Social security for social justice and a fair globalization

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ISBN 978 92 2 123117 2 Print,ISBN 978 92 2 123118 9 Web pdf. ISSN 0074 6681,First edition 2011, The designations employed in ILO publications which are in conformity with United Nations practice and the. presentation of material therein do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the. International Labour Office concerning the legal status of any country area or territory or of its authorities or. concerning the delimitation of its frontiers, Reference to names of firms and commercial products and processes does not imply their endorsement by the. International Labour Office and any failure to mention a particular firm commercial product or process is not a. sign of disapproval, ILO publications can be obtained through major booksellers or ILO local offices in many countries or direct. from ILO Publications International Labour Office CH 1211 Geneva 22 Switzerland Catalogues or lists of. new publications are available free of charge from the above address or by email pubvente ilo org. Visit our website www ilo org publns, Formatted by TTE reference Confrep ILC100 VI 2011 01 0228 11 En docx.
Printed by the International Labour Organization Geneva Switzerland. Abbreviations vii,Introduction 1,Background and objective 1. Background 1,Objective of the report 3,Structure of the report 3. Preparation of the report for the recurrent discussion 4. Chapter 1 The right to and the need for social security 7. 1 1 Objectives and concepts of social security 7, 1 1 1 Principal objectives of social security and definitions 8. 1 1 2 Concepts 8,1 2 The right to social security 10. 1 2 1 The human right to social security and the role of the ILO 10. 1 3 The need for social security 15, 1 3 1 The role of social security systems in economic development.
and in facilitating structural change and managing crises 16. 1 3 2 Social security as a pivotal tool to progress toward social justice. in a globalizing world 22,1 4 A first conclusion 26. Chapter 2 The global state of social security and its challenges 29. 2 1 The coverage challenge 29,2 2 The adequacy challenge 32. 2 3 The financing challenge 35,2 4 A second conclusion 42. Chapter 3 Present policy responses 43, 3 1 Enabling access to health services Social health protection 43. Patterns of health care financing and access 44,Indicators of access to health care services 45.
ILC 100 VI iii, Social security for social justice and a fair globalization. Extending social health protection coverage 45,Addressing financial constraints 48. Improving administrative efficiency and assuring the quality of health care 49. 3 2 Guaranteeing income security in old age disability and survivorship 50. Coverage by contributory and non contributory pensions 51. Pension coverage has a strong gender dimension 57,Challenges around disability benefits 58. Adequacy of pensions 59,Pension finances and the global crisis 61. 3 3 Income security for the unemployed 63, 3 4 Income security in the event of employment injury 68.
3 5 Maternity protection 70, 3 6 Family benefits minimum income support and social assistance 73. Providing social security to families with children 73. The role of social assistance schemes in developed and middle. and low income countries 73, Extending social security coverage through social assistance. programmes in low and middle income countries 76,3 7 A third conclusion 78. Chapter 4 Main issues for the future of social security 81. 4 1 Ensuring social and economic policy coherence 81. Social policy objectives and institutional design Ensuring. internal coherence and responsiveness 82, 4 1 2 Ensuring external coherence in a wider social policy context 84. 4 1 3 Ensuring external coherence of economic and social policies 86. 4 2 Establishing and ensuring the affordability and financial sustainability. of social security systems 93,4 2 1 The affordability of basic systems 93.
4 2 2 The affordability of mature social security systems 102. 4 2 3 Cost versus benefit considerations Relationship between. fiscal costs and results 107, 4 3 Designing governing and managing effective and efficient social. security systems 108, Designing and implementing programmes to extend social. security coverage 109, 4 3 2 Ensuring good governance and sound administrative. performance 120,4 4 A fourth conclusion 124, Chapter 5 Future policy orientation for the Organization 127. 5 1 Strategies to extend social security coverage 127. 5 1 1 Principles for the extension of social security 129. 5 1 2 The horizontal and vertical dimensions of extending social. security The social security staircase policy paradigm 133. iv ILC 100 VI, 5 1 3 The horizontal dimension Building a social protection floor 135.
5 1 4 The vertical dimension The next steps towards a social security. best protection guide 138,5 2 Strategies to ensure sustainability 138. 5 2 1 Ensuring coherence with national social and economic. development policies and other objectives of the Decent. Work Agenda 139,5 2 2 Ensuring social adequacy 141. 5 2 3 Ensuring financial economic and fiscal sustainability 142. 5 2 4 Strategies to ensure good governance 143,5 3 A fifth conclusion 144. Chapter 6 Guidance for further ILO work on social security 145. 6 1 Providing policy guidance through the promotion of existing standards. and the establishment of guiding frameworks 146, Relevance of international social security standards at international. and regional level 146,Need for complementary instrument s 146.
6 2 Providing support for good governance of national social security. systems 150,Knowledge generation and dissemination 151. Capacity building 151,Technical advisory services 151. 6 3 Suggested points for discussion by the Conference Committee 152. Appendices, I Appendix tables and guidance on newly available social security statistics 155. II The ILO response to the need for social security 163. ILC 100 VI v,Abbreviations,CBHI Community Based Health Insurance. CCT conditional cash transfer, CEACR Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and.
Recommendations,CPC contribution payment centre,DB defined benefit. DC defined contribution,DfID Department for International Development. ECOSOC United Nations Economic and Social Commission. GB Governing Body of the International Labour Organization. DC defined contribution,GDP gross domestic product. GTZ Deutsche Gesellschaft f r Technische Zusammenarbeit. ICESCR International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights. ILC International Labour Conference,ILO International Labour Organization or Office. IMF International Monetary Fund,ISSA International Social Security Association.
MDGs Millennium Development Goals,ODA Official Development Assistance. OECD Organization for Economic Co operation and Development. OECD POVNET OECD Development Cooperation Directorate Network on. Poverty Reduction,P4H Providing for Health Initiative. SPER Social Protection Expenditure Review,SSI ILO Social Security Inquiry. SPF Social Protection Floor,UN United Nations, UN CEB United Nations Chief Executives Board for Coordination. UNDAFs United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks. UNDESA United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. UNDP United Nations Development Programme,WHO World Health Organization.
ILC 100 VI vii,Introduction,Background and objective. Background, 1 At its 97th Session 2008 the International Labour Conference adopted the ILO. Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization The Declaration recognizes that. based on the mandate contained in the ILO Constitution including the Declaration of. Philadelphia 1944 which continues to be fully relevant has the solemn obligation to. further among the nations of the world programmes which will achieve the objectives of full. employment and the raising of standards of living a minimum living wage and the extension of. social security measures to provide a basic income to all in need along with all the other. objectives set out in the Declaration of Philadelphia 1. 2 The Declaration states inter alia that, i n the context of accelerating change the commitments and efforts of Members and the. Organization to implement the ILO s constitutional mandate including through international. labour standards and to place full and productive employment and decent work at the centre of. economic and social policies should be based on the four equally important strategic objectives. of the ILO through which the Decent Work Agenda is expressed. The Annex to the document stipulates that The Organization will introduce a scheme of. recurrent discussions by the International Labour Conference so as to. i understand better the diverse realities and needs of its Members with respect to each of the. strategic objectives respond more effectively to them using all the means of action at its. disposal including standards related action technical cooperation and the technical and. research capacity of the Office and adjust its priorities and programmes of action. accordingly and, ii assess the results of the ILO s activities with a view to informing programme budget and. other governance decisions 2, 3 At its 304th Session March 2009 the Governing Body decided that the second.
recurrent discussion at the 100th Session of the International Labour Conference in 2011. would be devoted to the strategic objective of social protection and specifically focus on. social security 3, ILO ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization International Labour Conference. 97th Session Geneva 10 June 2008,ibid Annex Part II B. ILO Date place and agenda of the International Labour Conference Governing Body 304th Session Geneva. Mar 2009 GB 304 2 2,ILC 100 VI 1, Social security for social justice and a fair globalization. 4 The discussion at the 100th Session of the Conference in 2011 needs to be placed. in the context of the sequence of key events in social security that have occurred at the. ILO during the previous decade The resolution and conclusions concerning social. security adopted at the 89th Session of the Conference in 2001 renewed the ILO s. commitment to the extension of social security coverage and to the improvement of the. governance financing and administration of social security 4. 5 Subsequently the Global Campaign on Social Security and Coverage for All was. launched at the 91st Session of the Conference in 2003 The activities of the Campaign. now the catalyst for the ILO s activities in social security were reviewed in a report to. the Committee on Employment and Social Policy ESP Committee in November 2008. which concluded on the need for further tripartite consultations on the elements and. possible form of an additional mechanism to guide improvements of social security. coverage in member States, 6 Following a request by ESP Committee members a Tripartite Meeting of Experts. on Strategies for the Extension of Social Security Coverage was held in Geneva from. 2 to 4 September 2009 The Office reported on the proceedings of the Meeting to the. Governing Body in November 2009 5 The report concluded that the discussions. amongst the delegates, reflected a large measure of agreement concerning the importance of social security and its.
role not only in individual welfare but also with regard to broad economic growth and. development There was a consensus on the universal right to and need for social security and. a reminder from all sides on the importance of social dialogue. 7 The Summary of the Chairperson of the Meeting explicitly endorsed the two. dimensional strategy that the Office had pragmatically developed to extend the coverage. of social security The horizontal dimension comprised the extension of income. security and access to health care starting at a modest level to the whole population. The second vertical dimension sought to provide higher levels of income security and. health protection in line with economic and social development when people were faced. with fundamental life contingencies such as unemployment ill health disability. maternity loss of breadwinner and old age, 8 The horizontal dimension is conceptually identical to the idea of the transfer. component of the Social Protection Floor SPF developed by the United Nations Chief. Executives Board for Coordination UN CEB which promotes a set of basic transfers or. entitlements enabling persons to access essential goods and services The UN CEB has. adopted the SPF as one of its joint crisis initiatives The ILO together with the World. Health Organization WHO and a number of collaborating agencies are leading the. initiative At its core is the building of a coalition of international agencies and donors. supporting countries to plan and implement sustainable social protection schemes In the. meantime the United Nations Summit on the Millennium Development Goals. Millennium Summit meeting in New York in September 2010 endorsed the SPF. concept as an important contribution to consolidating and achieving further. development gains and stressed that social protection systems that address and reduce. ILO Resolution and conclusions concerning social security International Labour Conference 89th Session. Social security for social justice and a fair globalization 2 ILC 100 VI 4 The discussion at the 100th Session of the Conference in 2011 needs to be placed in the context of the sequence of key events in social security that have occurred at the ILO during the previous decade The resolution and conclusions concerning social

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