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The previous two movements deal mostly with The key setting of E flat major and the choice to. diatonic materials As a result by the time I open with an extensive cadenza for the soloist. ABOUT THE PROGRAM, started working on the third movement I had both nod to Beethoven s Emperor concerto an. developed a longing for a chromatic theme iconoclastic predecessor that Liszt knew. and loved However Liszt s approach to the, While the musical material used in the concerto genre diverges from Beethoven s in. beginning of this movement is my own creation that it is cyclic there are no breaks between. I manage to give it a dance like quality as Uyas movements and thematic material across. Mgeli suggests a song for dance The true sections is interrelated i e a new melody. Uyas Mgeli appears later at the second segment may be derived from a previous theme or. of this movement The old and the new themes recontextualized i e a motive that appeared in. take places one after the other and the Uyas one guise will be recast later in a strikingly. Mgeli eventually prevails as the movement different character A sense of unity emerges. develops depicting a vivid picture of people the parts corresponding to the whole. dancing in the winds leaping onto the treetop, through the bluest sky stomping their feet with The First Piano Concerto comprises four linked. the heartiest rhythm joyfully anticipating the movements a resolute Allegro with blazing. coming of a new life octaves and excursions into free fantasy for the. piano an Adagio influenced by the bel canto, Copyright Gordon Chin style a Puckish scherzo in which the triangle is. prevalent and a Presto finale incorporating,themes from all prior sections ending with a.
thrilling bravura riff on the motive that kicked,LISZT PIANO CONCERTO NO 1 off the first movement. S 124 E FLAT MAJOR,This opening motive is rumored to mimic the. Liszt was a bundle of 19th century aesthetic declamation of the phrase Das versteht Ihr alle. contradictions co existing in one complex and nicht ha ha You all do not comprehend. fascinating human at once pyrotechnic this supposedly Liszt was thumbing his. showman and rigorous formal craftsman nose at the conservative critics whom he knew. swaggering extrovert and spinner of lyrically would be aghast We might hear the ha HA. intimate melodies genre busting maverick and as a Mephistophelian cackle given Liszt s. deeply respectful reckoner with traditions past lifelong attraction to the Faust myth On. All polarities are on display in Liszt s First Piano premiering the concerto met its share of. Concerto which he began composing in detractors Eduard Hanslick in an especially. the 1840s although it did not reach its final savage burn declared it a concerto for. published form until 1856 undergoing several triangle but Liszt s amalgamation of melodic. revisions as the heretofore piano focused Liszt gift formal innovation and sheer technical. learned to orchestrate some drafts are titled brilliance secured the piece a place in the. Concerto Symphonique signifying the composer s repertoire Ambitious conservatory students and. intention for soloist and orchestra to function as seasoned professionals still attempt to scale its. equal partners Liszt premiered the concerto in heights every year drawn to a derring do and. 1855 with Hector Berlioz conducting radical virtuosity that remains slightly beyond. comprehension, DEBUSSY LA MER La Mer was unusual for its time in that it did. not depict any human protagonists Symphonic,ABOUT THE PROGRAM. Perhaps the only definitive observation that one poems orchestral works modeled after literary. could make about the sea is that it changes premises or extramusical scenes and events had. Anyone who has spent a few hours observing been in vogue since the mid nineteenth. the tides or on a boat experiencing the vagaries of century but usually invoked mythology or. the waves has been privy to the perpetual psychological narrative even the most abstract. self reinvention of this roiling majestic and and metaphysical tone poems like Strauss. sometimes violent ecosystem The medium of Death and Transfiguration or Liszt s Cradle. music unfolding in time is especially to Grave centered on subjective human. well equipped among the arts to enact the experience La Mer by contrast simply captured. variations and transformations of natural forces a force of nature in all its beauty terror and. Much of the vocabulary that we use to complexity Debussy s three movements. describe the ocean maps metaphorically onto respectively titled Dawn till midday on the sea. musical processes dynamics swell and recede Play of wind and waves and Dialogue of. percussion pounds and crashes flutes float the wind and sea all resist the formalism of. violins shimmer harps undulate Debussy s symphonic discourse instead favoring capricious. La Mer the ultimate sonic seascape does more shifts of key and tempo and continuous free. than represent the ocean it embodies it development of motives Delicate mysterious. passagework foams and churns its way into, Young Debussy was at one point destined for a thundering grandeur then relents then.
maritime life his father who had served in regroups ever changing ever evolving just. the Navy expected his eldest son to follow suit like the sea. or at least to find a respectable position as a,mercantile sailor Instead Claude was steered into. a musical career by a family friend but the ocean, and the element of water remained powerful RAVEL DAPHNIS ET CHLO SUITE. sources of inspiration for the composer NO 2,an incomplete smattering of Debussy s water. works includes Reflets dans l Eau En Bateau Ravel s big break came in 1909 when impresario. Ondine and Poissons d Or Sergei Diaghilev of the Ballet Russes tapped the. up and coming composer to write a score for a, La Mer was based less on a particular encounter new production Daphnis et Chlo premiered. with the sea than on Debussy s composite in 1912 after a protracted development hell. constructed memories of it in fact Debussy in which Ravel was chronically behind schedule. conceived of these Three Symphonic Sketches This was due in part to his communication block. while landlocked at his in laws home in with choreographer Michel Fokine Fokine. Burgundy in 1903 Hokusai s famous doesn t speak a word of French and. woodblock print The Great Wave off I only know how to swear in Russian Ravel. Kanagawa and the paintings of J M W Turner wrote to a friend The eventual production. also informed Debussy s inner vision received lukewarm reviews the choreography. music and set seemed mismatched and the,performers including Vaslav Nijinsky as.
Daphnis were under rehearsed But Ravel s swirling frenzied tour de force in 5 4 time. luscious lyrical and fiendishly acrobatic score Diaghilev s dancers complained about the. ABOUT THE PROGRAM, stood out and has since become a beloved asymmetrical meter and struggled to navigate it. standard of the orchestral repertoire but today s audience members may have trouble. staying in their seats for this propulsively, The ballet s plot is drawn from a Greek romance danceable showstopper. attributed to the writer Longus 3rd century, AD though Ravel and Fokine encountered the Copyright Alana Murphy. myth through the sixteenth century French,poet Jacques Amyot The story is a classic. will they or won t they compounded by some SHAO CHIA L CONDUCTOR. nymphs satyrs and pillaging pirates Daphnis, and Chlo orphans and best friends since Taiwan born conductor Shao Chia L studied.
childhood are in love but are loathe to admit it music in Taipei later at Indiana University in. Forces conspire against them one spring Bloomington in the United States and also at. morning a flock of nymphs momentarily Vienna s College of Music His training resulted. tempt Daphnis a braggart rival shepherd named in important first prizes at three renowned. Dorcon sets his sights on Chlo Daphnis and international conductor competitions Besan on. Dorcon engage in a dance off to win a kiss from France Pedrotti Italy and Kondrashin the. Chlo Daphnis triumphs but the victory is Netherlands. short lived as a band of pirates comes to, the island and kidnaps Chlo The nymphs Shao Chia L accepted positions as General. summon Pan who journeys to the pirates Music Director of the Koblenz Theatre 1998. grotto with his army of satyrs spooking the 2001 the Staatsorchester Rheinische. abductors until they relinquish their captive Philharmonie Koblenz 1998 2004 and the. Chlo returns to Daphnis and in gratitude the Staatsoper Hannover 2001 2006. couple reenacts the story of Pan and his love the, nymph Syrinx The entire ensemble rejoices in a Shao Chia L appears regularly as guest. bacchanal conductor at several world renowned opera. houses including the Opera Australia in Sydney, Ravel called his composition a Symphonie and Melbourne the English National Opera. Chor ographique and in his scoring we feel Th tre de la Monnaie in Brussels Den Norske. both the tight motivic control of symphonic Opera in Oslo Gothenburg Opera Oper. writing and the pure kinetic force of dance The Frankfurt Staatsoper Hamburg and Stuttgart. second orchestral suite features three tableaux Deutsche Oper and Komische Oper Berlin. from the second half of the ballet Lever du Alongside his opera activities L is equally at. jour at first tranquil and then rapturous sees home on concert podiums L has worked. Daphnis and Chlo reunited at daybreak frequently with many leading European. Pantomime is the lovers homage to the Pan orchestras such as the Oslo Philharmonic. and Syrinx story with Pan s flute erupting Orchestra dell Accademia Nazionale di Santa. virtuosically from the orchestra Danse Cecilia Norwegian and Swedish Radio. g n rale is the ballet s closing bacchanal a Orchestras Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. ABOUT THE ARTISTS,TAIWAN PHILHARMONIC YUNG NIEN WANG. Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestre TAIWAN PHILHARMONIC. National de France Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester, Berlin SWR Stuttgart the G teborgs Founded in 1986 the Taiwan Philharmonic.
Symfoniker Staatskapelle Weimar Frankfurter also known as the National Symphony. Museumsorchester and Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra at home is hailed as one of the best. Orchestra in Amsterdam In Asia L has worked orchestras in the Asian Region and became. with the Hong Kong Philharmonic NHK New the resident orchestra of the National Chiang. Japan Philharmonic Seoul Philharmonic KBS Kai Shek Cultural Center in 2005 Starting. Symphony Orchestra and leading orchestras in April 2014 the NSO has become an affiliate. China orchestra to the National Performing Arts,Center Led by renowned conductor Shao Chia. Shao Chia L has been Music Director of the L as its 5th music director starting August. Taiwan Philharmonic the National Symphony 2010 the NSO has increased the country s. Orchestra since August 2010 cultural richness and music educational strength. throughout Taiwan,The NSO with 99 members presents a 40. week musical season of approximately 75,concerts chamber recitals and one opera. production each year It also launches Opera Australia 2012 Fidelio Opernhaus. educational programs and outreach projects Zurich 2015 as well as in house production. ABOUT THE ARTISTS, constantly Tour performances are regularly Die Walk re 2013 Salome 2014 Otello. offered throughout Taiwan and overseas It has 2016 Il Trittico 2017 and Parsifal 2018. toured to Vienna Paris Berlin Geneva Milan,Singapore Kuala Lumpur Sapporo Tokyo.
Yokohama Seoul Hong Kong and major cities,in China STEPHEN HOUGH PIANO. The NSO works with internationally acclaimed One of the most distinctive artists of his. conductors such as Lorin Maazel Sir Neville generation Stephen Hough combines a. Marriner Krzysztof Penderecki Rudolf distinguished career as a pianist with those of. Barshai Leonard Slatkin Christopher composer and writer Named by The Economist as. Hogwood Oleg Caetani Gennady one of Twenty Living Polymaths Hough was the. Rozhdestvensky Michael Sanderling Vassily first classical performer to be awarded. Sinaisky Osmo V nsk Hans Graf and a MacArthur Fellowship and was made a. soloists including Midori Vadim Repin Hilary Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Hahn Ray Chen Yo Yo Ma Gautier Capu on CBE in the 2014 New Year s Honors. Alban Gerhardt Mischa Maisky Sol Gabetta, Martin Grubinger Louis Lortie Kun Woo Since taking first prize at the 1983 Naumburg. Paik Stephen Hough Stephen Kovacevich Competition in New York Hough has performed. Sabine Meyer Reinhold Friedrich Leonidas with the world s major orchestras and given. Kavakos Yuja Wang and many others recitals at the most prestigious concert halls He is. a regular guest at festivals such as Salzburg, The NSO has extended its artistic reach Aspen Blossom Tanglewood Edinburgh La. becoming involved in theater and opera Roque d Anth ron and BBC Proms where he has. productions such as working with made more than twenty five appearances. Lin Hwai min the world renowned, choreographer and founder of Cloud Gate Highlights of Mr Hough s 2018 19 season. Dance Theatre of Taiwan Austrian digital include performances at Lincoln Center s. artist Klaus Obermaier and opera stage Mostly Mozart Festival with The Cleveland. directors Tobias Richter Moffatt Oxenbould and Minnesota orchestras the Vienna. Hans Peter Lehmann Andreas Homoki Symphony London Philharmonic City of. LISZT PIANO CONCERTO NO 1 S 124 E FLAT MAJOR Liszt was a bundle of 19th century aesthetic contradictions co existing in one complex and fascinating human at once pyrotechnic showman and rigorous formal craftsman swaggering extrovert and spinner of lyrically intimate melodies genre busting maverick and deeply respectful reckoner with traditions past All polarities are on display in

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