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The Partnership for Public Service is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that works to revitalize the federal. government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works. Accenture Federal Services is a U S company with offices in Arlington Va and is a wholly owned subsidiary of. Accenture LLP Accenture s federal business serves every cabinet level department and 20 of the largest federal. organizations with clients at defense intelligence public safety civilian and military health organizations Accenture. Federal Services brings global experience and private sector innovation to government agencies helping them deliver. better services at more sustainable costs Nearly 6 000 employees support federal management and deliver a diverse. scope of services to help agencies meet increasingly complex mission and citizen demands achieve mission goals and. deliver public service for the future,b PARTNERSHIP FOR PUBLIC SERVICE ACCENTURE. Collaborating to Deliver,Customer Centered Digital Services. Providing excellent services to citizens businesses and other organizations is integral. to most federal agencies missions However agencies have not always put the needs. of their customers first when designing and delivering services And they have not. always embraced the latest technology to ensure that their customers are receiving. the best services possible, Citizen satisfaction with government services is low and streamlined digital services like those they receive. declining According to the American Customer Satisfac from companies such as Amazon and Google com. tion Index ACSI which measures customer satisfaction panies which provide their customers with 24 hour. across sectors and industries the federal government re access high levels of personalization and self service. ceived an overall citizen satisfaction score of 66 in 2013 capabilities These companies also have IT budgets far. placing it below nearly every private sector industry mea exceeding those of most government agencies 3 Thus. sured 1 The federal government now ranks below airlines far the federal government has struggled to meet these. and cable TV providers in customer satisfaction rising expectations. Also troubling is that government s 2013 ACSI score The federal government also lags other public sector. dropped 2 points since 2012 reversing several years of institutions in customer satisfaction Satisfaction with. positive gains This drop was driven largely by deteriora state and local government services consistently out. tion in satisfaction with government websites 2 highlight strips that of the federal government according to ACSI. ing the strong impact that digital and online services can In a recent international comparison the U S ranked. have on overall customer satisfaction The satisfaction only seventh out of 10 countries surveyed in terms of. with websites declined broadly across government rather overall citizen satisfaction with the quality of public ser. than being solely isolated to high profile incidents such vices 4 And the U S has recently slipped in the United Na. as the rollout of Healthcare gov in the fall of 2013 tions E government Development Index dropping from. Rising expectations can partially explain the de the second ranked nation in 2010 to the seventh in 2014 5. cline in satisfaction with government services For bet. ter or worse the private sector is driving citizens ex 3 Forest Morgeson III and Sunil Mithas Does E Government Mea. pectations for digital services ever higher Americans sure Up to E Business Comparing End User Perceptions of U S Feder. al Government and E Business Websites Public Administration Review. increasingly expect federal agencies to deliver fast and 69 no 4 2009 748. 4 Digital Government Pathways to Delivering Public Services for the. 1 ACSI Federal Government Report 2013 American Customer Satis Future Accenture Jan 2014 14. faction Index Jan 20134 5 United Nations E government Survey 2014 E government for the Fu. 2 Ibid ture We Want United Nations 2014,SERVING CITIZENS 1. AMERICAN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION INDEX ACSI SCORES,NATIONAL an aggregation of results for.
FEDERAL GOVERNMENT LOCAL GOVERNMENT,all sectors and industries measured by ACSI. 80 PERCENT, 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013. 2001 Federal Government score revised Dec 2002, Source ACSI Special Report on Government Services American Customer Satisfaction Index Jan 2014. There are many reasons why of Americans trust the federal gov viding customers with the tools they. government agencies must rise to ernment down from 73 percent when need to help themselves. this daunting challenge of delivering the question was first asked in 1958 7 The need to improve services. exceptional services to an ever more Trust in the federal government is to citizens is receiving attention at. demanding public much lower today than after Presi the highest levels of the federal gov. Most importantly delivering ser dent Nixon resigned following the ernment The White House made. vices to citizens is at the core of what Watergate scandal in 1974 36 per strengthening customer service. many federal agencies do From pro cent Providing better customer ser one of its 15 cross agency priority. viding assistance to victims of natural vice is a great way for the federal gov goals for fiscal 2015 The priority. disasters and helping aspiring entre ernment to restore some of that trust goals seek to address longstanding. preneurs launch new businesses to Improving services to citizens management and policy challenges. facilitating access to affordable col also can help agencies reduce costs across government agencies To im. lege loans many federal agencies ex and manage tight budgets Custom prove customer service the admin. ist primarily to provide specific and ers unable to complete poorly de istration is focusing on streamlining. personal services to citizens signed transactions on an agency s transactions developing standards. Satisfaction with the services website for example will inevita for high impact services and utiliz. government delivers is a key driver bly revert to expensive interaction ing technology to improve the cus. of citizens overall trust in govern channels such as call centers or of tomer experience priorities which. ment citizens reporting higher lev fice visits Many of the federal lead closely align with the findings and. els of satisfaction with government ers interviewed for this research recommendations of this research. services are more likely to report reported reducing costs by stream Additionally the Office of Man. that they trust the government 6 Re lining digital interactions and pro agement and Budget OMB recently. cent polls show that only 19 percent launched a U S Digital Service to as. 7 Pew Research Public Trust in Govern sist agencies in designing and deliv. 6 ACSI Federal Government Report 2013 ment 1958 2013 Center for the People ering excellent digital experiences. American Customer Satisfaction Index Jan the Press http bit ly 1eXyFEU accessed 24 for citizens and businesses. 2014 June 2014,2 PARTNERSHIP FOR PUBLIC SERVICE ACCENTURE. Overview of a customer centered gardless of their access to or capac with a different federal agency an. approach to digital services ity to use technology However citi swering the same questions and pro. In this report the Partnership for zens who prefer to use self service viding the same information about. Public Service and Accenture high options and complete a task online their businesses. light lessons learned from federal rather than call a representative or The initiatives highlighted are. initiatives that have simplified and visit an office during normal busi working to solve some of these chal. streamlined the process of interact ness hours should have the option to lenges and collaboration is essen. ing with the government by imple do so And the online process should tial since no one federal agency can. menting a customer centered ap be quick and intuitive otherwise meet these challenges alone. proach to digital services frustrated customers unable to com While better coordinating ser. Simply put a customer centered plete their tasks will inevitably shift vices to customers shared across. approach is one in which the cus back to in person or over the phone federal agencies is a great idea it is. tomer s needs are the driving force interactions not easy to do especially consider. behind how services are designed Finally a customer centered ap ing the size of government and the. and delivered This approach rep proach seeks to mitigate the com scope of its services Conversations. resents a shift in thinking often plexity of government on behalf of with federal leaders uncovered a. federal services are designed and the customer For example govern host of barriers that complicated. delivered based largely around the ment forms are not intuitive or easy the ability of agencies to integrate. structure of government and its bu to complete often because complex digital services across boundaries. reaucratic silos rather than the needs laws and regulations dictate the including fragmented and outdated. of customers who often cross agency structure and requirements of the IT systems appropriations silos. boundaries forms In fact many private sector entrenched organizational cultures. For example the federal govern services such as TurboTax which and security and privacy concerns. ment delivers a vast array of benefits guides taxpayers in filing their fed The initiatives profiled demon. and services to low income fami eral income taxes exist primarily to strate how many of the challenges. lies These services are organized in help citizens navigate complex gov can be met but these case studies. a complex web and structured ac ernment interactions also show that considerable effort. cording to funding appropriated to and skill is required It is noteworthy. specific programs and located in A one government approach that such initiatives have been rare. individual agencies scattered across The approaches highlighted in this and generally have been mandated. government Employment and train report are grounded in the idea that or prompted by the White House. ing opportunities just one service improving services in government highlighting its important role in. that the federal government provides requires better coordination and galvanizing efforts to coordinate. to low income families are deliv integration across traditional orga services across agencies. ered through 47 programs across nizational boundaries Citizens in The case studies provide exam. nine agencies 8 By contrast one ini teracting with government should ples of cross agency collaboration. tiative highlighted in this report not have to understand and navigate to implement a customer centered. BusinessUSA is working to structure a complex hierarchy of departments approach to digital services We ex. and deliver the myriad services that agencies and offices to receive ben amine the challenges each initiative. government provides to businesses efits or services To the greatest addressed the approaches taken to. around one organizing principle extent possible they should feel implement customer centered ser. the needs of business leaders like they are interacting with a con vices and the key barriers that had. A customer centered approach nected entity rather than a maze of to be overcome. also means that services are available divided and isolated organizations Based on interviews with lead. 24 7 and delivered using the com For example veterans should ers of these and other initiatives in. munications channels preferred by not have to navigate multiple orga government this report provides. the customer Government services nizations to understand which office actionable strategies federal leaders. need to be accessible to everyone re operates which programs in order to can implement to design and deliver. apply for benefits and they should customer centered digital services. not have to interact with dozens of and provides recommendations for. 8 Multiple Employment and Training Pro websites or call centers to access reforms that can better empower. grams Providing Information on Co locating benefit information Business lead. Services and Consolidating Administrative,agencies to provide excellent cus.
Structures Could Promote Efficiencies U S Gov ers should not have to start from tomer service to citizens. ernment Accountability Office January 2011 square one every time they interact. SERVING CITIZENS 3,Customer Centered Initiatives,At a glance. The Partnership for Public Service and Accenture identified and examined promising federal initiatives. that are working across organizational boundaries to implement a customer centered approach to. digital services To identify these initiatives we reviewed agency customer service plans researched a. variety of e government efforts and spoke to public and private sector experts We conducted struc. tured research interviews with 46 federal and private sector leaders across 13 agencies to learn about. their initiatives the challenges they face and their vision for the future. Many of these initiatives involved agency leaders recognizing that their different programs were serv. ing the same customers such as business leaders or disaster victims and then coming together to. Federal Services brings global experience and private sector innovation to government agencies helping them deliver better services at more sustainable costs Nearly 6 000 employees support federal management and deliver a diverse scope of services to help agencies meet increasingly complex mission and citizen demands achieve mission goals and

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