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Alle Rechte vorbehalten Satz Druckfehler sowie nderungen vorbehalten All Rights reserved Subject to changes printing and typesetting errors. STEMMANN TECHNIK,Slip Ring Assembly Systems,PAGE SECTION THEME. 002 Company STEMMANN TECHNIK,003 Worldwide presence. 004 Slip ring assembly systems Power and data transmission for rotating equipment. 005 System solutions and technologies,006 Technologies Carbon brass system. 007 Printed circuit board system,008 Cast slip rings with gold wire system. 009 Cast slip rings with carbon brush system,010 Multi wire system.
011 SICL system,012 Carbon carbon system,013 Fibre optic rotary connectors. 014 Slip ring assemblies Modular combination options. 015 Materials components and serial production, 016 Areas of application Explosion proof slip ring assemblies. 017 Excavator crane technology and automotive engineering. 018 Wind power plants,019 Hydroelectric power plants. 020 Automation tooling cording boxing machines, 021 Oil production vessels FPSO POD drives propeller nacelles. 022 Industrial robots,023 Amusement rides,024 Notes Space for your notes.
STEMMANN TECHNIK,QUALITY MADE IN GERMANY,STEMMANN TECHNIK. Company Information,From planning to production all under one roof. Corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Sch ttorf Germany. STEMMANN TECHNIK is one of the world s Every project and application is designed. leading manufacturers of energy and data down to the finest detail taking into account. transfer components and systems in industrial performance related and economic aspects. and transport technology,We guarantee high quality by upholding inter. Drawing on our 100 years of engineering and national standards and guidelines. practical research we manufacture high quality, products required all over the world and create The quality management system implemented is. special innovative customised solutions based on standardised methods in conjunction. with flexible structures for modelling and, A fundamental key to our success is our under documenting all production and business.
standing of the importance of high quality in all processes. areas of the company ranging from customer,oriented advice to long term service. STEMMANN TECHNIK products and services,aim to fulfill all our customers requests needs. and expectations,STEMMANN TECHNIK,DIN EN ISO 9001 2008. Global Player Worldwide Presence,Our company was founded in Luxembourg in. 1912 by engineer August Stemmann At that,time we were already involved with produ.
cing power supplies for cranes at steel and,smelting works as well as for other mobile. Slip ring assemblies for rotating machines,and pantograph systems for railway vehicles. were added later on,Since 2014 we belong to the Wabtec Corporation. a global provider of technologies products and,services in the field of railway and industrial. engineering,STEMMANN TECHNIK LOCATIONS worldwide,STEMMANN TECHNIK.
Slip Ring Assembly Systems, Power and data transmission for rotating equipment. Our slip ring assemblies at work, Slip ring assemblies are used for all applica Our systems enjoy an excellent reputation. tions that due to their rotary movement are around the globe For decades they have. not suitable for supplying energy and data been representing reliability and high quality. via stationary lines We are highly specialised in constructing. and manufacturing slip ring assemblies and,data transmission systems as perfectly. fitting solutions for our customers applica,Their fields of application range from. construction vehicles production machines,and crane installations to machine tool engi.
neering and environmental engineering e g,wind power plants and sewage plants to. robotics planetariums and radar technology,Also in use are our explosion proof systems. e g on oil production vessels,Our systems are characterised by compact. designs robust components and many years,of functionality. System solutions and technologies, We draw on a broad array of highly develo TECHNOLOGIES.
ped technologies and provide each of our,Carbon brass system. customers with the optimal solution from a for conventional power and. technical and economical point of view This data transmission. holds true for standard applications as well, as for complex requirements and extreme Printed circuit board system. for power and data transmission,operating conditions. Cast slip rings, By combining the different technologies we with gold wire or carbon brushes for. facilitate various slip ring assembly systems applications with high rotational speeds. strong vibrations and for compact frame sizes,and we cover a nearly unlimited range of.
applications Our slip ring assemblies for Multi wire system. power transmission data transmission and for compact frame sizes. signal transmission are constructed in accor for power and data transmission. dance with our customers individual wishes SICL system. and for the respectively intended purpose the individually insulated conductor bar. geared to the respective environmental for very large concentric diameters. requirements,Carbon carbon,for high rotational speeds. The constant further development of our, products and the application of innovative Optical system. technologies help us ensure the high quality for contact free transmission. of signals,of our solutions in a sustainable manner. Improved technologies lead to more economic,viability and functionality e g in the form of. smaller construction sizes or longer lifecycles,STEMMANN TECHNIK.
Technologies,Slip ring assembly systems,CARBON BRASS SYSTEM. The carbon brass system is our technology for slip. ring assemblies on a modular basis,We implement the most common diameters in. various different versions and adjust these, technologies to fit the individual requirements of. our customers,Modular system,Rings brass or bronze. refined if necessary,Brushes carbon made of bronze.
silver graphite or special carbons,Rotation speed up to 90 rpm. Data signal with refined slip rings and,transmission silver graphite carbons. Housing stainless steel or steel galva,nised or painted plastics. Protection class up to IP 67 optionally higher,Number of poles individually stacked. Rated current from mA to kA,Rated voltage from mV to kV.
MAIN AREAS OF APPLICATION,Crane technology,Environmental technology. Sewage plants,Rotary tables,Construction machines excavators. Silo technology mixer,Slip ring assembly systems,PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD SYSTEM. Our printed circuit board system is employed when, transmitting digital and analogue signals up to EtherCat. and when transmitting power within small installation. This system is characterised by its low installation. height and a large diversity of styles e g free borehol. es up to 950 mm integrated protective tubes and, media distributors Additional features such as the.
incorporation of angle encoders and high power com. ponents can easily be realised, Even concentric designs for low installation heights and. customised housing designs are possible,Modular system. Rings refined printed circuit board,or full brass,Brushes silver contacts. Rotation speed up to 90 rpm,Data transmission Ethernet 100 MBit s EtherCat. Profinet CAN Bus etc,Housing aluminium stainless steel or.
steel galvanised or painted,Protection class up to IP 65. Number of poles individually stacked,Rated current A up to 50 A per way. Rated voltage mV to kV,MAIN AREAS OF APPLICATION,Truck mounted cranes fire truck turntable ladders. Spinning mill machines,Rotary tables robotics,Packing machines. Tooling machines,Turret winders,Construction machines.
Amusement rides,Telescopes planetariums,Welding systems. Automation,Stage technology,STEMMANN TECHNIK,Technologies. Slip ring assembly systems,CAST SLIP RINGS GOLD WIRE SYSTEM. Our cast slip ring assemblies are characterised by. compact design and high durability, They are specially designed for small installation. spaces and for applications with high mechanical,swing loads.
Depending on the individual customer s require, ments the slip rings are built into steel or aluminium. Rings brass refined,Brushes gold wire brushes,Rotaton speed up to 200 rpm. Data singnal up to for example Profinet,transmission Industrial Ethernet. Housing aluminium stainless steel or,steel galvanised or painted. Protection class up to IP 67,Number of poles customised.
Rated current 200 A,Rated voltage 1 kV,MAIN AREAS OF APPLICATION. Wind power plants,Amusements rides,Tooling machines. Automation,Winding technology,Measurement engineering. Optical devices,Slip ring assembly systems,CAST SLIP RINGS CARBON BRUSH SYSTEM. The cast slip ring assemblies with carbon brush, system are very robust and guarantee high durability.
They are designed for applications with high rotational. speeds and high mechanical swing loads,Depending on the individual customer s require. ments the slip rings are built into steel or aluminium. Rings brass gold plated brass,Brushes carbon made of bronze silver. graphite or special carbons,Rotation speed up to 3000 rpm. Data transmission on request,Housing aluminium stainless steel or. steel galvanised or painted,Protection class up to IP 67.
Number of Poles customised,Rated current kA,Rated voltage kV. MAIN AREAS OF APPLICATION,Stranding machines,Packing machines. Mining divices,Balancing machines,STEMMANN TECHNIK. Technologies,Slip ring assembly systems,MULTI WIRE SYSTEM. Our multi wire technology allows us to manufacture. slip ring assembly systems with very compact,measurements This special development for data.
transmission in industrial manufacturing regenerative. power generation or radar technology is particularly. characterised by a long service life and little signal. Depending on the individual design the multi wire, technology uses conductor plates with single sided. or double sided tracks,Rings circuit boards gold plated. Brushes multi wire brushes,Rotation speed up to 200 rpm. Data signal common field bus systems up,transmission to 100 MBd Industrial Ethernet. Housing aluminium stainless steel or,steel galvanised or painted.
Protection class bis IP 67,Number of poles customised. Rated current 200 A optionally higher,Rated voltage 1 kV optionally higher. MAIN AREAS OF APPLICATION,Packing machines,Tooling machines. Construction machines,Amusement rides,Telescopes planetariums. Wind power plants,Radar technology,Automotive engineering.
Stage technology,Slip ring assembly systems,SICL SYSTEM. The slip ring assemblies of the SICL system are, based on our individually insulated conductor lines. We manufacture slip rings with large diameters even. in concentric design customised to fit the respective. application, The SICL system allows for flat installation heights. and can be manufactured with divisible housings,Rings plastic insulated copper bar. silver coated or nickel plated,on request,Brushes carbons made of bronze.
graphite or silver graphite,Rotation speed up to 18 m s. Data transmission upon request,Housing stainless steel or steel. galvanised or painted,Protection class up to IP 54 optionally higher. Number of poles customised,Rated current up to 100 A optionally higher. Rated voltage up to 690 V optionally higher,MAIN AREAS OF APPLICATION.
Stage technology,Wind power plants,Amusement rides. Crane technology,Logistics and storage techology,Machine and plant engineering. STEMMANN TECHNIK,Technologies,Slip ring assembly systems. CARBON CARBON SYSTEM,Our carbon carbon technology is used in slip ring. assemblies for special machinery It guarantees that. power is transmitted reliably at extremely high rotati. onal speeds,Rings carbon,Brushes carbon,Rotation speed up to 3000 rpm.
optionally higher,Data transmission upon request,Housing stainless steel or. steel galvanised or painted,Prostection class up to IP 67. Number of poles customised,Rated current 200 A optionally higher. Rated voltage 1 kV optionally higher,MAIN AREAS OF APPLICATION. Hydroelectric power stations turbines,Stranding machines.
Welding technology,Slip ring assembly systems,FIBER OPTIC ROTARY JOINTS CONNECTORS. Optical systems facilitate the non contact transmission. of large quantities of data Typical areas of application. include automation and robotics as well as wind energy. plants and explosion proof applications, Fiber optic rotary joints achieve a nearly unlimited. resistance to interference with regard to electro, magnetic compatibility and are therefore perfectly. suited for applications in problematic EMC conditions. The FORJ system is applied in combination with our. other technologies,Fiber type single mode,or multi mode. Data transmission up to GigaBit,MAIN AREAS OF APPLICATION.
Automation,Wind power plants,Explosion proof areas of application. With regard to optical transmission systems we also. Slip Ring Assembly Systems Index 002 Company STEMMANN TECHNIK 003 Worldwide presence 004 Slip ring assembly systems Power and data transmission for rotating equipment 005 System solutions and technologies 006 Technologies Carbon brass system 007 Printed circuit board system 008 Cast slip rings with gold wire system

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