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Thank you for purchasing this product, Please read this user s manual in its entirety before operating this equipment. After reading this manual be sure to keep it in a handy place e g glove compartment. Check the contents of the enclosed warranty card and keep it carefully with this manual. 1 FEATURES 1,2 PRECAUTIONS 2,3 INSTALLATION AND WIRING CONNECTIONS 4. 4 SYSTEM EXAMPLES 7,5 CONTROLS 9,6 SIRIUS OPERATION 11. 7 SPECIFICATIONS 15,1 FEATURES,CeNET Connection,RCA Output. Switching for Headunit or Commander operation, Connection of DSC920S Exclusive Commander for operation when.
using with other line level input devices,Single Antenna Terminal. 18 Channel presets when used with CeNet devices,CD Changer pass through function. 2 PRECAUTIONS, 1 Upon initial startup or when starting This equipment has been tested to comply. after turning off the backup power with the limits for a Class B digital device. supply the receiver will take longer to pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. play audio and may take up to 30 These limits are designed to provide. seconds after reception of the SIRIUS reasonable protection against harmful. signal before audio is heard interference in a residential installation. 2 Channel names are stored in memory, 30 to 60 seconds after start of normal This equipment generates uses and can. operation If the power is turned off radiate radio frequency energy and if not. before the text data is written it may installed and used in accordance with the. not be correctly displayed on the next instructions may cause harmful. power up Perform a reset operation if interference to radio communications. no text data is displayed However there is no guarantee that. 3 If the receiver ever stops functioning or interference will not occur in a particular. appears unresponsive reset it installation,Resetting Disconnect the SIRIUS.
Receiver power cable the CeNET If this equipment does cause harmful. cable if connected to the CeNET and interference to radio or television reception. the 4 pin power cable during which can be determined by turning the. standalone operation wait 10 equipment off and on the user is. seconds and connect it again The last encouraged to consult the dealer or an. channel preset memory and other experienced radio TV technician for help. data stored in the receiver are deleted CAUTION, returning it to its default settings USE OF CONTROLS ADJUSTMENTS OR. 4 A CeNET and standalone operation PERFORMANCE OF PROCEDURES OTHER. switch is provided on the underside of THAN THOSE SPECIFIED HEREIN MAY. the receiver The switch is set to RESULT IN HAZARDOUS RADIATION. CeNET position at the time of EXPOSURE, shipment Do not set this switch to the THE COMPACT DISC PLAYER or. standalone position when using the COMMANDER SHOULD NOT BE. CeNET cable headunit operation ADJUSTED OR REPAIRED BY ANYONE. EXCEPT PROPERLY QUALIFIED SERVICE,5 The receiver becomes warm during. TECHNICIANS, operation this is normal and not a CHANGES OR MODIFICATIONS NOT. cause for concern EXPRESSLY APPROVED BY THE, 6 Do not touch the connector pins on the MANUFACTURER FOR COMPLIANCE.
receiver as this may damage the ICs COULD VOID THE USER S AUTHORITY TO. inside the unit OPERATE THE EQUIPMENT, 7 No station is selected when the adj or INFORMATION FOR USERS. disp button is pressed quickly after a CHANGES OR MODIFICATIONS TO THIS. channel is changed This is because PRODUCT NOT APPROVED BY THE. button operations are not accepted MANUFACTURER WILL VOID THE. until the channel is confirmed It takes WARRANTY AND WILL VIOLATE FCC. between 1 5 to 5 seconds to change,SIRIUS employs S PLEX technology. statistical multiplexing which,optimizes the fidelity on each channel. What is SIRIUS Satellite,to give you superior digital sound So. Radio rock really soars jazz really jams and,country really sings.
Over 100 streams of the best in car, entertainment and completely Once you experience over 100. commercial free music streams of digital entertainment you ll. Only SIRIUS has 60 original music never want to leave your car For more. streams from today s hits to R B information visit www sirius com. oldies to classical masterpieces From, authentic country and real bluegrass to To receive SIRIUS Satellite Radio on. cool jazz hot latin reggae rock and this receiver, many more Best of all it s all This receiver contains a SIRIUS ID for. commercial free a Sirius exclusive user identification All you have to do to. Sirius also has over 40 streams of become a subscriber and enable. world class sports news and reception of SIRIUS Satellite Radio is. entertainment like ESPN NHL NBA to call the SIRIUS Call Center at. MLB CNBC Fox News Radio Disney 888 539 SIRI and provide the. and E Entertainment Radio SIRIUS ID and a few other details. With SIRIUS the emphasis is on the Verifying your SIRIUS ID. music and entertainment you want 1 Press and hold the ADJ button. The music is hosted by Sirius Stream for 1 second or longer to enter the. Jockeys who are true experts They Adjust mode,back up the music with compelling Note. information about the song being The ADJ button is described in the. played and they understand that source unit instruction manual either as. sometimes it s best to just let the music the T TITLE button or A M button. speak for itself This refers to the function of the button. labeled ADJ on the source unit panel,Rely on SIRIUS rocket science for.
superior coverage,Only SIRIUS has three powerful,satellites that fly directly over the US. ensuring coast to coast coverage with 2 Press the or to select the. high elevation angles This gives the ESN DISP SIRIUS ID. satellites a clear line of sight to your 3 Press the button to display. car or home with much less concern for the SIRIUS ID. buildings trees or other objects that The source unit displays the first 6. might block conventional satellite digits of the 12 digit SIRIUS ID in. signals the display,4 Turn the ROTARY knob, Count on S PLEX technology for clockwise to change to the last 6. superior sound resolution digits of the SIRIUS ID,3 INSTALLATION AND WIRING CONNECTIONS. Before Installation, 1 Before starting be sure to disconnect the battery s negative terminal to. prevent accidents due to short circuits, 2 Location Consider safety and operability when selecting a place for installation.
Avoid the following, Locations where the unit will hamper or interfere with driving. Locations where the unit could injure passengers if the car stops suddenly. Locations exposed to direct sunlight or hot air from the heater etc. Locations where the unit may be exposed to rain or water. 3 Be sure to use the included screws and brackets Screws other than those. supplied could damage the unit, 4 When drilling holes to mount the receiver be sure to check beforehand that. there are no obstructions or items on the other side that could be damaged fuel. tank wire harnesses or other electronic devices,Accessories. Mounting bracket 2 pieces Canoe clip 4 pieces,Mounting screw 4 pieces CeNET cable 1 piece. Installation Example Installing the unit under the driver s seat. 1 Attach the mounting brackets to the sides,of the SIR CL1 using the screws provided.
2 Select the location on the floor mat Drill,holes in the floor mat to match the positions. of the holes in the mounting brackets,3 Insert the canoe clips from the rear of the. floor mat and install the SIR CL1,There are three mounting holes on each. side of the SIR CL1 Select the,appropriate holes to match to the. installation location,Connection Example and Identification of Parts.
CeNET input output terminal,Connect to the main unit or CD MD changer. using the CeNET cable as specified,RCA pin terminals. These are used to output audio when the,DSC920S sold separately is used to operate. the receiver,ANTENNA terminal,Connect to the SIRIUS antenna sold. separately,COMMANDER Controller terminal,Connection for DSC920S sold separately.
COMMANDER Power Supply terminal,Used only when operating the SIR CL1 with the. DSC920S sold separately,CeNET STANDALONE switch,This switch is used to select the operating type. CeNET headunit or STAND ALONE,How to Connect,1 CeNET Cable. Orient the CeNET cable in the direction,shown in the figure and insert it until it is. locked in position To remove the,CeNET cable pull it by lightly grasping.
the slide cap in your fingers,2 SIRIUS antenna,Make sure power is Off. Connect a SIRIUS antenna sold,separately to the SIRIUS antenna. terminal and press until locking tab,To disconnect make sure power is Off. then press the rear of the locking tab,to release,4 SYSTEM EXAMPLES. Main unit compatible with CeNET SIR CL1 to the main unit. connection CeNET cable provided with the CD,CD changer compatible with CeNET changer.
connection SIRIUS antenna sold separately,CeNET cable provided with the Front speakers. SIR CL1 Rear speakers,Using this cable connect the. SIRIUS controller DSC920S sold RCA pin audio cable sold. separately separately, Connection cable provided with the SIRIUS antenna sold separately. DSC920S Front speakers,Audio systems with auxiliary or. line in connections,5 CONTROLS,Source unit buttons example 1.
Source unit buttons example 2, The illustrations show examples of two headunits with button functions. Since this manual covers several models the names of some buttons vary by. As shown below this manual gives different button names when more than. one name is used,FNC FUNC button,SC SCN button etc. Display Items,Source unit display example 1,Source unit display example 2. 6 SIRIUS OPERATION,Selecting SIRIUSSIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO modes. Press the SAT button or the FNC FUNC button to select the SIRIUS mode. The SIRIUS indication lights up when SIRIUS mode is selected. The SAT button selects the SIRIUS mode directly Some head units do not have. a SAT button If not press the FNC FUNC button until SIRIUS is selected. The FNC FUNC button selects the external devices connected to the source. unit in order for example AM FM mode DAB mode SIRIUS mode CD. mode CD changer mode etc,Selecting a band, Press the BND button to select a band Each press of the button changes the.
display as shown below,SR1 SR2 SR3 SR1, The currently received band is displayed in the function mode indication. Models without a function mode indication display the band name and channel. number in the display,Information displayed during reception. The following information is displayed when SIRIUS Satellite Radio cannot be. received normally, UPDATING when the receiver is turned on the first time or after a reset Do not. turn power off during this time as the receiver is downloading the channel guide. ACQUIRING when there has been a temporary loss of signal and the receiver is. attempting to reacquire a signal LINKING is shown on an 8 digit display. INVALID CH a channel without a broadcast has been selected. INVLD CH is shown on an 8 digit display, NO SIGN UP a channel not available in your subscription. ANTENNA no antenna is connected or there is a problem with the antenna. Switching the display, 1 Press the DISP D button to select the desired display.
The main display or the clock display appears each time you press the DISP D. 2 In the main display press and hold the DISP D button for 1 second or longer. to cycle between the following display modes, Channel name song title artist name category name channel name. The display shows the abbreviated channel name for 2 seconds when a station is. selected before returning,to the chosen display mode. Scrolling starts when the channel name or other text has been displayed for 2. seconds When scrolling finishes the initial characters appear To start scrolling. again press the ADJ button, The ADJ button is described in the source unit instruction manual either as the. T TITLE button or A M button This refers to the function of the button labeled. ADJ on the source unit panel,Channel selection,Channels are selected with the following buttons. The or button Seek Tuning,A DIRECT button,The SCN SC button.
The CAT RDM button, For details see the following operation descriptions. The audio output is muted and other button operations are not accepted during. the channel selection process tuning,Seek Tuning, 1 Press the or button The receiver seeks the next available channel. below or above the current channel, 2 Press and hold the or button for rapid or continuous channel selection. The receiver moves to seek channels below or above the current channel If the. channel found when either button is released is available that channel is received. Otherwise seeking continues until an available channel is found. Recalling a preset station, A total of 18 SIRIUS stations can be stored 6 SR1 6 SR2 and 6 SR3 This allows. you to select your favorite SIRIUS stations and store them in memory for later. 1 Press the BND button and select the desired SIRIUS band SR1 SR2 or SR3. to store the channel in, 2 To recall a stored SIRIUS station press the desired DIRECT button to select.
that station,Storing a preset station, 1 Press the BND button and select the desired SIRIUS band SR1 SR2 or SR3. This receiver contains a SIRIUS ID for user identification All you have to do to become a subscriber and enable reception of SIRIUS Satellite Radio is to call the SIRIUS Call Center at 888 539 SIRI and provide the SIRIUS ID and a few other details Verifying your SIRIUS ID 1 Press and hold the ADJ button for 1 second or longer to enter the

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