Shimadzu HPLC Standard Operation Procedure

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Demonstration of HPLC Instrument and,Software Operation. Perform Single Analysis,Instrument Specification 4. Shimadzu Model,LC20A System,Colum Oven,Shim pack VP ODS 150mm x 4 6mm i d 5 m. Controller CBM 20Alite,Software LCSOLUTION,Sample for Analysis. Absorbance Detector 5, The SPD 20A 20AV M20A is an absorbance detector that offers a high level of.
sensitivity and stability The lineup consists of the SPD 20A 20AV dual. wavelength absorbance,UV VIS Detector, The SPD 20A 20AV is a UV VIS detector that takes sensitivity to the limit It has. a noise level of 0 5 x 10 5 AU max making it one of the most sensitive models. of its kind in the world The SPD 20AV has a mode that allows the deuterium. lamp and tungsten lamp to be lit simultaneously enabling high sensitivity. wavelength programming detection for ultraviolet light and the entire visible light. We have SPD 20A absorbance Detector in Lab, Light source Deuterium D2 lamp Wavelength range 190 to 700 nm Bandwidth. 8 nm Wavelength accuracy 1 nm max, Greater Stability Achieved with a Temperature Controlled. The SPD 20A are equipped with a temperature controlled flow cell as. a standard feature This helps increase the baseline stability and the. analysis reliability, Effect of Temperature Controlled Flow Cell Behavior of Baseline. When Room Temperature is Changed from 20 C to 30 C. Superior Linearity 9,SPD 20A 2 5AU, Using newly developed signal processing technology the stray light correction.
function has been enhanced and the linearity has been improved to a point. where it satisfies the following ASTM standards, Concentration Linearity for Drug Substance A and Purity Test. Solvent Delivery Unit 10, The LC 20AT is a solvent delivery unit that possesses a high level of. maintainability while delivering high performance The ability to remove. bubbles has been improved by modifying the pump head structure and. the flow line,Low Pressure Gradient Unit, The optional low pressure gradient unit can be incorporated in the LC 20AT. enabling gradient elution in a compact space with a small void volume. Automatic matching adjustment of the solenoid valve and pump gives. concentration accuracies of 1 0 LC 20AT,Accurate Gradient Solvent Delivery 13. concentration across a wide range from the micro flow rate region to the. conventional flow rate region,Column Oven 14,Accommodating Multiple Columns.
The CTO 20A is a forced air circulation type column oven It can regulate the. temperature in a range going from 10 C above room temperature to 85 C It. also allows the setting of complex temperature programs by incorporating for. example linear or step wise increases and decreases in temperature. CTO 20A Temperature control method Forced air circulation Cooling method. None Temperature setting range 4 C to 85 C Temperature control precision 0 1 C. max typically 0 04 C max Temperature control range 10 C above room. Shimadzu HPLC Standard Operation Procedure Dr Sana Mustafa Assistant Professor Depart of Chemistry FUUAST Karachi 2 Objective Demonstration of HPLC Instrument and Software Operation Perform Single Analysis 3 Instrument Specification 4 Shimadzu Model LC20A System Pump A amp B 2 LC 10AT Detector SPD 20A Colum Oven CTO 20A Colum Shim pack VP ODS 150mm x 4 6mm i d 5 m Controller CBM

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