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ISSN 2221 0997 Print 2221 1004 Online Center for Promoting Ideas USA www ijastnet com. Other keratin source such as chicken feather wool and horns were used for growth of this fungi of course some. non keratinophilic fungi have potential for use of keratin 8 13. According to some fungi have potential for diseases thus in this study we decided to recognize keratinophilic. fungi of soil of hospitals yard to suggest scientific and practical ways to prevent various mycotic diseases caused. by these fungi in hospitalized patients with immuncompromised and to recommend for improving of. environment,2 Materials and Methods, This descriptive cross sectional study was performed during 3 months on the soil of Babol medical University s. Hospitals yard at 2011 Soil samples 15 plates for each hospital were collected form 5cm depth of soil in non. rainy weather These samples were delivered to the laboratory and were maintained in room temperature until. examination For isolation of keratinophilic fungi from soil sample used hair baiting method 11 12 Put about 50. g of soil samples in a laboratory plate then covered its surface with sterilized scalp hair of baby under 5 years. old and wetted by about l0 ml of sterile distilled water These samples incubated at ambient temperature in. laboratory for growing of keratinophilic fungi After observing fungal growth around the hair performed. subculture of these fungi on Sabouraud S and Sabouraud dextrose agar supplemented with Chloramphenicol and. Cycloheximide Scc media immediately Fungi were identified by macroscopic and microscopic examination. Some of keratinophilic fungi were identified by using specific method such as slide culture and hair perforation. All data were collected and analyzed by SPSS and descriptive statistics. The most keratinophilic fungi species were isolated from the soil of Shahid Beheshti Hospital s yard were. Cunninghamella in 15 cases 100 M gypseum 86 and Fusarium 33 Mucor Drechselera and. Gliocladium had the lowest frequency in soil 6 In soil of Shahid Yahya Nejad Hospital the growth of M. gypseum and Cunninghamella sp were seen in 100 and 93 respectively Mucor sp Alternaria sp and. Rhizopus sp were observed in 6 cases M gypseum were observed in 100 of soil samples were collected from. Fatemeh Zahra Hospital s yard and fallowed by Cunninghamella sp 53 The lowest isolated fungi were. Trichothecium sp and Penicillium sp 6, In Amir Kola Hospital the most common of fungi in soil were M gypseum 93 and Fusarium 80 Yeast. and Rhizopus sp were observed in 6 of samples The growth of Aspergillus niger 53 and Cunninghamella. sp 46 were more than other fungi in Shahid Rajaii Hospital Babolsar Yeast were observed only in 6. Cunninghamella sp 86 and A niger 73 were the most fungi that isolated from soil of Marzi Kola Hospital. Trichothecium sp and Alternaria sp were seen in 6 of soil samples Different species of growth fungi in soil of. each Hospital are showed separately in table 1, Overall growth of fungi in 90 plates of soil samples were isolated from 6 Hospitals yards are showed in table 2. Cunninghamella sp and M gypseum were the most common fungi and three fungi such as Thrichothecium sp. was the lowest fungi were grown in soil samples totally. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology Vol 5 No 3 June 2015. Table 1 Different Species of Keratinophilic Fungi Isolated from Various Hospitals Yards Babol. Table 2 Frequency of Keratinophilic Fungi from Soil of Hospitals Yard of Babol University of Medical. 4 Discussion, In this study the majority of identified species in soil of Babol s University training Hospitals were. Cunninghamella sp in 77 of cases and the lowest species were Alternaria sp Trichothecium sp and Yeast in. 2 22 of cases each fungi Most of the species have been isolated in this study are known as agents of human. and animal infectious The fungi observed here are discussed in relation to their global distribution as study of. vidyasagar GM et al on hospital dust and soils of public places at Gulbarga India 14. E Malek et al from soil of parks isolated Microsporum gypseum as the first but in my study we found it as the. second and Alternaria sp is rare in two studies 15 Hedayati et al in soil samples of potted plants of 4 Hospital. found that Penicillium sp was the most and Alternaria was rare 16. ISSN 2221 0997 Print 2221 1004 Online Center for Promoting Ideas USA www ijastnet com. In our study Alternaria is the same but Penicillium is medium frequent Zarrin et al from soil samples of three. different zone of Ahvaz city showed that Penicillium sp was the most and Alternaria was the least 17 In our. study Alternaria is the same but Penicillium is the moderate. Saxena et al found Hospital soils had lower keratinophilic fungi 62 from others 80 they showed human. hairs were better than chicken feather and wool for growth of keratinophilic fungi 8 Other researches such as. Pakshir et al from public parks soil in Shiraz 18 Singh et al in soil of parks and agricultural fields of Uttar. Pradesh India 19 Saxena et al in the soil of Agra 8 Shadzi et al from elementary schools and public parks. in Isfahan 20 and Moallaei et al In a study of forests and farm yards soil samples 1 showed that separated. fungi by a little difference and same method are as same as our research In a study the most common of. keratinophilic fungi were Arthroderma simii while the Ctenomyces serratus had the minimum frequency from. dust of Hospital 21 In our study several of plants animals and human crowding around the hospitals yard and. various soil organic material can cause different various species of fungi in different hospitals. Medical objects instrument and hands of hospital staff may be cause of transportation of theses fungi in Hospital. 22 Now a days with developing of medical knowledge and technology like kidney transplantation that need to. use immunosuppressive agents and other immunocompromised diseases such as Aplastic Anemia leukemia. cancerous patient radiation AIDS diabetes and other ill patients are a good hosts for mycosis affection 23 25. So all saprophytes fungi in body or in nature can be pathogen at favorable conditions 26 27 In our study. detected fungi like Mucor can cause Mucormycosis that is high mortality diseases and Aspergillus can cause. Aspergillosis of lung visceral and dermal that are dangerous diseases with high mortality and other detected. fungi are same 26 Cunninghamella sp which was the most common fungi from hospital soils can be cause of. mucormycosis 28, Therefore some of these fungi such as Mi gypseum that detected from soil of hospitals yard were dermatophytes.
that can cause human ringworm and other fungi can cause various mycosis such as mucormycosis aspergillosis. and so on So Hospitalized patients that have low immunity can be good host of these fungi The soil fungi can. be transferred to hospitalized patients straightly by staff worker by family visitors or by air So observe hygiene. and no contact with soil of hospitals Yard is recommended. 5 Acknowledgment, We thank to Dr Saeid Mahdavi Omran associate professor of Medical Mycology for excellent comments and. other personnel of Medical Parasitology and Mycology Department Babol University of Medical Sciences for co. work with us,Self funded,7 Conflict of Interest,There was no conflict of interest. 8 References, Abdullah SK Hassan DA Isolation of dermatophytes and other keratinophilic fungi from suffer sediments of. Shatt ol Arab River and its creks at Basra Iraq Mycoses 1995 38 3 4 163 166. Carceller F Onoro G buitrago MJ Herrero B Lassaleta A Perez Martinez A Gonzalez Vicent M Madero L. Cunninghamella bertholletiae infection in children review and report of 2 cases with disseminated. infection J Pediatr Hematol Oncol 2014 36 2 e 109 14 doi 10 1097 MPH 0b013e31829eec5a. Chronological aggregation of subcutaneous mycosis in renal transplant recipient Nefrolog a 2006 26 4 476. English MP The saprophytic growth of non keratinophilic fungi on keratinized substrata and a comparison with. keratinophilic fungi Trans Brit Mycol Soc 1965 48 2 219 235. Fleming RV Walsh TJ Anaissise EJ Emerging and less common fungal pathogens Infect Dis Clin North AM. 2002 16 4 915 33, Gavela E vila A Sancho A Molina P Fern ndez N jera JE Crespo J Pallar LM. HAINER BL Dermatophyte infections Am Fam Physician 2003 1 67 1 101 109. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology Vol 5 No 3 June 2015. Hedayati MT Mohseni Bandpi A Moradi S A survey on the pathogenic fungi in soil samples of potted plants. from Sari hospitals Iran Journal of Hospital Infection 2004 58 1 59 62. Hospital dust and soils of public places at Gulbarga India Mycopathologia 2005 159 1 13 21 PubMed. PMID 15750728, Luo BL Zhang LM Hu CP Xiong Z Clinical analysis of 68 patients with pulmonary mycosis in China.
Multidiscip Respir Med 2011 6 5 278 83 doi 10 1186 2049 6958 6 5 278. Malejczyk K Sigler L Gibas CFC Smith SW Invasive Sino Orbital Mycosis in an Aplastic Anemia Patient. Caused By Neosartorya laciniosa Published Ahead of Print 23 January 2013 10 1128 JCM 02919 12. 2013 51 4 1316 DOI J Clin Microbiol, Malek E Moosazadeh M Hanafi P Abbasi Nejat Z Amini A Mohammadi R et al Isolation of Keratinophilic. Fungi and Aerobic Actinomycetes From Park Soils in Gorgan North of Iran Jundishapur J Microbiol. 2013 6 10 e11250 DOI 10 5812 jjm 11250, Mancianti F Papini R Isolation of keratinophilic fungi from the floors of private veterinary clinics in Italy Vet. Res commun 1996 20 2 161 6, Merkantin R Marcella R Kaprilli F Isolation of Keratinomyces from the soil of wild animals cages and co. enclosure in the zoo of the parco Nazionaled Abrozzo Italy Sabouradia 1999 16 4 285 89. Mihali CV Buruiana A Turcus V Covaci1 A Ardelean A Morphology and ultra structure aspects in species. belongs to Trichophyton genus using light and scanning electron microscopy Annals of RSCB 2012. 17 1 90 95, Moallaei H Zaini F Pihet M Mahmoudi M Hashemi J Isolation of Keratinophilic Fungi from Soil Samples of. Forests and Farm Yards Iranian J Pub Health 2006 35 4 62 69. Pakshir K Ghiasi MR Zomorodian K Gharavi AR Isolation and molecular identification of keratinophilic fungi. from public parks soil in Shiraz Iran Bio Med Res Int 2013 2013 619576 doi 10 1155 2013 619576. Epub 2013 Jul 15,PMCID PMC2965933, Rippon JW Medical Mycology 5th edition WB Saunders Co USA 2000 169 210.
Ruthelizabeth Guzman Chavez Carolina Segundo Zaragoza Roberto Arnulfo Cervantes Olivares and. Graciela Tapia Perez Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia FMVZ UNAM Presence of. Keratinophilic Fungi with Special Reference to dermatophytes on the Haircoat of Dogs and Cats in. m xico and Nezahualcoyotl Cities Revista Latinoamericana de Microbiolog a 2000 42 1 41 44. Asociaci n Latinoamericana de Microbiolog a, Saxena P Kumar A Shrivastava JN Diversity of keratinophilic mycoflora in the soil of Agra India Folia. Microbiol Praha 2004 49 4 430 4, Shadzi S Chadeganipour M Alimoradi M Isolation of keratinophilic fungi from elementary schools and public. parks in Isfahan Iran Mycoses 2002 45 11 12 496 9 PubMed PMID 12472728. Singh I Kushwaha RKS Dermatophytes and related keratinophilic fungi in soil of parks and agricultural fields. of Uttar Pradesh India Indian J Dermatol 2010 55 3 306 308. Singh I MiShra A Kushwaha R Dermatophytes related keratinophilic and opportunistic fungi in indoor dust of. houses and hospitals Indian J Med Microbiol 2009 27 3 242 6 Doi 10 4103 0255 0857 53207. Soon SH Isolation of keratinophilic fungi from soil in Malaysia Mycopathologia 1991 113 3 155 8. Suh CK Studies on baiting methods for isolation of keratinophilic fungi Korean J Dermatol 1966 5 1 23 50. Tomsikova A Causative agents of nosocomial mycoses Folia Microbiol Praha 2002 47 2 105 12. Vanbreuseghem R Technique biologique pour 1 isolement des dermatophytes du sol Ann Soc Belge Med Trop. 1952 32 2 173 178, Vidyasagar GM Hosmani N Shivkumar D Keratinophilic fungi isolated from. Wood C Russel Bell B Characterization of pigmented fungi by melanin staining Am J Dermatopathol1983. Zarrin M Haghgoo R Survey of keratinophilic fungi from soils in Ahvaz Iran Jundishapur Journal of. Microbiology School of Medicine Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences Ahvaz Iran JJM. Species Diversity of Keratinophilic Fungi in Various Soil Type of Babol Medical University s Hospitals Yard Abbas Soleymani MD Dept of Ophthalmology Rohani Hospital Babol University of Medical Sciences Babol Iran Seyed Ali Asghar Sefidgar C P Mohammad Hoseini MD Dept of Medical Parasitology and Mycology Babol University of Medical Sciences Babol Iran Hamze Sharifi MS Dept of English

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