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spiritcleansing text final qxd 3 8 12 4 53 PM Page iv. This edition first published in 2012 by Weiser Books an imprint of. Red Wheel Weiser LLC,With offices at,665 Third Street Suite 400. San Francisco CA 94107,www redwheelweiser com,Copyright 1982 2003 2012. All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted. in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying. recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without permis. sion in writing from Red Wheel Weiser LLC Reviewers may quote brief passages. Originally published in 1982 by Weiser Books,ISBN 978 1 57863 520 7. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data of previous edition. Mickaharic Draja, Spiritual cleansing a handbook of psychic protections Draja Mickaharic. Originally published York Beach ME S Weiser 1982,Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
ISBN 1 57863 278 1,1 Parapsychology I Title,BF1040 M53 2003. 2003008389,Cover design by Jim Warner,Cover image Khazanov Natalia. Printed in the United States of America,10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. spiritcleansing text final qxd 3 8 12 4 53 PM Page 1. Introduction, eaders may wonder why anyone would want to write a book. R about spiritual cleansing What is it anyway they might ask. Spiritual cleansing is often the easiest way to rid yourself of. unwanted negative energy Everyone has met an individual at some. time or another who seems to be surrounded with negativity Perhaps. you sense the person has a grey or dark feeling After spending a. few minutes in the company of this negative individual you may feel. tired or drowsy You may even feel grimy or dirty after being near this. person or shaking hands with him, Maybe you walk into a house or apartment and immediately feel.
a desire to leave Perhaps you feel flu symptoms or the like in the pres. ence of people or places that feel uncomfortable to you You may even. decide not to buy a house or rent an apartment because you did not. like the feeling of the place These are all symptoms of a need for the. spiritual cleansing of people places and things, Removing these negative vibrations is what spiritual cleansing is. all about With this book you will be able to solve most of the prob. lems of day to day negativity that you may encounter with people. spiritcleansing text final qxd 3 8 12 4 53 PM Page 2. 2 S P I R I T U A L C L E A N S I N G, places and things Through the use of spiritual cleansing you will be. able to improve your own spiritual atmosphere at home on the job. or wherever you may find yourself This little book is a manual of spir. itual first aid to help you clean and maintain the cleanliness of your. spiritual atmosphere, Because there is very little available material on this subject and. from a desire to provide clients and the general public with spiritual. first aid information I have undertaken to write this book It is my. intent to break new ground by providing the non occult trained reader. with simple and effective solutions to the more common spiritual. problems These solutions have been drawn from every ethnic group. and spiritual practice with which I am familiar The beer bath against. Malochia comes from a witch in Hamburg Germany while the work. with eggs comes from both Poland and Mexico This book is not. intended as a working manual for the practicing occultist it is rather. a guide for lay people who desire to improve life by keeping them. selves and their environment spiritually clean, In the 1920s another work of this nature was published It was. written by Dion Fortune and called Psychic Self Defense It is a rather. melodramatic work written to be used by those who were students or. practitioners of ceremonial magic Although it contains some excel. lent suggestions the work is aimed at those who have more than a. passing familiarity with the concepts of ceremonial magic and the. control of the mind The average person cannot work with many of. the concepts presented because he does not have the necessary train. ing Most of the other material available today on the subject of psy. chic protection seems to have been derived from her work. If you find this information interesting enough to want to pursue. the subject further look for a teacher The personal relationship and. interaction between student and teacher is very important in learning. this kind of work Through the spiritual study that this work entails. you will be able to mature to develop self confidence and to test. yourself When you are ready to learn the teacher will come and will. be there as long as the student is able to learn,Feast of St Honoratus.
1980 A D Draja Mickaharic, spiritcleansing text final qxd 3 8 12 4 53 PM Page 3. A Word of Caution, f an experienced spiritual practitioner finds something new in. I these pages he will not deviate from the instructions given until. he understands how the results are obtained Spiritual cleansing. affects the spiritual nature of the incarnate human and until you have. increased your sensitivity through training to the point that you. understand the principle behind any particular cleansing you should. not experiment All of the procedures in this book are simple safe and. effective when the directions are followed They are all natural in their. operation and no special training or capacity is required on the part. of the user All of these cleansings have been tested in my personal. practice as well as in the work of others, Nothing in this book will heal a physical condition or in any. way replace the skill and experience of a physician Consult your. physician for physical illnesses This work is concerned only with. spiritual conditions, Deviating from the instructions given in this book may be. harmful and could even cause serious damage to the spiritual nature. of the experimenter For example the baths mentioned herein are for. spiritcleansing text final qxd 3 8 12 4 53 PM Page 4. external use only if taken internally they could do physical damage. Because some of these things sound simple and interesting don t get. an idea to do a variation When you try to work magic using only. your own enthusiasm you are treading in dangerous waters It would. be best if you followed the directions as they are presented here. When you have finished these pages remember that you are. responsible for using this information wisely If you decide to become. a self declared diagnostician capable of prescribing baths and ritual. solutions for other people s problems you may not be qualified to do. so When you use this information for yourself you cannot hurt any. one When you involve yourself in other people s lives you may find. yourself in a predicament difficult to handle Until you have studied. with a teacher and learned the ways of spiritual cleansing it must be. stressed that you should follow the directions exactly as they are pre. sented in this book and avoid experimenting, spiritcleansing text final qxd 3 8 12 4 53 PM Page 5.
The Spiritual Man 1, hat man has a body is never in question our five physical. T senses give us constant testimony concerning the bodies of. those around us as well as our own We usually deal with other. people in our daily lives as though we were dealing with their clothed. bodies We make an assessment of new acquaintances customers. clients and strangers based upon the way we view a body with our. senses the manner in which we perceive how they dress and care for. their bodies is the basis for our first impression. The non corporal part of man that which is of man but is not. the body of man is what is always in question It is in dealing with. this part of the species that religions are founded spiritual practices. engaged in and scientific doubt expressed The reason is simple the. same physical senses which give continuous testimony to the physical. part of the human being give no evidence whatsoever of the non. physical part of the human being Science being based on the meas. urable that is to say those things which are sensed by the physical. senses must deny the existence of that which cannot be measured if. it is to maintain its integrity, spiritcleansing text final qxd 3 8 12 4 53 PM Page 6. 6 S P I R I T U A L C L E A N S I N G, For our purposes we can divide the incarnate human being. into these two parts the sensory proved physical part and the non. sensory provable spiritual part The physical part is the province of. the physical practitioner the physician surgeon biologist and so. forth His scientific training has qualified him to deal with those parts. of the human being which can be measured and classified using the. realm of the senses The spiritual part is the province of the spiritual. practitioner the priest witch shaman and so forth His non. scientific training has qualified him to deal with those parts of the. human being which can be explored through a measurement and. classification system using the non sensuous realms of being. The two realms of being only come together when the practitioner. of one admits puzzlement over something which seems to go out of. his area of competence into the other Yet in every human being these. two realms are blended together in such a way that they work hand in. hand to enable individuals to go through life in the way they do. People use both parts of their nature physical and spiritual in har. mony in every action on this earth, It may be said that every living thing on the earth has its own. quality This quality is the feeling which is often referred to as a. vibration or an emanation by those who are sensitive to the quali. ties of different things and people The vibration or quality is not a. physical thing in that it cannot be measured with the human physical. senses nor through the extensions of the human physical senses that. are the instruments of scientific methodology Yet the sensitive human. being who has been trained to do so can use developed spiritual sens. es to identify the quality or vibrations of different people places or. It has often been said that everything on this earth is surrounded. by a spiritual energy field but this is not to be confused with the field. of magnetic flux which surrounds a magnet The spiritual energy field. like the quality or vibration of people places and things is not. detectable through the physical senses Once we can make a distinction. between the physical and the spiritual parts of the human constitution. it becomes easy to understand just how spiritual cleansing works. If we can agree that every living thing carries within it its own. spiritcleansing text final qxd 3 8 12 4 53 PM Page 7. T H E S P I R I T U A L M A N 7, vibration and that the vibration results from the field of invisible.
energy which surrounds it we can understand how we can use the. energy of one part of the created universe to work with the human. energy field and remove unwanted detritus from it In a way it is just. like using a combination of fat and lye that we call soap to scrub the. human physical body to remove dirt In both cases one part of the cre. ated universe is used to remove unwanted material from the body. physical or spiritual of an incarnate human being, Every inanimate object every home building piece of furniture. and article of clothing carries traces of the energy of the animate. beings to which it has been exposed The energies of those who. made the object who sold it and those who previously owned it are. impregnated into the spiritual fabric spiritual body of everything. that exists The spiritual body of the incarnate human being interacts. with the spiritual energy field of its surroundings both in terms of. people and places A physical analogy takes place in hypnosis for an. individual can recall subtle points of his surroundings in great detail. although he may not be consciously aware that he even saw the details. Our eyes interact with the physical environment in such a way that we. are actually able to remember the details of the wallpaper pattern in. the waiting room at the doctor s office we visited at age three We. could also recall the smells and textures of that office while hypno. tized but it is more difficult to communicate these observations to. others because we lack a common standard of comparison. No matter how much time we spend in any given physical loca. tion our spiritual natures as discreet observers will recall the entire. surroundings in detail By the same token we can look at the area and. determine just what spiritual vibrations or traces of spiritual energy. are present We interact with our surroundings in this way both on a. physical and on a non physical level, Obviously if we are to spend too much time around someone or. something that has a strong negative vibration we may accept it into. ourselves and be affected by it Once this occurs our own spiritual. vibration may suffer Spiritual cleansing will remove this negative. vibration and restore our own just as washing our hands removes the. dirt acquired from necessary household chores, spiritcleansing text final qxd 3 8 12 4 53 PM Page 8. 8 S P I R I T U A L C L E A N S I N G, Years ago this kind of information was common knowledge It. passed from one family to another one generation to another Today. we regard some of this information as old wives tales or supersti. a handbook of psychic protection Spiritual First Aid for the Modern World 97 81 57 86 35 20 7 5149 5 ISBN 978 1 57863 520 7 US 14 95 Spiritual Cleansing Mickaharic Today s hectic lifestyle leads us down a path fraught with constant stress and negativity The antidote to anxiety A proper spiritual cleansing and this book offers simple and effective ways to do just that Cleanse your

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