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IT Training, The University Information Technology Services UITS IT Training program at Indiana University. offers instructor led computing workshops and self study training resources to the Indiana University. community and beyond We deliver training to more than 30 000 participants annually across. all Indiana University campuses Our staff is comprised of enthusiastic professionals who enjoy. developing and teaching computing workshops We appreciate your feedback and use it to improve. our workshops and expand our offerings We have received several international awards for our. materials and they are being used at universities across the country Please keep your questions. comments and suggestions coming, In Bloomington contact us at ittraining indiana edu or call us at 812 855 7383. In Indianapolis contact us at ittraining iupui edu or call us at 317 274 7383. For the most up to date information about workshops and schedules visit us at. http ittraining iu edu,Copyright 2013 The Trustees of Indiana University. These materials are for personal use only and may not be copied or distributed If you would like to. use our materials for self study or to teach others please contact us at IT Training 2709 East 10th. Street Bloomington IN 47408 2671 phone 812 855 7383 All rights reserved. The names of software products referred to in these materials are claimed as trademarks of their. respective companies or trademark holders,Welcome and Introduction 5 Calculating a Date 38. What You Should Already Know 5 Configuring the Calculate Date Action with a List. What You Will Learn 5 Lookup 39, What You Will Need to Use These Materials 5 Adding and Configuring the Create Item Action 41.
Getting Started 6 Using A List Lookup 42, Getting the Exercise Files 6 Staying Organized With An Action Set 44. Finding Help 6 Working With Comments 45, Want to Learn More 6 Using Copy Paste in Nintex 46. Today s Project 7 Challenge Edit Actions to Build a Workflow 48. Understanding Workflows 7 Testing a Workflow 49,Creating Workflows 8 Debugging a Workflow 49. Creating a Site from a Template 8 Using Site Workflows 50. Activating Nintex at the Site Level 10 Creating Variables 51. Exploring the Nintex Interface 11 Calculating a Date 53. Configuring A Workflow 13 Understanding Collections 55. Exploring Workflow Settings Options 15 Using Collection Variables 57. Automatically Starting a Workflow Via Modification 16 Populating Collection Variables With Query List 58. Creating A Simple Workflow 20 Using a For Each Loop 61. Configuring a Flexi Task 21 Using Collection Operations 63. Configuring the Task Notification 23 Configuring a Collection Operation 65. Understanding Flexi Task Options 24 Building a String 66. Adding a Notification 25 Creating the Final Output 68. Configuring the Send Notification Workflow Action 25 Challenge Create the Final Output 68. Reusing Workflow Actions 30 Challenge Send Final Notification 69. Publishing a Workflow 31 Scheduling A Site Workflow 69. Creating a Complex Workflow 32 Wrapping Up 71, Building a Workflow Efficiently 35 Contributions to These Materials 71. Understanding Variables 36,Welcome and Introduction.
Welcome to SharePoint 2010 Workflows with Nintex,What You Should Already Know. You should have already attended SharePoint 2010 Site Administration Basics. or have the equivalent skills Specifically you should be able to. create a SharePoint site,create lists and libraries in SharePoint. What You Will Learn, In this session participants will see how to create workflows in Nintex to. automate SharePoint functionality These workflows are very powerful and. can make business processing much easier by automating file creation task. completion and notifying stakeholders in a site We will see how to create. workflows where to create them and create a few simple workflows and see. examples of more complex workflows,Participants will. explore the Nintex interface,create workflows in Nintex.
see how to use workflows to automate SharePoint processes. What You Will Need to Use These Materials, To complete this workshop successfully you will be provided with. The use of SharePoint 2010 with Nintex Workflows installed. SharePoint 2010 Workflows with Nintex 1 0 0 5,Getting Started. These materials presume you will begin work from the desktop and have any. required exercise files located in an epclass folder there. Getting the Exercise Files, Most of our workshops use exercise files listed at the bottom of page 1 of the. materials In our computer equipped classrooms these files are located in the. epclass folder which should already be on the computer desktop If you are. using our materials in a different location you may obtain the exercise files. and detailed installation instructions from our Web site at. http ittraining iu edu downloads, Once you are logged on and have the needed files in an epclass folder on your. desktop you are ready to proceed with the rest of the workshop. Finding Help, If you have computer related questions not answered in these materials you.
may look for the answers in the UITS Knowledge Base located at. http kb iu edu,Want to Learn More, IT Training offers many training options for extending your skills beyond this. Self study training You may access computer based training from leading. commercial vendors obtain the materials for other STEPS workshops or. access IT Training s own tutorials on a range of topics at. http ittraining iu edu online, IT Training Tips weblog Our award winning blog has short tutorials and. training posts on a broad range of topics and technologies It s written by. training and support providers from across the entire IU system you may. read and comment on these at,http ittrainingtips iu edu. 6 SharePoint 2010 Workflows with Nintex 1 0 0,Today s Project. In today s workshop we will be exploring the SharePoint workflows with. Nintex Nintex is a plug in for SharePoint that allows us to build complex. workflows with a visual interface, Today we will work with many of the individual modules available in.
Nintex and see how they can interact with SharePoint lists We will. create a simple workflow to approve a document and then create a more. complex workflow that allows interaction between two lists. We will also cover how to use variables calculate dates and loops. Let s begin by discussing what workflows can do for us. Understanding Workflows, Workflows are used to automate process in SharePoint sites Sometimes this. can be as simple as sending a notification to an individual or group when an. item is changed In other cases they can be used to process data in SharePoint. lists shuffling the data to other locations or updating data within the list. Workflows can also be used to mimic database and web application operations. within a SharePoint site, Let s look at an example You have a list that creates a record of a project This. can contain information like the project owner the name of the project and. the final project due date and any additional staffing that is needed. However this project will need a schedule of milestones leading up to the. final date We could design a workflow that takes the information in that. project record and creates a schedule based on a standard model This. workflow would then add milestones to a Tasks List that includes the name. of the milestone the deadline for that milestone and who is responsible for. that milestone as well as some kind of key column that would associate these. milestones with a specific project much like a database would This workflow. could then send a notification to each of the project team members giving. them a list of the project schedule, This data would then be stored in the SharePoint site where it could be. accessed by all of the project team members, This workflow could either be designed to activate when a new project record. was added or could be run manually by the project leader or another staff. member when they were ready to proceed, Now that we understand what we would use them for let s see how they are.
SharePoint 2010 Workflows with Nintex 1 0 0 7,Creating Workflows. Nintex Workflows are created with a visual interface that allows you to press. and drag individual modules representing actions into a visual workflow. Drag Workflow,Actions Here,Workflow Actions, These actions will be executed in order We can also use basic programming. concepts like if statements to make decisions within the structure of the. Workflows can be created in one of two places on a list or at the site level. List workflows can act automatically when an item is added or modified. and are frequently used to process data within the list Site workflows are. manually activated and can be used when a workflow doesn t need a specific. list item created to work, NOTE Of course workflows can also be created in libraries but since they. work identically to lists in most respects we will only use the term. Let s begin by creating a list,Creating a Site from a Template. We ll begin by creating a site that we can each work on throughout the. workshop This site will be based on a template We will open our SharePoint. site to begin,8 SharePoint 2010 Workflows with Nintex 1 0 0.
1 Open Internet Explorer, NOTE Nintex Workflows can only be created in Internet Explorer version. 8 and later Any other browser will not be able to access the Nintex. 2 To open our SharePoint site in the address bar type. http www sharepoint iu edu sites umwadv,The site opens. NOTE In today s workshop we are logged into demo accounts that will log. into SharePoint automatically At your own workstation you might. need to provide a user name and pasword at this point. Let s create a site, 3 To begin creating any object in the SharePoint Ribbon. Create New Site,The Create new object window appears. We have a template created that has our columns created Let s select it. 4 To select our site template in the dialog box,Nintex Basics May 13.
We will use the demo username located in the upper right corner of the. 5 To name the site in the Name field on the right side type. username s site,6 To add the URL in the URL field type. SharePoint 2010 Workflows with Nintex 1 0 0 9, The username you will use today is located in the upper right corner of. the screen,7 To create the site,The site is created and appears. Before we continue we have to make sure that Nintex is turned on for this. Activating Nintex at the Site Level, For each site we create under our parent site we must activate Nintex at each. level Nintex has been activate at the top level so we can use it here as well. Let s do this now,1 To move to Site Settings in the menu bar.
Site Settings,The Site Settings options appear,We will use the Manage Site features option. 2 To manage site features in the Site Actions sections. Manage Site Features,10 SharePoint 2010 Workflows with Nintex 1 0 0. The Site Features appear All we need to do is activate all of the items that. are associated with Nintex There are two today,3 To activate a feature in the list. next to Nintex Workflow 2010, 4 Wait until you see Activated appear next to the button. 5 To activate the reporting features,next to Nintex Workflow 2010.
Enterprise Reporting, Now that Nintex is turned on for our site we can begin working Let s. look at our Quick Launch, We have a few lists already created here We ll use the Shared Documents. library to create our first workflow, 6 To move to the Shared Documents library in the Quick Launch. Shared Documents, Now that our site exists we can create our first workflow. Exploring the Nintex Interface, We will begin with a list workflow This list will add a task and send a.
notification depending on who adds the list item,We can create workflows from the List tab. 1 To view the Library tab in the ribbon,The List tab appears. SharePoint 2010 Workflows with Nintex 1 0 0 11,2 To begin creating a workflow in the list tab. then Create A Workflow in Nintex, NOTE If your monitor is large enough you will see the words Workflow. Settings next to this button You will still click it in the same place. The Nintex workflow interface appears We see a list of possible workflow. templates to choose from We ll use the blank template today. 3 To begin the workflow,The Nintex interface appears.
We can see here that there is the standard SharePoint toolbar that will. always be visible, Just below that we can see the ribbon The Nintex ribbon allows us to do. basic operations like Save and close import and export and change the. settings We ll look at the Workflow Settings shortly. Along the left side of the screen we see the workflow actions These are. the individual pieces we will use to create our workflow. They are broken up into categories that we can see in the bottom left. 4 To view more Workflow Actions in the Workflow Actions panel at the. Operations, In this category we can see different math and programming operations. that help us to process data coming through our SharePoint site. 5 To select another category in the Workflow Actions panel. Libraries and Lists,12 SharePoint 2010 Workflows with Nintex 1 0 0. This category offers us ways to work with SharePoint libraries and lists. 6 SharePoint 2010 Workflows with Nintex 1 0 0 Getting Started These materials presume you will begin work from the desktop and have any required exercise files located in an epclass folder there

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