lip bleed material Whether you re an aspiring John Williams or. a zealous Hans Zimmer ite we have no doubt that their favourite. players will find favour with you,BACKGROUND, From collieries through to jazz clubs amongst the hundreds of. pit bands at the Royal Albert Hall Proms through symphonic con. certs to countless chamber spaces the British Brass tradition. runs through our country and culture like spinal fluid Spitfire has. set about creating a definitive showcase of British brass talent a. doomsday time capsule of this fine tradition, Whilst there are many great orchestras around the world there s. just something about British brass that keeps composers com. ing back sometimes under the cover of darkness to record illicit. overdubbing sessions in London It is the rare combination of. the colliery jazz West End and classical traditions that produce. this swaggering melting pot of rarefied individuals. Having already recorded a full brass choir for the infamous Spit. fire bespoke range Paul Christian Stanley and the Spitfire team. have set about a longer term project to capture this spirit the. spine of our musical culture for the world to share and celebrate. S SB USE R MANUAL PAGE 3,D O W N LOA D I N G I N S TA L L I N G. Thank you for buying Symphonic Brass If you are a total newbie to this kind of thing you can get up to speed here http www spit. fireaudio com info basics, First though grab the Spitfire Audio App from this link this app will enable you to download the library. http www spitfireaudio com info library manager,T H E SPITFIRE AU D I O AP P.
When you launch the app you will be prompted to login using the same details you use at. our site Then you ll see the page pictured below, TABS the default tab is My Products which shows all of the li. braries on your Spitfire Account Downloads will show currently. downloading products and Preferences allows you to set de. fault locations and behavours as described on the next page. FILTERS clicking these filters will quickly display products. you ve yet to install those already installed and any available. updates Clicking again will remove the filter, SEARCH and SORT allow you to quickly navigate through your. collection and arrange your collection either by size or name. LIBRARY All libraries and plugins in your collection will appear INSTALL UPDATE buttons allow you to quickly start a download. with their artwork on the My Products tab Clicking this artwork directly from the My Products tab instead of clicking through. will open the product page This is a great place to find infor to the Library Next to the button the size of the download is. mation such as system requirements and insructions as well as shown you will need twice as much available space to allow. where to find Reset and Repair options the download to unzip correctly. PAGE 4 S SB USE R MANUAL, If this is your first time using the Spitfire Audio App for a down. load you may wish to first navigate to the Preferences tab and. make sure that the Default Content location is set to the loca. tion where you wish to download your libraries and that the. VST2 install location is set to the folder where your DAW epx. ects to find VST files, Here you can also enable Auto Login to save time in future. Once you are happy with your preferences simply click. the Install button either directly on My Products tab or. by clicking on the library image you wish to install and. then clicking the install button on the page that appears. Clicking either of these will prompt you for a location. the default content location in your preferences will. be suggested but you can select any suitable location. If you own the expansion pack then you will also have the op. tion to choose which parts are installed generally we advise. installing all parts unless you already have some installed. Once you are happy with the location click Download. After clicking download you will be directed to the Downloads. tab where you can watch the progress if you like You can of. course leave the Downloads tab and start other downloads but. at this point you should leave the Spitfire App open until the. download completes, As this is a Kontakt player library once it is downloaded you.
will need to activate it by following the steps on the next page. S SB USE R MANUAL PAGE 5, R E G I S T E R I N G W I T H KO N TA K T P L AY E R. If you ve never used one of our libraries before and you don t own a copy of Native Instruments Kontakt you ll need to download the. free Kontakt Player here, https www native instruments com en products komplete samplers kontakt 5 downloads. If you d like to find out more about the differences between Kon NKS USE WITH NI HARDWARE. takt and Kontakt Player go to Appendix A, For more information about NKS and integration with Native In. If you d also like to know what we recommend as an optimal set struments hardware controllers and keyboards please checkout. up please go to Appendix B their online instructions. 1 Install Kontakt Player skip this step if you already have it https www native instruments com en products komplete. samplers kontakt 5 downloads, 2 Open the player or Kontakt 5 full version if you have that and. click manage libraries in the library browser window then click. Launch Native Access in the window that opens, 3 Once you have opened Native Access click Add Serial in the.
top left of the window,4 Enter the serial number in this format. xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx,It can be found in your ready to download email. 5 You will then be prompted for the location where you unzipped. the library Simply navigate to and select the library folder in this. case the Spitfire Symphonic Brass library folder that contains. your library s instruments and samples folders and also contains. the nicnt file, 6 Your library is authorised If the library does not add to the li. braries pane or disappears when you re open Kontakt see Ap. pendix E Troubleshooting and common problems, If you have never used Kontakt before we wholeheartedly rec. ommend that you familiarise yourself with the basics of patch or. instrument loading multi management outputting and midi rout. ing detailed in the Kontakt user manual and native instruments. https www native instruments com en products komplete. samplers kontakt 5 downloads, If you are an established Kontakt user please make sure you ab.
solutely have the latest version of it downloaded via the NI service. centre or the NATIVE ACCESS apps Our libraries are frequently. updated and often simply won t work on any previous versions. We cannot describe the multitude of painful symptoms you will. experience if you don t do this,PAGE 6 S SB USE R MANUAL. FOLDER STRUCTURE, If you click the Advanced bar to expand it you will see that your. instruments fall into 4 categories You can double click the folder. name to open that folder Double click it again to go back up a. level in the folder structure, Extended Techniques contains core and decorative tech. niques for each section and can be viewed as the next stage in. detail up from the basic startup patches, Individual Articulations each separate articulation in its own. If you click the instruments bar to expand it you will see that you. have a basic startup palette for each instrument section or so. Legato Techniques these monophonic patches rely on you play. loist These are your basic patches which contain a selection of. ing the notes joined up so it can fill in the joins for you for super. curated work horse articulations At the bottom is an Advanced. realism Especially popular with single solo top lines. folder that has more folders which contain more curated articula. tion sets the different legato options and patches with advanced. Other Patches Have another three sub folders,editing possibilities.
Economic A pre curated smaller selection of articulations which. wont break you RAM bank, Light Stripped back articulations that reduce the stresses on. Time Machine These patches contain all of the short articula. tions fully loaded into RAM so that you are able to vary the length. of the short notes via CC,OPEN IN G YO U R F I R ST I NST R UM E N T. Simply double click an nki file this is Native Instruments file extension for a Kontakt instrument to load or indeed drag the instrument. it ll have the little keyboard icon and the suffix nki from the left pane into the right pane. If you can t hear anything double check first that the midi channel you are transmitting on with your keyboard is the same as the one. in the Kontakt Instrument,S SB USE R MANUAL PAGE 7. A QUICK LOOK,SW ITC H IN G VI E WS, All of the libraries that we track at Air Studios are recorded via ASSIGNING CONTROLS IN KONTAKT. priceless ribbon and valve mics via Neve Montserrat pre amps. the largest 88R Neve console in the world and onto pristine 2 All GUI controls can be assigned a unique controller number so. tape before being converted with the top of their class Prism AD. SSB fi USER MANUAL PAGE 5 If this is your first time using the Spitfire Audio App for a down load you may wish to first navigate to the Preferences tab and make sure that the Default Content location is set to the loca tion where you wish to download your libraries and that the VST2 install location is set to the folder where your DAW epx ects to find VST files Here you can also enable Auto

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