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South Dakota Board of Regents,Honorable John W Bastian Honorable Randy Schaefer. Honorable Kevin V Schieffer,Honorable Jim Morgan,Honorable Jim Thares. Vice President,Honorable Joan Wink,Honorable Pam Roberts. Secretary Honorable Lucas Lund,Student Regent,Honorable Barb Stork. President and Vice Presidents,Barry H Dunn Ph D Michael Adelaine Ph D.
President Vice President for Information Technology and Safety. Dennis D Hedge Pharm D Daniel Scholl Ph D, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Vice President for Research and Economic Development. Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration. Michaela Willis Ph D,Vice President for Student Affairs. John Killefer Ph D Jane Mort Pharm D, College of Agriculture Food and Environmental Sciences College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions. Lynn Sargeant Ph D Nicole Lounsbery Ph D Interim, College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate School. Jill M Thorngren Ph D Bruce Berdanier Ph D, College of Education and Human Sciences Jerome J Lohr College of Engineering.
Charlene Wolf Hall Ph D Rebecca Bott Knutson Ph D, College of Natural Sciences Van D and Barbara B Fishback Honors College. Mary Anne Krogh Ph D Kristi M Tornquist Ph D,College of Nursing Chief University Librarian. The Academic Processional, The academic processional which precedes the graduation ceremonies on college and university. campuses is one of the oldest and most colorful customs that link 21st century education with its early. To signify the achievements of their students American institutions of higher learning conduct a formal. ceremony to award the appropriate degrees earned at the conclusion of prescribed study The action of. taking the degree associate bachelor s master s or doctor s as well as the designation of the day. itself is Commencement, Various explanations of the term commencement are possible The most likely is that centuries ago the. bachelor originally an apprentice began his apprenticeship upon that day and with the degree of M A. and Ph D the masters and doctors commenced their work upon the day their degrees were conferred. So today the student having finished his her preliminary education sets out on a career. The academic regalia worn at Commencement is of medieval origin The scholars of Bologna Paris. Oxford Cambridge Louvain and Heidelberg dressed in a manner to distinguish themselves from the. merchants and other townspeople Since the 11th century when the rise of the universities began. learned clerks robed themselves in gowns caps and hoods thus marking a difference between town. By this apparel they were recognized as belonging to the teaching guild which was the Guild of the. Master of Arts In this organization the bachelor was the apprentice of the master This relationship was. the forerunner of today s academic structure which often includes graduate and or teaching assistants. usually studying for advanced degrees, Generally in Europe a professor wears the type of garment customary in the university where he she is.
lecturing In the United States our tradition differs our professors continue to wear the gown and hood of. the university where they received their highest degree. The gown in origin may have been simply a type of overcoat to protect the teacher from the cold in the. unheated buildings the cut or style seems to be derived from ecclesiastical attire It has usually been. black The gowns of bachelor s and master s are usually without trimmings of any sort whereas those of. doctors are faced down the front with velvet and adorned with three velvet bars on the sleeves. The cap or mortarboard may have come from the squarish cap worn by the masons of the Middle Ages. or perhaps was suggested by the shape of the books which occupied so much of the time of scholars. Attached to a button on the mortarboard is a tassel bachelor s and master s are black or the color. appropriate to the subject those of doctors black or golden The tassel is worn on the left side by those. who are receiving or have received a degree, The hood a triangular fold of cloth worn over the back of the gown is faced with colors which denote. the field of study represented by the wearer s degree the colors of the lining are those of the college. or university from which the degree was granted The length of the hood is correspondingly longer with. each degree, The wide velvet borders extending down the front of the doctoral gown the velvet bar on the sleeves and. the borders of most hoods are colored according to scholarly field of the wearer. At South Dakota State University the tassel color signifies the college in which the degree is earned. Undergraduate Degrees Graduate Degrees, Agriculture Food and Environmental Sciences Ph D Royal Blue Hoods with Old Gold Tassels. Maize Pharm D Olive,Arts Humanities and Social Sciences D N P Apricot. White Gold Brown Pink M S Bright Gold, Education and Human Sciences Light Blue Nursing M S Apricot.
Engineering Orange M Ed Light Blue,Nursing Apricot M A White. Pharmacy and Allied Health M M C Crimson,Professions Olive Gold. M Arch Blue Violet,M Eng Orange,M P H Salmon,The Ceremonial Mace. The Ceremonial Mace is traditionally carried by a university marshal at all formal academic occasions. The staff which stands 36 inches high from top to bottom is made of walnut with a mahogany finish It is. trimmed in 14k plated gold At the top of the Mace is the great seal of South Dakota State University The. engraved inscription reads South Dakota State University founded 1881 The Mace was presented to the. University as a gift from the SDSU Alumni Association and was used for the first time at President Peggy. Gordon Miller s inauguration Sept 19 1998, The Ceremonial Mace has an ancient history as a symbol of authority In medieval times it was a studded. clublike weapon made of iron and capable of breaking armor It became associated with the protection of. the king in France and England and was carried by the king s sergeant at arms In the 13th century it was. used for civil purposes and figured in the processions of city mayors and other dignitaries Eventually the. Mace became a symbol also for academic institutions an emblem of order and authority in the pageantry. of ceremonial occasions,The University,Presidential Medallion.
The University Presidential Medallion a traditional symbol of authority of the Office of the President is a. 14k gold replica of the University Seal is 3 inches in diameter and is cast as a single piece. The reverse side of the Medallion is engraved with the names the University has formally held since its. inception Dakota Agricultural College 1884 1889 South Dakota Agricultural College 1890 1907 South. Dakota State College of Agricultural and Mechanic Arts 1907 June 30 1964 and South Dakota State. University July 1 1964 Present, The University Presidential Medallion was designed by Sioux Falls artist Jurek Jakowicz and was. presented as a gift to the University by the SDSU Foundation The Medallion is part of the University s. heritage and will pass to future presidents It is traditionally worn by the University president at important. ceremonial occasions,Commissioned Second Lieutenant. AIR FORCE ROTC,Lt Col Brian K Schroeder, Nathaniel James Fleet Brian Todd Gusek Desiree Lou Mercer Averill David Sorensen. Ethan Daniel Frazier Paige Celestine James Wade Richard Olson Graysen Victor Trandem. Caleb Douglas Goergen David Alan McKeen Anthony Michael Richards Phillip Gregory Zamora. Lt Col Stephen Sewell, Reilly Albert Andresen Christian Victor Cap Sean Martin Hartze Jadin Nichol Rudebusch. Jacob Lee Burton Kaitlin Marie Hartwig Zebadiah Peter Nelson Erica Marie Wunschel. Van D and Barbara B Fishback,Honors College Distinction.
Lucas Anderson Brooke Grussing Sophie McKee Andrew Schaeffer. Helean Barwari Sarah Haberman Anna Milbauer Maggie Scheffler. Christopher Begeman Alecia Hansen Seyedeh Zahra Moazzami Jessica Schmidt. Matthew Berg Jenna Harrison Julia Mochel Sawyer Schmitz. Keoni Bills Skyler Hochstein Anna Mohr Amber Schuster. Allison Bjornstad Amanda Husted Allyson Monson Michelle Sestak. Mary Boksa Paige James Dustin Moon Isaac Smithee, Michael Borman Sara Johnson Amanda Muller Daniel Spangler. Sydney Bormann Megan Kellen Jin Hang Ng Hannah Stein. Mariah Burggraff Hannah Kilker Miranda O Bryan Cassidy Stratman. Alaire Buysse Molly Kroeger Regan Odegaard Natalie Swanson. Alli Cummings Katelyn Kubasek Wade Olson Ross Syltie. Jacob Deines Kayla Kutzke Hannah Pannell Allie Thompson. Kyla Dendinger Kyle Lampert Juliana Pederson Jace Waybright. Alexander Denevan Hunter Landwehr Grace Pelowitz Dominick Weber. Anika Driesen Martee Larson Payton Pierce Allyson Wirfs. Erin Foth Megan Lavergne Samantha Pietrzak Lorna Wright. Sydney Gall Lauren Lindsey Kristi Pond Linnea York. Meghan Glancey Joshua Longtin Georgialee Quail Bethany Zeug. Quinten Glass Katherine Lucas Selene Renes,Grace Goehring Maverick Maynard Kacey Rosenthal. Allison Grandstrand Cole McDougall Hafidh Satyanto. Recognition of,Academic Achievement,HONOR SOCIETY STUDENT MEMBERS. GOLDEN KEY,International Honour Society, Keoni Bills Mia Hockel Kayla Moberg Rochelle Patterson. Jordan Helmin Kayla Kutzke Brenna Morgan Jasdeep Singh. Natasha Hesse Jenna Medlen,MORTAR BOARD,Senior Honor Society.
Ashley DeSmet Nicole Kneip Madison McLaury Emily Rone. Taylor Fauth Laura Kosberg Miranda O Bryan Jessica Schmidt. Erin Foth Katelyn Kubasek Lindsay Olson Emily Schmitz. Erika Franzen Ackerman Austin Lange Samuel Peterson Cassidy Stratman. Sandra Gruenig Lilianna Mallak Allison Pravecek Christina Stuerman. Allison Hieb Cole McDougall Selenes Renes Allie Thompson. Spencer Hildahl Sophie McKee Kristina Rice Sylvia Wieseler. ORDER OF OMEGA, Noah Anderson Miranda O Bryan Reese Simons Allie Thompson. Helean Barwari Wade Olsen Denver Stage Ryan Twedt, Sarah Eich Kayla Rounds Cassidy Stratman Daxx Wiebelhaus. Nichole Metter Morgan Sandersfeld,PHI KAPPA PHI,General University. Rose Mary Adamski Brianna M Compton Erin MaKenna Foth Samantha Rae Haverly. Alyssa M Aker Ann Catherine Coppock Brittni Nichole Franken Jessica Henter. Megan Nicole Albertson Alayne Mary Daly Erika Lea Franzen Ackerman Natasha Hesse. Alex James Anderson Nathan David Deason Kelsey Amber Geraets Allison Ann Hieb. Jordyn Ann Bernstein Landon Michael Dierks Grace Katherine Goehring Kristin C Holthaus. Charlie Rae Bleifus Haley A Dorschner Katelyn Nicole Graber Brandon Benjamin Hoth. Jaycee Lynn Breidenbach Amos Kwabena Dwamena Sandra Lyn Casilang Gruenig Heather Jean Hoy. Meghan C Buckman Goodness Ebenezer Natalie M Gunderson Zayna Hustoft. Sarah A Buckman Alyssa L Eckstein Cooper B Haaland Caleb H Impecoven. Daniel J Burkhalter Lyndsey Jo Effling Heide M Hammer Sara Jean Johnson. Paige D Cain Macee Rae Marie Fanning Carly Anne Hannestad Kenzie Lee Jorgenson. Mackenzie Kristine Carlbom Jerrod T Fedorchik Jared Daniel Hanson Heewon Sarah Kim. Sheila Sue Christman David A Ferrier Morgan Hanson Cody Hunter Kneip. Ryan J Collins Laura J Fodness Lucilla Harrell Amelia Irene Koster. Kayla Lin Kutzke Kevin Natukunda Emily Marie Schmitz Ashley Marie Theobald. Jacob Lackas Laiken Grace Nelson Brianna Jean Schreurs Laura Mae Thomas. Kathryn Rose Larsen Julia Anne Okerman Coralett Donnet Segrist Erik Dean Tofteland. Savannah K Larson Nicholas Alan Overgaard Rylee Clara Selberg Anna E Walraven. Mayowa B Lawal Hannah Victoria Pannell Laura L Selman Sara Nicole Warlick. Christina Lynn Adriana Emelinda Pardee Michelle Lillian Sestak Madeline Weninger. Kylie Rose Maxfield Haley Marie Patrick Maggie Ann Simon Kristen D Werpy. Maverick McDonald Maynard Rochelle Reanne Patterson Kishan Siwakoti Samuel Wyatt White. Lydia G Meredith Samuel Dean Peterson Ashley M Solvie Sylvia Kate Wieseler. Kimberly Meyer Madelyn Ponto Nicole J Solvie Emma Sydnie Williams. Mason H Meyer Alexis Anne Rasmussen Sarah Speck Michaela Willis. McKenzie A Meyer Mukesh Kumar Roy Garret R Spindler Tarryn Rhiann Woelber. Rilea Jean Mielke Ryan Gregory Sailors Mikaela Mae Stanley Linnea R York. Joshua D Mohs Daniel Kwesi Sam Jacob Daniel Steckelberg Bethany Lynn Zeug. CONFERRING DEGREES IN,COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE FOOD,AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES. JEROME J LOHR COLLEGE,OF ENGINEERING,COLLEGE OF NATURAL SCIENCES.
COLLEGE OF NURSING, Visit www sdstate edu graduation to view this virtual ceremony. 10 am Commencement Program,PROCESSIONAL,10 am Program. Pomp and Circumstance by Edward Elgar,THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. Star Spangled Banner By Francis Scott Key,INTRODUCTIONS. Barry H Dunn Ph D President of the University,HONORARY MARSHALS.
Jeff Held Ph D Professor Emeritus Animal Science, Rich Reid Ph D Associate Dean Professor Engineering. COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS,Dear Class of 2020 Stay Strong and Persevere. Mary Kay Helling,Vice Provost,RECOGNITION OF HONORARY DEGREE. Leon Wrage,RECOGNITION OF STUDENT HONORS, Dennis D Hedge Pharm D Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. RECOGNITION OF ARMY AND AIR FORCE COMMISSIONEES,Lt Col Brian K Schroeder Air Force ROTC.
Lt Col Stephen Sewell Army ROTC,INDUCTION INTO ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. Andi Fouberg President and CEO of the South Dakota State University Alumni Association. COMMENTS ON BEHALF OF THE GRADUATING CLASS,Selene Renes Civil Engineering. inception Dakota Agricultural College 1884 1889 South Dakota Agricultural College 1890 1907 South Dakota State College of Agricultural and Mechanic Arts 1907 June 30 1964 and South Dakota State University July 1 1964 Present The University Presidential Medallion was designed by Sioux Falls artist Jurek Jakowicz and was presented as a gift to the University by the SDSU Foundation

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