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Copyright January 2016 Sokkia Inc All rights reserved. Information is subject to change without notice, Sokkia is a registered trademarks of Sokkia Inc SCH500. Handheld Controller is a recognized trademark of Sokkia. ActiveSync Excel Hotmail Internet Explorer Microsoft. MSN Outlook PowerPoint Visual Studio Windows Windows. Media Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Device Center,Windows Vista Windows Embedded Handheld and the. Windows logo are trademarks or registered trademarks. of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and or other. The Bluetooth word mark is owned by the Bluetooth SIG. Inc and any use of such marks by Sokkia Inc is under. Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader are registered, trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United. States and or other countries, Google Earth mapping service is a trademark of Google. The names of other companies and products mentioned. herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. WARNING This symbol indicates that failure to follow. directions could result in serious injury, CAUTION This symbol indicates that failure to follow.
directions could result in damage to equipment or loss of. information,Part Number 25784 00 JS 1012450 01 Sokkia. tel 1 800 4 Sokkia l web http us sokkia com,16900 W 118th Terrace Olathe KS 66061. ii SHC500 Handheld Controller Owner s Manual,1 Getting Started. The Anatomy of the SCH500 2,Perform Initial Tasks 3. Home Screen and Windows Start Menu 8,Navigating Around Your SCH500 9.
2 Hardware Components,Keypad Features 12,Display and Touchscreen 16. Power Management 21,LED Activity Indicators 25,Flashlight 25. SD Cards 26,Connector I O Module 27,Audio Features 27. 3 Programs and Settings,Home Screen 30,Windows Start Menu 35. On Screen Keyboard 36,Suspend Reset Power Off and Restore Defaults 38.
Subdued Lighting Tactical Mode 40,Compass Calibration 41. Communicating with a Computer 43,Getting Started Application 44. Information for Software Developers 44,4 Bluetooth Wireless Communication. Creating a Partnership 46,Bluetooth Control Panel 47. Serial Device COM Control Panel 49,5 Wi Fi Wireless Networking.
Connecting to a Wi Fi Network 52,6 GPS GNSS,Using GPS GNSS 56. JSNav Application 59,Camera Settings for Still Images 68. Take Photos and Select Photo Options 72,Photo and Video Library 75. 8 3G Data Modem,GSM Modem 78,Wireless Safety 81,A Storage Maintenance and Recycling. Storing the SCH500 and Battery Pack 84,Protecting the Touchscreen 85.
Cleaning the SCH500 85,Recycling the SCH500 and Batteries 86. B Warranty and Repair Information,Limited Product Warranty 88. Extended Warranties 90,Repairing the SCH500 91,C Warnings and Regulatory Information. Product Warnings 94,Certifications and Standards 95. D Specifications,SCH500 Handheld Controller Specifications 100.
iv SHC500 Handheld Controller Owner s Manual,Getting Started. The SCH500 Handheld Controller from Sokkia features. Bluetooth Wi Fi and a numeric keypad Standard, accessories include a lithium ion battery pack AC wall. charger USB micro client sync cable hand strap and a. capacitive stylus and tether A camera GPS GNSS and. cellular data modem are options,The Anatomy of the SCH500. Front and Back Features,1 Bumper Top 8 Camera Window option. 2 Touchscreen 9 Camera Flash and Flashlight,3 Keypad Window option.
4 Sensor option 10 Speaker,5 Microphone 11 Screw Holding Battery Door. in Place 1 of 4 captive screws,6 Power Button,12 Hand Strap with Stylus. 7 Led Indicators charging,Holder and Tether Ring,indicator on the right. programmable indicator 13 Door to Battery,on the left Compartment and Card Slots. 2 SHC500 Handheld Controller Owner s Manual,Battery Compartment and Card Slots.
1 1 Battery Door Screws Hand,Strap door removed,2 Battery Pack. 3 SIM Card Slot,4 SD SDHC Card Slot Micro,5 Battery Compartment. Connector Module,1 Connector Module,2 USB Client Micro. 3 Microphone Speaker Jack,4 USB Host Full Size,5 9 pin Serial Port. 6 12 24V DC Jack,Perform Initial Tasks, When you receive your SCH500 perform the tasks outlined.
in this section before first use,Review Documentation. The owner s manual quick start guide and Microsoft. License Agreement are available in English French,German Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese Other. documents like release notes are available in English. These documents are located on our website at www, sokkiasupport com View download and print documents. as desired Adobe Reader must be installed on your, computer It is free from Adobe s website at www adobe. Chapter 1 Getting Started 3,Apply a Screen Protector Optional.
The touchscreen is extremely scratch resistant so a screen. protector is not included with the SCH500 If you decide to. apply one refer to the installation instructions included with. your screen protector for specific details,Install the Battery Pack SD Card and SIM Card. The SCH500 uses a rechargeable Li Ion battery pack Install. and charge the battery pack as follows, 1 The battery compartment is accessed from the back of. the handheld controller Loosen the four captive screws. holding the battery compartment door in place using. a 1 Phillips screwdriver Remove the door You do not. need to remove the hand strap, CAUTION The SCH500 is not sealed against water and. dust when the battery door is not installed, 2 If you are using a micro SD card for additional memory. or a SIM card with the 3G Data Modem optional you, can install them now before you install the battery pack.
or at another time See more details about these cards. in Chapter 2 Hardware Components Micro SD Cards,and Chapter 8 3G Data Modem Install the SIM Card. CAUTION Always power off the handheld controller, before removing the battery Failure to do so may cause. loss of data or damage to the handheld controller, 3 Place the Li Ion battery pack in the compartment. Make sure the symbols on the battery pack label align. with the symbols inside the compartment,4 SHC500 Handheld Controller Owner s Manual. Line the symbols up,on the case and the,battery pack as shown.
4 Replace the door and tighten the screws, 5 Plug the AC wall power charger that came with the. SCH500 into a wall socket Plug the other end into the. DC power jack on the SCH500 The red LED on the,keypad blinks when the battery pack is charging. Attach the Stylus Tether, A capacitive stylus and tether are included with the. handheld controller, Note A stylus is not required to use the touchscreen The. optimal way to make selections is by finger touch, One end of the tether is attached to the stylus To attach it.
to the hand strap follow these steps, 1 Pull the free tether loop through the tether ring on the. hand strap Insert the stylus with the attached tether. through this loop and tighten the loop, 2 Place the stylus into the holder on the hand strap. Chapter 1 Getting Started 5,Perform Set Up, 1 The handheld controller powers on and begins the. startup process A splash screen is shown that includes a. progress indicator at the bottom of the screen,2 A Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld screen is. 3 The Clock and Alarms control panel appears Adjust the. time zone date and time if necessary and tap OK,4 The Home screen appears layout varies by model.
6 SHC500 Handheld Controller Owner s Manual,5 Press the power button to suspend the handheld. controller Charge the battery pack at room, temperature 68 F or 20 C for 4 to 5 hours While the. battery pack is charging the red LED blinks When it is. fully charged the red LED is solid,Install the Operating System in Other Languages. The operating system is provided in English by default It is. also available in French German Spanish and Brazilian. Portuguese You can download the operating system in. one of these languages from our website Go to www, sokkiasupport com and select Downloads then SCH500 Full. installation instructions are also available here,Chapter 1 Getting Started 7.
Home Screen and Windows Start Menu, You need to be familiar with two screens as you read. this manual and use the SCH500 the Home screen and. Windows Start menu,Note The Windows soft key and the shift Home. button sequence toggle back and forth between the Home. screen and Windows Start Menu,Applications,with Function. to Favorite,Applications,Tiles Soft Keys,Home Screen Windows Start Menu. Home Screen, The Home screen is your main control center for the SCH500.
The content varies based on which model you have and. can be customized It is automatically shown when the. SCH500 is turned on You can get to it from any other screen. by pressing and releasing the Home screen button on the. Windows Start Menu, The Windows Start menu gives you access to all of the. applications on the SCH500 You can get to it from any. screen by tapping the Windows tile soft key on the. display or pressing the shift Home buttons on the, More information about these screens is located in Chapter. 3 Programs and Settings,8 SHC500 Handheld Controller Owner s Manual. Navigating Around Your SCH500,Using Gestures and Making Selections. The Windows Embedded Handheld operating system, enhances the ability of the handheld controller to.
recognize touch gestures making it easy to use a finger. to navigate Use of the capacitive stylus is an option The. keypad buttons can also be used, Navigation options vary depending on the screen you are. viewing Here is a partial list of options,Vertical and Horizontal Movement. Flick up down or sideways on the touchscreen, For more precise positioning touch hold and move the. screen up or down,Use the scroll bar if it is available. Use the shifted up down right and left keys to,move around on a screen.
A horizontal scrolling menu is located on control panel. screens near the top Press the left or right arrow keys to. scroll through the topics this feature replaces tabs. Make a Selection,Using the Touchscreen, Press or tap the function gadget or application icon you. want to select turn on activate or turn off, Press and hold a function gadget to bring up a control. panel menu or list,Using the Keypad,Use the shifted up down right and left keys to. select highlight a gadget or icon on the screen A ring. appears around the selection System Info has been,selected below. Chapter 1 Getting Started 9, Perform the selected action by pressing the return.
button For dashboard gadgets like Wi Fi one press of the. return key shows you which icon is selected a second. key press performs the action and a third key press turns. the action off For application icons on the Start screen or. in favorites continue to use the return button until you get. to the screen or menu you want, Use the shift OK keypad buttons to select Enter OK. etc on the screen You can also bring up the control. panel for selected actions on the Home screen,Updates to the Operating System and Documents. Updates to the operating system and technical documents. are located on our website at www sokkiasupport com. Select Downloads then SCH500 Full install instructions are. also available here,View System Information for Your SCH500. To view your operating system version number press the. System Info icon on the Home screen or go to Start. Settings System System Information Expand System ID. Compare version numbers to see if your OS is current. Owner s Manual and Quick Start Guide Versions, Compare part numbers to see if you have the most recent. version of the Owners Manual and Quick Start Guide. 10 SHC500 Handheld Controller Owner s Manual,Components.
6 SHC500 Handheld Controller Owner s Manual Perform Set Up 1 The handheld controller powers on and begins the startup process A splash screen is shown that includes a progress indicator at the bottom of the screen 2 A Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld screen is shown 3 The Clock and Alarms control panel appears Adjust the

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