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TABLE OF CONTENTS,1 Brief History 8 Engineering, 2 Products 9 Manufacturing Equipment and Facilities. 3 Business Volume 10 Quality Management,4 Company Organization 11 Reference. 5 Location Lay out 12 Clients List,6 Overall Process. 7 Manufacturing Capacity,1 Brief History, Jun 2015 Engineering Cooperation with ACC Team for Air Cooled Condenser. Mar 2014 To be certified to CSA 47 1 Div 2 CWB Certificate. Dec 2012 Awarded Prize for The One Hundred 100 Million Dollars Export by Korean Government. Mar 2012 Development of Round Header Patent No 10 134791. Jun 2008 Gunsan Shop ASME U U2 S Stamp ISO 9001 14001 OHSAS 18001 Certified. May 2008 Established Gunsan Shop, Jan 1997 Registered as a member of Heat Transfer Research Institute HTRI.
Jul 1993 Registered as a member of the Heat Transfer Fluid flow Service HTFS. Aug 1991 Registered as approved vendor for manufacturing the Equipment of power plant in. KEPCO No 180 03 9991, Jun 1983 Korea Heat Exchanger Industrial Co Ltd Established. 2 Products,Forced Draught Type Cooler,Heat Exchanger Module Skid. Induced Draught Type Forced Draught With Hot Air,Cooler Recirculation. Air Cooled Heat Exchanger,Air Cooled Condenser,3 Business Volume. Sales order plan for year 2016 USD 150 Million,Air Cooled Heat Exchanger.
Steel Structure, Order received Turnover Million U S Products Ratio of Last 10 Years. 4 Company Organization,Research Management,QA QC Business Production Engineering PM HSE TEAM. Institute Support,Procurement,QA General Affair,Sales Steel Structure. QC Engineering PM R D Team Financial,Estimation Material Control. Customer Service,Coating Accounting, 18 Persons 13 Persons 286 Persons 45 Persons 8 Persons 3 Persons 24 Persons 3 Persons.
Total 400 Persons,5 Location Lay out,Sales Office,Gunsan Factory. Address 502 1 Osikdo Dong Gunsan Jeonbuk Korea 573 540. 5 Location Lay out,KHE Gunsan Shop,Shop Name Area m2 Area acre. A Bundle A ssy Shop 21 900 5 26,B Header Box Shop 10 120 2 48. C Steel Structure Shop 9 904 2 43,D Galvanizing Shop 3 522 0 86. E Painting Shop 4 323 1 06,F Heat Treatment Shop 28 0 007.
G NDE Shop 420 0 1,Location Gunsan Korea H Material Shop 1 700 0 42. The Area of Site 158 856 38 13acre, The Area of Buildings 54 570 13 1acre I Gantry crane 20Ton 4EA 28M 12M. J Gantry crane 15Ton 4EA 28M 361M,6 Overall Process. Shop Working Flow, Efficient and Specialized Working Flow for Air Cooled Heat Exchanger. MODULE AREA,Whole Process LAYoperated,OUT in House including engineering.
small parts cutting structure header box fabrication galvanizing. painting NDE module assembly and packing, All Module Goods being exported through GUNSAN Port which is. 5 min by truck from KHE Shop,HEADER BOX,PAINTING SHOP GALVA SHOP. Starting HEADER BOX SHOP Starting STEEL STRUCT,Point Point SHOP. 7 Manufacturing Capacity,Current Capacity 2016, Bundle Steel Structure Galvanizing Painting Assembly RIT. 2 400 Bundle Year 20 000 Ton Year 30 000 Ton Year 30 000 Ton Year 2 400 Module Year. Automated Production Ratio 60,Self Production Ratio 95 Subcontracted Ratio 5.
8 Engineering,Design Computer Programs,No Program name Purposes Developer. 1 X ACE V6 0 SP3 Thermal design HTRI U S A, 2 ALGOR V19 3 Finite Element Analysis FEA ALGOR U S A. 3 STAAD III Stress analysis for steel structure U S A. 4 SOLID WORKS 3D 3D Modeling drawing and B O M SOLIDWORKS U S A. 5 MAIDAS GEN V6 3 2 Stress analysis for steel structure POSCO KOREA. Applicable Code Standard,ASME Section VIII Div I Div II BC HPGSL. ASME Section I CSA W47 1 Div II HEI,ASME B31 1 CE PED JIS. API 661 DPEM ARH MOH,AS GOST 14249 TEMA,9 Manufacturing Equipment.
Manufacturing Equipment,1 Finning Equipments 11 sets. Automatic Finning Machine System Quantity,Fin type embedded 4 sets Extruded 7 sets. Fin material aluminum copper 4 11fin inch 11 sets,Tube size OD 1 2 2 L18 000. 2 Welding Equipments 210 sets Manual Automatic,Welding Machines Quantity. Automatic submerged arc welding train system for air cooled heat exchanger 5 sets. Submerged arc welding machine 11 sets,Gas tungsten arc welding machine TIG 55 sets.
Gas metal arc welding machine MIG CO2 40 sets,Shielded metal arc welding 66 sets. Arc air gouging machine 4 sets, Manipulator for welding machine OD 3000 L3 000 2 sets. Turning roll for welding machine 60 ton 30 ton 10 ton 13 sets. Baking drying oven for electric rods Controlling temp 0 350 9 sets. Inside automatic welding machine Stroke 400L 2 sets. Automated and Submerged Gas Welding machine 2 sets. Nozzle Automated Welding machine 1 set,9 Manufacturing Equipment. Manufacturing Equipment,3 Drilling Equipments,Equipment Name Quantity. Special purpose multi hole and multi stage drilling machine drilling machine for 1 set. air cooled heat exchanger header,CNC drill center W3 000 L 4 500 1 set.
CNC drill center W3 500 L 4 500 2 sets,CNC drill center W2 000 L 2 500 1 set. Radial drilling machine L 2 000 5 sets,Radial drilling machine L 2 600 2 sets. Radial drilling machine L 1 600 2 sets,Radial drilling machine L 1 300 1 set. Hand drilling machine 3 25 3 sets,Magnetic drill machine 3 25 4 sets. Tool grinding machine 4 sets,9 Manufacturing Equipment.
Manufacturing Equipment,4 Inspection Testing Equipments. Type of Equipments Quantity,Charpy Impact Tester 1ea. Mechanical Test,Universal Testing Machine 1ea 4ea,Hardness Tester 1ea Steel M Scope 1ea. CSI2130 Vibration Analyzers Sound level Calibrator. Run in Test,Clamp Meter Digital Tachometer Load Cell. Measuring 40ea,Push Pull Gauge Radiation Pyrometer Sound Level.
Meter Bavel Protractor,Alloy Analyzer Niton Spectro Borescopes. Coating Thickness Gauge Surface Profile gauge 85ea. Digimatic Calipers Digital Thermometer,10 Quality Management. Certificates,ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ASME,CWB Certificate OHSAS 18001. Mar 2012 Development of Round Header Patent No 10 134791 Jun 2008 Gunsan Shop ASME U U2 amp S Stamp ISO 9001 14001 OHSAS 18001 Certified May 2008 Established Gunsan Shop Jan 1997 Registered as a member of Heat Transfer Research Institute HTRI Jul 1993 Registered as a member of the H eat Transfer amp Fluid flow Service HTFS

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