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Table of Contents 6 4 Connecting to a computer via USB 49. 6 5 To safely remove the microSD card from your,1 Your phone 4 phone 50. 1 1 Keys and connectors 4 6 6 Sharing your phone s mobile data connection 51. 1 2 Getting started 6 6 7 Connecting to virtual private networks 52. 1 3 Home screen 9,7 Google Play Store 54,2 Text input 19. 8 Multimedia applications 55,2 1 Using the onscreen keyboard 19. 8 1 Camera 55,2 2 Text editing 20,8 2 Photos 57,3 Call Call log Contacts 21 8 3 Play music 59. 3 1 Phone call 21,9 Google Maps 62,3 2 Recents 28,9 1 Get My Location 62.
3 3 Contacts 28,9 2 Search for a location 63,4 Message Email 34 9 3 Save a location 63. 4 1 Messages 34 9 4 Open Street View for a location 63. 4 2 Gmail 38 9 5 Get driving public transportation or walking direc. 5 Calendar Alarm clock Calculator 40 tions 64,5 1 Calendar 40 10 Others 65. 5 2 Clock 41 10 1 Files 65,5 3 Calculator 44 10 2 FM Radio 65. 6 Getting connected 45 11 Settings 67, 6 1 Connecting to the Internet 45 11 1 Network Internet 67. 6 2 Chrome 47 11 2 Connected devices 70, 6 3 Connecting to Bluetooth devices 48 11 3 Apps notifications 71.
11 4 Battery 71 1 Your phone,11 5 Display 72,1 1 Keys and connectors. 11 6 Sound 73,11 7 Storage 73,11 8 Security location 74. 11 9 Accounts 76,Headset connector,11 10 Smart Safety 76. Front camera, 11 11 Parental restrictions 77 Proximity LED light. 11 12 Accessibility 78 sensor,11 13 Google 80,11 14 Device rating feedback 80.
11 15 System 81,12 Update your phone s software 87. Touch screen,13 Pictograms and graphic symbols 88,14 Regulatory information 91. 15 Warranty information 103,16 Accessories 105 Back button Recents button. Home button,17 Specifications 106,Micro USB connector. Camera Power key, Camera flash Flashlight Press activate the lock screen wake up the screen.
Press and hold show the pop up menu to select from. Power off Restart Screenshot Flight mode,Volume Press and hold power on. SIM SD Press and hold the Power key and the Volume down. Volume card slot key to capture a screenshot,down Volume keys. Power During a call these keys serve to adjust the volume of. key the earpiece or headset,In Music Video Streaming mode these keys serve to. adjust the media volume, In general mode these keys also serve to adjust the. ringtone volume,Mute the ringtone of an incoming call.
1 2 Getting started,Recents button 1 2 1 Set up, Touch this shows your recently used apps Touch Inserting or removing the SIM card or microSD card. an image to open it or swipe it up to remove it from You must insert your SIM card to make phone calls. Home button Dual SIM Dual SIM,While on any app or screen touch the Home button. to return to the main Home screen,Touch hold this button to access Google Assistant. Back button Single SIM,Single SIM, Touch to go back to the previous screen or to close. a dialogue box options menu the Notification panel. These buttons are always visible when you use the screen. Insert the pin into the hole and pull out the tray Place the SIM 1 2 2 Power on your phone. card or microSD card with the chip facing downwards on the tray Hold down the Power key until the phone powers on It will take. and put the tray into its housing Make sure that it is correctly a few seconds before the screen lights up Swipe to unlock your. inserted To remove the SIM card or microSD card pull out the phone or use the PIN Password Pattern if you have set this up. tray already, our phone only supports nano SIM card Do not attempt.
Y If you do not know your PIN code or if you have forgotten it. to insert other SIM types like mini and micro cards contact your network operator Do not leave your PIN code with. otherwise you may damage your phone Only FAT32 file your phone Store this information in a safe place when not in use. system is supported on the microSD card,Set up your phone for the first time. Charging the battery The first time you power on the phone you will be asked to set. the following options language mobile data Google account. date time etc, 1 Select the phone s language and then touch LET S GO. 2 Insert a SIM card or touch SKIP, 3 Select a Wi Fi network or touch SKIP and then CONTINUE. 4 Adjust Date time if needed then touch NEXT,5 Read Google Services and then ACCEPT. 6 Touch SET UP to set up Face Unlock or touch SKIP. To charge the battery connect the charger to your phone and. mains socket You can also charge your phone via a USB cable 7 Protect your phone set screen lock now or touch Not now and. then touch SKIP ANYWAY,Your phone is battery embedded design with non.
removable battery or back cover Unauthorised personnel 8 Touch the switch to disable enable the improvement of your. are strictly prohibited from disassembling the phone To phone by sending anonymous diagnostics and usage data. reduce energy wastage disconnect your charger from the learn privacy policy on data protection and software updates. plug when the battery is fully charged and touch NEXT. To reduce your phone s power consumption switch off 9 Set font size and touch DONE. Wi Fi GPS Bluetooth or apps running in the background 10 View the display size adjust if needed and touch DONE. when not needed In Settings you can also lower the 11 Read more warnings about this device before you using it. brightness of the screen and shorten the length of time then touch Done. before the screen goes to sleep, If you power on your phone with no SIM card inserted you will. still be able to connect to a Wi Fi network to sign into your Google. account and to use some features, 1 2 3 Power off your phone 1 3 1 Using the touchscreen. Hold down the Power key from the Home screen until the Phone Touch. options appear then select Power off,To access an app touch it with your finger. 1 3 Home screen Touch and hold, Touching the Home button always takes you to your main Home Touch and hold the Home screen to access the available options. screen and you can personalise all your Home screens by adding for setting the wallpaper. your favourite apps shortcuts and widgets to them,Status bar Drag.
Status Notification indicators Touch and hold an item to be able to drag it to another location. a b Touch and drag down to open the,Notification panel. Slide Swipe,Google Search bar, Touch a to enter text search screen Slide the screen to scroll up and down lists screens of apps. Touch b to enter voice search screen images web pages etc. Slide left or right to view other panels Flick,on the Home screen. Similar to swiping but flicking makes it moves quicker. Favourite tray apps Pinch Spread,Touch to enter the app. Touch and hold to move or access to more Place your fingers of one hand on the screen surface and draw. options for apps them apart or together to scale an element on the screen. Application tab,Touch to open all apps, The Home screen extends on either side of the screen to allow.
Automatically change the screen orientation from portrait to. more space for adding apps shortcuts etc Slide the Home. landscape by turning the phone sideways, screen horizontally left and right to get a complete view of the. Home screen 1 3 2 Status bar, From status bar you can view both phone status on the right. side and notification information on the left side. Status icons Notification icons, GPRS connected Signal strength New GmailTM message Call in progress. New text or multimedia,Missed call,EDGE connected Vibrate mode message. Problem with SMS or,Call on hold,Do not disturb mode MMS delivery.
3G connected,is on New Hangouts,Call forwarding is on. Phone microphone,HSDPA 3G connected,is mute New voicemail Uploading data. HSPA 3G connected Battery is very low Upcoming event Download finished. Carrier data use, 4G connected Battery is low Data is synchronising threshold approaching. or exceeded,Battery is partially An open Wi Fi network. Bluetooth is on No SIM card installed,drained is available.
Connected to a Song is playing Radio is on,Battery is full. Bluetooth device,System update,Screenshot error,Flight mode Battery is charging available. USB tethering is on Connected to VPN,Alarm is set Headset connected. Portable Wi Fi hotspot More notifications are,is on hidden. GPS is on Roaming,Screenshot captured,Connected to a Wi Fi.
Notification panel, Touch and drag down the Status bar to open the Quick settings. panel and drag down again to open the Quick settings panel Touch. and drag up to close it From the Notification panel you can open. items and other reminders indicated by notification icons or view. wireless service information,Quick setting bar, Touch to access Quick settings T ouch icons to enable disable. bar functions or to change modes,Touch and drag twice downward to. access Quick settings bar,1 3 3 Search bar, The phone provides a Search function which can be used to. locate information within applications the phone or the web. Touch a notification and slide it sideways to delete it. Touch CLEAR ALL to clear all event based notifications other. ongoing notifications will remain, In Quick settings panel touch the Settings to access Settings.
a Search by text To create a screen unlock PIN Password. Touch the Search bar from the Home screen Touch Settings Security location Screen lock PIN. or Password,Enter the text phrase you want to search for. Set your PIN or password, Touch on the keyboard if you want to search on the web. b Search by voice To lock phone screen, Touch from Search bar to display a dialog screen Press the Power key once to lock the screen. Speak the word phrase you want to search for A list of search To unlock phone screen. results will display for you to select from Press the Power key once to light up the screen draw the unlock. pattern you have created or enter PIN or password to unlock. 1 3 4 Lock Unlock your screen the screen, To protect your phone and privacy you can lock your phone. If you have chosen Swipe as the screen lock slide upward to. screen with a variety of patterns PIN or password etc through. unlock the screen,Settings Security location Screen lock.
To create a screen unlock pattern Follow onscreen,instructions. Touch Settings Security location Screen lock,Draw your own pattern. Draw your unlock pattern Swipe from the icon to open the app. To unlock your phone using facial recognition, For ease of use you can also unlock your phone by simply. looking at it through Settings Security location Face. Touch to confirm by unlock,drawing pattern again, To set up facial recognition select Face unlock and follow the. on screen instructions, WARNING Face matching is less secure than a pattern PIN or Remove.
password Someone who looks like you or who has a photo or Touch and hold the item to be removed to activate the Move. video of you may be able to unlock your phone mode drag the item up to the top of Remove icon and release. after the item turns grey,1 3 5 Personalise your Home screen. Create folders, Touch and hold an empty place on the Home screen a popup. options menu will display for your selection To make it easier to organise apps and shortcuts on the Home. screen and the Favourite tray you can add them to a folder by. stacking one item on top of another To rename a folder open it. and touch the folder s title bar to input the new name. Wallpaper customisation, Touch and hold an empty area on the Home screen or go to. Settings Display Wallpaper to customise your wallpaper. 1 3 6 Volume adjustment,Using volume key, Press Volume key to adjust the volume To activate silence. mode press the Volume down key until the phone is silenced. Using Settings menu, Drag down twice from the notification panel and touch the.
settings to enter Settings then touch Sound you can set. Add an app or widget the volume of calls media notification system and etc to your. preference, Touch the Application tab then touch and hold the app to. activate the Move mode and drag the item to any Home screen. Touch and hold the blank space on any Home screen choose. WIDGETS and drag widget to the Home screen,Reposition an app or widget. Touch and hold the item to be repositioned to activate the Move. mode drag the item to the desired position and then release You. can move items both on the Home screen and the Favourites tray. Hold the icon on the left or right edge of the screen to drag the. item to another Home screen,2 Text input 2 2 Text editing. You can edit the text you have entered, 2 1 Using the onscreen keyboard Touch and hold or double tap on the text you would like to edit. Onscreen keyboard settings,Drag the tabs to change the highlighted selection.
Touch the Application tab from the Home screen select. The following options will show Cut Copy Paste 1 Share. Settings System Language input,Select all and Translate. Adjust the onscreen keyboard orientation,You can also insert new text. Turn the phone sideways or upright to adjust the Onscreen. Touch where you want to type or touch and hold a blank space. keyboard orientation You can also adjust it by changing the. the cursor will blink and the tab will show Drag the tab to move. Press the Power key once to light up the screen draw the unlock pattern you have created or enter PIN or password to unlock the screen If you have chosen Swipe as the screen lock slide upward to unlock the screen Swipe from the icon to open the app To unlock your phone using facial recognition gt gt unlock

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