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GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS 2015, WNMN, WORLD NEWSMEDIA NETWORK. WNMN, WORLD NEWSMEDIA NETWORK,Welcome to our second AUTHOR and PUBLISHER. Martha L Stone,FIPP World Media Trends World Newsmedia Network. mstone wnmn org,special report EDITORIAL DIRECTOR. Leah McBride Mensching, The second FIPP Insight and World Newsmedia Network.
in depth special World Media Trends report focuses on DESIGNER. social media opportunities and strategies John Moreno. Each report is packed with data charts commentary on REPORT LICENSEE. trends and practical usable case studies , FIPP, Through 2015 FIPP Insight and WNMN will release six www fipp com. such special reports alongside other FIPP Insight reports . PROJECT MANAGER,all of them free to FIPP com users Helen Bland. helen fipp com, Contact Andr Glazier at FIPP Andre fipp com for unique. commercial opportunities in the FIPP Insight reports COMMERCIAL MANAGER. Andr Glazier, COVER DESIGN,Topics for the year are Ian Crawford. 1 Video, 2 Social media and messaging apps FIPP the worldwide magazine media association represents compa .
3 Mobile smartphones tablets and feature phones nies and individuals involved in the creation publishing or distribu . 4 Content tion of quality content in whatever form by whatever channel and. 5 Revenue in the most appropriate frequency to defined audiences of interest . 6 Magazine media i e multi platform brands , FIPP exists so that its members develop better strategies and build. better media businesses by identifying and communicating emerging. trends sharing knowledge and improving skills worldwide . To compile the reports WNMN sources evidence based data from. sources around the world analyses the data and provides commen . Further FIPP Insight special reports and other resources at. tary on top trends identified trends you should be considering in. www fipp com Insight,your business today , World Newsmedia Network 2015. This report on video includes case studies from Meredith Corpora . tion in the USA and Burda Media in Germany We also look at what. All rights reserved except by prior written permission of FIPP the. is happening elsewhere with for example BBC co uk Kyoda News. worldwide magazine media association no part, in Japan and a look at what newspapers are doing in this field given. of this work may be copied or publicly distributed displayed or. lines have become so blurred and media brands today have to com . disseminated by any means of publication or communication now. pete 24 7 for the attention of the audience , known or developed hereafter including in or by any . 1 i directory or compilation or other printed publication . There will be much more to come this year 2 ii information storage and retrieval system. 3 iii electronic device including any analogue or digital. Visit FIPP com Insight for news on upcoming reports and for any visual or audio visual device or product. queries about this report and ones to follow Contact FIPP s Head of. Insight Helen Bland at Helen fipp com or 44 7404 4169 Data is provided with thanks to contributors of this book Every. effort has been made in the preparation of this report to ensure ac . curacy of the content but FiPP the publishers and WNMN the copy . right owners cannot accept liability in respect of errors or omissions . Readers will appreciate that the data is only as up to date as publica . tion schedules and contributors will allow and is subject to change . 2, GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS, Social media is one of the fastest growing categories of media and.
GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS, is quickly becoming the most important way to expose publishers . 2015readers and potential readers , brands and content to both active. Video usage and revenues are growing exponentially around the world . Publishers should drive strategies and tactics to leverage this inexorable trend. Global digital landscape and year on year growth, In total user numbers percentage of penetration and growth by category. Total Active Active Social Unique Active Mobile, population Internet Users Media Accounts Mobile Users Social Accounts. 7 210 3 010 2 078 3 649 1 685, Billion Billion Billion BillionWNMNBillion WNMN.
WORLD NEWSMEDIA NETWORK WORLD NEWSMEDIA NETWORK, Urbanisation Penetration Penetration Penetration Penetration. 53 42 29 51 23 , FIGURE REPRESENTS FIGURE INCLUDES FIGURE REPRESENTS FIGURE REPRESENTS FIGURE REPRESENTS. TOTAL GLOBAL ACCESS VIA FIXED ACTIVE USER UNIQUE MOBILE ACTIVE USER. POPULATION AND MOBILE ACCOUNTS NOT PHONE ACCOUNTS NOT. INCLUDING CHILDREN CONNECTIONS UNIQUE USERS USERS UNIQUE USERS. 1 6 21 12 5 23 , 115 Million 525 Million 222 Million 185 Million 313 Million. YEAR ON YEAR GROWTH, Source We Are Social 2015 World Newsmedia Network 2015. 3, GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS 2015, Connecting with audiences through social media is impera Referral traffic studies and individual publisher reports cor .
tive as 2 078 billion user accounts exist across all social media roborate that publisher content referrals from social media are. platforms according to We Are Social s annual report on the outpacing the incumbent leader in referrals search engines . state of social media around the world These user accounts. represent 29 percent of the world s total population of 7 21 bil For publishers social media optimisation SMO is a powerful. lion as well as two thirds of all Internet users globally Social and necessary marketing strategy for the future Further part . media penetration grew by 222 million from 2014 to 2015 a nerships with global social networks to achieve greater expo . 12 percent year over year increase according to the report sure and revenue share may be a smart option for publishers. published in Jan 2015 in the short term however proceed with caution Partnerships. with the likes of Facebook and Snapchat may be riddled with. Publishers of magazines and newspapers are tapping into this potential competitive dangers for the future . unbridled growth and in turn are experiencing double digit. growth in social media referral traffic to their websites . SMO vs SEO, The significant growth of social media referral. The days of readers going directly to a news outlet s home page. traffic is a result of two overarching trends are over Most magazine and newspaper publishers are finding. Profound changes in the way social media users in that less than 10 percent of their traffic comes directly to their. teract with content on social media sites particularly home pages Meanwhile the double digit and triple digit. their greater likelihood to share content they trust or growth of social media referrals may have reached a tipping. are interested in point with search engine referrals as a marketing method to. More aggressive actions on the part of publishers to drive traffic to magazine and newspaper media content in. share content on social media platforms and to opti 2014 according to Shareaholic s ongoing research . mise this content for sharing by preparing headlines . photos video and body copy specifically tailored for For these reasons publishers must beef up their social media. each social media network including Facebook Twit optimisation SMO operations whilst continuing their search. ter Instagram Snapchat Reddit and more engine optimisation SEO campaigns . Publishers are recognising it is no longer enough for them to Social media is locked in a seesaw battle for dominance with. simply maintain Facebook pages Twitter handles and Insta search Social media drives an average of one third 31 7 per . gram accounts Media companies must actively invest in social cent of publishing sites traffic according to a Dec 2014 study. media strategies to drive traffic to their content and brands in by Shareaholic compared to 22 7 percent in Dec 2013 Social. 3 global shareaholic searchvssocialreferrals, order to drive growing revenues referrals to publisher websites edged ahead of search referrals. Search vs social media referrals to publisher websites. Percentage of referrals received from 360 000 publishers in Shareaholic s network representing 420 million unique website visits. 50 , Organic search traffic, Social referrals,40 , 27 7 . 30 ,20 97 5 ,10 , 0 , Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Sep. 13 13 13 13 13 13 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14, August 14 unavailable.
Source Shareaholic 2014 World Newsmedia Network 2015. 4, GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS 2015, in June 2014 30 9 percent vs 29 4 Top traffic referral sources 2013 vs 2014. percent and Sept 2014 29 4 percent, Percentage of Parse ly publisher network traffic coming from social media and search sites. vs 29 1 percent with referrals drawn,from 360 000 websites and 420 million. unique website visits 0 10 20 30 40 ,Anecdotally publishers are reporting. that the percentage of referral traffic,from social networks is much higher Google sites .
BuzzFeed reports 80 percent of its,Web traffic is driven by social media 2013. while Quartz reports 70 percent is side, Facebook,door non home page traffic from 2014. social Facebook alone accounts for Yahoo 10 point increase. more than half of Hearst magazines ,referral traffic . News sites ,Meanwhile De Persgroep a newspaper,and magazine publisher in Belgium . the Netherlands and Denmark reports Twitter,that 30 percent of its traffic came from.
social media referrals in 2014 while 22,percent came from search 23 percent Drudge Report. directly to apps and 14 percent directly,to the site Social media referrals are up Reddit. 179 percent from 2013 leapfrogging,search driven referrals . Bing,Parse ly an analytics technology com ,pany whose publisher clients include. Cond Nast magazines Reuters Dallas StumbleUpon Google sites aggregate all of Google owned properties . Morning News Fox News Advance e g Google com Google ca and Google News . Digital The Telegraph Slate the Atlan , tic and Mashable analyses 10 billion AOL News sites external traffic from any news website to any.
page views and 400 page views total domain in Parse ly s network of news domains . each month to determine its clients , referral traffic Parse ly reports that Source Parse ly Authority Report 06 2014 World Newsmedia Network 2015. Facebook gained 10 percentage points,in referral traffic in 2014 to reach 22. percent while Google sites have re expressed through their reading behaviours The Facebook. mained stable at 35 percent referral traffic to these sites algorithm has contributed to elevated traffic for premium. publishers and has diminished traffic for aggregators such as. The main reasons for the boost in traffic coming from Face Upworthy and Distractify according to the article . book and other social media sites are that publishers are post . ing more content on social media hiring more staff to identify In the United States in Jan 2015 publishers accounted for 635. and place trending stories across social media and working million total social media actions such as sharing retweet . with social media outlets to optimise traffic with programmes ing favouriting commenting and liking with 422 million. such as Facebook s Content to share feature which priortises share actions on Facebook 182 million on Instagram and 31. publisher content superseding its algorithm that targets con million on Twitter representing a 15 percent growth of social. tent to Facebook s 1 4 billion users Publishers are also meeting engagement compared to Dec 2014 The growth was mostly. directly with Facebook and other social media partnership driven by a 16 percent increase in Facebook activity and a 12. representatives to learn how to optimise their referral traffic percent growth in Instagram activity according to Sharablee a. social media analytics and consulting firm , The trend has led to the unbundling of newspapers and. magazines into individual stories photos and videos much By far the most prolific recipient of social media referrals. like the music industry experienced with the online consumer is National Geographic The magazine s brand strategy has. trend to buy individual songs rather than entire CDs been to post video photography and world culture narra . tive to drive referrals through social media sites particularly. Greg Marra a Facebook software engineer leads the team Instagram where it has captured 48 percent of all engaged. that designs and maintains Facebook s news feed algorithm actions according to Sharablee Other highly popular publish . launched in Feb 2014 Marra called the news feed a person ers include BuzzFeed Hollywood Life The Huffington Post . alised newspaper The New York Times reported as each Bleacher Report J 14 magazine People Playbox Billboard. Facebook user s news feed reflects specific content interests and Country Living Magazine . Continued on page 8, 5, GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS 2015. Facebook and Snapchat deals with publishers, 2015 is the year of media companies partnering with Apple s iTunes and publishers This deal left publishers.
social media networks with a small revenue share on their own content sold. via Apple s content marketplace and no user data to. This seismic change in the media landscape began in understand who was accessing their content at what. 2 GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS 2015 Welcome to our second FIPP World Media Trends special report The second FIPP Insight and World Newsmedia Network in depth special World Media Trends report focuses on social media opportunities and strategies Each report is packed with data charts commentary on trends and practical usable case studies

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